How to Strengthen Your Immune System (Replay of Live Session)

How to boost your immune system

You CAN support your immune system right now, using whole foods. In this live session I taught the FOUR simple, yet powerful things you can do right now to strengthen and fortify all three stages of your immune system.

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Transcript of Video: How to Boost Your Immune System

Hi, everybody is so awesome to have you here. I am just very, very passionate about delivering this training to you. I know what a crazy situation we’re in at the moment. I know just how overwhelming it is, how much information we are having piled on us at the moment and how difficult it is to navigate through that information. And I wanted to run this session because I know that I can help. I know that there are things that we can do to massively support our body, to fortify our immune system, to give our body strength, to make sure that we put ourselves in the best possible position to protect ourselves. And of course, there is no guarantee with anything we do at all. I am in no way of saying that right now, where you can guarantee that coronavirus will not impact us no matter what we do, of course not.

But there is a lot we can do using real whole foods, the power of nature to make sure that we putting ourselves in the best possible position. So as we get started a couple of minutes late, because Facebook, unbeknownst to me have completely changed the whole way they do Facebook lives and I’m sort of natural to navigate my way around.

So if you’re there and you’re listening in, give me a big, hello, let me know where you’re from in the world and where your self isolating. We’re all just sat at home at the moment and we can get into this now to date. Obviously, there’s a lot happening. There’s a lot like I said, there’s a lot of information being put out at once.

But most of the information that we’re being given is focusing around washing our hands, using rubs on our hands, staying at home, not going out, just sitting tight. And it’s creating this vibe that we’re kind of powerless and helpless in this situation. We just need to sit tight and hope that we’re one of the lucky ones that this doesn’t impact. There is so much more hope to this. There’s so much more of a message that of things that you can be doing and things that we can take power and take action and,

and bring power back into our lives and take steps forward. You know the message that we’re generally getting from the media at the moment. And I totally understand why I get where they’re coming from is that there is no cure. There is no food you can eat that’s going to kill the virus. There’s not.

And of course like I totally agree, there is no single one thing that’s going to kill a virus. That’s absolutely true, but what you can do and everything I’m gonna share with you today is proven in the research. You can do so much to strengthen your immune system. Your immune system is based around three responses, primarily the first to the innate immune response and the adaptive immune response.

These are directly strengthened or weakened by the state of your overall health, just in the innate immune response. That first stage of your immune system, when there are certain proteins called interferons that interfere with the virus, as it enters the body in and destroy it before it can take a hold. These rely on a really healthy level of inflammation in your body.

If inflammation in your body is out of control the cytokines that your body creates to support these proteins and the proteins can’t be produced in the adaptive immune response, your body requires the health of your body’s ability to produce and strengthen what are called your T-cells. If your insulin is out of balance, if you’re consuming sugar, there’s an insulin response that’s not being properly regulated, your body loses the ability to charge these T-cells and get them to do their work. Your digestive system plays such a role in your immune response. A whole load of your immune system is housed in your digestive system. If your gut bacteria is out of balance, this can’t function properly.

Inflammation is so, so important here. Your hormonal response is so important here. Your digestive system is so important. And of course we know these are all things we can use foods to heal, to balance to make sure they’re working optimally. So to think that there’s nothing we can do, and we just have to sit tight and keep our hands clean is doing such a massive disservice physically to our health and mentally, psychologically in terms of our ability to actually put one foot in front of the other and protect ourselves, protects our family.

So I want to share with you today. Really there are four key things I want to share with you today. They’re all research and evidence-based, they are quick and easy to put into action. And each of the four things we could break out into and go for an hour on each of them, within each of those four, they could easily be five or six subtopics. So we’re going to keep it pretty high level today. What I would say for you guys is you can, and I need to find out how I can post a message to you guys in the, in the stream. Here, there you go. Facebook’s new thing is not the most intuitive I have to say, thank you for this Facebook.

So I can’t work out how to post an announcement so I can just put it in as a comment, all of this information that I share with you today, you can get in kind of a downloadable form in depth, massive, massive depth. What I’ve done this month to support you guys, as I’ve made, what’s normally my paid coaching group available for free for the next month.

Absolutely free. You can just jump in, get all the information, download it, use it as much as you want. Jump out whenever you want. There’s no, you don’t need to pay anything. There’s no credit card or anything, right? You can just jump in for free. I’m going to be going through all of this that I’m sharing with you today in so much more depth in there today.

I just want to get you started and moving quickly. So with that being said, it’s just gone. 6:00 AM. And I know I’ve got a lot of talk and ahead of me. So I’m going to take a sip of my water and what I want you guys to remember is you don’t have to do everything all at once. You don’t have to stress yourselves out more.

We’ll get onto stress and a little bit, but you don’t have to stress yourself out more by trying to do it all at once. We can simply start at the start and work through these things. One at a time. The first thing I want to share with you today is simple, simple supplements. Now I don’t normally like to lead with supplements in my general training because food is the best way to go.

Supplements are generally there to supplement, but in this case to get going really, really fast, and these supplements can do so much good. So quickly supplements are meant to be there as a safety net. And in all of these nutrients, I want to share with you, the safety net is so important. Okay? It is essential that you’ve got adequate levels of all of these nutrients.

It could be people that have a very deficient environment. They have a 50% greater risk of contracting, a coronavirus and a far greater risk of increased severity and duration of the symptoms. 50% that is too big to ignore. Even people who are only just mildly deficient, still had a 10% increased risk vitamin D in capsule form B3. You want to be getting is super cheap, super easy to access, and I’m pretty sure you will still be able to buy it everywhere. Despite the crazy hoardings you generally should be taking or getting about a thousand international units a day, a thousand ICU per days, that’s our vitamin D is measured. I would recommend at the moment, it’s 2000, maybe up to 4,000, I’m personally taking 4,000.

I use a date and I live in a sunny country. There is also the fact that a lot of people will now be saying, Oh, just go and get some sun. Firstly, a lot of you can’t do that Northern hemisphere. You’re only just coming out of winter. Secondly, there’s only certain periods of the year and certain times of the day that you are getting the beneficial rays from the sun, not the harmful rays of the sun and the sun it’s complex and it’s hard to work out, but it needs to be about 40 degree angles. But just being in the sun, isn’t a guarantee it needs to be at the right times of the day. So it’s easy to get a deficiency, just taking a vitamin D supplement can be a huge help.

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And they’re seeing great results that was based on a study that came out. We had obviously very quick, quick and dirty studies, observational data. It’s real time it’s happening now in Wareham showing that the patients that were given this high dose vitamin C protocol generally did seem to recover much, much more quickly with no obviously harmful effects and vitamin C. You can’t really get vitamin C toxicity unless you’re going absolutely crazy,

which it’s very hard to do without an intravenous supply. But vitamin C slowed the severity again, quickened the recovery. It’s just too easy. The risk is zero. Almost. You can never say zero then, but the possible benefits are huge. So vitamin D vitamin C, the third one that I want to recommend is curcumin that anti-inflammatory extract from tumeric so important to get your inflammation under control.

I just touched on it at the start of this session when I was walking through very, very quickly, but just a few of those stages of the immune response and how we can help all three of the stages of their immune response, all three sub stages within each of those three stages relies on your body’s correct regulation of your immune. If your inflammatory response cytokines,

which are the inflammatory cells, your body produces are extremely beneficial and useful in your immune response. However, when we’re living in a way that is producing inflammation in our body, which is coming PRI predominantly from consuming gluten, from consuming sugar, from consuming processed foods, toxins. When these foods, this lifestyle-based production of cytokines is happening all the time. When we’ve got a lot of inflammation in our body,

it renders that part of your immune system almost useless. And every stage of immunity requires a proper inflammatory response. So it’s just so important that we get on top of inflammation right now from a supplement point of view, curcumin is the way to go curcumin phyto soum is my favorite form of curcumin. It’s very bioavailable. You don’t need to, we can talk about if there are questions at the end,

feel free to put questions in. As we get towards the Q and a session, I should have mentioned, we’re going to have a little Q and a at the end of this, you don’t really need the pepper. That’s a bit of a myth, but curcumin as a supplement, as a baseline again, vitamin D vitamin C curcumin. Those three as a baseline are going to do so much good immediately.

