Vitality Into Reality: The Rules of Abundant Energy (Part 1)

seven things healthy people do

If you’re anything like me, having energy is one of the most important things in your life.

I know that when I have energy and vitality every other area of my life improves. My health improves, I get more done, I have a lot more fun, I feel happier, my relationships grow…because when you’re feeling tired, sluggish and run down from the moment your alarm shocks you out of your sleep up to the relief when you finally get to close your eyes at night – you never reach your potential, you struggle through the day and you run at 25%.

But I know you feel like you’re so busy and so tired that doing the things you need to do to create more energy and vitality are just too hard, will take up even more of your time so it is always out of reach. I know how you feel because I’ve been where you are and I’ve felt what you’re feeling now.

But I am living proof that you can turn this around…and here’s how:

You can change this really quickly and if I could do it then anyone can. In fact, I’m here to tell you that life is much more simple than you’ve been led to believe.

My journey started in 2004 when I attended a Tony Robbins event called Unleash the Power Within. On the Monday of that event, Tony handed over to a guy called Joseph McClendon who, over the next 8 hours, blew my mind. I knew that to achieve all of the goals that I had set during the event I would need to have MUCH more energy, but I didn’t know how – but by applying Joseph’s strategies I had turned my health around and changing my health changed my life.

Now, after six years of living alkaline and following Joseph’s strategies, I have experienced the amazing abundance that comes from living with health, vitality and energy. I wake up (naturally, no alarms needed) before 6am every day and don’t get tired until late at night. I have not had a cough or cold for years and I feel positive, vibrant and full of health every day. My skin is clear and I feel athletic.

And I know the few simple things you can start doing today that will dramatically increase your energy too.

Over the next few days I would like to share some of these simple rules with you. These are some of the most powerful tools that Joseph McClendon continues to teach today that changes the lives of the people he works with.

So if it is OK with you, I am going to post a few articles that really help you, step-by-step, to improve your energy. They are not hard, and they are not time consuming, but they could make a big difference.

To use Joseph’s terminology, these short series is called “Vitality into Reality: The Rules of Abundant Energy” and here is rule #1:

Rule #1: “Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life”

Changing your breakfast habits is one of the key, fundamental, life changing lessons I learned from Joseph McClendon.

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Hundreds of studies have proven that there is a huge connection between an insufficient breakfast and the quality of your health – including your energy, excess weight and even aging. Have a think now, and write it down if you like (I encourage you to), what have you had for breakfast for the past five days?

Whenever I ask people this information they usually fall into one of three categories:

1. Breakfast 1: no breakfast at all
2. Breakfast 2: the fast breakfast
3. Breakfast 3: the standard Western breakfast

All of these are riddled with problems.

No Breakfast Makes You Fat and Sluggish

Firstly, when you have no breakfast at all you are getting your body off to the worst possible start. After a 7-10 hour fast (while you sleep) your body is desperate for nutrients and your metabolism has ground to a halt. This starts a vicious cycle immediately in your day. Not only do your cells start to cannibalise to get the nutrients they need (including breaking down bones and muscle) but your body trains itself not to expect food in the morning, so your metabolism gets even slower as your body goes into ‘starvation mode’ – clinging onto any fat it can for energy.

Too many people skip breakfast and it sends your blood sugar and energy levels on a roller-coaster that will end up in snacking, poor diet choices and binging – sending you blood sugar and energy levels spiraling even further out of control. Breakfast eases your metabolism into action, keeping you steady and stable and reducing the likelihood of poor food choices.

Please, please, please don’t skip breakfast.

The Fast Breakfast, Fast Track to Fatigue

You’re in a hurry and you grab whatever you can on your way out of the door, or worse, on your commute. Have a think about these foods – coffee, toast, bagel, sausage roll, pastry…

Do you think these are going to energise your body?! And to compound this, we then eat these foods while we’re on the move which plays havoc with your digestive system.

