Alkaline Recipe #206: The Triple A Juice (Alkaline, Antioxidant-Rich, Anti-Inflammatory)

Triple A Juice (Alkaline, Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant-Rich)

The Triple A Juice

This is an essential juice recipe. It’s delicious and it’s powerful. It is one of the most loved and important recipes from my Alkaline Reset Cleanse

And it’s more powerful than 99% of other juices…..but why?

First let’s take a step back…let me explain:

Firstly, everything I teach is designed to do two things:

  1. Rapidly get you to the energy of your dreams so you feel vibrant and alive all day long
  2. Give your body all of the tools it needs to thrive and protect you from ALL preventable sickness and diseases

Core to this (from an abundance of scientific research and medical studies) is the fact that these triple forces areΒ  at the root cause of practically all preventible diseases, sicknesses and health challenges:

  1. Acidity (net-dietary acid load i.e. more acidity from your diet than your body can handle)
  2. Oxidative-Stress (the death and mutation of cells i.e. the opposite of anti-oxidant reactions)
  3. Inflammation (we know all about this one!)

When you combine these three (which the standard American diet / modern, Western diet of processed foods, sugar, gluten, additives, etc does in bucket-loads), your entire system gets horribly out of balance:

  • Your endocrine system – the system of glands and organs such as your thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, hypothalamus, etc. that manages your hormones
  • Your immune system – with either low immunity (increasing cancer risk, infection, viruses, flu, etc) or over-active immunity (autoimmune, leaky gut, hypothyroidism, etc)
  • Your detoxification system – primarily of your liver and kidneys, but also your lymphatic system, skin and more
  • Your digestive system – leading to an imbalance in gut bacteria, clogged digestion, reflux/GERD, leaky gut, candida overgrowth and more
  • And of course your pH buffering system – which is critical to all of the above working effectively

These five systems (what I call our Five Master Systems) need to be nourished and thankfully Mother Nature has given us everything we need…and this juice does it in abundance.

It’s called the Tripe A because it’s highly alkaline, antioxidant-rich and packed with natures most potent anti-inflammatories.

And it’s delicious.

And it’s definitely the most powerful juice in the Alkaline Reset Cleanse.

Try it today and make it a part of your life.

You’ll love it!

Alkaline Recipe #206: The Tripe A Juice (Alkaline, Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant-Rich)

Serves 2
Triple A JuiceIngredients
4 handfuls spinach
2 handfuls kale
1/2 cucumber
2 sticks of celery
1 inch ginger (more or less to taste)
2 cm turmeric (or 1 tsp powdered)
1 red capsicum
1 small beetroot
2 carrots
Filtered water to taste


Wash and juice all ingredients!

If you’re using a masticating juicer, chop the celery into chunks to prevent the string from clogging the juicer up.

You can dilute down with filtered water, coconut water, or any nut milk.



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Note on Juices vs Smoothies:

This question comes up most times I post a juice recipe, here’s the answer:

And here’s the full Juices vs Smoothies Guide

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  1. Heidi Reply

    Dear Ross,

    I have been following your posts, on and off, for maybe 10 years. I thank you for your email posts, which I don’t read each day but once in a while, they help inspire me to keep my lifestyle. It can be difficult to keep a healthy diet for several years, inspiration is needed 😊. I have been to Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida several times, and did previously eat 100% raw food, with green juices daily etc. I have now introduced a lot more cooked food, but I keep it vegan, and still drink 1 – 2 green juices a day. I find that the Hippocrates lifestyle and dietary advice align well with your alkaline diet and your advice. I have had huge benefits from reading your explanations as to WHY it is so important to eat alkaline, the benefits of various vegetables, advice on receipts etc. It makes me feel good about my dietary choices.

    I have a question for you which I hope you can answer. I try to keep away from sugar as much as possible, also sugar in fruits and vegetables, as a very low sugar intake is beneficial for my specific health condition. I have therefore usually not included carrots or beets in my juices, I have learned that the sugar level then is more concentrated than if the entire beet and carrot is eaten. I would, however, love including some in my juice, like you do in the above juice, as it tastes great. Would you advice people that try to eat a very low sugar diet to include carrot and beet in juice, possibly just once in a while, or stay entirely away from it?

