How to Get Started on the Alkaline Diet


Getting started is often the hardest part. Maybe you’ve had a few of my emails, downloaded my Alkaline Food Charts, picked up a copy of the pH Miracle – but you don’t know where to start!

I know how overwhelming it can seem at first, and even when you feel like you’re ready to get started, there can be a few really easy-to-make mistakes that make living the alkaline diet way more difficult than it needs to be.

In this guide you will learn the absolute core basics & some cool tips from me (with thirteen years of alkalizing behind me, and having coached thousands onto the alkaline diet) that will make living alkaline 10 times easier!

Start the Alkaline Diet Now!

Here are my core guidelines to start the alkaline diet right away. If you follow these principles now you will see the benefits within 24 hours.

Start Hydrating NOW!

I can’t stress how important this is, and how much benefit you’ll get from it. It is estimated that as many as 90% of us are constantly, chronically dehydrated. Starving our body of water is just crazy. The body needs water for so many functions, and it is the easiest thing in the world to consume! Just go to your tap now, right now, and have a large glass of water. Don’t you feel better? Straight away – and it isn’t just physically helpful, don’t you feel better mentally? More positive?

I have written a LOT about water recently, and however you chose to get your water, I do recommend you make your water alkaline – and here is a run down of all of the best ways to do that.

But don’t put off your hydration while you research it – start drinking water now. How much? Aim for at least 2 litres per day, and aim to drink 1/2 oz of water per lb of body weight.

Transition – Don’t Do It All At Once!

In my six years of coaching people onto the alkaline diet, the single biggest reason that sticks out as to why people fail to stay alkaline is that they try to be perfect and do everything at once. Don’t do that. Transition.

How you transition is up to you. You could:

  • Pick one mealtime and work on just getting that meal time right for a week, and then move onto the next one
  • Pick 3 days of the week and make those alkaline
  • Start adding a handful of specific foods per day, such as spinach or salads etc
  • Start eliminating acids one at a time, such as coffee or sugar

The options are endless.

Get Green!

I recommend getting greens into your life right away, however. Sometimes the best approach is to start getting the good stuff in straight away, and worry about getting the bad stuff out later. My recommendation is that you start using a green powder such as pH Miracle Greens, Alkamind’s Daily Greens or Perfectly Healthy’s Mega Greens as soon as you can. This will immediately start infusing your body with the benefits of highly concentrated green vegetables, grasses, alkaline fruits and lots of other goodies.

I also recommend you start having a salad with every meal (apart from breakfast, for now). Even if it is a small side salad, start getting into this habit. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just some spinach, lettuce, tomato and cucumber dressed with lemon and olive oil. It will take 2 minutes to prepare, but will make every mealtime much more alkaline. Plus, it will contribute at least 2 serves of your daily requirement of 5-7 serves of veg per day.

I recommend starting your understanding of which foods to focus on by checking out my guide: the 7 Most Alkaline Foods here.

Core Supplements

With regards to supplements, for someone starting out on the alkaline diet and who wants to get alkaline as quickly as they can I would recommend four core supplements:

1. Green Drink: highly alkalising, highly nutrient dense and unbelievably good for you, green drinks are a must have for me. I can almost guarantee that if you start having four green drinks per day then you will almost instantly start seeing the benefits. A rich source of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients – the greens infuse your body with highly alkaline ingredient to cleanse, neutralise acids and give your body a huge energy boost.

2. pH Drops: play the key role of raising the pH of any water you consume. This is really very important because normal tap water is generally acidic. So while it is really important to get properly hydrated, this can be counter-productive if the water is acidifying. pH drops are highly concentrated solutions containing very alkaline forming minerals. Just a few drops will dramatically raise the pH of the water.

A further bonus with pH drops such as puripHy is that it has the extra benefit of removing the yeasts, molds and bacteria from the water – making your standard tap water really quite healthy and alkaline!

3. Omega Oils: For optimal health, energy and wellness I strongly urge you to give some focus to the omega 3, 6, 9 and coconut oil that you consume. Here is a rundown of the basic facts of each to get you started!

