Thursday Health & Diet Blog Round-up (THDBR) #19


Here goes – quickfire linkage!

  • Cancer Blog: are publicising the story of David Mise, a 20-year old cancer patient who is offering advertising space on his bald head to raise money to pay for continuing treatments! Good on yer David! Anyway, eBay originally forced him to pull his initial auction – so Cancer Blog picked up on it and promoted his revised auction. We’re doing likewise: here it is. Bid now and bid generously!
  • Steve: blogs about how finding training buddies (for his exercise fo choice – cycling) has really helped him and gotten him out on the road a lot more.
  • Rajeev: gives us a post of the year contender with his ‘Why Do I Run’ post – almost poetic!
  • Diane: gives us some ideas about how to keep our yoga mat clean and hygenic!
  • Regina: pulls another great post out of the bag. Her critique of the recently released research on the effect of very low fat diets and diabetes. Well worth a read – not only to fully understand this research but also to give an idea of the type of things we should be thinking about when we read other research papers. Cheers Regina.
  • Steve: has done it again. I don’t know how he keeps on pumping out these 5-star posts, he is clearly a blogging machine. This post is a killer about how to set goals properly. READ THIS POST!
  • Tanya: continues her genius of a blog carnival – have a look again this week. Personally I found three or four great blogs I had not heard of before.
  • Pierre: blogs something that has made my year: the new breed of not-for-profit pharmaceutical companies! Brilliant!
  • And finally, Holly: is promising to spend her Wednesday nights going through her blogroll to come and visit all of us. Look forward to hearing from you Holly!

Big one this week – hope you are all having fun.

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  1. Ross Reply

    Thanks Holly!

    How have you been? I hope everything is still going great for you and that your journey is still going a-ok!

    And like you say – lets hope people get their bidding shoes on for David!