    • ross Reply

      I’d need to know the condition to be honest.

      Carrots really are very low sugar. For context, one apple is 23g sugar, and one carrot is about 2.6g sugar. It’s a huge difference.

      • Heidi Reply

        Thanks for your answer 😊. It does answer my question and I feel with large the difference in sugar content between apple and carrot, I can have a bit of carrot in my juice once in a while πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ –

  2. carol sampson Reply

    HI Ross I am just short of adding a few more ingredients to my smoothie .Last weekend I tried this with beet root, cucumber and tumeric. Thanks

  3. Yvonne Reply

    Hi I get a lot of kidney infection. What ingredients should I use.

  4. Suzanne Siemens Reply

    I missed the Webinar “Effortless Weightloss Training” are you having a replay?

  5. Marnie Hill Reply

    Hi Ross, thanks for posting these great recipes and tips. Can the juice recipe above β€” alkaline 206 β€” be made as a smoothie for the same benefits, or does it need to be juiced?


    • ross Reply

      You can theoretically make any juice as a smoothie if your blender can handle the harder ingredients – might taste very different though!

  6. Kelly Reply

    Hi Ross, i live in australia. Please send me a link to buy it from an australian seller for your alkaline reset cleanse book. Thanks Kelly.B

  7. Helen Howard Reply

    It’s Helen Howard again. Thanks for responding to my query re juicer,my husband has just bought me an Aicok juicer, about to try it!
    Following your alkaline 7 day series now but I’ve just ordered your book & see I have the downloaded recipe books etc but thought I was able to watch your series anytime now not just for 24 hrs? How will I I be able to?
    I expect most of what you refer to will be in your book anyway.
    Can’t wait for Dec 31st to receive it

  8. Helen Howard Reply

    I’m wanting to buy a juicer & it seems the masticating variety are the best, though slower. The SK G was one one I was interested in. I live in the UK by the way. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations. Would be great if you did, want one easy to clean.
    Really want to start the juice challenge as I am sadly a cancer victim, on chem but already following a strict diet, no sugar or processed food for a year & follow an alkaline diet. Veggie smoothie every morning. Have followed Ty Bollingers all 9 episodes, riveted & enlightening
    Thanks for all your tips, just great. I have widespread peritoneal cancer but determined to beat it
    Yours Helen

    • ross Reply

      Hi Helen

      I always recommend Hurom – great product and great support.

      Glad you enjoyed The Truth About Cancer – I love Ty & Charlene and the work they’ve done is outstanding πŸ™‚

      I am certainly sending very positive vibes your way – I hope I can help you!


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  9. Alice Reply

    Hello , i don’t buy ave a juicer, but have a bullet. Is t hff at ok

  10. Ann Harland Reply

    Hi Ross, if you are avoiding the nightshade family is it advisable to up the carrots and beet for sweetness? And what is your take on the nightshade family?

    And one other question if I may, what puts me off juicing is the amount of veg ‘ waste’ I throw away. Can it be reused?

    Cheers, Ann

  11. Carly Swan Reply

    I only have a vitamix,which i add water to and strain out pulp.Would this work for Triple A juice?

  12. Rosemarie Reply

    Hi Ross

    Am following your eating plan and one item not on your list is Xyitol. I would presume that this is also acidic – please confirm.

    Many thanks.

    • ross Reply

      The jury is out there – it IS very highly processed. I’d rather you use stevia πŸ™‚

  13. Yvonne Reply

    Hi Ross. My NutriBullet has given up the ghost! What would you recommend to replace it! Looking forward to the Challenge!

    • ross Reply

      Vitamix for smoothies, Hurom for juices πŸ™‚

  14. JULIE NOYCE Reply


  15. caroline Reply

    Mine did not come out pink πŸ™
    I think u used a nut milk right

  16. Janet Reply

    Is the capsicum in the recipe a chilli or a pepper. Thanks