They immediately get to work. There’s others, of course, a green powder of wheat, grass, and barley grass and all these types of things, a good mineral, a good alkaline mineral supplement would be really useful as well. We’ll sync is going to be useful selenium, but we could go forever. And I could end up giving you a bill of a thousand dollars a month for just supplements here.

We’re going to rely on foods. We’re going to rely on our lifestyle, but these three supplements to give you that baseline of vitamin D vitamin C and curcumin for that powerful anti-inflammatory compound from tumeric, they’re just too important to mess. So please, please, please do recommend you get those in stock now and start using them right away from a food perspective,

how much vitamin C you penthouse the Q and A’s at the end. But if a relevant question comes in and we’ll answer it straight away, how much vitamin C you do want to be aiming to get look a high enough dose you want to be looking at, I would say around a thousand percent RDA as a good baseline. That’s not out of the ordinary.

That’s absolutely not. I mean, I mean, that’s the sort of level that I’d recommend most for most people most days to be honest. So that is a baseline, but certainly three, four, 5000% RDA of vitamin C would not hurt over these next few weeks. While this thing is really kicking off the source, the type of vitamin C any we’ll do whatever your budget can extend to is great,

but any we’ll do right now, cause it is really easily absorbed. It’s a very simple supplement to manufacture it, not a lot of technology or smart ways to make sure that it’s bioavailable when it is super bioavailable, of course, the best way to get all these things is through foods. As I mentioned, supplements are there to supplement. I wanted to make sure I get the baseline,

but foods in terms of the foods that you really need to be including right now to strengthen them forty-five and boost your immune system again, go into so much more of their steps. If you just hop in to that membership to get that the past for 30 days, it’s all going to be laid out there for you throughout the month of April, where we’re going to so much more depth on so many more foods and how to include them practically in your life with all the recipes and everything else.

But the foods you want to be focusing on first and foremost, top of the tree is greens leafy greens. Ideally. So when we look at what the immune system needs to function, optimally and regulate properly, we need to be getting a high dose of antioxidants. We need to be getting foods that are alkaline-forming. We need to be getting foods that are anti-inflammatory of course.

And then there are a few super nutrients that specifically excellent for your immune system. So leafy greens contain a very, very wide blend of antioxidants. Many of which come from tin are so specifically strong for the immune system. There was a study done in 2014. I think it was out of Washington state that I, that was the design was to locate identify the most nutrient-dense foods on earth on a micronutrient level.

So not macronutrients, protein, fiber, those things, and micronutrient levels, vitamins, antioxidants minerals. They identified the top 41 seemed like an arbitrary number to me, but at the top 41, the top 15 foods, what all leafy green vegetables, the top 15, most nutrient-dense foods on earth, all leafy green vegetables that tells you something, okay, you need to be getting more of these into your diet. Everyone, the government all over the world are like five a day, five a day five at eight. I have a day of like fresh vegetables. And fruits also includes like potatoes. Like God bless the potato, but it’s not going to get you where you want to be.

If you look at packaging on processed foods like baked beans have got, “this gives you one a day”, how is a tin of baked beans given you a serve of vegetables a day? So we need to be a little bit more advanced with this and my recommendation. Isn’t five serves of fresh fruits or vegetables a day. It’s not even just five serves of a day. It’s five serves of leafy greens a day or greens.

Cause I want to include broccoli in this, but if you can get five serves of greens a day, three serves of brains at eight, it’s going to do you wonders. Now I want to touch on broccoli specifically because of broccoli and most cruciferous vegetables, we can talk about the whole oxalate thing and nitrates and all of that in the Q and A if you want,

but just ignore it the whole, all cruciferous vegetables, but specifically, broccoli contains a nutrient that we’re only really scratching the surface of its power now. And it’s, it’s quite incredible. It’s called sulforaphane. Okay. It’s spelled if you want to Google it. So for our fame, so amazing for so many things. One of the things that we have found though,

is that it is specifically powerful app supporting your body’s production of white blood cells, lymphocytes and healthy T-cells those cells that track down and do many, many things. One of which is to kill the virus in your body. Okay? So getting loads of broccoli, broccoli sprouts, even better, if you can get hold of those or powdered broccoli, sprout powder can do the same thing if you can’t sprout your own.

But broccoli is so important for that very reason, but the leafy greens essential. How are you going to get these every day? Just guys get started on your juices and your smoothies. So important. I mean, I know it’s a pain in the butt, but if you can start having this daily juice or daily smoothie that contains all of these beautiful greens,

you know, for me, a typical juice would be something along the lines of cucumber and celery really nutrient-dense in themselves, but they give you that liquidy sort of electrolyte, rich mineral, rich Base, and then add to that spinach and kale and broccoli and turmeric and ginger, which we’re going to talk about next, the juice that, you know,

you can water it down and you can get some coconut water in there as well. We’ll make it a little bit sweeter, but that juice each day will do you absolute wonders, absolute wonders. I cannot stress how much on a smoothie side, avocado and cucumber and spinach and lettuce, bell pepper. If you get, you know, obviously you need a milk in there.

So like coconut milk or almond milk, you can make a chocolate tea by putting cacao in there. All these types of wonderful foods, get some coconut oil in there for some healthy fats doing this on a daily basis. Amazing, amazing, amazing. It will do so much for your immune system. I cannot stress it enough. Please start having a juice or a smoothie daily from the bottom of my heart to yours,

don’t skip that are the simple things. I always recommend. Just having a side salad with every meal that you make. So even if you just carry on having the normal meals that you’re having with the supplements added in, have a side salad where they chose me, it was just a couple of handfuls of greens, some lemon, olive oil, some get some garlic in there as well.

We’re going to touch on garlic in a second too, just crush some garlic and some lemon. And I’ll put that on the greens. That’s your side salad done. You’re getting two servings of leafy greens with every meal. Perfect. These are the simple, easy things you need to be doing. Again, the step-by-step of all of this stuff is in the masterclass.

In that membership. I gave you the link earlier. Here. It is again, you can join it for absolutely free for 30 days, zero obligation. It’s just my gift to you. The masterclass is coming out on Wednesday, possibly Tuesday. I might go a little bit early and all of this is step-by-step in there. I really, really urge you guys to jump in.

It’s we’re going to have a lot of resources and communications to support you right now to go through this. So I touched on garlic just now. Garlic is a proven anti-viral. I really, really want you to start including these things in your diet. Now raw garlic is where it’s at the compound in garlic.

There is such a strong antiviral is called Alison it’s incredibly sensitive to air and heat and light. So I encourage you to find ways to get raw garlic into your life. I like to just blend it up into soups. Once the soup is finished, blend the raw garlic in, you know, make things like pesto and homeless at home. Guacamole. Just find if you can find one way to get some raw garlic into a bite each day,

you are going to be winning. It is powerful on that. Similarly, avocado, the healthy fats aside, which again important during the, for the immune system, the glutathione in avocado is the master antioxidant and antioxidants are essential right now. So finding ways to get avocado each day, obviously the smoothies I just talked about avocado makes an amazing, incredible creamy base for your smoothies.

That makes things like guacamole as well. Just having avocado on that side salad or just having some avocado on some gluten-free toast or sprouted toast, sprouted bread toast. Avocado is going to be a big help. What we’ve gone through, leafy greens, garlic, avocado, turmeric, and ginger. They sort of come hand in hand, but I’m going to focus on the tumeric part of it.

So probably the most researched food on earth ever, ever. And if you guys are still out there, cause I’m just trying to get this info to you quick as I can. I’m mindful of everybody’s time and I’m mindful that it’s very late in Europe right now. If you’re all out there, give me a hello in that chat box.

