Case Study: Denise Bird-Newell – Defying the Odds

Denise Defied Arthritis, Autoimmune & Psoriasis
Article by ross

Case Study: Defying the Odds

Denise was as fit as a fiddle at fifty. Running, exercise, being healthy, being fit were part of her core values. It’s who she is.

And then in December 2016 what she thought was a simple virus, just wouldn’t shift…

Within weeks, what started out like a common cold had inflamed her whole body, her hands, her neck – and her body was gripped with excruciating pain.

Denise’s life was turned upside down.

The virus had created an autoimmune response in her body and she now faced a lifetime of daily pain and such strong medication it led to the likelihood liver and kidney failure.

But she didn’t accept it.

Denise defied the odds and she shocked her doctor

Watch her story now:

It shows us not only that we should never take our health for granted, because we can never predict what is around the corner – but also that when you fuel and nourish your body it can do amazing things.

If you have any kind of autoimmune, arthritis, chronic pain or diagnosis that has left you with no hope, you just have to see this.


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  1. Linda Tanner Reply

    Hello. On June 8, 2018 I had back surgery, fusing my L4 & L5. I have recovered partially. I can walk straight ahead, but have barely any full range of motion in my legs. Terrible back pain, I think it is nerves and muscles healing. I am tired all the time and the pain wakes me up at nightnwuite often. I know you cannot give any medical advise and I would not ask. Could you tell me the possible help the Alkaline will do

  2. Triz Reply

    Hi Ross. How about cartilage between bones? Does that ever regenerate? Total hip replacements are advised for people without enough cartilege. What would you advise