The #1 Most Powerful Alkaline Habit to Do Every Day

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This – on it’s own – if you do nothing else will transform your health, energy and life.

It will positively impact every, and any health goal – whether that’s weight, energy, digestion, hormones, reflux, candida and all-round disease prevention.

And it takes less than ten minutes per day (or 0.3% of your day)…

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The #1 Most Powerful Alkaline Habit to Do Every Day: Transcript

Hi! Ross Bridgford here author of the bestselling, Alkaline Reset Cleanse book. And today another new video for you. This one is so important. I’m just going to get it right out there, straight away, having a fresh alkaline green juice every single day is the most important, beneficial, effective, efficient, easy, simple way for you to dramatically change your health, your energy, your body, and every different health goal you can think of is going to be dramatically improved by simply having a fresh green juice every single day.

Why is this so important?

Because having a green juice gets five to seven, servings of leafy greens straight into your body in a way that your body can assimilate and digest and utilize it and extract the goodness from all of those nutrients in such a simple, easy way. And it’s so concentrated. Just think about it. Your typical green juice that I would make would contain cucumber salary, lettuce, spinach, kale, you know, sometimes some turmeric and some ginger loads and loads of leafy greens, five to seven serves of leafy greens per juice per day before you’ve even left the house in the morning. Most people say most governments around the world.

Most health bodies will say, get five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. No, that’s not enough, but even then most people are probably only getting one to two serves of fruits and vegetables a day. I say let’s aim for five to seven serves of greens. A day that alone will change your life. Leafy greens in particular are the most nutrient dense foods on earth.

In a 2017 study out of Washington state university called Identifying Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables.

The researchers looked at hundreds of different fruits and vegetables and analyzed them for their micro-nutrient contents, their vitamins, their minerals, that antioxidants, their phytonutrients and ranked them the top 41. I’m not sure why they chose 41, but they ranked the top 41 most powerhouse fruits and vegetables, the top 15 were all leafy greens, all leafy greens, leafy greens are the most nutrient-dense foods on earth. And by having a fresh green juice daily, you are guaranteeing that you are hitting that five to seven serves every single day. It’s so important. It’s so simple. And it’s so effective. People will say, what about the fiber?

Shouldn’t I have it as a smoothie? Can I not just blend it up?

Don’t get me wrong? Green smoothies are also excellent. Have both. I aim to have both I mix and match one day, one another day. Another, but juices are so important because you’ve removed that fiber, it allows your body to utilize all of the nutrients in that juice.

And for most people that are coming from a standard Western standard American diet, the digestive system is most likely impaired. It’s clogged up after years of consuming sugar and gluten and processed foods and refined foods, your digestive system, your small intestine in particular, which is where all the nutrient extraction and absorption happens is usually in most people a little bit, if not a lot clogged up.

Okay? So for those first few weeks of transitioning to a more nutrient-dense alkaline diet, if you can include a fresh green juice daily, you’re going to be getting all of the goodness from the juice to where it needs to be in your body. Your body can utilize it easily because the fiber’s not there. It’s not to say that the fiber isn’t important, but if you’re eating any number of other vegetables during the day, you’re going to be getting plenty of a fiber.

Please err, on the side of juices when you’re first starting out. And we talk about this as a habit in my coaching programs like the Alkaline Base Camp the Alkaline Reset Cleanse everything is built around habit formation because the quality of your health, in fact, the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the habits that you have. Okay? The things you do consistently on a daily basis, whether they’re good habits or whether they’re bad habits, this is the reflection of the quality of your health and your life.

So by adding in powerful, the most powerful, good habits, keeping it really simple, you can really, really impact the quality of your health and the quality of your life. The quality of your energy. You know, so many of us have got health goals around things like weight, energy, digestive issues, hormone, imbalance, reflux, candida fatigue, having a fresh alkaline green juice will do more for your health than any other thing.

Even if this is all you do, if this is all you do, the only thing you change, you leave the rest of your diet completely the same and just have a fresh green juice every day. It will have a profound impact on your health. Now what goes into a green juice with, or gave you a few little ideas earlier, but basically any leafy greens plus some cucumber plus some celery you can sort of thin it down or water it down with coconut water.

If you want to make it a bit sweeter or just with water, you can add in some powerful anti-inflammatories like turmeric, like ginger. You can add a green powder as well. If you want to give it an extra boost, but you don’t have to. There’s plenty in there without the green powder. Just keep it real simple. If you need to keep it simple,

you don’t have to go out and buy the most exotic kale and watercress and all the different herbs and spices. You can just keep it really simple: cucumber, celery and a few leafy greens. You’re away. That’s all it takes.

