Alkaline Diet Q&A #17: Why Are My pH Levels Still So Low?

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Every now and then I get a question by email (or through my Facebook page) that I think everyone would love to hear the answer to.

This morning a lady named C emailed with a question I am sure a lot of people can relate to, and here is the question and the answer.

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Why Are My pH Levels Still So Low?

Hi Ross,

Am a huge fan of your website and love your cookbook! Again and again many thanks for all the great information! I have a question regarding testing saliva and urine for ph levels. My first morning reading has my saliva consistently being acid (5,75) and urine showing alkaline (7,5). I was wondering about the acid saliva? CO from lungs, acid from stomach? Why is it not changing? Besides eating a more or less balanced alkaline/acid diet I have been supplementing with a german product Dr. Jacob’s Basenpulver for mineral balance/alkalizing but the first morning saliva reading remains acid.

When researching on the net I came across this article
I would love to hear your opinion, only because this kind of view often comes up in conversation with people and I would like to have a good response.

Many thanks and all best wishes,


My Answer:

Hey C

The two fluids (saliva and urine) are basically a reflection of your body’s reaction to your diet/lifestyle. They are not a read ‘in the moment’ so to speak. For a lot of people when they are starting out, for the first six months their pH can still read acidic for a while as this is a reflection of your body’s requirement to continually produce bicarbonates to neutralise the acidic microforms still stuck in your digestive system (bacterias/candida/yeasts etc).

It sounds like you’re on the right lines in terms of testing at the same time every day – but have you gone through my guide on pH testing?

How to Test Your pH (The Alkaline Test)

I recommend downloading the pdf to print out from that page.

The article you’ve read is completely misunderstanding the entire premise of the alkaline diet and so is arguing a point nobody is trying to make – the point of the alkaline diet is NOT to change your pH – it’s to assist your body in maintaining homeostasis at pH 7.365 without this being a ridiculous stress on your body. It’s the constant effects of the body needing to balance due to our diet/lifestyle that leads to disease and sickness.

Thus the pH tests are a measure of that process – not a way of us trying to measure our body’s pH so to speak. The urine and saliva tests are a measure of our body’s response, not it’s actual overall pH. As the blog you’ve linked to states, quite correctly, if our pH altered by even 1 point in either direction we’d die.

I hope that helps! Please do let me know if you have any follow up questions, I’m more than happy to help!


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  1. Alan Malcolm Bradshaw Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have for 5 weeks now been on the alkalize diet.After a few weeks i started to get good results with my Ph levels.My morn result was just on 7 or slightly above.i then started to take anti Fungal herbs because I have Candida (Leaky Gut) and almost overnight my reading changed to very acidic.Is this because I have started to take Anti Fungals and I am getting toxins being released into my blood from die off.