What is the Most Alkaline Drink on Earth

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The alkaline diet is not just about the foods we eat, but also the drinks we consume too! Alkaline drink is just as important as alkaline food. In fact, the downfall of many healthy lifestyle plans (and the alkaline diet is a lifestyle, not a diet despite the misleading title 😉 ) is the fact that many people focus so much on their food, that they forget the drinks and end up undoing all of their hard work by drinking fruit juice, cordial, diet soda, tea, coffee etc.

So I’ll reiterate – what you drink on the alkaline lifestyle is just as important as what you eat.


What is the Most Alkaline Drink on Earth?

There are a few contenders! And my advice, up-front, would be to incorporate all of them into your lifestyle!

Alkaline, Ionized Water

First up is the alkaline, ionized water that I’ve been blogging on lately. This water is fantastic. Ionized water is highly alkaline, antioxidant rich, super-hydrating and filtered. When you use an ionizer you can set the pH of the water at the perfect pH 9.5 and alkalise your system all day every day! It’s great, you get alkaline, ionized water on tap!

There is heaps I can say about alkaline, ionized water, but I’ve blogged a lot of this already recently and here are some of the best bits:

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Green Drinks (powdered)ross and his greens!

Green powders/green drinks are a combination of powdered alkaline vegetables, sprouts, alkaline fruits and other ingredients. They contain ingredients such as wheatgrass, barley grass, spinach, broccoli, celery, cucumber, kale, avocado and more! You use these powders by simply adding a teaspoon (around 3g) to approximately 500mls of water, mix it up and drink it!

It’s as simple as that!

They are a great way to ensure that you’re getting your baseline of alkaline nutrition every day, and I personally drink about 2-3 litres of greens every day. And believe me, I know it when I don’t do this. I can definitely feel the difference.

Green Drinks (fresh juice)

Drinking a fresh green vegetable juice every day will change your life. If you don’t own a juicer – get one! I love to make fresh vegetable juices and I have one pretty much every morning before I leave the house and it leaves me feeling totally energised and vibrant. It is really easy to do, you just have to juice anything and everything that is green in your fridge!

So which is the most alkaline drink on Earth?

Heh – it’s a combination! My favourite, most alkaline drink is a fresh green vegetable juice, diluted down with alkaline, ionized water and with a scoop of green drink added!

When I have this in the morning, I know my day is going to be a winner!

Stay hydrated, and alkaline

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  1. TraceyB Reply

    I drink about 3- 4 litres of alkaline water every day. I use Dr Youngs drops which I find the best value and easiest as you can carry them around in your bag when you are out.

    drinking this amount of water is great to help you lose weight too.

    The best green drink is Dr Udo’s as it doesn’t taste as bad as some of the others – in fact I just squeeze a grapefruit every day and mix it with that and have half in the morning and half in the afternoon. It is also palatable straight in water.

    My next purchase is an ionizer!

  2. Maria Reply

    Great, great information.!!!
    I shall try thre green drink.

  3. renuka Reply

    thanx.your advise and suggestions are informative and interesting.Ijust want to know calcium D is acidic or alkaline.As i started there is urine frequency more and the burning sensation.Calgene D is producing acidic or alkaline urine.

  4. Helen Rosales Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I’m a Pinay and very interested in taking alkaline water. Is there such “execessive ” intake of alkaline water?
    If ever, what is it’s bad effect to human body.



  5. Denise Reply

    I only just had it suggested that i may be too acidic…just by being weighed! I’ve been battling arthritis, deteriating spine 4 years as well as many other complaints…. I live on tank water & live next to a Macadamia nut farmer that bombards me with pesticides & insecticides on a regular basis…. I’m going down hill fast!! Can u suggest a quick fix pill, tablet , powder that i could take like we do for PH in the soil or fish tanks!?!!… Maybe glass of Bicarb.!!.. Ha Ha. Heard of bottle of pills called “Acidic to alkaline” 90tabs for $24.99 Have you?

  6. jacqueline fogarty Reply

    Could you tell me whether a small amount of black coffee or chinese tea, no milk added or sugars is alright if one is following a alkaline diet?


  7. Helen Rosales Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I’m a Pinay and is very interested in taking alkaline water, however, I have a little apprehension on too much drinking alkaline water. Can you give me some info as to the right quantity of alkaline water should aan individual take per day? and what will be the effect on our body if there is such as “execessive” intake of alkaline water.

    Thank you .

  8. sandra Reply

    hi ross iv been reading up on your alkaline diet and drinks which sounds great but alot to take in, also i have IBS which i have to be carefull with lots of foods and drinks to, which makes it even harder as some of the veg you mention dont agree with me and the foods im surpose to eat for IBS i cant eat on alkaline diet which seems to make it harder and doesnt leave me much to eat or drink,any advice would be gratefully recieved,
    sandra simmons

  9. David L. Foster Reply

    I totally agree with the alkaline iodized water…makes a good difference! I have the fortune of having a well…the water is a natural 9-9.5 alkaline base. Makes getting good healthy water a whole lot easier! 🙂

  10. Debora Reply

    What about drinking water with baking powder in it?
    I hear that to is a great alkilizer.

  11. Anna Reply

    Hello Ross,
    Is it true that green drinks have to be taken on an empty stomach? I bought some Green Magma by Dr. Hagiwara and it says take on an empty stomach. It is hard to find my stomach empty! I tend to eat small amounts every couple of hours.

  12. Yudish Cruz Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I had loosed 17 pounds since I’ve been trying to be alkalizer.
    That’s not really what I want. I’m starting getting depressed.
    I was diagnostic with acid reflux and everything I eat make It worse. I’m desperate, I don’t know what else to try. Please
    give some advice.
    Respectfully, Yudish Cruz

  13. sunil chakraborty Reply

    this are all very good articles and please dont stop emails let them coming. This article is not only good for my family also i am distributing this articles to my friends

  14. water filtration pro Reply

    a few other contenders….
    1) water with baking soda or other unrefined salts
    2) liquid chlorophyl
    3) lemon juice in water

  15. Truman Anderson Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have been on an alkaline diet for about 3 years and use alkaline water whenever and wherever possible in cooking. One of my favorite things is to make a vinaigrette dressing using watermelon, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, alkaline water, and a little ground chia seed. I really appreciate reading your articles and please keep them coming!
    Respectfully, Truman Anderson