While I take a sip of my drink and let me know how you’re going, because I connecting with you guys is what’s most important to me. So give me a big hello. If you’re out there in the chat box right now, I’m still alive because on this crazy new Facebook way of doing these lives, I’m not sure if I’m just talking to myself. So that being said, turmeric, the most research for you on earth.

It is massively anti-inflammatory, it’s massively empty cancer. It fights cancer on so many different levels. It’s so, so great for your cognitive health. And it’s super empty viral as well. I say this to all of my members. I say this to all of the people in my cleanse group, to all of the people that I ever come into contact with anywhere in my life ever get fresh turmeric daily fuel.

I’m glad you’re all still there. Cause there’s a delay on this. And I said that and nothing happened for a few seconds there. I’m getting fresh turmeric every day, essential. Okay. These are just like, I know it feels like I’m going to do this every day. Do this every day, do this every day. But I’m only really giving you a handful of things that I want you to do every day and combined,

they take five minutes of your day to do all of them spread across your day and they will literally change your life during these things. So tumeric. I want you to get about that much everyday of fresh tumeric, about a centimeter. If you are struggling to find it fresh right now, which I totally get check Amazon. You’ll be surprised.

I’ll get onto what to do with powdered tumeric at the moment, but fresh turmeric every day is going to do so much for you. Obviously it’s got the curcumin. I’m really recognizing that I’m saying obviously too much, but I’m going to give myself a little free pass on it because I’ve been up since three 30 preparing for it. And it’s only six 30 now.

So obviously that makes me a little bit tongue-tied at times, the curcumin in turmeric is going to be a huge help, but there are tons more in tumeric as well. The curcumin is an anti-inflammatory compound, but there’s tons more in the fresh stuff. So getting fresh is going to be amazing. The best things you can be doing are adding it to your juices and your smoothies, making fresh tumeric tea. So there’s two ways you can do this again, all the recipes and all the step-by-steps are in that free resource that I’m giving to you here. Just follow like a lot of people are chatting now. So I’ll put the link in again in that free resource, all the recipes, millions of recipes, but how to make the turmeric and ginger and in that resource as well.

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I should mention the, the community that’s in there. There’s guys on here that are in the community. They can vouch for how amazing that community is and being in a community right now is so essential, not being alone. And I’ve already had an outpouring of messages from people just going, you know, I’m isolating on my own feeling lonely. Now that I’ve got this community,

I’m feeling great. You know, so get in there, get apart of the community. You’re all on Facebook. So you’re comfortable on Facebook. The community is on Facebook. It’s amazing turmeric teas. That’s where I was two simple ways. One just simply grate or peel or chop, some turmeric and some ginger into say 350 milliliters of water. Similarly on your stove top for five minutes,

squeeze a bit of lemon in at the end, pour into a mug, drink it. You can eat the chunks at the end if you want. I do. That’s one way that sort of like a tea that’s kind of fresh and light. And you know, the other way is to make kind of a latte where instead of using water, you would use like coconut milk or almond milk or whatever type of non-dairy milk.

You’re like simulate again for five minutes, you can Chuck in some bits and pieces like cloves and, and, and cinnamon and all sorts of other bits. If you want Chuck it all into your high-speed blender with it all up till it’s smooth, I’d probably be able to remove the cloves first though, before I did that one. And that way you’ve got that sort of latte style as well,

delicious, just doing that each day will give you that amount of turmeric each day and it will change your life. Otherwise you can grate tumor into salads. You can obviously, like I say, put it into juice or smoothies. You can add turmeric to your suits and your stews. It gives them like a really lovely sort of depth to it. There’s tons of ways.

There’s tons of ways in that membership that you can access to. There is also, you get not only my information on immune boosting, by the way you get access to the whole membership. So there’s all of my previous trainings and everything in there as well. And one of the previous trainings is the anti-inflammation month. Each month, we kind of have a theme.

And this month, this month is kind of immune boosting month. She could probably tell in the anti-inflammation months, we’ve got a seven day tumeric challenge where I give you seven different ways to get tumeric across seven different days. So there’s loads more ideas in there yet. Just jump in. You’ll love it. You’ll love it. So we had greens, we had garlic,

we had avocado, we had tumeric. I’ll give you one more and that I’m going to go for beetroot beat the simple beat real quick beetroot nitric oxide, nitric oxide is being proven to really help cleanse and boost your blood oxygen levels, which is really good for your mini synthesize. So beetroot ETA, roast it, juice it great into salads, or however you want to have it.

But beet root is the, is the fifth one. There’s so many more that I could go into, but in the interest of time, we’re at half an hour already. And I did only want to go for 45 minutes. I know what, how late it’s getting for some of you very, very early for others. So the that’s kind of the easy bit more difficult bit is the things you need to start avoiding.

Now I am going to keep this to just one because I don’t want to overwhelm you. And I think one of the things that’s being missed in the stimulus packages and the recommendations and the sort of the concern that the state is putting out to the people. I think one of the things that is being missed is the psychological impact here. It concerned me.

Don’t want to go too much into that now, but this is why I’m only going to tell you one thing you need to get out, because I don’t want you to lose all of your psychologically rewarding foods at this time, the more you can do the better, but the one thing that I’m asking you to reduce as much as possible, you don’t have to go cold Turkey.

Don’t have to stress out, but reduce as much as possible. You probably already guessed sugar. Zuka sugar is really, really detrimental to your immune system. Really detrimental to immune system. Did any of you guys happen to see the interview that just went live yesterday? I believe with that, I did with Dr. Darrell on his get off your sugar summit.

It was a good one. And there is a recording of that exact interview in the membership. If you didn’t see it, I recommend it also in the membership is my entire quit sugar program that members get for free. So you can jump into the membership to get that too. The reason I want you to quit sugar is it’s super acidic, super inflammatory,

and very, very much immune suppressing. So let’s touch on each of those things real quick. Cause I want to give you the motivation as to why, because I know sugar can be tricky. It’s very addictive. It’s biochemically proven to be very addictive research last year, no two years ago, 2018. We’re in 2020 now, which is mind blowing.

And what a year it’s been so far research, 2018 from Melbourne go. Australia has demonstrated, we didn’t know this before. This is why it’s so important to keep up on all the research. Another one of the things I’m doing this month in the membership, which I don’t normally do. And I don’t know if I will continue to do, but there’s going to be a little section where I’m going to be putting all of the research that I’m finding about coronavirus and about this whole situation we’re in from a health perspective,

not the epidemiology stuff. I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, but I want to put all the research that I find about the coronavirus in a section there with my commentary and takeaways for you. So we can start sort of dissects and ground a bit of the information. But this research two years ago has isolated that when there is a, or sorry,

is isolated, the essential role that we didn’t know before that insulin plays in the function of your T-cells, which are arguably the most important part of your immune response. Okay? So when your thank you, Paula, so when you’re and Deseret, we’ll get onto gluten in the Q and a, okay. I don’t want to leave the gluten, the gluten addicts behind when your insulin response is irregular or compromised,

your body loses the ability to what the researchers wonderfully called. It loses the ability to supercharge your T-cells. Now your T-cells do a lot of things. They go in, they destroy the sales of the virus. They, they can find infected cells and render them useless. They can prevent the virus from penetrating new cells. The T-cells also split off to help modulate the cytokine response.

They can split offer that there’s so many things that these T-cells do. They’re so important. And your body uses insulin to kind of power this function. So when you’ve got insulin resistance or you’re pre-diabetic, or you’ve got type two diabetes, or even if you’re just eating too much sugar, or even in this moment right now where your body needs your T-cells functioning in this hour,

because you just touched something and put your hand to your mouth, but you’ve just gone and had a massive sugary meal. And you’re essentially in spikes and drops and spikes and drops. You lose this capacity to supercharge your T-cells. So that is just one way or one reason that we need to get on top of sugar and reduce our sugar intake, sugar or so is probably the most acid forming food we know of when you’re and this I’m simplifying this greatly for the interest of time.

