Alkaline Water Stick vs Alkaline Water Ionizer

Article by ross

Ross with an alkaline stickHi everyone

I was recently emailed the following question about using an alkaline stick vs an alkaline water ionizer:

Hy Ross,
I read your comments and I appreciate your input. Are you failiar with the “ALKALINE STICK”? I saw this on a website. The person heading the website makes detrimental reference to the ionized machines. He appears to be very versed in the science field. I would make direct reference to the website, but I do not recall its address. Perhaps Google might help. I am thinking of going the Alkaline stick. Your input would be appreciated. Thanks.

…and I thought my response might be interesting for all of you to see!

Alkaline Stick vs Alkaline Water Ionizer


Be very cautious of anyone who promotes a single ‘form’ of ionization but at the detriment of any other method of ionization, that essentially produces the same effect. I would be very interested to see how he can justify the alkaline stick being beneficial, but ionization not. It simply does not make sense and seems to be commercially led rather than being in your best interests.

Personally, I quite like the alkaline sticks, and as you can see from the picture above, I am using one right now as I type this to you! However, these sticks are more ‘useful’ to serve a specific purpose rather than being a solution.

The sticks achieve only one thing, they raise the pH of the water by up to 2 points, assuming the water has a starting point of around pH 7. If the pH was lower the stick would not achieve 2 points, because the pH scale is logarithmic. It increases the alkalinity because it contains lots of little mineral balls, which help adjust the pH. This is great for travel (I’m in a hotel at LAX right now) or taking to work, and is the similar function of our Alkaline Filter Jug – except the jug has a great filter on it too. And for what it is worth, I always take my jug overseas with me and have one on my desk at work too.

So what you get from the stick is this:

* Increased alkalinity from pH 7 to up to pH 9

What you don’t get from the stick is this:

* Any level of filtration (super important)
* Great alkaline range and the ability to go as low as pH 3 and up to pH 12, and set at whatever level you like (there are LOADS of benefits of acid water too)
* Microclustering of the water to increase hydration potential by up to 8x
* Low ORP, which means an abundance of antioxidants in the water

These are all the things you do get from an ionizer. It is unfortunate that most people only see ionizers as a really expensive way to increase the pH of the water, when in fact, this is one of 6 benefits, and not even the most important! The electrolysis of the water to lower ORP and therefore dramatically increase antioxidant content of the water is THE biggest benefit of owning an ionizer. Tap water has a + ORP of +250 which means it is oxidising to the body – yes, tap water ages your cells, whereas ionized water has an ORP of up to -450.

The difference I felt, and that all of my customers have felt since drinking the ionized water is incredible.

So don’t discount the stick, and I urge you to buy one for travel and at work, but definitely don’t discount the ionizer either – and beware anyone who promotes in that way. There is no logic to liking the stick but not ionizers other than a commercial deal.


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  1. Gruber Reply

    I have got a question. I myself have the Alpha ionizer, which Dr. Young recommended 2 years ago. In this water the calcium is still left. I heard from Avocado Wolf that the calcium in the water is not good at all, as it is bad calcium and sticks to our joints and is responsible for all joint aches and stiffness we get when we get older. From his side it’s the best to use only spring water. What is your opinion on this topic?
    There is one more question I have. Dr. Young is against fermented foods. Fermented foods are very important for the good bacterias for your digestiv track. Especially raw goatmilk fermented with kefir. Or vegetables fermented with kefir. What’s your opinion?
    Has Dr. Yound invented himself this new ionizer? As he is recommending only this brand now. I think this is much of a business.
    Would be nice to hear from you
    By the way you have made the articel about alkaline water up very nicely. Thanks

  2. Dan Reply


    Just found this page and it is quite as interesting as another blog I am following which also share the same viewpoints, eventhough the other blog doesn´t have any sales…

    But I would like to ask you if you know anything about the new “hydrogen machine” which claims to be just as good as the ionizers but at much more cheaper cost.

  3. Carol Reply

    I agree with Gruber
    There has been a long history of the benefits of fermented foods, such as Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kombacha, rejuvelac. They have been used in Eastern Europe for many generations. They are valuable for the health of the gut flora. There is well documented evidence of this

  4. Carol Reply

    Ross – if you have an ORP meter I suggest you check the ORP of water holding the alkaline stick. I think the tourmaline beads may have been heated to a high temperature, and sowly release contained energy into the water. I have no stick, or I would it check myself

  5. clem Reply

    We have municipal water, that is virgin supply @ 9.9ph. I put a triple filter system for the chlorine, and we can’t get enough of it!

  6. Gabe Hunninghake Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I agree with Carol…drop an ORP meter in and see what you get. If the stick is of any quality, you’ll see an ORP change. It won’t be on the level of an electric ionizer, but who says high -ORP is the best anyway? Particularly if you’ve already made other alkalizing changes.

    There is more than one way to skin the ionized cat. I’d argue applying electrical current is the most unnatural of the bunch.

  7. Cara Reply

    I drink only rain water, what kind of ORP would that have ? how do i test the PH of it ? Thanks

  8. Rozalind Reply

    Great article! Thanks for sharing this! It’s a really great resource. : )

    This article seems a little strong on the sales aspect and for those who can’t afford any of those options, it was a tad discouraging.

    What are the easiest cheapest ways to ensure that your drinking water is the healthiest when you can’t afford machines, sticks and drops? So far, I have been using lemon juice and chlorophyll when I can afford to (although I didn’t see chlorophyll being mentioned in your article). It may not be as effective as using the machines but is it better than tap water and effective over the long term? I also use a BRITA for filtering.

    Thanks so much!

  9. Vladimir Reply

    Hi Ross,

    can you please recommend the brand of the alkaline sticks which are you using or the brand which is good quality for a reasonable price ?

    And possibly where to buy it. Thank you very much.

  10. Becky Reply

    Excellent explanation! I am still not sold on the microclustering of water. It makes no sense to me that something that can happen and unhappen multiple times in a fraction of a second is manageable, let alone measurable. Please please explain this some more

  11. Howard Dainty Reply

    Good morning Ross,
    Firstly may I ask that in the remote possibility that I would return the Chanson are you collecting or do you pay the postage ?
    Question do you believe in the health properties of Manuka honey as this is surely acidic ?
    I am what is known as useless at d.i.y so is this 6-8 minutes to set up the Chanson within my capability ?

    If people send back after 6-8 weeks does that mean these machines are then sent out again to other customers who are ordering new ones or what happens to them ?

    Thank you for this helpful information I await your answers with trusted honesty


    • ross Reply

      Hi Howard

      If you do need to return it, I will cover the return cost. And indeed – it’s super easy to set up – I am ranked at DIY similar to you and the first time I set one up I did it in under 10 minutes with no use of the manual – it was all just intuitive. There are only 2 or 3 steps.

      And returned units are not sold as brand new, no, they’re sold as reconditioned/2nd hand.

      Manuka honey does have a lot of health properties, but is high in fructose so it kind of balances out. I like to use manuka in specific situations – not ongoing.

      Cheers – I’ll email you about the Chanson.


  12. Howard Dainty Reply

    Good morning again Ross,

    With the Chanson Max ionizer the amount of water used in one day is presumably limitless for any use, is this totally correct ?

    Thanks again


    • ross Reply

      Hi Howard

      Yes – the MAX will produce as much water as needed, there is no limit. In terms of consumption (if this is what you mean) you can have all of your drinking water as water from the ionizer too, yes.