Alkaline Recipe #191 Super-Fast Bliss Balls (No-Bake Recipe)

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Article by ross

Hey guys – these bliss balls are a lifesaver at Bridgeford Alkaline HQ!

It’s a truly delicious, raw alkaline snack to keep you going, energised and your taste buds satisfied!

Let’s face it, when you’re super-hungry and busy it’s THE stress-test to see if you are going to slip up, crack and grab something unhealthy.

This bliss ball recipe completely prevents this because it’s:

a) delicious
b) easy to make
c) quick to make
d) can be stored in the fridge
e) did I mention delicious?

It contains a little sweetness from the dates, but aside from that it’s highly alkaline with the cacao, pistachio, almond meal, coconut oil, chia seeds and almonds.

It’s full of healthy fats, protein, fibre and antioxidants and frankly the cacao makes it chocolatey while the almond meal gives it an almost brownie-like quality.

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We strictly use cacao here – not cocoa. The difference is explained by Sarah Wilson here brilliantly and it’s really important that even if you don’t want to understand why, that you always use cacao.

I strongly recommend you try these out – they’re a staple in our house, especially for Leo (our little 4 year old boy). Having delicious, healthy, alkaline snacks at hand can be the difference between success and failure for a lot of people.

Raw Cacao, Pistachio & Almond Bliss Balls


Makes 12 Bliss Balls


4 Medjool dates (in case you’re wondering this means 1.3g of sugar per ball – absolutely acceptable)
1 cup almond meal
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/3 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup cacao powder
1/3 cup pistachios
1/4 cup almonds
1 tbsp chia seeds


Start by softening the dates and almonds in hot water. Preferably soak the almonds for at least 4 hours…unless you’re using a high speed blender or food processor (such as the Vitamix, in which case no softening is needed).

The dates need about an hour to soften – make sure you remove the seed.

Now process/blend the dates, almond meal, almonds, half of the pistachios, shredded coconut, coconut oil, cacao and chia together.

Move this to a bowl and let it stand for a few minutes to allow the chia to soften and expand.

three stages of the cacao bliss balls

Smash the remaining pistachios and roll this raw mixture into small balls and roll in the crushed pistachios to coat them.


These will keep in the fridge for seven days, and are a great grab and go snack offering dense, filling nourishment to keep you going until your next meal.

Do you have a bliss ball recipe you want to share? Or a variant? Do you love it with more cacao, less coconut, added goji berries, raw or baked? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. robyn brown Reply

    You say how much there is..this what consumes me..most of my life when I hear the word sugar it’s always thinking table sugar or from the cane…which I avoid…because I love nature I feel sweetness that comes from nature is acceptable in moderate amounts…but now nutritionist are saying sugar is sugar where ever it comes from…what do you think…is will try the bliss balls

  2. Sue Reply

    Hi Ross, just burnt my blender motor out making these!!! They taste great though 😀 Am I supposed to melt the coconut oil first or just add it solid?

  3. Kathleen Reply

    Thanks for sharing so many recipes with us.

    My bliss ball:
    1 c coconut oil
    1 c raw shredded coconut
    1 c dark cocoa powder
    1 c chopped almonds
    1/5 c raw honey
    1 T real vanilla

    mix, make into balls, put in freezer. (very messy) I call them “chocolate balls” but my kids call them “poop balls”. (smile)

  4. Phil Reply

    I followed the directions, pretty simple and the mixture tastes great. The mix though was wet and unformable. I let it set, even added more almond meal and put in the fridge. Still couldn’t form into balls and roll in pistachios. Any thoughts?

  5. Dove Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Can you recommend anything that would help ease the PAIN in my legs when walking, usually only after just a few minutes of enjoying this activity?
    Thank you for all the great information you give on your web site, helping people (and me) to enjoy healthier lifestyles.

  6. Sharon Reply

    Are the pistachios raw? salted/roasted?

  7. HELEN READE Reply

    Hi Ross or anyone who can answer me,
    I don’t know what almond meal is and where to get it, I live in the UK.
    Looking forward to trying these!
    Helen 🙂

    • ross Reply

      Hi Helen

      It’s ground almond – it should be in health food stores.


      • HELEN READE Reply

        Ross, thank you, I’ve been out to buy the ingredients and will now make them.

