Why 99% Fail With the Alkaline Diet – And How to VERY Quickly Fix It!

This is one of the most important, yet simple training videos I have ever sent you:

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The Simple Solution to Why 99% of People Fall Off-Track With the Alkaline Diet

There is one single reason why most people fall off track, give up:

It’s not what you’d think…

It’s not simply sugar cravings…or willpower…although these things play a role, and the solution I’m going to give you makes both of these problems disappear!

It’s not knowing HOW to live alkaline either…

Listen, we’re all living a busy life…we’ve got a lot going on and less time than ever…

And there are pressure points throughout the day:

Breakfast – when you’re in a hurry to get out the door, the kids, it’s easy to go – I’ll start tomorrow and just grab something or have NOTHING but a coffee…you know how it is…

At lunch – if you haven’t prepared in advance and have a plan, you’re at your desk hungry, not knowing what to have, you put it off and then crack and just have something convenient but acidic.

At dinner – you get home from work – you’re hungry, the kids are hungry, there’s nothing in the fridge or pantry…you get SO tired of thinking “what shall we have for dinner AGAIN”…

Not having the meals and foods handy…decision fatigue – it’s easy to give up when you’re exhausted and wondering ‘what’s for dinner’ again…

And so the answer is SIMPLE – it comes down to planning and preparation…and making that process as easy as possible.

And I want to get you started today – and this is one of the CORE pieces of training I coach to every single one of my Alkaline Life Club members when they join our program – because the simplest solution to get you started and remove the vast majority of those pressure points is to have a collection of, say, 12 recipes.

If you have 10-12 recipes that you KNOW them inside out, you know what they are, you know how to make them, what ingredients to shop for – they are like your safety net. When you have this – everything gets so easy – it becomes automatic.  It makes the alkaline diet simple.

And that will solve 99% of the problems that cause most people to give up or fall off track…

Let’s Get Started Right Now!

And today I want to get you started – and most of all, and this is the easiest place to start – the biggest danger is SNACKS. Those in-between moments where your blood sugar drops – and you will have those drops when you’re first starting out – it’s totally natural – those moments where you’re out of the home, doing something else and bang – a snack attack hits.

It’s in those snack attack moments that SO many people crack, give up and fall off track. You’re often not prepared for it, you’re not somewhere that you have easy access to healthy food – and the options are…well…not great!

And I get it – healthy, alkaline snacks – what are they?!

Listen, after 15 years of teaching this stuff, and living it myself, I know a TON of easy, delicious, alkaline snacks and I want to share some with you today.

So first up – I just want to reiterate that when you’re starting out its important to go slow, take it one step at a time and with baby steps. You will be SHOCKED at what great results you can get with just a few simple actions, practiced consistency.

Listen, and this is important – even if you only eat alkaline 50% of the time you’ll still get wonderful life-changing results.

So here’s what I want you to focus on for today.

IMPORTANT: Follow These Steps!

I want you to look through these and pick your favorite TWO – and in making your decision – think to yourself:


2) Second question: Do I regularly shop for these ingredients already – at the drop of a hat, can I rely on having these ingredients at any given moment.

That’s important and I’ll get into more why in a few days.

3) Think about when you most often get caught hungry and needing a little snack to fill a gap. Think about what those occasions are so you can judge how portable the snacks are that you choose, whether they need refrigeration, how easy they are to transport and so on.

Now – over the next few days I want you to actually MAKE these snacks and use them!

AND please let me know in the comments below:

“WHAT IS YOUR #1 CHALLENGE when it comes to cooking alkaline and making alkaline meals”

That’s it for today.

Go grab your snacks here!



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  1. Carol Stillar Reply

    My husband and I have done the pre-week of the cleanse and are now on day 3 of the cleanse. My husband has lost 11 lbs which is great, I’ve lost two. We are at the point where we are pureed to the limit. My husband likes to have the smoothies but we’re wondering if we can sub a salad for the soup at lunch or dinner.
    We also feel really full without appetite.
    My hubby has around 50 more lbs to lose. I have 30 to lose.
    Thanks for all your help and direction. Makes far more sense to me than Keto.

  2. Marguerite Reply

    I was a bit disappointed to see 2 of the snacks contained coconut milk/cream as both of these make me ill, there was no choice but to pick the other 2 whether I had the ingredients or not. I have 24hour yogurt made from full cream unhomogenised milk which is good for me could I substitute with this? Thanks

  3. Nikki Reply

    Been following you for years Ross and love all that you offer, especially the recipes. Much gratitude to you for making me a lot healthier and happier.

  4. Sally Odonnell Reply

    Starting Saturday. Making my bliss balls tonight. Husband and daughter attempting aswell. Wish us luck!!