The (Low) Standard Breakfast

When you think about the typical western breakfast what do you think of? Do you think of ingredients such as eggs, bacon, sausages, cereal, toast, jam, orange juice, milk, fried toast, french toast, pancakes, syrup, coffee, tea…

All, yes, ALL of those foods are very acid forming, will zap your energy, send your blood sugar spiraling out of control and leave you feeling that 10-11am slump, if they don’t already have you snoozing on your commute to work.

Can you imagine how GREAT it would be if you actually felt vibrant and alive in the mornings?!

How To Kick Start Your Day, Ignite Your Energy & Create Abundant Health…Immediately

The title says it all, ‘Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life‘. It is as simple as that. Now I know that you might be thinking that after ruling out the foods like eggs, toast, cereal, milk etc. there is nothing left to eat! But I am here to tell you that there is. There are still SO MANY great breakfast choices and all of those acid, energy zapping ingredients are only common to breakfast because we have been conditioned that way.

Here is the plan…I’ll make it really easy.

Firstly I am going to give you a list of breakfasts for the next two weeks. Then I am going to give you the guidance that will help make it a reality, but here is what I want you to do first.

Right away I want you to stop reading this, grab a pen and paper or open up MS Word and write down how your life would be different if you were waking up at 6am, naturally, each day, full of energy – able to jump right out of bed and then feeling on top of the world, full of vitality all morning. What could you get done with the extra time in the morning? How would it make you feel?

  • Maybe you would be able to start that exercise you’ve been wanting to do but never had the time or couldn’t get yourself out of bed in the morning.
  • Maybe you get to spend a few extra hours a day with your partner and children.
  • Maybe you get to go for a walk and watch the sun rise.
  • Maybe you can start to meditate or do yoga.
  • Maybe you can use these few hours to work on that business idea you’ve been putting off because you didn’t have time

Giving yourself the gift of time and energy will do more for your life than 99% of anything else you could do. So please follow this short exercise. Doing this is one of the most powerful lessons Joseph taught me, and it worked so well.

Step One: Your New Breakfast Menu Plan

I will start you gently, but what you are moving towards here is a nutrient dense, energising, alkalising breakfast that will have you feeling just awesome in no time:

(note: where the recipes are not obvious, I have linked to these below)

Week One:

Day 1: Organic oats cooked in a 50:50 mix of water and milk (pref soymilk), topped with banana, a little honey and flax seeds
Day 2: Organic oats cooked in a 50:50 mix of water and milk (pref soymilk), topped with banana, a little honey and flax seeds
Day 3: Slices of avocado, cucumber, tomato and alfalfa sprouts on a slice of wholemeal bread, drizzled with olive oil, salt & pepper
Day 4: Scrambled Tofu Mega-Brekkie (see recipe)
Day 5: Alkaline Transition Muesli (see recipe)
Day 6: Slices of avocado, cucumber, tomato and alfalfa sprouts on a slice of wholemeal bread, drizzled with olive oil, salt & pepper
Day 7: Organic oats cooked in a 50:50 mix of water and milk (pref soymilk), topped with banana, a little honey and flax seeds

Week Two:

Day 8: Quinoa & Apple Warmer (see recipe)
Day 9: Alkaline Transition Muesli (see recipe)
Day 10: Slices of avocado, cucumber, tomato and alfalfa sprouts on a slice of wholemeal bread, drizzled with olive oil, salt & pepper
Day 11: Alkaline Power Smoothie (see recipe) – a smoothie of blended avocado, cucumber, spinach, green pepper and more
Day 12: Organic oats cooked in a 50:50 mix of water and milk (pref soymilk), topped with banana, a little honey and flax seeds
Day 13: Alkaline Power Smoothie (see recipe) – a smoothie of blended avocado, cucumber, spinach, green pepper and more
Day 14: Slices of avocado, cucumber, tomato and alfalfa sprouts on a slice of wholemeal bread, drizzled with olive oil, salt & pepper


