Alkaline Recipe #190: Simple Alkaline Oats (GF)

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This is such a simple way to start the day in a, filling, warming, energizing way. It’s alkaline oats!

With just a few simple tweaks you can take this simple dish and make it a lot more alkalizing, while keeping it just as delicious and satisfying.

I’m all about making the alkaline diet as easy, stress-free, quick and simple as possible (and delicious, of course) and this recipe fits that bill nicely.

A lot of people are concerned that oats contain gluten, but here’s the thing…

Oats cannot be listed as gluten free unless they are milled in a facility that is certified gluten free. If they are milled in a facility that also mills wheat etc. then there can be small traces of gluten in the product. If you are diagnosed as celiac or with high gluten sensitivity, then you should seek out a certified GF oat product.

Oats by nature do not contain gluten. If you don’t have gluten sensitivity you’ll be fine with regular oats, but if you can find a certified GF product, why not go for that anyway 🙂

Serves 2


Oats (preferably organic)
Chia seeds (1 dessert spoon per person)
Coconut oil (1 dessert spoon per person)
Nut Milk
Coconut/non-dairy yoghurt
Cinnamon (1 tsp per person)
Handful of mixed nuts/seeds
Optional: berries of your choice


Basically cook your regular amount of oats in WATER. Not milk. WATER.

So add the oats and water to a pan and bring to a simmer and then add the chia seeds. Cook until it’s a touch too dry for your liking and then stir in a splash or two of the nut milk (I love coconut milk, but any other non-dairy milk is fine).

Remove from the heat and then stir in the coconut oil, cinnamon and a dollop of the non-dairy yoghurt. Top with the nuts and seeds and then finish with blueberries or strawberries if this is part of your fruit for the day (I recommend keeping your fructose intake down so 1-2 serves of in-season fruit per day).

Just swapping the 250ml of milk per person, taking out the sugar/honey, and adding in chia (omega 3 and extra fibre to support digestion, brain function, metabolism, heart health), coconut oil (MCT oils for metabolism, lowering bad cholesterol and brain function) and cinnamon (speeded metabolism, lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors) – you’re turning a ‘regular’ breakfast into a SUPER ALKALINE BREAKFAST.

It rocks and is a saviour for me on many-a-busy-morning getting myself and the family ready for work/school/kindy!


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  1. Trish Reply

    Hi Ross
    I seem to have a coconut allergy. When I eat any form of coconut, I cough a lot.
    I know coconut oil is so good for us, but how can I overcome this coughing.
    I really want to be able to quit the sugar craving, and loose a little weight. And I have noticed that I do put on weight when eating good oils. But that is mainly when I eat grain carbs as well.
    Appreciate your answer, thanks

    • ross Reply

      I definitely recommend trying MCT oil, or MCT oil powder 🙂


  2. Shaeah Reply

    Hi there. I’m curious. How is this recipe alkaline when oats are highly acidic?

    • ross Reply

      I’m curious as to why you think oats are acidic?

  3. Ralph Reply

    A brilliant breakfast recipe , I’ve made it several times recently.
    I suffer with high acid tummy so it’s been brilliant for me. I’ve modified it slightly by adding some ripe banana and a chopped fig, both of which are alkaline.. many thanks.

  4. Paula Reply

    Hi, Ross
    I suffer with chronic Gastritis, and I’m also intolerant to Wheat and Dairy. I’m trying to heal my stomach with Cabbage and Celery Juice before I eat each meal, which is highly alkaline and known to help heal the stomach lining. I’m currently struggling with every meal I eat. I can’t eat protein or anything that’s not cooked, salad, nuts fruit etc… I Would normally have porridge or wheat free,
    Bran Flakes for breakfast, but being as they are both acidic, they cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

    I would be very grateful if you could come up with some sustainable meal ideas to help me heal! I’m so hungry and too scared to eat anything.

    Many thank

  5. Sherri Reply

    I’m so happy to be connected to such a great site! I’m looking forward to the connection of better health thru your postings & recipes. Somewhere on this site I read there are recipes for all day energy drinks (replacing coffee). Could you please direct me to that listing again? I just can not find it anymore. Thank you in advance.

  6. Lindsay Stover Reply

    Can you send me the free alkaline chats? The link on the previous page didn’t work. Thanks!

  7. Reubem Reply

    Is it healthy to eat oats or any cereal at any time of the say? Reuben

  8. Babsie thomas Reply

    I have rolled oats every morning is this ok? ? I like that you use water instead of milk will start doing so your breakfast ideas are brilliant love sweet potato thanks Ross how can I purchased your books

  9. Shelley Lee Reply

    Hi, I have both cookbooks volume 1 and volume 2 my books did not come with menus, can I purchase them separately or do I have to buy the books again to get them?

  10. Sherwin Major Reply

    Tk U,is general mills Cheerios alkaline,& is brown rice,or what do U recomend to make,alkaline.