  5. Phoebe White Reply

    Thanks a lot Ross my kids love your anti inflammatory turmeric ginger cinnamon bliss balls too they are scrumptious! Can’t wait to make these I always have oats coconut oil shredded cocoanut cocoanut cream ( but I’m almost out! ) and almond butter as well as nuts seeds and spices! I’m vegan so we eat well! However I noticed in the past month or so that I’m getting bloated after eating lunch I just eat salad for lunch not sure why? I eat really simply but maybe I tried some recipes from miracle medium and they seemed too sweet I was trying a liver cleanse and it was getting my body quite mixed up! Any suggestions let me know what to do about the bloating. Thanks! Happy culinary creations! Xoxrsphoebz ????‍????????????

  6. Carrie STROM Reply

    This is super advice.

  7. barbara steinberg Reply

    Thanks kindly as I’m just starting and made your cashew veggie broth dressing and added a green powder as had no garlic but it was good
    Please post a few more salad dressings if possible
    I am ever so grateful for your help
    Can I print your alkaline lchart

  8. barbara steinberg Reply

    What is best diet for candida
    Canned salmon and canned sardines ok when it’s BPA free cans ?

    • ross Reply

      Yep they’re good. The alkaline diet is fantastic for candida and be sure to add 1-2 tsp of coconut oil per day. The caprylic acid in coconut oil kills candida.

  9. Cherry Harper Reply

    Thanks for the snack recipes this is very helpful and important sometimes I want to give up bc it becomes difficult when you’re in pain and trying to live alkaline thanks for helping and encouraging me.

    • ross Reply

      My pleasure 🙂

  10. Beverley Jacobsen Reply

    What can I use instead of oats and celery

    • ross Reply

      For oats – quinoa or buckwheat
      For celery – more cucumber 🙂

  11. Dominique Reply

    Hello Ross,
    Thank you for your clear and most interesting education on the benefits of an alkaline diet. Looking forward to getting started. Just wondering though: how does fermentation fit in here? Is this not all about acidic environments and as such quite the opposite to what you are promoting? Very new to all of this, so I may be missing the point…

  12. miriam stairs Reply

    Hi Ross. thank you so much for all the wonderful information that you share it really is great !
    My problem is that being of Italian background a lot of our meals are pasta and a nice sauce
    I can do mine without meat and prefer the veggies instead. but my problem is the soups that we are supppoed to make. I cannot stomach those soups i am sorry. I can do a nice broth with vegigies but anything. creamy. just turns me right off so what can i do as an alternative ??? I am good with most veggies but cannot do onions and a lot of garlic is there any help for this fussy eater ?

    thanks so very much

  13. Dawn Adams Reply

    as a coach driver I’m up at 4.30 am. out the door by 5.10 am . on the road most of the day. so time is my problem and exercise is another.
    hydration is difficult as not always possible to use a loo, if I get a coach without a loo..

  14. Kim Cox Reply

    #1 reason I get off track is cravings, flavor of acidic foods. That full fealing that last me 1/2 or more of the day.

  15. Eva Reply

    Dear Ross,

    I am about to start your seven day alkaline reset programme on Saturday. I read the book so I am ready to go. I suffer for sever case if acid reflux. Salvia seems to flow up and I wake up with sore throats For the past seven months I changed my diet to quiet a healthy diet that consistsents of more vegetables. My questik6is this I am UK size 8, I am a very small slim size. I am concerned that if I follow out your instructions I will lose weight. I don’t want to lose weight as I am really skinny. Is it a dangerous to do the reboot if you are skinny. I don’t want to lose weight but the symptoms I experienced with my acid reflux I would like to change it.
    Please advise on your thoughts and thank you for your tine

    • ross Reply

      Hey Eva

      If you do not have weight to lose, you will not. Being underweight is as much about imbalance as being overweight. When you do the cleanse you’ll find that your weight will go UP over the next few weeks and months.


  16. Rachel Mahnke Reply

    My biggest issue Ross, that my family won’t like the metals. I have teens, they are hard to please. What are you’re 5 best crowd pleasers? We don’t eat vegitarian now. I don’t want every meal to be unhappy or a fight. Help!

  17. Willa Reply

    Hi Ross and All,
    How can I get a physical copy of your recipe book and starter set? I see it advertised with “swap” choices and charts, but never liked ebooks.

  18. Ann hayes Reply

    I had quite a bit of greens yesterday. I had green juice and I added more spinach to my eve meal. Today I feel quite unwell. Am I the only person that feels unwell after digesting alot of greens. And what about the condition of having two many greens and have too much iron in your blood. Medicall term escapes me right now.

    Thank you,
    Ann hayes

  19. Ron Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have unsuccessfully tried several times to become alkaline and have failed miserably.
    I am vegan, gluten free and try not to eat much factory produced food.
    I honestly believe it’s impossible, I even have your two recipe books and cooked many of your meals.
    Maybe it could be possible but heh, who wants to eat such a restricted diet as you seem to recommend.
    Regards, Ron

  20. Hellen Stegmaier Reply

    Thank Ross, I am very grateful to part of your program. At the moment i don’t have any question. I just wanted to say thank you ????????

