About Ross Bridgeford

About Ross Bridgeford

ross bridgeford

Ross Bridgeford is a bestselling author, writer, health coach and nutrition addict & his dream is to ENERGIZE the World.

This dream started in 2004 with the creation of Live Energized (formerly Energise for Life), where he has published over 600 guides, recipes and articles, read by over 2 million people every year.

Ross is the author of two Alkaline Diet Recipe Books and the international bestseller The Alkaline Reset Cleanse

Ross has also coached thousands of clients to their dream health through his membership: The Alkaline Base Camp, and courses: The Alkaline Diet Course, The Alkaline Weight Loss Solution & the Alkaline Reset Cleanse.


“I am driven to help you nourish your body, unleash the energy within you and to give you everything you need to live with the vitality, passion, and body of your dreams.

I am driven to give you everything you need to have the energy to live your best life.

This is my call to arms. I want you to join me.

When we live with energy, every other area of our life improves.

When we nourish our body and live with energy, we live with positivity.

It affects every area of our lives: our relationships, our finances, our ability to push ourselves and take on new goals and challenges, our ability to grow, our career…all of this is positively impacted by having energy.

In fact, living a fulfilled life without energy and without a healthy body is practically impossible.

Getting rid of excess weight, symptoms like IBS, reflux, gout, arthritis, candida, eczema, chronic fatigue…relief from these things will all come from nourishing the body. It will happen.

And once they’re taken care of you will have a body that is thriving and energized.


This has a ripple effect. When we live energized and nourished it has a knock-on effect to those around us.

Our relationship with our partner and our kids is lifted, our outlook on life and the way we react to life’s challenges is different. The way we interact at work is positive…we make those around us react differently.

The people around us start to make more positive decisions, they smile more, they influence others in a more optimistic and productive way.


My belief is that if I can educate and motivate one person to nourish their body to live with energy and they can impact one person, I am a happy man.

If I can influence 10 people who can then influence 20 then together we can create a movement. And I want you to join me in this movement for change & positivity in the world.

Let’s live with energy, nourish ourselves and create our best life ever.”

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