Scrambled Tofu Mega-Brekkie
Alkaline Transition Muesli
Quinoa & Apple Warmer
Alkaline Power Smoothie

Here is your action plan:

  1. Do the vision exercise I outlined above. Do it, do it, do it!
  2. Print the recipe plan out and stick it on your fridge door or kitchen cupboard door
  3. Next prepare your shopping list and go and shop for these specific ingredients one week at a time – that way you will have everything you need, ready to go with no excuses.
  4. Start on a Saturday or Sunday so you can get into the routine at a leisurely pace
  5. Take some snacks with you to work, such as fruit (pref low sugar fruit such as grapefruit) just in case you don’t get the quantity right to keep you going
  6. Reward yourself at the end of each successful day
  7. Read your vision each night before bed and then when you wake up in the morning before you get out of bed – doing this will guarantee you will succeed – so if you seriously want to achieve this then doing this step will guarantee it. 100% guarantee.

Now go for it!

In my next two blog posts to you I will be sharing a few more of Joseph’s most powerful tips – the ones that have really changed my life, so keep an eye out for them. They will also be incredible energy creators, so you don’t want to miss out.

I would love to hear from you – so please get in touch by leaving a comment below. All you have to do is enter your name, email (only used for verification, you won’t go onto a database or anything) and comment and then hit the send button.

I will answer all comments personally and I really want to connect!

Stay happy, stay healthy

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  2. Liz Reply

    Hi Ross
    I’ve started back on the alkaline diet after my IBS became worse and I began to have additional symptoms of acid reflux. A hospital consultant wanted to run some unspeakable tests, which has been a huge motivator to going back to eating alkaline – as has the fact that a European directive has stopped me being able to buy an effective herbal preparation I use! It’s been the only diet that has helped in the past, and I only stopped because I found it difficult socially.
    What I have noticed from your site is that you take a slightly different approach from Robert Young in the pH Diet… you talk about taking a day off a week on which you eat whatever you like, for instance – which would certainly help with those social occasions. And you talk about the positive qualities of fruits such as figs. Are these modifications you’ve made from your personal experience? I managed the cleanse for just 2 days this time around (I had a very bad reaction and wasn’t able to function with migraines and extreme fatigue) and am now following the second stage without starches from the pH Miracle… and just wondered whether in your version of the diet I might be able to include some good starches – and even that day off a week! Thanks for your help – and your informative site

  3. Rox Reply

    Hi Ross, So would steamed brocolli be an ideal breakfast? Also, if time is an issue would a green powder in alkalised water be OK in place of fresh greens juice?

    • Ross Reply

      Hello Rox,
      Broccoli is a perfect breakfast. If you steam that for 5-10 minutes it will still be considered as raw thus, very healthy. Green powder is actually healthy, you just need to take a look at the ingredients make sure that there isn’t any sugar added in them.

  4. lex Reply

    sounds crazy enough to work. . . . tried everything else twice. . . . ill give it a crack! . . . . . thank ya later if it works. . .hahaha

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  6. Chris Reply

    Ross any thought on
    Apple cider vinegar
    Coconut oil
    Cheers Chris

  7. Martha Lucia Reply

    Hi Ross , Thank you, so much, for all the excellent information and encouragement which inspired some of us into action in our desire to a healthy and happy life-style, I’m sure you already have help many people, thank you
    I’m excited to get started with this diet, I’m 47 years old and my main problem is not been able to sleep many days , what natural formula do you recommend me for insomnia ?
    . Thanks again!

  8. beryl waxler Reply

    i would love to know is cider vineger ok to put in my water?as i have heard it does you a power of good
    hope to hear from you soon
    mrs b waxler

  9. Judy Reply

    Hi Matt and Ross,

    I actually prefer to have some whole grains for breakfast. The fiber helps fill me up. I don’t find an insulin rush without the sugars.