  11. Bernadette Reply

    Hi Ross. Bernadette here from Hervey Bay Queensland Australia. I have difaticulitis. I love nuts, and I’m just starting this way of eating. How do I include nuts

    • Debbie Reply

      “Love your recipes.. how kind to give us a variety!”.🥰

  12. Judith Robb Reply

    printer friendly versions of recipes would be helpful

    • ross Reply

      Hey Judith

      I have been trying to add these when I can – going through all 220+ recipes as quick as possible, I know how handy it is. Bear with me – I’ll get there!

      Thanks for the reminder 🙂


  13. Andrea Jones Reply

    This is almost impossible diet to live by. I am so discouraged because every website says different things. Oats are acid. Oats aren’t acidic. On and on with confusing info.

    • Dee MacGowan Reply

      Indeed. At a loss re acidity of oats. Could be such a useful grain on this diet. Mostly deemed definitely acidic so unsure why recommended as breakfast base here.

      • ross Reply

        Oats are not acid forming. I can’t control how much you believe my site vs others, but I can tell you now, nobody has researched or put this into practice more than I have. I’ve been researching and coaching the alkaline diet since 2004 and the results are always superb for my clients. If you stick by what I’m teaching you here for even just a few weeks I think it will make a big difference for you. If you dig around you’ll also see I make it very very easy.

        • Helen Machado Reply

          Where r ur guidelines

          • ross

            Scroll to the top of the page.

  14. Lisa Jaramillo Reply

    My excema is out of control, as well as some other issues which point to developing an alkaline diet.
    So far most of the recipes I’ve researched are smoothies, soups, and heaps of quinoa. Liquid food is not an appealing aspect, and while I like quinoa, I don’t fancy eating it everyday. Are your cookbooks different?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Lisa

      I’d say you’ve been unlucky – not that many of my recipes include quinoa! I also keep things incredibly varied. The best bet would be to join my Alkaline Base Camp membership here – there are hundreds of recipes with insane variety, and many surpass the quality of those I have posted here by some way (I just get better at it over time!).

      Check it out here:


  15. linda Reply

    Hi! Just wondering can you replace coconut yoghurt with coconut cream?

    • ross Reply

      Yep, absolutely 🙂

  16. Liz Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I can’t drink almond or soya milk. Even the organic has so many things added to it. I rarely drink milk unless is with oatmeal. Can I used a 1 or 2 tlbs of organic skim milk?

    • Alex Reply

      Ross has some good information about including animal products in your Alkaline diet here. I personally subscribe to the 80/20 alkaline diet. And I think I remember Ross being a proponent of this lifestyle too, where you eat 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. Depending on how frequently you make this recipe, I think 1 – 2 Tbs of organic, grass-fed, skim milk should be fine.

  17. Debbie Costa Reply

    Hi Ross, is there a brand of alkaline water that you can recommend? Thanks

  18. Mary Gardiner Reply

    These breakfasts seem awfully low on protein. When you add 2 TBSP of nuts it’s only 6 grams of protein. I’m dairy free, so no protein from yogurt — what is your thoughts on this very low protein for breakfast recipes?

  19. Marisol Wynne Reply

    Thank you so much this is a great recipe and I love the many good ingredients so healthy and delicious , ok i Ben a little busy but this is so easy recipes thank you again I need this great alkaline life.??

  20. Ruby Martin Reply

    I found this oatmeal recipee needing something sweet the only fresh fruit I had were peaches so I didnt have anything sweet ..anything I can use like pure canadian maple syrup .. or is tbat a bad sugar ?

  21. Carol Bishop Reply

    Dear Ross, what is ‘non-dairy yohgurt’ I thought yogurt was made from milk? What are some examples I could look for in the store?

    What are chia seeds and where do you find them in a supermarket?

    Thanks Carol

  22. jo Reply

    Hi, can i use coconut water? Thanks Jo.

    • ross Reply

      Definitely 🙂

  23. Lisa Reply

    I can not have coconut.
    What do I substitute with?

    • ross Reply

      For the milk, sub with almond milk. For the oil sub with MCT oil (see


  24. Domenica Reply

    I don’t always have access to my computer and would love to be able to print these off to take with me, but I do not see a way to so. Am I missing a ‘magic’ button somewhere on the page?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Domenica – I’m working my way through adding printer friendly versions for each of my recipes. Could take a little while but I’m getting there!

  25. Chin Reply

    Hi Ross, Thanks for the tips! May I know if organic rolled oat is alkaline too? I usually add rolled oat with fresh milk, yogurt, chia seeds, honey and berries and leave it in the fridge overnight.

    • ross Reply

      Hey – it’s kinda not really too alkaline or acid so fine to include. The yoghurt, honey and berries are all acid forming to varying degrees though.

  26. noreen Reply

    Hi Ross —you have pretty much listed my breakfast though I don’t always have nuts–I use Almond milk