What type of juicer?

Just go for a slow cold press juicer, upright with the gear that crushes and smushes and squeezes the juice out of the vegetable rather than a centrifugal juicer.

That’s typically got the little sort of grate, the little blades that whirr and whizz and sort of a great and slice up the vegetables. Those juicers tend to get not much yield. So you waste a lot, but they also destroy quite a lot of the nutrients cause they actually heat the vegetable. They heat the juices it’s being extracted. So I’m much, much prefer to go for a cold press, slow juicer. You don’t have to spend the earth. You don’t have to break into your retirement fund to be able to afford a decent juicer. My personal preference is the Hurom brand. I love it. The H 100, the H 200 are both unbelievable juicers, but any cold press juicer off Amazon under a hundred bucks will get you a great usage for a good year or two while you then save it for a Hurom.

I’m and I’ve got no affiliation. I’m not being compensated to say that they’re just fantastic, fantastic juices and start really simple, you know, add lots of water. If you find the flavor to be too much, to begin with water it right down, use coconut water, squeeze in some lemon, use herbs like basil and coriander to sort of flavor it a little bit more mint as well.

Makes it a lot more palatable for a lot of people over away from things like kale and watercress. If you find the green taste too much and stick more with, you know, sort of spinach and your lettuce, you’ve got to adapt it. Just adjust it to make it work for you. You’ve got hundreds of recipes on my website, hundreds of recipes.

I’m not very good at the mirror image thing in that book there, you can go and grab that on Amazon or Waterstones or Barnes and noble or wherever you want to go and grab it from jump on my website. Of course, the link is below the video, or you might be watching this on my website. Now hundreds of green juice recipes there, but make sure you don’t just take my recipe and go,  oh, I didn’t really like that. Very much adapt to it, water it down a bit more. Change up, mix up the flavors like I mentioned, using lemon or lime or mint or coconut water is a great way of doing that. Find it, find a path that makes it work for you. I would rather you have a much more watered-down juice and got cracking on the juice habits.

Done is better than perfect. All of my recipes will make two serves because, what I love to do is, well, either you’re sharing it with a loved one or a friend, which is really nice, or you can say your second serve for later in the day, or if you keep them in the fridge in an airtight container, they will keep for a good 24 to 36 hours. So in that little sentence, I’ve just halved your juice preparation time. Have one serve today, have one serve tomorrow. Then you’re only doing the making the juice, the chopping, the juicing, the cleanup once every well, three days early. The other thing is people often say I’m too busy in the morning.

“I don’t have time.”

It literally takes 10 minutes. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier. And the beauty is I promise you within two to three days of doing this, you’ll have that much more energy. You’ll your sleep will be that much better. You’ll be waking up before your alarm goes off. Anyway, no problems there. So just commit to it set that alarm 10 minutes early for the next two to three days.

And I’m assuring you by the end of your first week, you will be waking up well before your alarm with plenty of time to make your juice. And again, like it’s people often say, oh, but I can’t do Saturday morning. I don’t want to wake up my partner. I don’t wanna wake up my kids… You can make it the night before, keep it in the fridge for the next day. Just make this work. I promise you this one change will change your life. Have a green juice daily. It will just, it will change everything. It will change everything. Even if this is all you do. So get to it. Lots of resources, lots of links below the video. Make sure you check those out recipes and other bits and pieces.

I can’t wait to connect with you on the next video. If you’ve got any comments, leave them for me. Any questions? Leave them for me. Maybe in my next video, I’ll talk about smoothies. We’ll see. And so then let’s do this peace out. Have a great day. I’ll catch up soon. My name’s Ross Bridgeford, go grab the Alkaline Reset Cleanse, and I’ll see you all in the next video.

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  1. Melanie Reply

    I have high iron/iron saturation. I have eaten leafy greens faithfully for many years. Now, after finding high iron, I’m a bit nervous about consuming greens. I’ve been told that spinach, in particular, isn’t the type of food that would cause iron issue, or increase iron to the levels I have. I love to juice. Will drinking a green juice each morning add to my iron excess? I’m just starting the journey of trying to get to the bottom of a bunch of health issues that have cropped up.

  2. Katrina Reply

    Hi Ross I’m really excited to start the ARC. I LOVE a plan so this is up my street and I’m looking forward to feeling healthy and having more energy!!!
    Can I ask though if I’m ok doing the ARC as I only have one kidney (born with one not lost one – no sickness) – I asked my doctor and he was less than useless to say the least! I’m sure it will be fabulous for me but I thought I better ask!!! Thanks so much!!