Alkaline Water: The Benefits of Alkaline Drinking Water


Quality is More Important than Quantity

We all know we should be drinking plenty of water each and every day, and although many of us fail to reach our recommended daily target, we generally understand the massively important role it plays in our everyday health and wellbeing. But why? And perhaps more importantly – if we are going to be consuming so much water, shouldn’t we make sure it is the best quality?

Water Facts

Water is widely accepted as one of the most important considerations when creating a healthy lifestyle. Water comprises between 50-70% of an adult’s body (up to 90lbs in a 130lb adult!) – and when water is taken out of our diet our survival time is 2-3 days at best so we have to make sure we are always well hydrated.

According to, at the very least dehydration can cause:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Fatigue

  • Headache

  • Dry mouth

  • Little or no urination

  • Muscle weakness

  • Dizziness

  • Lightheadedness

Just to give a further idea of the importance of water in our diets, to survive the body can stand to lose the following:

  • 50% of your glucose
  • 50% of your fat
  • 50% of your protein; but
  • only 20% of your water!

So water is important, but what about the quality of water?

Alkaline Water and the Benefits of Alkaline Drinking Water

The average suggestion of water consumption per day ranges from 2.5 litres to 4 litres – so it is imperative that we ensure that this water is of the highest quality.

There is a lot of discussion about the merits of alkaline water (particularly in the open publishing medium known as the Internet) – however, regardless of who you listen to regarding this debate there is one thing that is certain:

the process of making making water alkaline increases the purity of the water by filtering out toxins and impurities

For those who are not so sceptical about the benefits of the alkaline lifestyle, alkaline water helps to neutralise acids and remove toxins from the body – it is a great cleanser and helps to detoxify our system.

How Do We Make Alkaline Water?

There are three main methods to make alkaline water:

  1. Using a distiller
  2. Using a water ioniser
  3. Adding alkaline ingredients to the water

Using a Distiller: using a distiller is a very effective method of purifying – but wildly inefficient for the environment and actually leaves you with acidic water, that also has a positive ORP. The more I research alkaline water, the less I recommend a distiller. They are simply not a good option. I don’t want to do a science lesson right here but I think it is important to touch on the matter of ORP. OPR (oxidation reduction potential) is the measure of antioxidant capacity in liquids such as water – quite literally it is the ability of a substance to reduce oxidation.

A positive ORP (+ORP) means that the substance is oxidising to the body, which in turn means it kills cells and causes free-radicals. Of course, when we think about it we know this is bad and this is why we try to consume lots of antioxidants!

Distilled water (like tap water, bottled water and ORP) has a +ORP, whereas ionized water has a -ORP. The -ORP measure of ionized water is similar to that of drinking green tea or a high antioxidant fruit (such as pomegranate or blueberries).

However, distilled water still deserves a run down, even though I disagree with it!

So – distilled water is water that has been turned to steam and then condensed back into water. This process, as noted above kills all impurities, removes acid toxins BUT leaves the water with an acidic pH and a +ORP. In my opinion, you should avoid distillers.

Using a Water Ionizer

Water ionisers are, unsurprisingly, products that ionise water. The water is ionised (electrically enhanced) by running it over positive and negative electrodes. This separates the water into alkaline (70%) and acidic (30%). This is exceptionally beneficial as the alkaline water is then used for drinking, while the acidic water can be used on the outside of the body as it is proven to kill many types of bacteria.

These are more expensive that distillers but are FAR more user friendly, as they simply attach to your tap and produce water at a pH of your choice instantly, as soon as you turn the tap on!

We are getting some amazing feedback from our customers. Click here for more info on water ionisers.

Adding alkaline ingredients to the water

The third method is to add ingredients to the water to increase its alkalinity. I would only make these alkaline water additions to water that had already been put through an alkaline water filter, however they can be handy in an emergency when there is only mineral or tap water to hand.

