How to Make Water Delicious!

how to make water delicious
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delicious waterWe all know just how critical it is to stay hydrated.

But staying hydrated isn’t always easy.

In this guide, I’m going to teach you how to overcome one of the biggest hurdles of hydration by showing you how to make water taste delicious while keeping it alkaline.

We all want to drink more water and we all know how much better we’d feel if we did, but let’s face it – drinking water is boring after a while…right?

Not any more.

Let’s make water delicious!

Delicious Water…Because Why Not?

Before we get into the recipes and tips, we should really cover off the topics of water quality and quantity.

Water Quantity

Ideally, you should be aiming to drink somewhere between 100-130oz (2-4 litres) of water each day.

The official equation I use and that I think is brilliant is this:

1 litre (33oz) of water per 40lbs (18k or 2.85stone) of body weight

For example, 12st = 4.2 litres / 140 fl oz per day.

This, I have found, accurately works out to around 120-130oz for most people each day.

And if you stick to this, every day, I promise you there will be a massive increase in your health, energy, mental clarity and vitality.

This is a topic I could write about all day long.

So for the purposes today we’re aiming for water that is preferably:

1) filtered
2) alkaline, and
3) ionized

I’ll be sending out my in-depth guide to alkaline water early next week, and I cover some of the most important points here, but as a starting point, just make sure it is filtered.

Tap water is awful. In most cases it is absolutely filled with acidic, pro-inflammatory, disrupting, damaging toxins. Toxins in tap water (and bottled) damage your hormones, brain, muscles, and promote cancer. Yep, all over the world, tap water is this bad.

So filtration is an absolute must as a basic starting point. And again, I’ll cover all of this in the guide next week.

Now, we’ve covered those two points VERY quickly – but you need to be getting enough water (4 litres, 120 oz) and it HAS to be filtered, but ideally alkaline and ionized (more on that next week).

Once you’ve covered those basics, let’s get into making it DELICIOUS!

Delicious Water Method #1: Fruits & Veggies

This is my current favourite (certainly in summer) and is really easy, really impressive looking and works brilliantly. It also allows you to get some of the big flavours of fruits back into your life without being overly acidic (note: fructose is acid-forming – if you need to learn more about that click here to read about fruit and the alkaline diet).

Some of my favourite combinations are:

  • Cucumber, Mint & Lemon
  • Rockmelon & Ginger
  • Watermelon & Mint
  • Strawberry & Basil
  • Cucumber & Lime
  • Cherry & Lime

The possibilities are endless, they really are!

To prepare each, simply roughly chop and smash up the ingredients, tear the leaves etc and throw them into a large jug/pitcher and then fill with the filtered water.

If you want to go the extra mile you can even buy a muddler to really infuse those flavours!

Delicious Water Method #2: Herbs & Spices

Similar to the above, you can also use herbs and spices to flavour the water. This is often easier on a smaller scale as you can add a pinch here and there to a big glass, rather than having to go the whole hog and make it in bulk.

Herbs such as basil, thyme, rosemary all work amazingly. And spices such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne etc are all fantastic too.

When using these spices and herbs you may wish to strain at the end of your prep, and I recommend getting a mini strainer such as this so you don’t end up with bits stuck between your teeth!

Delicious Water Method #3: Iced Teas

Iced teas are so easy to make but are so often overlooked! All you need to do is make the tea as normal and then make it cold! Et voila!

There are so many combinations and teas you can either infuse yourself (see here for my delicious alkaline tea guide) or just buy the teabags/leaves to infuse.

This is one of those killer tips that can be the difference for some people. Let’s face it, you need to drink 3-4 litres of water per day, so what if you made a litre of delicious iced tea each morning and drank that throughout the day? That’s one of your litres done, and really enjoyably so!

What a thought!

My personal favourites for alkalinity AND that work well as iced teas are:

– Peppermint
– Homemade lemon & ginger
– Rooibos (redbush) with lemon
– Rosebush
– Hibiscus
– Peppermint, Spearmint & Chamomile

PLUS I love to simply steep some fresh mint leaves from the garden with some root ginger too. That is delicious hot or cold. You simply simmer the mint and ginger in a big pan of water for about 30 minutes and then let it cool!

