How To Stop Snacking On Chocolate & Sugar Instantly!


ChocolateThis week Gareth Edwards, our Alkaline Diet Expert and highly qualified nutritionist, writes about the various temptations on snacking on sweet and high-sugar foods like chocolate and how we can resist those temptations.

He explains how we can get real energy boosts without the intake of high sugar snacks, which we usually associate with a quick energy increase. Most importantly Gareth outlines his plan of action, as to how we can replace these sweet temptations with healthy and alkaline alternatives.

How To Stop Snacking On Chocolate & Sugar Instantly by Gareth Edwards!

By accident, I think we have discovered the ultimate deterrent to snacking on chocolate and sweets during the day. When we (wholegrain, no added sugar) biscuits or (organic, dark) chocolate, it lives in the same small kitchen cupboard as our greens and salts. If I ever want to eat it, I have to pass Dr. and Shelley Young’s smiling (janitorial!) faces to get to it.

I first got into healthy eating when I was 21. Leslie Kenton’s “Raw Energy” was the book that started my Mum thinking I’d gone completely “off the rails”. After starting with raw vegetable juices (mainly carrot) and eating big salads, it wasn’t long before carob and dried fruit bars began to play far too big a part in my healthy eating plan. It wasn’t really until I was forty two that I got any kind of proper idea how to fuel my body in a way that made saying no to chocolate and sweets logical and (relatively) effortless.

There are, I believe, two facets to addictive eating (drinking, smoking or narcotic) patterns. Understanding the biochemistry of how most efficiently to fuel your body can really help. For some of us however, all the understanding and “knowledge” in the world will not be enough to dissuade us from giving ourselves a “treat” that ends up becoming a daily or regular staple.

We All Need Energy

When you wake up and contemplate what the day ahead holds for you, part of your brain is going to be aware that, in order to get where you want to be at 10pm you’re going to need some energy. Sugar (biscuits, fizzy drinks, sweets or even bananas, mangos and other sweet fruits and their juices, cakes and white pasta) and chocolate will provide that. The trouble is that it’s at a cost. The acidity that these foods produce is likely to result in weight gain or other illness.


Chinese Medicine

At 42, my acupuncturist friend and college, Monica, finally got it through to me that in order to support the action of the (blood sugar controlling) pancreas you need to have green (plant!) foods. These low sugar, high nutrient, blood building, nutritional power house foods need to be juiced, eaten or drunk in powdered form (without any added probiotics, digestive enzymes or sweet fruit extracts!) as often as possible. Drinking two to three litres a day of the powdered version with pH drops may be the easiest way to get started.

Raw and Salty

When you cook food the glaecemic index increases. In basic terms, that means it becomes more sugary. Eating sweeter foods can make you want to keep fuelling your body that way. Find more ways to eat your fresh vegetables raw.

Healthy oils, nuts and seeds, fresh herbs and crystal salt and pepper should all help to make them tasty.

Using salt to fuel body, rather than sugar, can help too. The pHlavor spray can act as a powerful antidote to sugar cravings.


Periodically research is published suggesting that chocolate is in fact good for you. Presumably this is carried out by people who …. Like chocolate! A year ago, I’d have been firmly in that camp, but when I noticed that my gums bled whenever I ate it, I soon found ways to stop.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerChocolate does contain some anti-oxidant substances, but tomato ketchup contains prostate enhancing lycopene. That doesn’t mean that either of them should be used medicinally.

Chocolate acts as a stimulant, creates similar chemical reactions in the body to being loved and has a lot of magnesium in it. Fuelling your body with highly nutritious foods, finding love from other areas than the sweety counter and eating and drinking more chlorophyll (and therefore magnesium) rich foods are good ways to start kicking a chocolate habit.

I’ve had patients who have found Jason Vale’s “Chocolate busters” book very helpful. He’s speaking in London on Wednesday night at the Yes Group.

But I know all that:

If you are already applying these principles of nutrition and hydration daily and still craving sugar and chocolate, then my first area of inquiry as a therapist would be to look at any medication you are taking. Most medication, particularly some anti-depressants, but most others too, play havoc with your blood sugar control. They are also likely to damage the delicate membrane of the intestines, making easily absorbed simple sugars more appealing, for “instant” energy”.

Chocolate and sugar can also act as quite effective anaesthetics. If you’re stressed, anxious or feeling under-valued, they both promote a (short-term) cascade of feel good chemicals in your body. Finding someone who will listen to you and respect your point of view, might be the first step to finding a bowl of rocket, radish and avocado a more sexy treat than an epensive box of chocolates!

Action Plan:

  • drink (and eat) your greens regularly
  • start the day with a low sugar, high nutrient meal
  • consider live blood analysis with a qualified practitioner who can show you the direct impact of sugar and chocolate on your blood
  • follow your dreams and passions in work and life. You’ll need to fuel your body in the healthiest possible way to achieve them.

Remember: you can now book in a 30-minute telephone consultation with Gareth for just £45. Gareth is an exceptional nutritionist and will be able to offer you specific advice and guidance and help you build a nutrition plan specific to your needs. Click here to book a telephone consultation with Gareth Edwards.

Disclaimer: Not intended to diagnose any condition, please seek help of nutritionally aware physician if experiencing health challenges.

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    which juicers do you recommend. I do not seem to find it on your website.

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      I love the Hurom brand – no affiliation, just like them!


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    Hi. It is very good information. Thank you, Ross.
    Do you know Kevin Jianni, Renegade Health? If not, I want you to know him. He is very good. I get his newsletter everyday and it is good resource to me. Through his information, I use EFT(tapping) for my craving. So far, it works well. If you don’t know yet, please check it.
    For me, if you and Energise for Life can be like English version of Kevin and Renegade Health, that would be really great. Don’t ge me wrong, you and Energise for Life are doing a great job for me, I just want you to be bigger than now.

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      Hey Atsuko

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