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Denise Defied Arthritis, Autoimmune & Psoriasis

Case Study: Denise Bird-Newell – Defying...

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lupus autoimmune case study: juanita butler

Case Study: Juanita Butler – Two Big...

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sodium potassium ratio

The Biggest Risk Factor for Heart Disease Nobody...

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cruciferous vegetables goitrogens and thyroid

The TRUTH About Cruciferous Vegetables,...

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truth about oxalate

The TRUTH About Oxalate (Is Kale Bad After All?)

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Tiny Changes for HUGE Results

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The ONE THING You Need for Vibrant Health

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Alkaline Supplements: The Beginner’s Get...

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taco seasoning toxins

The 3-Ingredient Natural Taco Seasoning to...

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stressed woman

How Chronic Stress Affects the Brain – Must...

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LE.TV: Quick Tip to Sneak in More Veggies to Your...

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The Smoothie That Keeps You Going Until Lunch

Having a green, alkaline smoothie for breakfast is... Read More

LE.TV: Alkaline Recipe Video – Alkaline...

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Five Days to Alkaline: Day Five pH Test

Five Days to Alkaline: Day Five – How to...

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Five Days to Alkaline: Day Four - Alkaline Foods

Five Days to Alkaline: Day Four – The Most...

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Five Days to Alkaline: Day Three

Five Days to Alkaline: Day Three – THE Most...

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5 Days to Alkaline Day 2

Five Days to Alkaline: Day Two – Hydration...

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