Alkaline Diet Q&A 11: What if my stomach doesn’t have enough acid? (My doctor says…)

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Every now and then I get a question by email (or through my Facebook page) that I think everyone would love to hear the answer to.

A couple of days ago, a lady named Rose asked me a really great question, and it is one that I think a lot of people wonder.


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Nausea from being “too alkaline”? Is it the Lemon Water?

Dear Ross,

I’ve been frequently nauseous for four months. I couldn’t quiet pin point from what. I finally went to the Dr. who prescribed me something to DECREASE my stomach acid. My friend then tested my saliva and realized my very alkaline state started after I’ve been drinking lots of lemon water to help me hydrate. Could this be correct? I’ve read “yes and no” online and if yes, what should I do to get back to normal ph level?




Ross’ Answer

Hey Rose

The thing with pH testing is that it’s 100% reliant on what you’ve just eaten or drank. If you test during the day, it’s almost irrelevant.

For instance, if you ate a lolly, covered in sugar, your salivary glands would go into overdrive to create sodium bicarbonate to start the digestion process and neutralize the strong acid that is going to be needed to break down and digest the food in the stomach – therefore, your saliva pH would be alkaline…even though you just ate something really acid forming!

Here’s my guide to testing your pH

Your stomach acid production is not affected by the overall alkalinity of your diet. The stomach has a mechanism to produce hydrochloric acid on demand to neutralize whatever you’ve just consumed. If you eat a lot of alkaline foods this is great, the stomach won’t need to produce much as these foods are easily digested.

However, if you’re eating heavier, acid-forming foods and your stomach is either not producing enough hydrochloric acid to be able to digest them – OR TOO MUCH – this is not a result of eating an alkaline diet.

In fact, eating a more alkaline diet could SUPPORT this issue.

The issue is a result of your body not working optimally, and this hydrochloric acid production not functioning correctly.

A more alkaline diet is designed to get the body working optimally.

Think of it not that the stomach is full of acid and eating alkaline neutralises this, or that an alkaline diet is creating TOO MUCH acid that the doctor is trying to minimise – it’s not the case. The stomach produces this acid on demand and you have a malfunctioning mechanism that is not producing enough/too much.

Therefore through either your doctor’s medical recommendations or a nutrition-approach (or both) you need to get the body in balance and allow it to undertake this function more effectively.

Eating more acidic foods (meat, sugar, gluten-containing foods, junk foods, fast foods, refined foods, trans fats, soda etc) rather than alkaline forming foods (vegetables, low-sugar fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, salads, fresh foods, high-water content foods, fibre and so on) is not going to help a digestive issue.

Can you see what I am saying here?

Focus on foods that heal and stay away from foods that clog and compromise your body.

And to bring it full circle, firstly, the lemon water is incredibly low-alkaline, it wouldn’t be responsible single-handedly for anything. And secondly, the pH test has to be done correctly to draw conclusions.

And finally, speak to your doctor about this or get a second opinion. Remember, always speak with your physician before making any significant change to your diet and lifestyle.

Here’s the link again to the pH test



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  1. Shirley Cheng Reply

    Dear Ross,
    I have recently installed an alkaline water machine (Korean Jupiter series) but my friend is asking me to sell mine and to install a ‘kangan’ brand alkaline machine instead. Is this good advice? What is the difference between the 2 alkaline machines? Thanks and appreciate your reply