  • Lemon Water: I have already blogged lemon water to death, however, I will mention it here as it really is an alkalising superstar. By squeezing lemon juice (or lime juice) into water you immediately give it a healthful kick. Lemon water is very alkaline and is great in helping to detoxify the liver and kidneys.
  • pH Drops: these are an excellent way to dramatically increase the alkalinity of the water. These drops offer intense alkalinity and only a few are needed for an incredible boost to the alkalinity of your drink. There are several types around but I would only really recommend Alkalive’s pH Booster or Innerlight’s Prime pH.

So What is Alkaline Water and Why Make Our Water Alkaline?

Acid wastes (from the lifestyles we lead – not only from food and drink, but also from stress and other pollutants) are dumped into the bloodstream and lymph, and then are transported to the liver and kidneys for the detoxification processing and elimination. The pH level of our internal fluids affects every living cell in our bodies and the effect that over-acidification can have upon the health of our bodies is immense, with a chronically over acidic pH creating an extremely negative environment which affects all cellular functions from the beatings of the heart to the neural workings of the brain.

In order to hydrate your body optimally, you need to drink water that is alkaline and mineral rich. Alkaline water helps to neutralise acids and remove toxins from the body. Alkaline water also acts as a conductor of electrochemical activity from cell to cell. Ideally, water should have a pH between 8 and 9, and you should be drinking 3-4 litres of it daily. As you hydrate your body properly, you’ll develop more of a thirst for water.

Wanting to Lose Weight?
It is also true that food cravings are often the body’s cry for water. You might already have more of a thirst than you even realise – and if you are going to quench it, make sure your water is alkaline!

UPDATE: I just found this two minute interview with Dr Young about alkaline water – it is well worth a little look:

Dr. Robert Young Speaks About Alkaline Water & LIFE IonizersThe best video clips are right here


UPDATE: I’ve just put out a 3-Day Invite to ALL of you to ask me your alkaline water benefit questions here. You can ask me ANYTHING you like about alkaline water and I’ll answer within 24 hours!


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  1. Julian Reply

    Does the intake of alkaline make your mouth dry and make u go to the toilet

  2. faith campbell Reply

    Help, Help, Help!!!!
    I had gallbladder removed 3 years ago and have been horribly sick ever since. My liver enzymes keep increasing. Every test known to man has been done but liver simply isn’t clearing toxins. I feel horrible, can’t poo, fatigued,, even look yellowish. Not exceedingly overweight 15/20 lbs bs and not a big drinker but have stopped even an occasional glass of wine and my beloved diet sodas. Still enzyme levels increasing. Have tested for all Hepatitus and negative. Anyway, wanted to ask if I should get well tested. Is there a water system you can recommend to me. Desperate for help.
    Faith in Georgia

  3. Amanda Reply

    Thanks for the useful info! I’m gonna go get my lemon on now :o)

  4. Sharon Reply

    I’ve been researching thoroughly trying to confirm that Lemons are alkalizing, it’s unthinkable that such a sour fruit can be alkalizing, however it’s been confirmed so many times, I guess I have no choice but to believe it.
    Apparently the first statement released after medical research is that your body requires 2.5 liters of fluid per day of which most can be taken by the body from the food we eat and then the whole story got twisted by companies who sell botteled water thatyou need to drink 2.5 liters of water a day. Just something I wanted to share which I discovered watching a BBC documentary.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Sharon

      I saw/read the reports claiming you don’t need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and here is what I want you to do:

      For the next 2 days drink 2 glasses of water per day and see how you feel. Then for 2 days after drink 12 glasses per day and compare

      I believe the twisting has been done by the report and the fact is the body can survive on very little water (if we’re still getting food) but it doesn’t thrive. In fact, you’ll feel like crap and get ill pretty quickly.


      • Diego Reply

        How about this, just drink as much as you feel like drinking. There is a lot of rubbish on the net and media that state “if you are thirsty – you are already dehydrated” If that were really true humanity would have died out millions of years ago. The thirst mechanism works great, because nature has made sure it does. This is a really interesting site, but if in doubt – obey your thirst 😀

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  6. g Reply

    I wish someone would explain how this phenomenon can occur (from info above). “Lemon Water: I have already blogged lemon water to death, however, I will mention it here as it really is an alkalising superstar. By squeezing lemon juice (or lime juice) into water you immediately give it a healthful kick. Lemon water is very alkaline and is great in helping to detoxify the liver and kidneys.” When the pH of limes are about 2.0 – 2.8, lemons are about 1.8 – 2.3, and oranges are about 3.5. If you add a strong acid to acidic water, I see no way that you will end up with alkaline water. The definition of alkaline is a pH above 7.0. There is some BS flying around. If this most basic chemistry is flawed, it makes me question the other information.