  10. boniface Reply


    thanx 4 this and as iread it, i wished many had done the same. i am obsessed with leading a life that is 100% healthy. however, if i only knew the names of the suggested foods or even seen thier pictures it would make a difference altogether, so i ask for some vivid images. this is because i might see and know them though i don’t know how they are called.
    kind regards

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  12. Nieves Reply

    Just a very quick message: Thank you very much Ross to share this. It works! Looking forward to hearing more.

  13. sheila darbyshire Reply

    hi i am confused
    can i eat raw veg with raw fruite
    and is it ok to eat the same every morning
    thanks she

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Sheila

      I personally try to eat fruit on its own, 100% of the time. The sugar content in the fruit, if eaten with other foods, will ferment and get stuck in the digestive system. Raw veg is a lot easier on your digestive system than say, eating fruit after a meal containing meat and dairy, but it is still best to try and keep it on it’s own. Even if only for 10-15 minutes, it will help.


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  15. Alicia Reply

    Wwll, I think the best is to rest from eating in a lap of 12 houres between the last meal and breakfast, is after 8 hours detoxification takes place and it takes 4 more hours.
    Another thing is not the best breakfast a complete green smoothie?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Alicia

      Yep, in my mind the best breakfast is a green smoothie, green vegetable juice or plate of greens – but I know 99.9% of people can’t just switch from a standard breakfast to this and stick to it, so I am transitioning with my guidance above. Week three would look more like:

      Monday: green smoothie
      Tuesday: green juice
      Wednesday: green smoothie

      As you can see above, I just started to introduce the green smoothies in week two.


  16. Colleen Reply

    Hi Ross
    I am very confused by some of your suggestions and can only assume that you are going very slowly with the transition to a truly alkaline lifestyle. Cooked oats with banana and honey. what would Dr. Young say?! I am also not sure if it is a good idea to have the same breakfast every day but because of my severe digestive issues this is my breakfast: half a grapefruit, a lemon, half an avo, big handful of spinach, sppoonful of almonds, spoonful of mixed seeds, spoonful of lecithin, colon ecology powder (one scoop) a scoop of protein powder and some greens with ph drops to give the liquid to blend. i add a little himalayan salt and a couple of drops of Stevia. I do this every day. Thanks. Colleen.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Colleen

      Indeed, this is a transition. I have found in my six years of coaching people onto the alkaline diet that in 99.9% of cases, if people try to be perfect right away then they will give up within 48 hours. To be honest, I have also see Dr Young eat a banana, bread etc. He never says you have to be perfect and being 80% is the aim.

      Your smoothie sounds great, but it is good to mix it up a bit too!


  17. Rosemary Fox Reply

    Dear Ross,
    I have read the two week breakfast menus, but I love my simple breakfast which is the same every day. I eat one whole pink grapefruit ( peeled like an orange ) and cook 4 desertspoons of oats mixed with filtered water. When in the bowl I sprinkle turmeric on top ( for my slightly raised bad cholesterol ), and top with a fistful of red seedless grapes. I also eat the pips of my grapefruit! Please would you comment on this as a healthy breakast. Is it alkaline enough? Thank you. Rosemary

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Rosemary

      That’s not a bad effort at all. The grapes would be a little acid forming though. I would recommend trying the quinoa breakfast too for variety, and also try adding green smoothies or juices to your routine once or twice a week. I honestly cannot tell you about what a difference it makes to my health to have a big green vegetable juice each day.


  18. Tj Voelker Reply

    Thank you, so much, for your enthusiasm, encouragement and wonderful ideas. You have inspired me to get my life in order, starting with my health!
    I am starting your 12 week program today, so I look forward to losing the weight I’ve put on over the last year and then some. I have approx. 25 lbs. to lose, so I’m excited to get started. I am unable to exercise at this point due to a back injury, but I don’t want to wait any longer to start this program. There are always excuses and reasons I can come up with to delay the start of this new way of eating, but I feel it’s best to just plunge right in. Thanks again!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi TJ

      Great mentality – you’re totally right, there are always reasons and excuses and I have learned that waiting for everything to be perfect and just right before I start something is just me procrastinating. It is ALWAYS better to just do it. Just get started and even if you can’t do it 100% – even doing 50% is better than 0%.