We could go for hours on sugar. When you consume sugar, your blood pH drops to below its optimal level and your body has to just do so much hard work to push it back up. I know a lot of you will have heard me talk about this before, but this state where this is optimal, pH, this is safe level below. This is where you,

your kidneys shut down and you die basically. So your body will happily keep you in this level here below optimal, but in this safe area, this is where disease and imbalance and everything proliferates in this area. And it’s hard, hard, hard work to get back up here. Really hard work. So your body does everything it can to just keep you safe.

Right? One of those things let’s talk about a couple of them. One of those things is it causes your body to pump out a whole load of cortisol. When your cortisol levels go up repeatedly, chronically elevated cortisol, it stresses your adrenals. Now your adrenals are really, really important in that first stage of immune response, the innate immune response, your adrenals are really,

really critical in modulating that stage of your immune response. When your pH is constantly being pushed down and your body’s constantly pumping out cortisol. Not only does that then cause your pH to go down again. It’s like a vicious cycle, but it stresses your adrenals. Your adrenals cannot work properly. Your immune system suffers another one of the things that happens when you consume a lot of sugar,

is it affects your gut bacteria balance gut dysbiosis. When you’ve got way too much bad bacteria to good bacteria, candida proliferates a huge part of your immune system actually sits in your digestive system. And when your digestive system is compromised, that second phase of your immune response, the adapt, the adaptive immune response that cannot function properly. It creates a whole bunch of inflammation.

When you consume a lot of sugar, particularly fructose, which is most sugars contain at least 40 to 50% fructose high-fructose corn syrup is almost a hundred percent fructose, but when you’re consuming fructose your liver metabolizing that fructose instantly creates a secretary creates uric acid, which drives your pH down and prints out the coat. So it instantly creates inflammatory markers. So those cytokines get produced really overstimulated.

So they can’t properly be regulate when they need it. And it instantly creates visceral fat sales, which those fat cells all trigger their own immune, sorry, inflammation response as well. Sugar’s gotta go. Shooter’s gotta go. Now. Most people Claudia, this Facebook record it for me. So I will be posting the recording of this, into that membership portal as well with the handouts to go with it.

Most people find it hard to create sugar. I believe because they literally jump in and go, I’m not going to eat any more sugar. That’s not necessarily the way to go. A lot of my teaching, I like to take the 2080 approach. I like to call it whereby 20% of the inputs usually lead to at least 80% of the result. So what I want you to do,

and in the quit sugar training in the membership that you’ve got free access to, I go through a whole load of exercises and it’s a 14 day thing and it works. It just works. And it’s really easy to get more cravings and all that stuff. But what I want to see right now is just make a little retrospective food diary to go for the last three days.

This is what I ate and drank. Don’t go further back than the three days. You’ll have forgotten. Don’t do it just for the last day, because that’s not enough of a big enough sample size for this to last three days and be really, really honest. No, one’s going to look at it, but you, so be really honest, everything you ate and drank,

then immediately, you’ll be able to see some of the big problem areas immediately. It’s eyeopening when you do this, but what you can also do to find the hidden gems is flips to the other camera again, hasn’t it. All right. There we go. What you can also do to find the hidden gems is go to the website. You can just Google this,

but it’s called the one I like to use is nutrition, I think that’s what it is, but just Google nutrition, DAF self-doubt. There you go. That was right into the foods that you’ve put in your diary. They’ve got packaged foods in there as well. So few ate some McVities digestive biscuits. They will have that and you can see exactly how much sugar and everything is in each thing.

And just total up your days and look total up each meal or each snack. What you’ll find is a 80% or more of the sugar you’re consuming each day is coming from 20% or less of the foods that you’re eating and be what most people find is most of those foods that containing 8% and sugar. You’re not even that bothered about. They’re not that great and they’re easy to swap and they’re simple to swap.

Honestly, guys, if you need to quit sugar, please just, if you, even if you’re not bothered about boosting your immune system, but you just want to quit sugar. Get into that. Now the Base Camp and go through this quick sugar training, because I outlined step-by-step all the simple swaps, but the places where most people find it’s breakfast Ciro’s and what they’re having at breakfast,

it’s flavored drinks, it’s coffees with all the added bits and pieces it’s sources and dressings on their foods. Things like Sarah muesli, bars, breakfast, bars, protein bars, that kind of thing, protein supplements, but it’s really, really quick and simple to get it out. Like we could go forever on how to get sugar out. I just wanted to highlight for you that that’s the main one to gout.

If there’s, if there was going to be another one it’s it would be gluten let’s just touch on gluten. Now, gluten is the second possibly joint top. Most to see inflammatory food on earth. It’s spikes your blood sugar. Like nothing else, perhaps more than sugar itself. Sorry. I nearly lost myself then. Can you guys still see me and hear me?

All right. Let me just check in, because Leslie is saying that the training keeps buffering. I want to check that that’s just Leslie’s internet connection and not everything gluten sparks your blood sugar, like nothing else. And when you repeatedly spike your blood sugar, that’s when you’re going to get that insulin imbalance, insulin resistance and so on. It’s really, really important that you get the gluten out again,

really simple swaps. The gluten that you’re looking to get out is things like wheat, spelt, rye, barley. I mean, that sort of covers most of them. The, the sort of the grains or the replacements that you can include would be oats. They are gluten-free by nature. We can talk about more in the Q and A, if we need to quinoa, chia, amaranth, buckwheat. You don’t need to completely give up those meals. This is the thing. So if you’re having gluten at breakfast, for instance, if you’re having a gluten-free cereal and toast at breakfast, you can change your gluten-free cereal and you can change a gluten-free bread, simple, you know, instead of using pasta, you can, in the best-case scenario, you’d make spiralized noodles or like zucchini noodles or carrot noodles, but you can just use a gluten-free pasta. It’s so simple. You can have oats for breakfast. You can make little chia pots, all of their stuff. Again is in the masterclasses in the group that I’m delivering to you this month, all the swaps,

how to quit gluten, how to create sugar, how to quickly, and all of these swaps in there that getting gluten now is really, really important. If nothing else, because of that blood sugar response that you get it, gluten contains a protein called “amylopectin a” which literally spikes your blood sugar more than fructose glucose sucrose. It’s crazy for your blood sugar.

So you need to be getting the gluten down if not out. And it’s a lot easier than most people think it’s really just those habitual meals, you know, at lunch, you’re going, Oh, I don’t know what to eat. I’ll just have a sandwich. Join the Alkaline Base Camp get in on this free pass. There’s hundreds of recipes in there.

There’s probably a hundred different lunch and dinner, lunch recipes, a hundred different dinner recipes, hundreds of recipes in there. Cutting those out is so essential. The fourth and final thing I want to touch on today. And guys, if you do have questions that you want me to know that you possibly can start putting them in the Q and a, into the comments box now,

because I will be able to hello Lauren. Hi Barbara. Lovely to see familiar faces Kim. I saw earlier. It’s so great to see and Sue Simone, if I’m missing anyone, I’m sorry, sorry. I’m just scrolling through real quick and seeing some names that I recognize, no matter how you are going, if you do have questions, put them in now the fourth and final thing that I want to cover today,

and this really is a biggie, and it’s a bit like vitamin C in that it’s so, so simple and so easy that people often overlook. Look it, and don’t give it the importance it deserves. And this thing is so essential for you in your system. So essential for your detoxification system. So essential for your liver and your kidneys and your endocrine system and your digestive system.

And that is simple hydration guys. Hello, Donna, I’m going to have a little set right now just to prove the point hydration in this state we’re in now of boosting our immune system fortifying. Our body is absolutely essential. You cannot be healthy and dehydrated. You cannot have strong immunity and be dehydrated. I cannot stress this enough. You have to get your hydration sorted.

You need to be aiming for at least a hundred fluid ounces of water. Every day you can build up to that. If you’re literally drinking nothing at the moment, you can build up to it, but you need to be aiming for a hundred to 120 fluid ounces of water. Every single day, don’t get bogged down in, Oh, what do I buy this filter that filter this alkaline machine.

