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Each fortnight we’re putting the best alkaline diet questions we receive from you to our Alkaline Diet Expert, Dr Young trained blood analyst and highly qualified nutritionist – Gareth Edwards.

Gareth is right at the very top of his field, so these answers are absolutely the best you’ll find from arguably Britain’s most qualified expert in this area!

Q&A With Gareth Edwards

Question One: Seagreens – Spirulina & Chlorella

I noticed above you mentioned greens (no spirulina!). I love my perfectly healthy greens but have also read about the great benefits of spirulina and chlorella. Do you not recommend taking spirulina and if so can you explain why? Thank you so much for your newsletters and recipes.

This is a subject on which two leading voices in dietary healing have diametrically opposed points of view.

Dr. Robert Young, author of the pH Miracle diet, hydration and lifestyle program feels that spirulina and sea vegetables are acidifying and best avoided. His view is that these sea plants, when dry, do not offer the same nutritional benefits as land based vegetables. He suggests that they are “weed” more than super food!

Dr. Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates health institute in Florida, however, uses sea vegetables as a central part of his healing regimes. I have not found any source of evidence to support Dr. Young’s point of view other than his stated observation of the fact that the blood of someone regularly consuming sea vegetables is likely to be compromised.

This is a subject worthy of further debate and investigation, although I would say that I tend to follow Dr. Young’s view at present and discourage people from consuming large amounts of sea vegetables as a therapeutic or health promoting measure. Land grown greens are however the central pillar of the therapeutic and health promoting regimes I suggest to patients.

Thank you for your question!

Question Two: Raw Foods & The Alkaline Diet

I would really like an alkaline recipe book but I understood that cooking makes all formerly alkaline vegetables acidic in the body. Your sample recipes show a lot of cooking. Your response? Thanks.

I think that in the Alkaline Recipe System, Ross has tried to make eating and drinking alkaline as straightforward and palatable to most people as possible.

Raw food will be more alkalising than cooked and particularly freshly grown and picked produce. Bio-photons create a negative charge that have an energetic healing quality and an alkalising effect. I guess that Ross feels that an all raw alkaline recipe book might have made people feel that eating and drinking this way would be like going tom food prison!

That really needn’t be the case, as I am sure you are aware. I tend to edit information from information from raw “uncooked” books to be on alkaline principals, but I am sure that an alkaline recipe book with a large selection of raw foods would interest a lot of people.

Do remember however that even some cooked alkalising foods should be more alkalising than say ….. raw (or cooked) steak!

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Question Three: Barrett’s Oesophagus & The Alkaline Diet

I have Barrett’s Oesophagus & need help getting acid under control. Can you give me some advice?

Dr. Young, the author of “the pH Miracle” has developed a hypothesis of the processes that occur in the digestive process which is different from the conventional view. There seems to be more logic in his explanation of the process than the conventional view.

He proposes that the processes involved digesting foods like meat, high sugar and processed foods, and fluids like fruit juice, tea and coffee increase the production of acid in the stomach.

The inflammation that you are experiencing at the base of the oesophagus will be caused by increased acid production. I would encourage you to dramatically increase your intake fresh and ideally mainly raw vegetables and make as much of the fluid you drink, alkaline as possible.

The pHour salts product that you can buy from pH Miracle should give you some immediate symptomatic relief, but may make your stools looser, particularly if consumed in high quantities. Adding pH drops to water will make it more alkaline. Read as much as you can about this approach to health. There are plenty of free resources on the Energise website.

Question Four: Ovarian Cancer & The Alkaline Diet

I have recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I am unsure whether to proceed with surgery or adopt an alternative approach. My symptoms are mainly severe abdominal distension and discomfort (it looks like I am 6 months pregnant). I have just had a Colonic irrigation to relieve the wind and constipation. I feel nauseated and ‘full’ and very uncomfortable. I have also put on a stone in weight and feel exhausted. I don’t sleep well and feel permanently exhausted.

My diet is partly alkaline but not as alkaline as it had been previously. Please could you advise me the best way to go about easing the symptoms I am suffering? I work as a nurse and often work 60-70 hours a week. It is not easy for me to juice during the day only morning and late evenings as a general rule. I would be grateful for any advice as I am feeling very miserable at the moment.

My sympathies are with you Jacqueline. I think that in your position I would make green juices or green smoothies morning and evening. Then hydrate during the day with water mixed with green powder and pH drops. You could take a salad to work if you feel hungry and keep it in the fridge.

You could also start measuring your urinary and salivary pH and seeing if you can raise them to 7 or ideally higher (up to 9). Alkaline Minerals could help with this.

This really is a time to make yourself as healthy as possible. Plant based diets have been widely proven to promote health so I would really encourage you to help your body heal itself with as much fresh living food as possible. Sprouted beans and seeds having healing energetic qualities. Drinking wheatgrass regularly should help too.

Colonics or enemas can help the process of detoxification. Regularly using the pHour salts powder mixed with water can help cleansing and alkalising too.

Try to fit in some fresh air and sun exposure during your daily work routine. Schedule time for gentle enjoyable exercise, daily. While it is wonderful that you do a job caring for others, do try to put time aside also to dedicate to your healing and regeneration. You might want to read Brandon Bays Journey book and surround yourself with people who offer constructive help and support.

Disclaimer: These answers are not intended to diagnose and do not replace the advice of a qualified physician.

If you have a question for Gareth leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Marit Reply

    When (how long before/after meals) is it best to take bicarbonate salts in order to raise the body pH. Since the stomac is sour in order to digest food and the body’s natural bicarbonate supply is downstream the stomac, I assume bicarbonate salts should stay away from meal times unless you need to neutrilize some stomac acid?
    Thanks for reply.

  2. georgie Reply

    Hi I too am experiencing wind when taking ph drops in water, this is highly embarrassing because I am a paramedic teaching first aid and I seem to now burp between sentences. Why is this and will it get better I assume it is because of the higher levels of Oxygen in my drinking water now



  3. Larry Magee Reply

    I’m new to the alkalizing diet. I’m doing pretty well but I find that addding pufiphy to my water will give me a stomach ache and gas. On two separate days I’ve made a liter of water with 5 drops and it upset my stomach both days. I had the same problem with a product called AlkaMAX. I haven’t tried phour salts, yet, because even a minute amount of baking soda in water will cause the same problem.

    Is this because I’m still to acidic? My urine ph tests are improving so I’m thinking I’ll just try to continue to alkalize through greens and ionized water and then try puriphy again in a few weeks. Does that sound like a good plan?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Larry – sounds like a good plan. Stick to just the greens and plenty of alkaline foods and then go gently.


  4. Chrissie Reply

    Do you think that “Homozon” would be good during a cleanse, or perhaps before starting a cleanse? Thanks.