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Article by Gareth Edwards (BSc. DipION. mBANT)

Gareth explains why the state of our blood is so important and what you can do to improve it.

So …. You’ve logged on to this website called Energise for Life. You might have ordered some products, but maybe your daily energy level isn’t where you would like it to be ….. yet! Maybe that skin condition is better but still not fully disappeared or maybe your aches and pains have diminished, but your still not itching to start marathon training(!?).

When people seek nutritional advice from me and I show them their blood, they are often staggered at some of the forms and shapes they see and the stickiness of their red blood cells. Building healthy blood really is the cornerstone of feeling energetic and healthy.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Red blood cells are the “stem cells” from which all other parts of your body are made: Our bodies are in a constant state of flux. Body parts are constantly being broken down and regenerated. Dr. Young has observed that red blood cells can turn into rod bacteria. Given the right environment they will also turn into healthy liver cells or the cells that line your digestive tract.
  • Red blood cells are like an energy currency in your body: As well as making you, red blood cells perform the vital task of delivering oxygen to your body cells and removing carbon dioxide (the exhaust from your body’s energy factory). If you have a low number or they are poorly formed then they are going to be less efficient. These microscopic cells really are your health wealth.

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How to go about making healthy blood and feel “energised”:

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerResearch and my clinical experience have shown that you can increase the number and quality of red blood cells present in your blood by following a diet high in chlorophyll rich foods and drinks.

Foods that contain high levels of chlorophyll are some of the most alkalising too.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plant foods that “harvests” the sun’s energy. Its chemical structure is virtually identical to haemoglobin (the principal protein in red blood cells). This means that increasing consumption leaves less work for your body’s laboratory to make red blood cells.

How to dramatically increase your intake of chlorophyll:

  • Greens & drops: Drink two to four litres of alkaline water mixed with powdered green vegetables and grasses and drops of alkaline mineral salts every day (build up slowly if you are new to this). Those that contain only organic vegetables, grasses, herbs and minerals are preferable.

    Add liquid chlorophyll (e.g. ChloropHeal) to green drinks, juices, smoothies and alkaline water. If you want to see a powerful endorsement of its use as a therapeutic agent watch this video in which Cindy Wheatcroft explains how she used it as part of her recovery from cancer

    Also, click here to listen to Dr Young talking about the power of chlorophyll

  • Make Green Juices: A freshly made green vegetable juice is the nearest thing to nutritional gold that I can think of. How many are you having a week? In order to keep making them you need a juice machine that’s easy to use and to clean. The Oscar Vital Mix is my clear favourite. The Matsone comes a close second.

    If you really want to up the anti, grow and juice wheatgrass. You can get kits from Energise. You will need a juice machine with an auger (like the Vital Mix or the Matstone) to do this.

  • Eat more dark green leafy vegetables: The darker green the better. Some patients tell me that they are eating lots of lettuce. It really needs to be more Christmas Tree coloured than that. Cavelo Nero is great if you can get it. Chop it up small and season with olive oil lemon juice salt and black pepper. Best eaten raw. Spinach, lettuce etc. are also great choices.
  • Quite often we think that we are eating and drinking healthily by society’s normal standards, but aren’t getting the health results we want. Here’s a way to take powerful action. Get on to it today!

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