      Good luck and keep in touch

  19. Dana Reply

    Thanks you for this information. I have to go with Richard on that question. I recently heard that too and found it very confusing since I often eat fruit (blueberries, apples, strawberries) with yogurts, oats, quinoa, etc. Is it bio-individuality and based on your digestive system or is that true for all? Also, wondering if peanut butter is bad for breakfast. I heard it’s acidic but doesn’t seem to bother me. I usually or sometimes (since I need quick and I commute) have it on flaxseed bread or crackers with a 100% fruit spread. I figured the protein in it and the health benefits of the bread would give me energy. I sometimes follow up with a small eggwhite omelette if I’m still hungry. Is that a reasonable breakfast? Thanks.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Dana and Richard

      Indeed, ideally you won’t eat fruit with other foods (give it 20-30 minutes after eating fruit), but this is a transitional breakfast plan and the last thing I want is for you to be getting hungry at 10am because the snacks you’ll likely have available at that time would be far worse than having some banana with your oats!

      PEanut butter is highly, highly acid forming. Alongside Marmite/Vegemite it’s practically the worst of all the spreads. Try to have hummous or tahini, or even avocado on crackers instead – these are all so much better for you.


  20. Scott Reply

    I question the use of so much soy and soy products. All soy grown is now a GM food in addition to containing high levels of plant estrogens..

  21. loretta boman Reply

    Hi Rob, I am a big fan. Your newsletters are great and I love your recipes. However, can you get your customer service in order. I made and paid for an order months ago and have contacted your customer service about a week or so ago. Still no reply. Unfortunately I need my order and its absense is limiting my alkaline lifestyle. Help!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Loretta

      I understand your email got stuck in our support system, so sorry for the delay. The guys have told me everything has been fixed up now though?


  22. Rut Ni Mhaolain Reply

    Hello Ross

    I checked my e mails this morning and was disappointed not to receive your usual wednesday newsletter. I was therefore more delighted when you sent your message later!
    I think that it is a great idea to drip feed us these tips, as for a lazy person like myself, the message should finally get through!
    I have set up my new ionizer and the water is amazing and much more practical than my distiller. I have the under-counter version and visitors to my home are intrigued by the space aged tap so it has become a real conversation piece. Now instead of offering them tea or wine they are eager to try a cup of sensational water!!! All the best and keep up the good work. Rut

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Rut

      That’s great to hear. Yep, the newsletter starts again next week (sign up here if you haven’t already, it is a whole NEW newsletter) – and you will of course be receiving the email updates in this series for energy that you’ve signed up to!

      Fantastic news on the ionizer. Isn’t it funny when you give ionized water to unsuspecting guests – they can’t work out why they keep craving more!


  23. Matt Reply

    This breakfast plan is way to heavy on grains to be healthy. The forthcoming insulin rush will do more harm than good

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Matt

      This is a transitional breakfast plan, designed to get people to

      a) have breakfast (many don’t)
      b) to get away from bread, cereal, dairy, meat, condiments, coffee, sugar etc
      c) transition towards more healthy choices like green smoothies, vegetable juices, salads etc

      Plus, the only grains in here are oats, which are a very, very slow release. Quinoa is actually a grass and does not provide any insulin rush.

      I challenge you to put forth a better breakfast plan rather than just criticise.


  24. richard smyly Reply

    Thank you for your ideas. From the Robbins course it is said t that one should eat fruit separately from other foods. For example, you suggest porridge with banana. What is correct/best? On a different matter, one should not eat potatoes with fish or meat. Why? Is this for those trying to lose weight, which I am not?