        I’ve been doing so well for the past 2 weeks with eating more alkaline, finally, after being interested in and researching nutrition for decades and then alkaline and your site in more recent years! I have eaten well on and off most if my life.
        I was feeling so much better, I was so pleased then I had a temptation blip. I am well and truly addicted to sugar (emotional ‘comfort’) in it’s many forms, alongside fats and not too keen on too much spice as alternative flavouring unfortunately! I do however LOVE salads and don’t feel right if I haven’t got vegetables or salad with my meal. I am bored with my salads as they are too similar so am going to try to vary them gradually as I go along with the help of your recipes, thank you, I think a bit of boredom is where my temptation blip partly came from.
        I will continue to read the articles on your site and not allow myself to fall backwards after my chocolate/crisp blip! 🙂 My will power and focus on my health does go in and out depending on my emotional state but I am wanting to listen to and respect my body more where it tries so hard to look after me! It is now showing signs of struggle as I am now getting older and cannot ignore it’s needs so thank you for all your enthusiasm, research, information and encouragement, I really value it.

        One question I would like to ask is do you know of any research or information about healing the tendons/cartilage/ligaments/connective tissues in the body? I have had issues with my shoulder joints for the past 3 years and I was wondering if there was any chance of healing them nutritionally. For instance I know vitamin C is important in tissue repair.

        Thanks Ross

        • ross Reply

          Hey Helen

          Great to hear you’re going well 🙂

          FOr connective tissue repair check out this post from the wonderful Ben Greenfield

          He lists a bunch of nutrients that help speed tissue repair. You will get a ton of these nutrients from eating alkaline foods – you’ll get an abundance of them. The body works most optimally when it’s in balance and can work effortlessly. This is what a mostly alkaline-forming diet will do.

          I know it sounds a little ‘general’ – and most people want to hear – eat this specific thing or take this specific supplement – but it’s true. The majority of these nutrients are abundant in the most alkaline foods.

          However, Ben has listed, I believe 18 nutrients there and you can certainly get a lot of these in supplement form too. My priorities would be the omega 3, glucosamine and Q-10 if you DO want to supplement too to speed the process.


  8. Ruby Reply


    I desperately need some
    Alkaline snacks so just looking at your recipe but I understood dates are very high in sugar so can you please clarify how the snack is alkaline? Much appreciated!

    • ross Reply

      Hi Ruby

      Works out at only a gram or two of sugar per ball (approx 1.3g). We’re not aiming for perfection but rather a good balance, and overall having these snacks as part of your diet will help you to stay healthy and alkaline. The sugar in here is absolutely minimal.


  9. Kirsty-ann Allman Reply

    Hi Ross
    I’m in the same boat as a lady that commented below only I’m in England not Australia. I accidentally ordered the books twice and so emailed you.Your team were great and sorted this mistake for me immediately. So, ordered 2 lots,had 1 lot refunded but received NO books! And it’s been a good few weeks now. Really desperate for them. I have though had the raw alkaline juice EVERY SINGLE DAY since making this decision. My recipe is different though. But have my son and carer drinking it also. And it HAS completely solved certain health issues so I must be doing something right
    Hope you can help get my book to me
    Congratulations by the way
    Many thanks
    Kirsty Allman

    • ross Reply

      Hey Kirsty – def email us on and we’ll get this resent to you.

      Sorry for the delay.

  10. Ingrid Reply

    I make a recipe for energy bites with goji berries, walnut and hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are one of nature’s richest sources of easy to digest vegan protein.
    The Goji berry is an adaptogen which means it adapts to what your body needs. It provides energy when you’re tired and calms you down when stressed.
    Here is the recipe.

    • ross Reply

      Great recipe Ingrid, thanks for sharing!

    • Angela Reply

      I have read that walnuts are acid forming, any information on this please?

  11. Karen Blystone Reply

    I am allergic to coconut what can I use for the oil.

  12. Susan White Reply

    Hi Ross
    At the end of April I purchased your books.
    As of today they still have not arrived.
    Is that usual when sending to Australia? I love the sound of those balls.
    Kind regards
    Susan White
    Perth Australia

  13. marion Reply

    Sound Great!
    Look forward to trying them soon!

    • ross Reply

      Hey Marion – give them a try – they’re really easy and super-delicious!

    • ross Reply

      Did you get to give them a try?

  14. Robin van Leuffen Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I love your recipes! Question: is your recipe book also available on hardcopy?
    Hope to hear from you.

    Big hug,

    • Janet Reply

      Robin I have a hard copy of The Alkaline Diet Recipe Book. I think Ross may have another one, but not sure if that is a hard copy or not

    • ross Reply

      Hey Robin

      Officially it’s now just the digital Alkaline Recipe System – but I do still have a couple of the paperback books left at my warehouse. Drop my support team an email on and we can get this sorted for you 🙂


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