Actor John Goodman, after years of quitting sugar, looks better than ever

John Goodman after quitting sugar

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John Goodman

Like a nice cheese, it appears that quitting sugar can get even better with age too… case in point: John Goodman.

Most notable for his starring roles as Walter in The Big Lebowski, Dan Conner in Roseanne and the oh-so-loveable Sulley in Monsters, Inc., actor John Goodman is in the headlines again… this time, as living proof that quitting sugar gets even better with age.

In 2010, Goodman made headlines when he shed a whopping 45kg off his 182kg frame thanks to a complete overhaul to his lifestyle. Not only did he give up smoking and drinking, but he hired a world-renowned health coach, added exercise and completely cut sugar from his diet.

And now, five years later, at the London premiere of his newest film, Trumbo, 63 year old Goodman rocked up looking like this…

John Goodman Suit

Like Kate Hudson, Jamie Oliver, Rebel Wilson and Tom Hanks, John Goodman’s reasoning behind his dramatic weight-loss is simple: he wanted to improve his quality of life.

“It takes a lot of creative energy to sit on your *ss and figure out what you’re going to eat next. I wanted to live life better.”

Though Sarah Wilson’s personal journey with quitting sugar has shown the numerous health and wellness benefits one can experience when getting rid of the white stuff, in the last few years of helping people find their best wellness, we’ve yet to see such dramatic, physical proof of what happens when you quit sugar for the long term. Not only has he lost considerable weight, but from the look of his before and after pictures it’s seems to us like he’s absolutely radiant from the inside, too.

Do you have a sugar-quitting transformation story too? We’d love to hear it!

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