Who is Energise International On My Card Statement?

Energise International is showing on my card statement – what is this?

Energise International Pty Ltd, based in Australia is the company of Live Energized, Ross Bridgeford and the following products and brands:

  • The Alkaline Base Camp Membership
  • The Alkaline Recipe System
  • The Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Volume 1 / 2
  • The Alkaline Reset Cleanse
  • The Alkaline for Life System
  • The Alkaline Weight Loss Solution
  • The Alkaline Cleanse Course
  • Chanson Water UK
  • Energise International

What To Do If You Believe You Have Been Incorrectly Charged by Energise International

  1. Contact [email protected] with as much info as possible including, your name, the email address you used when purchasing, the product you ordered and ideally an order number
  2. Do NOT contact your bank yet: wait for at least 2 days to hear back from us. As soon as you contact your bank this opens a dispute case which can take months to be resolved. We do fight dispute charges, so these do generally run the course of the 90-day minimum before there is a resolution. If you contact us first we ALWAYS resolve this with you within a few days

Thank you!

I am a small business – so a dispute filed against me really does hurt my reputation and the fines involved are not insignificant to me.

Ross Bridgeford
Energise International Pty Ltd / Live Energized

Contacting Energise International

If you need to contact us you can do so:

In Writing:

Energise International Pty Ltd
Level 2/155 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

By Email: [email protected]

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