Delicious Water Method #4: Herbal Teas

And OF COURSE, the hot version can be just as good. Again, thinking back to your hydration goal of 3-4 litres per day, consider that just three cups of herbal tea during the day is roughly one of those litres!

Life is a lot easier than we’ve been led to believe.

Again, check out my post on the most herbal alkaline tea here.

Delicious Water Method #5: Good Ol’ Lemon or Lime Water

And we couldn’t go past this without referencing the original, the best flavoured water! First up, let’s get the question about lemon being alkaline or acid out of the way.

Lemons and limes, while being a citric fruit of course, are alkaline-forming to the body. Once consumed they have an alkaline effect on the body due to their containing alkaline minerals and very little sugar.

So, now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what it is and how to make it!

Lemon water (or lime water) is simply filtered water with fresh lemon squeezed in. There are no hard and fast rules and you can make it however you like, but my rule o’ thumb is to squeeze 1/3 lemon into 500ml of water.

If you like it more lemony then squeeze in a 1/2 lemon. If not so much, go for a 1/4.

It’s as simple as that.

You shouldn’t add any sweeteners or syrup as these will make the drink highly acid-forming, but a little cayenne pepper is fine.

I like to make this with lukewarm water and enjoy it early in the morning as part of my morning ritual. It’s mildly alkaline, gets the metabolism going and really wakes and freshens you.

BONUS Delicious Water Method #6: Coconut Water

Ha! I just remembered this as I was typing/editing this guide to post it to the site…and OF COURSE – coconut water is amazing, alkaline, full of alkaline minerals and electrolytes and it’s, above all else, delicious! Now, it’s not officially in this list because you can’t make it yourself…

But you can buy either fresh young green coconuts and cut them open to drink OR buy packaged coconut water in the shops. Just be SURE that it’s 100% coconut water and has not had any other sweeteners, preservatives or anything added. Coconut water preserves itself and is sweet enough by itself.

It needs nothing adding!

Definitely enjoy this every day! It’s my favourite treat.

Easy Way to Four Litres (130oz) Per Day

With all this in mind, consider this little hydration schedule and how easy it is to get enough water per day!

  • Upon waking 500ml of lemon water: water so far 500ml
  • After cleaning your teeth another glass of plain water: water so far 1000ml
  • Mid morning cup of herbal tea: water so far 1330ml
  • Make 1 litre of iced tea to have before and after lunch: water so far 2330ml
  • Another cup of herbal tea with your mid afternoon snack: water so far 2660ml
  • As you prepare dinner a glass of standard alkaline water: water so far 3160ml
  • After dinner a cup of herbal tea: water so far 3490ml
  • Before bed, a glass of warm lemon water: water so far 3990ml

There you have it, an easy 4 litres of water throughout the day and only two glasses of ‘plain’ water all day!

Make the Alkaline Diet Easy…

My whole mission is to make the alkaline diet easy, enjoyable, simple and sustainable – and I hope guides like this help to make it far less daunting for you to get alkaline and healthy!

If you want to get my core fundamentals of starting the alkaline diet click here.

And if you have any questions or tips of your own, please do post them in the comments below – I’d LOVE to hear from you!


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  1. Margo Reply

    I make a tea from 3 citrus leaves, straight off the trees, orange, lemon, lime. Tear the leaves to release the oils, steep 5 mins. Delicious hot or cold.

  2. Val Reply

    Ross am new to your wonderful site . I am over 80 years of age with health challenges. After finding feel excited to have all this fantastic information to start me on a new road, with help at every step of the way. Will be down loading the. e Books Special later today to receive all the knowledge I can get., and yes you do make it an easy road to travel . Thank you.

    • ross Reply

      Great to have you here Val

  3. Genevieve Forde Reply

    Thanks Ross!