  21. Stephanie Ingleton Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thank you for writing your book The Alkaline Reset Cleanse.
    Is there a particular juice recipe or certain foods that would help with my hot flushes?


  22. Lisa Babyak Reply

    I would like an alkaline salad dressing recipe that doesn’t taste like grass or seaweed that has no sugar or fruit in it and limited or no nuts in it and no dairy and no sugar that taste amazing like thousand island or ranch dressing. I love eating veggies and salads if it doesn’t gag me . Please help with a great dressing .

    • Eva Fs Reply

      Olive oil with apple cider vinegar is the best and easiest salad dressing. You can add either some Dijon mustard or crushed garlic or both. Mix it and shake it in the bottle and it will become nice and thick. Once mixed you can use it till finished. No need for sugar!!!!

  23. Chara Reply

    Hi Ross,

    My son is allergic to all nuts and he doesn’t like “sun butter” (like nut butter but made out of sunflower seeds)

    3 out of these 4 recipes are made with nuts.

    Thats been one of my challenges.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


  24. Maria Lamerova Reply

    August, September are the best months to start alkaline. More variety of vegetable, herbs and price are cheaper. I spend probably 4 hours daily preparing, cooking food, cleaning dishes. and I love it. I am doing for myself for my body and for my family. Rather spend more money for alkaline food than for medication. It is habit. Ross you are right just do it.

  25. Cathy Harker Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I understand that carbonated water is acidic but does that include the water that you carbonate yourself by using Sodastresm?

  26. Betsy De Lucca Reply

    I think the #1 challenge I have is making an alkaline meal that my husband will eat. I have begun to introduce more vegetables, and he is eating a bit more of them but it can get boring and frustrating working with the same vegetables. I cook more for myself but it has limited some of the creativity or diversity. Baby steps…..thank you for that. Time management would run a close second.

  27. Mivi Reply

    Hi there,
    Since I got to know you 🙂 and your alkaline diet I follow it, prepare my meals in advance and that is mainly what I regularly eat. Usually a soup or salad at night and a quinoa salad at lunch; my problem is breakfast, don’t like to eat in the morning or don’t know what could be that is light and appealing, maybe a slice of good bread with avocado would do it but… every day? And I am not doing the juice or the smoothies right now 🙁
    Anyway I just would love to get rid of the 15 pounds I gained in my post menopause and I don’t seem to be able to do it, can you help me with this?
    By the way, the snacks idea is genius!!

    Thanks a lot Ross!!

  28. Priya Joshi Reply

    The number 1 problem I have is lack of time. Once I get home from work I need to make a healthy meal but which doesn’t leave me feeling hungry & unsatisfied and that doesn’t require hours in the kitchen.

  29. Junell Mauch Reply

    Ross, I have followed you ever since you started. I lost 80 pounds for the first two years going with the alkaline way of eating. Then I got married, and to a bachelor of 15 years who never cooked at home but ate out all the time. He couldn’t fathom eating like I was eating, so I compromised. I started putting the weight back on, and drinking coffee (my favorite drink sorry to say). Off and on I have gotten back on track with you, and then would go off for a longer distance. I went serious the first 4 months of this year, and felt great and was off coffee, not missing it, and thought I had won the battle, but no…off I went into coffee and eating wrong things, gained back the 10 pounds I lost, and now I feel so sluggish all the time. I know what to do, and you have inspired me once again. This is great, and I’m open to getting a lifestyle that will enhance my life so much! Thank you for being there for those who need this way of life. I appreciate you much!

  30. Nancy Reply

    The Bliss Balls are so good I tend to eat them all in one day instead of eating other food.

    They are really good.

  31. Margaret Nicholls Reply

    I have an obsession with snack food. If I make a snack, it is there ready for me to eat at anytime. I will therefore eat nothing else until it is all gone. (Doh!) What helps me is to freeze the snacks and then defrost one snack portion size each day. I’m not sure what I can do with the salted cashew nuts that I constantly eat?

  32. Zelie Reply

    Hi Ross!

    I’ve been following you for a while and
    I bought your Reset Cleanse book.

    For those of us in Europe could you explain what a “cup” is in grams (or even ounces?) I tried to make a snack with varioys ingredients
    and found it confusing! I understand that a “cup” amount varies depending on the ingredient i.e. powder, grain, granular etc. I referred to the conversion charts at the back of your book. However it would be great and soooo much simpler if you could state exactly how many grams or ounces per ingredient within the recipies?

    Many thanks!
    Dublin Ireland

  33. Barbara Aarden Reply

    There doesn’t seem to be enough variation in just using mostly veg for meals. I get stuck on the same old sauteed veg with either quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, potatoes or wholewheat pasta!

  34. Shirley Pullen Reply

    This could not have come at a better time.
    Ross you know how brilliantly I have gone with Everything up until last weekend – I came down with a horrible flu/virus.
    Out the window for juices, foods as so lethargic and no appetite, hence all the wrong foods which has made me feel worse.
    Back on track for me, as very important.
    Cheers Shirley Pullen