That one, do I get an honor? Don’t get bogged down in all of that in a minute. If you haven’t got any form of filtration at the moment, the filtration is the most important thing. And just a simple countertop jug, you know, 30, 40 bucks that’s enough right now, you do want to be filtering your tap water. But that’s enough right now that we’ll get out bacteria,

chlorine, and chloramines, a few of the metals and things I led and a few of the agricultural bits and pollutants we see in our tap water. That will be good for now. You need to sort of look at how you’re getting hydrated. It’s not enough to just go. I’m just going to drink my water, which I, it I’ve been talking nonstop for 46 minutes.

A little bit water is necessary. You don’t want to just go. I’m going to drink more water. This is going to be great because you’ll get to nine, 10 o’clock at night and go, Oh, I forgot every day. And you can’t just drink a hundred ounces of water at nine o’clock at night that ain’t gonna work out too well for you.

You need to be working it into your daily habits. This is my number one tip for you. Link your hydration habit to habits. You already have. I know some of you will have heard me say this a million times before, but if you’re not doing it, do it. There’s no point in me saying it to a million times. If you’re not going to do it.

So if you aren’t doing this to link your hydration habits or habits that already exist, that’s the easiest, fastest way to form a new habit. Okay? So you wake up every day. That’s a habit. You have have a glass of water. As soon as you wake up, you clean your teeth twice a day. Some people more, some people like to clean and save three a day,

but you drink clean your teeth twice a day, have a glass of water. Each time you clean teeth, you make breakfast every day, have a glass of water. Then you get not in a normal world. You would get to your office desk at work. These days, it’s in your home office. As soon as you sit down at your desk,

go, Oh, I need to get a glass of water. Go and get a glass of water. Before you start work. Before you cook dinner, every ritual and habit you have in your day, link it to hydration. And it doesn’t just have to be a glass of water. It can be a cup of herbal tea. It can be your daily juice or your smoothie.

It can be some, it can be broth of your liking. It can be lemon water. It can be that tumeric. See you can flavor your, what you can put lemon in it. You can, you know, make a big pitcher of water and drop in some cucumber or some mint or some celery or those things to just flavor it a little bit and make it delicious.

But every day, make sure that you’re getting what we say in Australia. Three to four liters. You guys are saying a hundred to 120 fluid ounces. Just make sure every day you’re hitting that target. You cannot have a strong immune system. If you had the hydrated Flat out guys, My four steps for you to be able to do right now to immediately start strengthening your immune system.

Again, Crazy times we’re in, I know a lot of people are feeling stuck and overwhelmed. And I hope today that this has given you that feeling that a, what you do with your diet and your lifestyle is important and it does help. And it gives you back that sense of personal power and confidence and momentum that you know what, we can do something here.

We don’t just have to sit back passively and hope for the best we can do something. Okay? Getting Those simple supplements, getting these simple, simple foods in each day. Even if you just focus on one of those food areas that I talked about and get that one in Cutting sugar and gluten, as much as you can without stressing yourself out and getting hydrated.

Those four things are really, really simple. You can do them right away and they will make a massive difference to every stage of your immune system. Okay. It will make a difference. I’m not just making this stuff up. All of this is backed by research. It’s all in the literature. I never teach you things that are just guesswork because that’s what leads you to crazy hypotheses on things like oxalate,

which are complete BS. We can talk about that in the Q and a, if you like, that’s what leads you down those blind alleys and makes things confusing and overwhelming. I only ever teach you based on what is in the scientific literature that has been tested on humans. All of this has so take that confidence with you. The Q and a.

Now we Will go for, I reckon about half an hour based on the number of questions that have come in already. I strongly strongly recommend. I really, really urge you. I’m going to post the link again because it keeps popping off. I wonder if I can pin this, let me see if I can pin it to the top. Nope.

Used to be able to do that in the old Facebook live world. Can’t do that anymore. I’m not loving this new interface for Facebook live, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it at some point. Let me see if I can put it in as like a question or a poll or something. Question, join here, question it. You might need to copy and paste.

If I do this, there we go. How does that, how does that work? No, that’s not going to work. I’ll give it up. All right. Let me start on through a few of your questions, but before I do, and while I have a sip, has that been useful to you guys? Has that been useful and have you jumped in and joined my training for free for the next 30 days?

This honestly, I know it might seem a bit too good to be true, but there’s genuinely, there’s no funny business going on here. You’ll see. When you go to that page, there’s no, there’s no credit card requirement to, you know, to sort of try to write it. None of that, you just put your name and your email in which will be your username,

your email address, and hit joined, and you get access straight away. The reason I’m doing it is because this month, April coming up in my membership every month, there’s a different focus. Like I said, we’ve had effortless weight loss, digestive healing, kidney rejuvenation month. We’ve had eating for energy. We’ve had all these different, this month was going to be the hormone reset month and then coronavirus kicked him.

And I just, it got so about two weeks ago. It’s just this. I just need to make this, I mean, boosting months, frankly. So I had to do like a crazy amount of work to pivot and create a whole new month worth of training for all of my members. But as I was creating that training, I just couldn’t help,

but feel that everyone needed this. It just didn’t seem, I don’t want to say it didn’t seem fair because that’s not the right thing, but it just felt like the right thing to do was to make it available to all of you and to give you access to the community so that you can be a part of a really lovely group of like-minded people that are all helping each other every day.

And it’s giving you access to me for when we do our Q and a calls a bit like this. And I’m also in that Facebook community, answering questions and supporting you every day. It just made sense that I needed to give this information to everyone. So that’s why I’ve decided to do this. I want to give you that background because I don’t want to it like,

it might seem too good to be true. And I think that might be making some people go, Oh, I’m not sure, but jump in. Just jump in. Like, honestly, you’ll see. When you go to the page, there’s, it’s just a username and a password is all asphalt. Oh, your name and an email address. And then it gives you username password.

And then you can jump in, get access to the whole thing for 30 days. Use it as much as you want. As little as you want. All of the immune boosting training is going to be rolling out over the next 30 days. Step-by-step actionable stuff and you can get it all for free. So there we go. So thank you for all of the nice things,

Veronica, that link is up there, but if you just Google nutrition, If someone wants to, if someone’s got it and wants to put it in for an occurrence of the chat box, that’d be great. All right. So let’s see about these Christiane. So Dominique has asked what about swapping for whole foods? I don’t know what you mean.

So be honest. I don’t know what you mean. Can you clarify that question a bit? When you put lemon and basil in water, can you use the lemon or basil or fruits for more than one day? I probably wouldn’t just because they can go bad and we don’t want to be putting bacteria into our body at the moment, but it’s really,

I mean, it depends on how fresh it all is, keeping it in the fridge and that sort of thing. So that’s kind of down to, in terms of a nutritional benefit, if you’ve refreshed that joke two or three times during a day, there’s not going to be a lot left, but certainly that’s down to your own jurisdiction on that one.

I think Simone, you’re welcome. And some of this stuff is stuff that I’ve taught you already, but a lot of the people on this, a new, and so haven’t heard some of this stuff before when lemon is alkaline-forming. When is lemon alkaline from in boiled or raw? It’s only limited. The thing is with lemon is it is our client for them,

but it’s only my all Alpine following. There’s a lot of hype over the years about making alkaline water with lemons. It’s not really that strongly alkaline forming. It’s a bit of a trick to just get you to hydrate from me. From my perspective, look, there’s our client minerals in the lemon and those minerals will still be impact intact if it is boil.

I wouldn’t like do the lemon as such, if you want to keep the nutrients intact, but if you put squeeze lemon into hot water, the nutrients in the lemon will stay intact. Some of the, some of the nutrients won’t do so well, but if it’s, it’s not really an hour Klein strong outline benefit from having the lemon in the water,

it’s kind of more of a taste benefit in a way, but get its flavor and it gets your drink in the water. So that’s kind of the thing with lemon, with all foods, there’s a spectrum of full nutrient intactness and zero nutrient intactness and picked from the tree and consumed that second is full or dug from the ground or from the plant. And you do all of this stuff and get to the end of,

of, of picking it, you know, storing it, it goes in a shop it’s all processed. It’s that of a, and then there’s none left. So the more you do on that spectrum, the less nutrients there will be, but you can put in lemon and stuff cooked or raw I’ve read recommendation is that we should not consume anything raw.