  4. Sister Peace Reply

    I am interested in this new lifestyle as a result to a trip to the dentist. I have been hugely lucky in my life to be blessed with a great set of teeth. I have been quite diligent in taking care. Up until last year I had all my teeth, including molars. My dentist, young enough to be my son, says I have more teeth than he does!

    I am very lucky to have been blessed in 64 years to not have any cavities. At the last cleaning visit, it was noted on an x-ray just the slights hint of a possible manifestation of cavity. However, I was told this could be halted and even reversed. Cutting the obvious foes of sugar and acid foods. The trick is to rinse the mouth with alkaline water after consumption of these items. I decide to go one better and switch to alkaline water altogether and as much in my diet as possible.

    You have an amazing arsenal of information, so ask just two things. What/Where do you comment on alkaline and the teeth, and what is the best method to make our own high ph water?

    Many bows and smiles,
    Sr. Peace

  5. Charlotte Muller Reply

    Hi Ross I like to try how to make water delicious. Curious. Yeah water is very boring. Yuck. I get sick if drink water cuz belly pain and sometimes my body rejects it threw up. I have severe asthmatic. Very tired daily. I get yur info checked, test out, etc failed.. except water hmm challenging eh? Pardon my english skills. English is not my language.

  6. Arthur ingram Reply

    What can I put in my alkaline water to make it taste delicious

  7. Karen Reply

    how long does the fruit need to stay in the water before it becomes alkaline

  8. Carol Mast-Ingle Reply

    hellooo ! I am totally slammed by your amazing and helpful alkaline water information !
    I live in South Africa and therefore so far find that the Ioniser is awfully expensive to buy here ! I wouldnt mind paying in instalments… but am a retiree and am at present doing online survey work which earns me points… which can be converted into cash ! So anyway I will use All your other information ! And especially the lemon water ! I have downloaded your free book on what Im calling ” Alkaline living” and that will help me to achieve 100% more than I have been doing so far ! An 85 year old friend and myself use the reverse osmosis idea that I saw on late nite TV here, on a program called “green intentions” – and we vigorously a One litre plastic bottle of water 2/3rds full of tap water ..for 20 seconds… we then lay those bottles on their sides in consistent sunlight for the day ! Afterwards we just drink that water..and its far better than straight tap water – and many communities in other parts of Africa and Asia are using this method ! Thank you for all your useful information ! I of course am moving forward to buying a water filter of some kind that will remove fluoride,, chlorine etc…and continue to improve the water that I drink, thanks so someone like you who takes the trouble to educate the global public !

  9. angela bean Reply

    Whilst I do believe we should all drink lots of water u can overload on it and drinking 1 litre before meals is not a good idea or after meals . Ideally u should drink half an hour before meals and not drink for one to one and a half hours after eating as it dilutes the enzymes needed for digestion, especially when there are so many people these days that have digestive problems. Its best to drink well away from meals or snacks and drink moderately don’t drown the body,. I have learnt the hard way as Ive been hospitalised for drinking too much and I must say 4 litres a day is too much for many people as it dilutes your own elecrtolytes and minerals.

  10. Selene Conanan Reply

    Hi, Ross.

    I’m really glad I fumbled upon your website. My doctor, a myofascial pain syndrome expert, gave me a small bottle of pure alkaline which I can use everyday. I put 3-4 drops of alkaline in a 250ml glass filled with mineral water and I noticed that it would easily relieve me of my headache.

    Anyway, I thought of dropping you a note to ask one question. My brother once suggested that I squeeze in some lemons in our water because lemons, he said, are alkaline-forming. However, he told me that I should consume the water with lemon because over time, the lemon becomes acidic, and I wouldn’t want acidic food to get in my body since that is the very purpose why I am trying to incorporate as much alkaline in my body as I possibly can. So my question is: Is it true that if I squeeze in some lemons in my mineral water, I should consume the water as soon as possible or within 20 minutes to avoid the water from becoming acidic?

    Thanks and I do hope that you can enlighten me on this matter.

    God bless and thank you for sharing your know-how on alkaline water and keeping a healthy body and mind through alkaline foods and water.