Case Study: Robert Boehm – From Exhausted Walking to Marathon Running

Article by ross

“I’ve got my life back”. This is the story of Robert, and it’s an incredible reminder to us that we can achieve whatever we want in life, no matter what excuses we might have (too busy, too stressed) AND it can all start with small changes. Those small changes soon become lifechanging… Watch Robert’s story:

Robert was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys and told to just accept it, nothing could be done. He was told his energy and health would get worse and worse until he needed a transplant. And after the transplant things would get worse still with a lifetime of steroids, anti-rejection medication (to stop his body from attacking the new kidney) and a hugely increased risk of other degenerative diseases.

Slowly, his life started slipping away. His energy plummeted year on year until he couldn’t walk 40m along his driveway.

With three kids (including autistic twins), he was devestated at the impact his worsening chronic fatigue was having on their life.

But one day Robert made a decision. Despite the challenges, setbacks, roadblocks in his way he declared that he could not go on like this and that something had to change.

He found the alkaline way of living, and he’s never looked back.

Robert’s story is incredible.

It shows us the power of making simple changes to your diet, and setting goals that are bigger than yourself.

The life Robert now leads is a complete contrast to where it was headed and his family, his children are reaping the rewards of a Dad who is healthy, vibrant and thriving.

If you know anyone who could benefit from hearing Robert’s story, please share this message, and here’s to your future health, amazing vitality and abundant energy.


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