* Omega 3: The important omega 3’s are ALA, EPA and DHA. The human body cannot make omega 3 on its own so it is essential that we supplement our diets. Omega 3 is also the fat that we are most deficient in. Experts suggest that we need between 20-40ml of omega 3 per day to function optimally. To get this through diet alone is difficult, even if we eat oily fish and nuts every single day. Especially as a lot of the foods (fish & meat included) are farmed in a way that makes them less nutritious than in days gone by.

* Omega 6: Omega 6’s are LA and GLA and are found in safflower, sunflower, hemp, sesame and flax. However, remember that when oils are exposed to light, air or heat they become toxic, so 99% of the sunflower and safflower oils that are commonly used are useless for health purposes. Using these (or any of the oils mentioned here) raw and fresh on salads, pastas etc is a great way to increase the amount of healthy fats in your diet. But remember – many of us actually consume too much omega 6 in relation to omega 3 which can cause problems (getting the ratio between 3, 6 and 9 is important).

* Omega 9: Omega 9 is mostly OA, which is found in the lovely olive, almond, avocado and macadamia oils. Again, the ratio is important, but many of us use less of these oils, so this is not something we need to consider quite so much. The handy thing is that these oils all taste delicious, so they are easy to incorporate into our lives.

* Medium Chain Tryglycerides (MCT) from Coconut Oil: MCT are hard to come by, and almost all other oils we consume are long chain. We specify coconut oil because it is almost always organic, is incredibly resistant to heat, light and air (unlike all other oils) so it can be cooked with and still healthy, and because it tastes great!

As mentioned these Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are called essential because the body absolutely requires them to function, yet it cannot manufacture them itself. It relies upon us to consume these fats, namely omega 3 and omega 6. These fats are so important that even if we eliminated the bad fats from our diets completely, we would still, eventually, die if we did not ingest any of these EFAs. We simply cannot live without these fats!

4. Alkaline Salts: Alkaline salts are simply so amazing. Based around the four most alkaline mineral salts of calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, these salts are highly alkalising and are vital to life itself.

Remember – 80/20, not 100%

This is a big one to remember! You’re not aiming for 100% alkaline! You’re aiming for a ratio of approximately 80% alkaline to 20% acid. This is a HUGE thing to bear in mind. It means you can still have a little pasta, rice, lean meats, fish etc with your meal time – as long as this only covers 20% of your plate in comparison to 80% being covered by alkaline-forming foods.

This makes things SO MUCH EASIER!

You might also like to read my guide post about treats.

That’s all there is to it!

So go get started right away! And while you’re in the mood, here are some more resources you might find useful:

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  2. Michele in Ohio Reply

    Thank you thank you for all the awsome information!!! I am just getting started and could not have done it without this site!

  3. Judy Gantley Reply

    All this information seems disjointed and the pages are so huge I can’t comfortably read them.

  4. margaret morris Reply

    i really like a leaf let on the foods you can eat

  5. giudita soldavini Reply

    thankyou!!! i got some drops and am starting to take those. i am giving up coffee and trying to give up wine but don’t think it’s going to happen. we have a fabulous garden so we eat LOTS of greens and veggies anyway. i got some strips to check my levels too! thanks for your recommendations! i will let you know when i reach my goal.

  6. Priscilla Reply

    Thank you Ross for your guidance. I usually loose a lot of weight so I was really concern. This helps me out a lot understanding that going a 100% since day one was really going to make me not want to continue with the diet. You have a great website and definitely inspires people from all over the world. Thanks!!

  7. Sema Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thank you for the info and positive support, always find energise for life fantastic team, great and very valuable to us… I will be in touch soon for the alkalising diet… Thank you for the great work

  8. Gabe Reply

    Great timing Ross! I have a client with extensive problems ranging from high cholesterol and severe allergies to fibromyalgia. She’s been drinking alkaline water for a few weeks now and is seeing minor improvements, but wants to speed things along.

    You just made my recommendations easier!