Get Acne-Free Clear Skin with Some Simple Alkaline Tips

Article by ross

I used to suffer from pretty bad acne, right through my teens and into adulthood. Now my skin is absolutely clear. The secret? Eating alkaline foods (click here for the list of alkaline foods).

I am absolutely convinced.

I can’t see how it could be related to age or hormones because it was as bad when I was 25 as it was when I was 15.

When I was a young lad I used to drink a fair amount of alcohol (it’s what being young is all about right?) and I never took any notice of what I ate.

At uni my diet was atrocious.

And so was my skin.

It wasn’t until I became interested in my health (and more specifically when I went to Tony Robbins’ UPW and learned about the alkaline diet) that things started to change.

And now my skin is clean, clear and fresh!

And has been for YEARS. When I think back to how things were, it’s so nice to never have to worry about it again.

I don’t just think it is a case of sugary sweets are bad for your skin, but a more holistic effect.

And lo and behold, I do think that it is tied into the whole acid/alkaline balance.

Acne Is Caused From Within…

When we live an acidic lifestyle (lots of bad foods such as sweets, sugar, trans and saturated fats, refined foods, meat, dairy, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, no exercise, burgers, chips, pasta, breads and yeasts etc) we overly tax our systems and the build up of acidity in our digestive system wreaks havoc on our body.

I’ve explained before, and this is a simple way of putting it – just as our body HAS to maintain a certain temperature and will do ANYTHING to achieve that, our blood and cells also HAVE to remain slightly alkaline at around 7.3-7.4 on the pH scale.

When we throw acids in it will draw alkaline ‘buffers’ from other areas of the body to try and neutralise the acids (calcium, magnesium, potassium are all alkaline minerals the body robs from other areas of our system to do this).

The acids turn into and create yeasts, harmful microforms, mycotoxins, bacteria, mold and more nasties. They feed off each other, feed each other and the whole thing forms a vicious cycle.

In such a state of toxicity, our body only has a few ways to get this out: through the lymphatic system (when overly taxed can cause lymphoma), our waste (when overly taxed can lead to massive toxicity in our colon and intestines, with cancer being another of the main symptoms of this) and through our skin – with skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, rosecea and acne being the by-product of this.

Clear Skin Diet Tips

Since I’ve been alkalising I’ve had such clear skin. I’m not going to list the foods to eat for clear skin here, you can grab that full chart right here (plus a few recipes too!)check this link, but 4 litres of alkaline water with powdered greens, included in your daily routine, certainly helps no end.

I also think getting a proper and regular amount of omega 3 and coconut oil into my diet has been a MASSIVE help.

Omega 3 is SO important in SO MANY areas of our health, but is especially good for our skin and achieving clear skin is certainly easier with proper omega 3 supplementation, plus using coconut oil in your daily diet too – even if you just cook with it.

I use, and massively recommend Udo’s Choice Oil.

But then so does everyone, because it is simply the best oil supplement on the market by a long, long way.

So there you go – if you want clear skin, you HAVE to eat right and supplement right with healthy, beneficial oils such as Omega 3.

Clear skin could be just around the corner…

Here are my top 5 tips for clear skin from my own experience:

  1. Eat Alkaline Foods: make 70% of the foods you eat fresh, green, alkaline & high water content. At every meal, try to be at least 70% alkaline and at least 30% raw. Think giant salads with every meal. Think steamed veggies, with lemon and olive oil poured over. Think avocado & tomato. YUM!
  2. Drink Up: make sure you are drinking up to 4 litres of good quality water daily. Makes such a massive difference to your energy, but also does wonders for your skin as it allows your body to flush toxins out much more easily (rather than forcing them through your pores)
  3. Supplement: green drink, omega oils, alkaline salts and probiotics are all on my must have list every day, especially the greens and the oils.
  4. Juice Baby: drinking a fresh green veggie juice in the morning gives my body its minimum quota of daily vegetables before I’ve even left the house!
  5. Cut Out the Crap: you know it is bad for you anyway, but the more acids you throw in the more toxins your body has to deal with and squeeze out. It just makes sense

So there you have it. NOW clear skin is just around the corner…and it’s not just about food.

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  1. Rai Reply

    Hey! Im so happy i found you. Just like you, I have very dry skin (all over), flakiness, dark circles, brittle nails, and won’t stop breaking out. I am going to follow what you said and hope for the best. I recently cut out dairy and have only been washing my face with manuka honey and moisturizing with oils (still dry though). Question: what probiotics do you recommend? I was told Dr. Axe’s probiotics are great. And – what skincare routine do you use now?

    Thank you so much in advance!

  2. Ryan Reply

    Is it possible to still drink alcohol? What’s the best kind? I prefer wine these days? Thanks!

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  4. ChaCha Fance Reply

    Good stuff! But wow, a picture really made that person THAT upset lol.

  5. Johnny boy from NJ Reply

    Celery is the ultimate super food.
    Naturally and quickly lowers blood-pressure
    Packed with Vitamin A and C
    mostly water
    soluable fiber which acts like a mop as it passes through your gut.
    It’s amazing. If you can’t eat ti raw, than learn, don’t be a baby.
    Or just throw some ina blender with some ice, milk and banana and make a smoothie. Awesome for post-workout because your body loses alot of salt through sweat. The celery replenishes your system and calms it down.

  6. Estella Reply

    awesome article! i found it very interesting and informative.

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  8. Emma Reply

    Pretty good page, but no-one should drink 4 litres of water each day. That is way too much water for anybody. It all has to do with how much you weigh. Since I’m a very small person, I should only be drinking about 5 glasses of water each day.

  9. Shelley Reply

    Hi Ross I am back again! Thanks for another great article. You know, I can relate to this post. It isn’t that I’ve ever has acne or anything like it… just the usual monthly breakouts from time to time. But since I started eating lots of raw F ruits and Vegetables and drinking fresh made juices my skin is clear, clean and fresh looking. It has really turned back the clock. I just posted a green smoothie recipe for people (like me) who struggle with the taste of green juice.
    Green smoothies are IN, FULL of green sunshiny life giving nutrition and in liquid form these nutrients have a shuttle directly to your cells. I feel closer to earth and sun when I fill myself with green juice, but I’ve had a hard time drinking big glasses of green smoothie because the taste can be quite, … well…. grassy. It’s an acquired taste for SURE.
    Give it a try and let me know what you think.
    The `No More Struggle`green smoothie

    p.s. I really love visiting you and reading your latest. Thanks so much! I’ve subscribed to your feed so I won’t miss your latest news and views.

  10. Dimitri Reply

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post and would also would like to thank you for Dr Greg Emerson’s article.

  11. Ross Reply

    hi oliviab

    it is a lighthearted image of a man with an angry face for a spot. the post itself is quite lighthearted and positive.

    sorry i offended but seriously, lighten up.


  12. oliviab Reply

    that nasty image is quite unnecessary and ugly, and as a result I did not read the page.

    Why not show clear skin instead of something so unsavory. and uninspiring.