I mean, that’s nonsense, absolute nonsense. I don’t think a raw food diet is necessary, but getting a good proportion of your foods raw is useful. Following my outline principles, you will be getting probably between on any given day 30 to 70% of your food will be raw. Like if you’re having some salads and having juices and smoothies as some of the soup recipes of raw,

yeah. By and large, you’ll probably be having an average 40 to 50% raw foods, which is great. And that’s, you don’t need to be having more than that. You don’t need to be out more than that, but the concept that you should eat, nothing raw is really just a very restrictive, you’ll have very low compliance with that. And it’s not a great way to go.

Okay. I do believe in alcohol. So, but my husband doesn’t, so it’s very hard for me to put everything into practice. So what does your husband believe in? Does he believe that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy? Does he believe that drinking water is a good idea? That exercising is a good idea? Does he believe that sugar and gluten and processed foods are probably not so great for you?

I think I would find it really hard pressed to find any human on earth, except for maybe those weird folks that are eating just meat. Be interesting to see where they’re at in a few years, but those people aside I’d find it. I think it’d be very difficult to find someone who doesn’t believe in those principles, consuming, healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables,

cutting out the crap, getting well-hydrated exercising well, getting good sleep. Try not to be too stressed out. That’s the alkaline diet. So when you remove the word alkaline from the picture, most people are in agreement that this is what we should do. Usually in this case, what is beliefs? The services is if I rephrase it and Andrew, this isn’t necessarily true in your case,

but it is in a lot of cases is my husband or partner or whoever just like Satan crap. And they can’t be asked to be healthy. So they’re going to say, I don’t believe in the alkaline lifestyle, that’s generally the truth that sits behind this. So I’m know that that, that makes it hard for you. So you’ve got to cook one meal for them,

one meal for you, if you really want to do it, but there’s ways you can get around this. One of the ways I’d say is jump in. So the group, because there’s a training in there that teaches you how to do all of this, when you’re in a families that doesn’t want to basically how to make meals, that you’re only making one meal,

but they will be happy with that. And you’ll be happy with it. You can adjust just slightly for them and they’ll still be happy with it. But I actually find if you’re the person that’s chiefly responsible for the cooking, I find that if you just go, you know, what are the key non negotiables for your husband? It might be meat,

or it might be dairy or something like that. And going, I’m the cook. I’m going to make the meal, how I want it. And you can have some meat on the side. You can have some dairy with it. They generally go. Yeah. Okay. And they really love the meals that you cook. And you’ll be able to find meals that both of you really enjoy as well.

Like maybe they won’t enjoy having zucchini noodles with their spaghetti bolonaise, but just cooked normal pastor for them. If they really are that desperate for it. And you have Sakina drills, but you’re still cooking the same spaghetti bolognese, if that makes sense. So there’s different little things you can do, but there’s learned in the pool in a ship that will support with this.

Absolutely. And so many recipes that you can go through those recipes with your husband and go out for these 500 recipes. Let’s just find five dinners that we can both agree on and that you can adapt easily so that you will like it. And just find those and start there in terms of curcumin, you recommend supplementation, what kind of dosage would organic powder tumeric have the same facts?

I did say I was going to talk about powder tumeric. So thank you all for bringing that up and it lovely to see you on the session tomorrow. Lauren’s question has confused me. So I’ll get to that next. So PA if you can’t get fresh, powdered tumeric is the next best thing obviously, but it needs to be organic. Please be pleased.

Your powdered herbs and spices need to be organic really important because non-organic herbs and spices, dried herbs and spices. They go through a process called irritation, which basically means, you know, you look at them and they’re like expires January, 2000 756. That’s because they’ve gone through this process, which is basically like radiation therapy for your herbs and spices, which kills all the good bits and makes them mildly carcinogenic,

which is awesome. So go for organic. They won’t have as long a shelf life, but that’s a small cross to bear for considering the alternative. So I really, really would recommend that the, the equivalent of having that sort of about centimeter piece of tumeric would be about a teaspoon a day. So try and get that in, in ways that you can,

like, you can stir it into your juices. You can still blend it into your smoothies. You can put it into your soups, you can put it on your veggies. You can all different things, all different ways. So yes, that will really, really help. What kind of dosage for supplements? Just follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. It’s really potent is really powerful and just,

that will be a big help baseline. So Lauren has asked, is this free immune class available to people who are not already affiliated with you? Yes. In so many ways in the way that firstly, this class that I’m teaching right now is posted on my free public Facebook page. If you’re meaning the month ahead in our Alkaline Base Camp yes. Anyone can join that if you’re meaning, can I share this with my friends? Yes. You can give a blink to whoever you want. Here’s that link. You can share that. And anyone who’s not working with me, if you’re just hit, you can. Yes. So anyone it’s open to everyone, that’s a simple way of answering that question. Isn’t it. If we’re having the greens, tumeric beets and water and little sugar gluten, if we’re doing that already, is that enough? Or are you saying that we need to see the entombing supplements at the moment as well because of viruses I would have them as well as your safety net. That’s where supplements play a role is a safety net, especially the vitamin D cause there’s not really vitamin D in any of those foods.

It’s hard to get really good food sources of vitamin D. So I would recommend vitamin D supplement ongoing outside of this crisis. Do you need it every day? Probably not, but I’d probably have it every few. Once every few days outside of this crisis, the only way of getting your vitamin D levels is through having your blood work done. But I please do not burden the pathology labs with that sort of thing at the moment.

So I would supplement at the moment yes. To make sure that you’ve got your baseline levels up to where they need to be. So vitamin D is obviously sort of stored in the body, so you need to get your levels up, but also because these are a great baseline, they’re a great safety net and they’re really important. Thank you, Marcia.

That isn’t a question. That’s just a lovely thing to say. I really appreciate that. I’m going to hit the like button there. I’ve sort of forgot. I can do that, but thank you. Ma’am so that’s really lovely of you and to you, to Veronica RO and everybody else. How do we strengthen or boost the adrenals asks Dessa now,

DESA, I know you have already joined the Base Camp for this month. Definitely jump into the portal. There is a lot of training on that in there, and there is last year’s class on hormone reset, which in may, I will be all new brand new, deep dive training on the adrenals and thyroid and all the other hormone stuff as well.

So look out for that. The best thing you can do to support your adrenals is to stop stressing them. So the adrenals have many functions, but their main, main, main overwhelmingly main functions that they will do first and drop everything to make sure they do. This is produced cortisol. So you absolutely need to stop your body unnecessarily producing cortisol so that your adrenals can get a breather and can get a chance to heal and repair and start regulating properly.

If you’ve got stress adrenals, this can also have a knock on effect to your thyroid as well, which I know is a concern for a lot of people. So, as I mentioned earlier, when you have a acidic diets and acid forming diet that is putting your body into that state of diet and juiced acidosis, your body will then automatically start pumping out cortisol chronically day in, day out, just nonstop that stresses your adrenals. So cutting back on those acid, forming foods, particularly sugar, gluten processed foods, returning to a fresh whole food plant-based diet. Getting in foods like healthy fats are really important for your adrenals.

So omega 3s, coconut oil really important for your adrenals. Reducing inflammation is really important. So again, that tumeric and the ginger getting in your greens, getting in those alkaline-forming foods instead of the acid forming foods is going to heal the other areas of your endocrine system that support your adrenals, but also rely on correct cortisol regulation, particularly or pancreas, but also give your adrenals that space to breathe and, and, and heal itself.

Your body is a powerful regeneration tool when it’s not stressed, when it’s under stress, it can’t regenerate. So when your liver is constantly having to deal with fructose, it just, it, your liver can only do this much, right, or this much. And if it’s all of its capacity is up to here processing sugar all the time. It’s only got this much capacity left to do all the other things it needs to do, which is play a role in your immune system, regulate your metabolism, detoxify, you know, filter toxins and support you in so many different ways. The liver does much. There’s like 23 key essential roles that the liver plays in keeping you healthy and alive. And one of them is processed fructose. And if that’s taken up 90% of its capacity, and the beautiful thing is just eliminating fructose out of your diet or getting it down as much as possible instantly your liver can do all this stuff again.

