Diet Blog Round-up (THDBR) #28 & 29

Article by ross

THDBR Another double header. Again. No excuses this time. I’m just going to make up for it by making this a monster-link-a-thon:

  • Susan @ fatfreevegan has posted a fantabulous green food recipe, it is quick, easy, cheap and delicious. Go try it – Quck & Delicious Collards
  • Amit of Unlimited Choice fame has posted an excellent guide to Anchoring – an NLP technique that I find invaluable.
  • Alvin posts about cats at the Life Coaches Blog. Well, its not just about cats – but about getting totally involved in the moment – Alvin calls it Cat Zen.
  • Sarah over at the concisely titled Health Blog gives us her rundown of her experiences with the most nonsensical health regimes of all time – the ol’ apple cider ‘I cure everything’ vinegar. Now don’t get me wrong – I love the Bragg company for bringing us the Liquid Aminos, but the thought of cider/vinegar for healing is just odd. Sarah – I think you sum it up perfectly as ‘just plain old poison’
  • Pierre – who I haven’t spokemailed to in a while, hello mate – gave us a very scary and interesting post last week about how with current trends and behaviours there will be no wild marine fish left in the oceans by 2050. Shocking.
  • Ravi @ Set Higher Standards has taken Steve Pavlina’s advice and has invested in the Photo Reading course. I am very tempted by this myself, so I am watching Ravi’s experiences with this technique with very keen eyes.
  • And talking of Steve, I found his post on heart-centred motivation to be both inspiring and uplifting.
  • …and as we approach Christmas and start thinking about giving (more so than usual), here are two great posts – first from Amyella who blogs some great gift ideas for the fitness-junkie in your life and secondly from the Ririan Project who offer tips on how to spend responsibly over the holidays.
  • Ramsay over at Real Womens Fitness gives us the tope five shoulder exercises for toning and shape. If you stuck with these five you really cannot go far wrong!!!
  • Another totally new blog to me is Marc Accetta’s – and I am glad I found it! He is going through a series called ‘Eating for Better Health’ which is well worth checking out. This post which caught my eye is about ‘What is Real Food?’
  • Next up – Om Shanti has created a series of video tutorials on the Asana – my girlfriend loves this so I am thinking that other yogis will love it too! This is kinda a link to the whole blog really because I think that it is great and well worth checking out.
  • And finally…not really a health or nutrition one, but an interesting one nonetheless from Creating Passionate Users – who write about how the brain is a puzzle junkie. That’s a rubbish description by me on face value, but if you read the article then you will actually see that it was a rather (unintentionally) clever description…

And that, as they say is that.

Oh – all except for a shout out to Alexander Becker who has a similar blog round-up over at his blog – but with the infinitely more witty, intelligent and good looking title – Linking Park. Great stuff.

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  1. Ross Reply

    Hey Amit

    No problem buddy – You know I love your work on the blog mate!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Amit Reply

    Hi Ross thanks for the mention and the link back! 🙂