Digestive Problems? You HAVE To Watch This! Interview with Guy Cohen


Guy CohenThis week, to celebrate the launch of Your Gut Feeling, we bring you a fantastic video interview with the author Guy Cohen. Guy’s story is amazing, and his message, tools and techniques could really help millions.

In 1994 Guy was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and was told by numerous doctors that he would never be well again, and faced surgery and a life with a colostomy bag. Guy took this news and cured himself. Using a combination of hypnotherapy, thought patterns, NLP, proper breathing and visualisation Guy made a complete recovery within 6 months.

The medical community were baffled, and refused to help him promote his story – labelling him a statistical miracle – so now he has detailed his exact story, techniques and guides in Your Gut Feeling.

If you suffer from any digestive complaint, including IBS, Crohn’s etc. or any other condition, I strongly urge you to watch this interview and check out Your Gut Feeling.
Watch the interview now!

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Your Gut Feeling BookAbout Guy & Your Gut Feeling

Financial guru, ultra achiever, successful author (of three financial titles published by The Financial Times), world-recognised public speaker (at events such as Wealth Mastery) and creator of the two leading financial trading training programs, Flag Trader and Illuminati Trader – this interview is Guy’s personal story.

Guy talks about his dramatic, medicine-free recovery from the Irritable Bowel Disorder – Ulcerative Colitis – through thoughts and emotion. Thoughts and emotion are as important as diet and exercise as Dr Young states:

“you can create two or three times more metabolic acids from your thoughts or your mental and emotional state than from ingesting highly acidic dairy, animal protein, sugar and alcohol”

This is not wishy-washy or airy fairy, this is a set of step-by-step, easily implemented tools and processes that Guy has uncovered that could unlock the door to fantastic health and vitality.

If you suffer from any health complaint I strongly urge you to watch this video now.

Click here to learn more about Guy Cohen and Your Gut Feeling

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  1. John Reply

    You WILL get healed if you follow his techniques. However, for your sake I must add this; there are people who are born cynics and born pessimists. This makes them their own worst enemy because, as Henry Ford once said, and it’s as true today as it was when he said it, “if you think you can or you think you can’t, you will be right”. It is possible for you to completely eliminate all symptoms.

  2. heidi Reply

    I simply *LOVED your interview with this brilliant young man, Ross!

    *THANK YOU, *THANK YOU for finding him, & telling us about him!

    Where Do You Find These INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE? [Or do they Find YOU?]

    [Ha Ha!]

    I would LOVE to know if anyone gets healed, (on this Blog) using his/Guy’s techniques/or the Techniques that have worked for him!?

    Did you buy (or were you given a Complimentary Pack) of his products….& are YOU going to *TRY IT/THEM?

    I know you have your Diet sorted out, (almost Perfect?)…. but we all have Issues, One Way or Another, That We’re Trying to DEAL WITH [that we need *HELP with:(]….so can you see yourself, using Guy’s Pack?

    I’m just curious, because i don’t know, if we (the majority of us) (excluding GEORGE, eh), should think about, applying these Techniques, to *OUR LIVES?

    What Do You Think?

    Any Ideas?

    Cheers, Heidi.