And it’s like, it just raises your health on so many levels just in that one way. But if you want to strengthen and boost your adrenals, you have to stop stressing. And that’s the, that’s the main spot. I don’t usually have sugar, including honey, but I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to use some honey as that has so many nutritional benefits.

So honey has some antibacterial antiviral, particularly Manuka honey, but so do lots of other foods that aren’t fructose. So if you’re only adding it in for those medicinal type of benefits, I’d probably add in the other foods that are going to give you that benefit, that don’t have the fructose, if I’m entirely honest. And again, I’m not trying to tell you,

you have to be perfect. That’s not the case here, but I’m telling you like what perfection is. So you can pick and choose the bits and make informed decisions that fail always work from your own intuition. Don’t just blindly do what people tell you always work from your own intuition. I’m just giving you the knowledge right now so that you’re, you’re making informed information based informed intuition decisions.

If that makes sense. Okay. So Anna, I’ve just scammed this, but it seems quite interesting. So let’s have a look just made green smoothies every day, no sugar for almost a month, just woke up Friday and didn’t want my morning coffee, which is awesome at the moment, needing encouragement. So I don’t need to feel like I’m missing out or that this is a diet and I go back to normal.

I totally get what you’re saying. You’ve done really, really well. You’ve done really, really well. And I’m really, really impressed. It sounds like you’ve come out of the gate and gone for perfection, which is really difficult and impressive. So in normal circumstances, I don’t encourage people to go for perfection because of this. It makes it feel like their stress and that this is a temporary measure and you’re doing a diet and there is a period at some point where this ends and you go back to normal.

So that’s what you’ll see in our Alkaline Base Camp is this is all about making this into an effortless, enjoyable, delicious, fun, easy lifestyle that is the rest of your life. So within that perfection, some people just perfect and they’re really annoying. And we secretly are annoyed by them. Yeah, jealous, not that start 1% of people for normal people.

We need to have bits and pieces that feel like a treat and feel like normal. So Anna, while I can’t sit for example and say, coffee is totally fine because caffeine does spike create adrenaline, which spikes your cortisol levels, your, your adrenals, and, you know, as a treat every now and again, like these things can be done.

I would say that if you jump into the Alkaline Base Camp Ana for this month, you will see over the course of this month, that there is a really great way of doing this 80 20, that you can still have treats that you can still have some normal males and that you can transition more gently.

The way I encourage people to look at this is when you start slow and someone said earlier, they’re taking the baby steps. When you can start slow and bring these things in one step at a time or quick steps at a time, like you’re clearly capable of doing it, but without putting any pressure on yourself, you don’t have to put that pressure on yourself. The more you do the better you’ll feel and the better you feel, the more you’ll naturally not want to do the other things like you’ve just said, you just woke up on Friday and just didn’t want your morning coffee. That’s massive, isn’t it? That’s massive.

And the more you do this without the pressure of giving stuff up, the more your subconscious and your subconscious mind, so sort of work together to the subconscious kind of you stop noticing things and you stop suddenly craving something you weren’t thinking about, and your conscious mind will connect to go. When I do this, I feel great. And I just consciously my monkey mind even is saying to me, doing X equals feeling crappy, doing Y equals feeling good.

So I’m going to naturally gravitate more towards doing, why does this make sense? So remove the pressure. Ana allow yourself to have whatever you want within this context of knowing what you now know, knowing what works, knowing what on the scale of good to bad is, you know, fruits contain fructose, but having fruit is kind of a way better for you than having a Mars bar or a kind of soda, which also contains fructose. If you catch my drift, having a really well-made barista poured, not that any of us can go to a coffee shop anymore.

A coffee is a real treat. You can really enjoy that. And really that’s great. Just mindlessly having instant coffee at home three times a day is probably not great. You know? So it’s finding that balance that the big picture here is this isn’t designed to be perfection. This is designed to be perfect for you. It’s designed so that it becomes a lifestyle and it’s designed to roll out without stress so that when you reach a stage that let’s say you reach perfection in however long weeks,

months, years, whenever that is, you’re there because you love it. And this, you don’t want to live any other way, rather than it feeling like this is a temporary part of your life. I hope that makes sense. But step back from where you are now, look at the things cause you’ve gone about this in a way that isn’t how it normally rolls out.

People normally go for perfection and then fall over and then comes to me and go, Oh, what do I do? How, what did I do wrong? But you’ve gone for perfection and succeeded. So this isn’t, but take a step back now and go, what do I feel intuitively are the things that made the biggest difference?

What if I really enjoyed what I’ve found really hard of the things that I wished I was allowed to eat or drink over the last month, what have I missed and what would have been the most detriment or versus what wouldn’t have been so bad? And what can I allow back in as a treat, maybe just go and have a cheat meal and see how you feel afterwards. And I’m not saying like that in a way of life and see how you feel. I’m saying that in a way of like do have a cheat meal,

it’s like a way of having a big exhale, a big deep breath and enjoy it, but also be mindful of going, do you know what I do feel a bit crappy now and I enjoyed it, but I could have lived without it.

And now I’m ready to kick back on again, but just take a step back from a hundred percent to 70% and see how you go for the next month after that, the fact that you’re no longer even wanting coffee is amazing. And I’m really amazing. The fact that you’re having your green smoothies every day. Amazing. You’re doing so much for yourself and I’m really want to applaud you. That’s so awesome.

So certainly Google it can coronavirus live on the surface of vegetables and how do you get it off? That’s a really great question. Is Apple vinegar, our client? No, it’s not. And it doesn’t have an alkaline-forming effects once consumed. It’s a useful food ingredient every now and again in salad, dressings and things, but I wouldn’t be taking it daily and a more nothing.

Roger. I mean it’s yeah, my answer is the same Dominic. I’m going to get to that. Let’s see how we’re going. Lovely. See to econ and Dessa. I’m pleased to help Tony. No, you’re the man. Tony. I’m impressed by you. You always doing so much. You’re doing the good stuff for yourself.

All right. Thank you, Anna. I’m glad that you are feeling much more relaxed about that. So let’s have a look. We’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight questions to go through still. So let’s say, I mean, why are you guys still here? We might as well keep going, Hey.

And if you’re enjoying this, you’ll really enjoy being in a membership because we do one of these every single month. And it’s always awesome. And the questions that come up are so varied and it’s always so much fun. So, so Dominique clarifies about whole foods. I mean like darker varieties of EEG, pasta and bread is the correct word, whole meal.

I think wholemeal was what you were looking for. And the answer is no, they still contain gluten. So it just eliminates any potential benefit. Oh, aside from five or I’m not sure what benefit could be in those. So no. So the darker varieties are generally things like spelt and rye. They still contain gluten. So no go for gluten-free or veggie plant based substitutes is whole tumeric root paste.

Okay. Yeah. Definitely. As long as it doesn’t contain processed stuff as well, if it’s just natural, some form of a natural preservative, like an oil and tumeric is ingredients, that would be great. How did fermented foods for him? They fit in I’m being reticent because I’ve gone through this process, this description with my members and of which there is someone here so many times,

and I’m just trying to think if I’ve got a written resource, I can point you see back, I’ll just go through it. So basically if you’ve got gut dysbiosis right now, bad bacteria, proliferation too much bad stuff, not enough, good stuff in your gut right now. And imbalance given how thirsty talking is making, I should use less words.

If you’ve got an imbalance of gut bacteria, I’m just chucking fermented foods, probiotics, that sort of stuff in there is not going to be a huge help.

Bad bacteria will feed off any bacteria. So you run the risk of best it, not redoing anything at worst it making it worse. What you need to do to rebalance your gut bacteria is firstly, we call it the weed seed. Feed weed is weed out all the bad bacteria. Get rid of it. We do that by cutting its food supply, which is primarily sugar, gluten processed foods. If we can get this out, it will die off.

