Case Study: Juanita Butler – Two Big Problems…

lupus autoimmune case study: juanita butler
Article by ross

TWO big problems…

Juanita was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease causing her daily pain, that was only going to get worse…

It left her with two major problems.

The first was the doctors told her there was no cure and nothing could be done. She just had to accept it and accept it was going to get worse…

The second was she had to take strong medication daily – something she couldn’t bear to do, but couldn’t live without.

So what did she do?

She turned to the Alkaline Reset to clean her body out, rebalance her immune system and, well, she got more than she bargained for!


PS When your body gets out of balance like this you need to give it a kickstart and a reboot. Small changes won’t get you there quick enough, if at all.

And when you DO reset your body’s systems like this – the benefits go way beyond what you had expected. Juanita did not expect her Reset to give her this.

I challenge you not to be moved by how happy she is, and I challenge you not to smile when she smiles.

You’ll see what I mean.


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