When you get a blank canvas, we seed, this is where fermented foods can help kimchi kombucha, sauerkraut, all these types things amazing. You can use probiotic supplement, but I prefer the whole food equivalent. Just more natural balanced for it, of bacterias. Do that for about two to three weeks. And then you move into the feed. Once the good bacteria is now grown. You move into the feed, which is where you can scale back the fermented foods,

fermented foods, they’re acid forming very mildly by their nature, but they can be delicious. So you can use them as a treat here and there generally. But then that feed that third process, having a more alkaline diet of leafy greens and veggies and all those sorts of things is where the good bacteria will stay nice and strong. And because you’re not really eating that much sugar and blue gluten,

gluten shootin, you won’t get the bad bacteria back again. So that’s really the process in a real nutshell, let’s have a look. What about eating fruit during this crisis? Yep. That’s great. Go for the lower sugar fruits, if possible barriers basically rather than the higher sugar fruits, bananas, oranges. And someone’s going to ask me this for ages.

I did promise it to them, but going into the membership in the next couple of days, it will be an outline, a fructose guide to how much fructose is in each type of fruit. So you can pick and choose wisely. Been promising that for ages. There’s someone they’ve been emailing me, just intermittently going. You got that fruit thing yet,

mate. And it’s like, no, yes, it’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. I’m just trying to quickly scan my ridiculous inbox now to see if I can quickly see who it was. And I want to apologize to them cause they could be on this call. But no, I can’t say sorry. It is. It is going to be in there this week.

Let me get back to this page. What’s your opinion on olive leaf extract supplements. They’re really good. They’re great for immune support. I just didn’t want to overwhelm you with every supplement under the sun. There’s loads. Antioxidant supplements are really good for immune systems. Well, they want to overload you does pink, red grapefruit help detox liver. Yes.

My calcium tablets with vitamin D calcium carbonate. And I seem to recall it should be taking calcium, et cetera. No, calcium carbonate is great. That’s great. Are there other foods that have the same nutritional benefits as Holden? Can you clarify hone, please? You’re welcome. Sandy, what about alcohol or wine? Ah, I was waiting for this one and good on you.

Oh yeah. For asking, because some people go off and ask that totally fine to ask that. Look it ain’t gonna help put it that way, but it’s also not the worst thing in the world. The biggest problem I see here with our coal or why, and I love how you try to distance wine from being alcohol in your question, the one thing,

and this is something I was going to include in the talk upfront, but I wanted to not overwhelm you. We will talk about this a lot more in the Base Camp I wish I could pin that link to the top, so I didn’t have to keep posting it, but I would just keep posting it. The farewell suit. The thing about alcohol and I was going to talk about this,

but talk about more in the Base Camp is sleep and stress. So in terms of alcohol wine, most people do tend to have alcohol in the evening as a particularly red wine, as a way to relax and help get off to sleep. So I go, ah, if it helps you go to sleep, but no, it doesn’t because, and this is wonderful,

but the, we have these devices now that I don’t use because I don’t like electricity around my body at the best of times, particularly while I’m asleep, but lots of people do use them. So I can use their data. Is these like rings and things and sleep trackers on the phone and all that sort of stuff that can measure your quality of sleep.

Dr. Peter Attia, who is a great, A great, sorry. I just got distracted. A text message came through of my little boys, daily Lego creation. He’s doing a 30 day Lego challenge whilst isolating. And I just got texted the picture he’s made today. I’ll share it with you all in the group afterwards. So Dr. Pizza T does lots of the body testing and composition stuff.

He’s fantastic. He’s got a really great podcast called The Drive. So he really keeps an eye on his blood sugar levels and his sleep and everything. And he’s found just how much of an detriment, even one glass of wine has on your sleep quality. So in terms of alcohol sleep is such so important for your immune system. Something that I will be catching up on later today,

having, like I said, got up at three 30 this morning for you guys. It’s hard because again, I don’t want to say no, you can’t do anything. You have to be perfect. But at the same time, don’t be having like an evening glass of wine every night, because that’s just going to Savage your asleep, but here and there now,

and then it’s really important that you keep psychologically strong during time. If you are, you know, at home with your other half having a date night at home where you cook a nice meal and have a nice glass of wine is really important. So I’m not going to say no, it’s not outlined for me. And it doesn’t help you sleep. So don’t make it like a daily or nightly occurrence,

but I’m not going to tell you, you can never have it. What what’s some other foods to build and strengthen the blood, basically any green food that contains chlorophyll, which also contains foods that contain a lot of iron like spinach, but chlorophyll is a great blood builder. So loads of green foods is going to be really good for your blood and Dessa.

I think you asked, did you know about Addison’s in the group and that’s why I’m making the connection that you’re talking about adrenals. So we’ll go into that much, much more as the month unfolds and certainly a lot next month as well. Barbara, if you’ve done my alkaline reset cleanse now would be a good time to do the fermented foods part.

And it’s, we’re just talking a couple of serves a day, like a couple of spoons of sauerkraut, and let’s have a look. Some say, you should have a lot of magnesium supplements. Is this really necessary? Magnesium is a really good, strong outline mineral and also something that a lot of people are deficient in. So having magnesium is a good choice. It is a good choice.

And that’s why I sort of said aside from those critical ones right now for your immune system, there is a body of supplements that I sort of do recommend and a good outline and mineral supplement would be one of those. So outcome mind daily minerals is my super recommendation, but having a magnesium glycinate is my favorite form of magnesium. Who has, I mean, his is like one of those things in it who in their right mind has a favorite form of magnesium. Honestly, sometimes, sometimes I question myself who has a favorite form of magnesium, but that’s mine. There you go. Start on this path eliminated, Oh, this is just a nice story. Eliminated caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten, hardly any dairy,

low more green veggies and what feels so much better and CFS improved or some Alison Stoney see the way seed feed, but we’ll get there. Alison that’s amazing. And dairy is another food that is awful for your immune system. So try to get those down a little bit, Sandy, I’m a bit confused about what you said about fermented foods. I think your confusion is going,

this is what I’ve heard, but this is what you’re saying. So it’s up to you. It’s totally up to you. You can do what I’m saying based on my research, you can do what they’re saying based on their research, but it’s not going to be like awful for you if you don’t do what I say, but I’m just saying, this is a way to optimize June.

Great to have you, Dominique. Coconut oil is the healthiest oil to cook with. And I think guys, that might be the questions. I’m not sure I be any others. If there’s any others, pop them in now in the next 10 seconds, really, I urge you all to join in for these 30 days. I know I’m sort of banging on about it a little bit, but it’s just going to be a really important month. And it’s my way of giving to my community. And I really want to support you. And this gives us a chance. Even if you forget all the stuff that’s in there, it gives you a chance to be a part of my community for 30 days where we support each other and we’re stronger together and we can get through this together.

And I feel very, very strongly about that. I feel very strongly that being part of a like-minded supportive community right now is more important than anything. And this gives you the chance to see that. So guys, thank you so much for being on a session with me. We’ve gone for an hour and a half. That’s pretty good. Coconut oil is great.

That’s a, I’ll answer more about coconut oil. Stay tuned because I’ll answer more about coconut oil in the Facebook group for these things. So guys, I’m so grateful for all of you for being on this session with me, I’m grateful to all of you who have already joined because I want to help and I can’t help if you don’t join. So I’m grateful to you for joining and just let’s do this.

Let’s do this – weird times – but remember I said at the top of this session, remember there is so much you can do. There is so much hope and strength that you can bring into your body. Be confident, take those steps forward. Be strong. I just look after each other. Love you guys. Thank you again so much. Let’s I’m just going to keep talking while I find the end live video button.

I’ve found it now. So now I’m really going. You will, of course, get this recording. I’ll post it into the Base Camp as well. Here’s that link one more time. If you haven’t guys love you all take care, speak soon. Bye. Now.


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