    • Ross Reply

      Due to the minerals present in the lemon and the low sugar content it has an alkalising effect once consumed. OBVIOUSLY I’m not trying to BS people.

    • Zen Reply

      To get right to it… Lemon has an acid ph but leaves an alkaline ash. It also has the only anti-ionic orbit of any fruit or vegetable found so far (this would be too much to get into now). So, lemon definitely has an alkaline effect on the body, it’s ‘most basic’ chemistry is not flawed – as content of ash is a ‘basic’ chemistry.

      Cheers and Love

  7. feeddie Reply

    Hi Ross, first time to this site and its very interesting. I gather that because the stomach only uses its acid when it need to, so when you drink the alkalized water, it enters the small intestines where it is taken up by the blood and carried to the cells in and alkaline state where it kill acidic waste and abnormal acidic cells. Also please tell me that its just as good to alkalize your distilled water with baking soda. Thank you, look forward to your comment.

    • Sharon Reply

      Just last night I was watching a documentary about using baking soda to remove fungi from the body and as it is known, fungi thrives in an acidic environment, baking soda aims to return the body to a more alkaline state.
      You have to however be careful when experimenting with baking soda to alkalize your body, because your body can only take a certain amount of sodium (baking soda is sodium bicarbonate) and the salt you eat daily is also a sodium.

      • Ross Reply

        Hey again Sharon

        That’s very true, fungi can’t survive in an alkaline environment. I’d note that all other alkaline minerals create this alkaline environment too including magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, iron etc. so a diet rich in these minerals (greens, vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds etc) will reduce the fungi (candida) in the body.

        Thanks so much for posting – I really appreciate your input. Have a great Sunday.

  8. Arowana Reply

    I have started to drink alkaline water for the last 5 months and have tried to cut back on certain foods and drinks. I do feel better.

  9. replica louis Reply

    Hello there, just became alert to your weblog via Google, and discovered that it’s truly informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate should you continue this in future. Lots of folks is going to be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

    • albert Reply

      hi ross thanks for the info i just want to ask what other ingredients are put in water to make it alkaline. There is a company here in philippine which sells a bottle container which say in can turn any water into alkaline. Im interested but still skeptic i haue gout.

      • mertle Reply

        As a response to Albert. My husband had gout. Determined to relieve his pain he got numerous shots and three meds. I told him to let me help him. Juice fast three times a day for two weeks and just eat veggie meals . I gave him GSE about 15-20 drops in orange juice only! super bitter (trust me lol) By morning pain is gone and hes on his feet again. 80% greens (live) 20% dead (if u cant break away from chicken) live food u live. Dead food is slow suicide so eat your greens! He denied that a little bottle of oil would remedy but it works every time and a 20$ investment for a pain free foot! Peace and blessings

  10. maggie Otto Reply

    I started drinking Alkaline Ionized Water after my back surgery…I was amazed how my bones and muscles healed so quickly. I have no scar tissue. I feel great….I finally bought a machine for my own use..and I would recommend that you find your benefit and start drinking right away..why wait ?

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Maggie

      That’s fantastic – thanks so much for sharing!


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  12. Rosacea dieet Reply

    Hi Ross, In the past I didn’t see the benefits of alkaline water. Then I started to have a go for it and I can’t go without eversince….

    I can recommend it to everyone. Water is very important for the body so make sure it’s good quality. It’s strange though, people take care of what kind of gasoline they put in their car, but the gasoline for the body, water, is underrated!

    Thanks for the education ross!


  13. Tjiu hanseng Reply

    I hope this alkaline water therapy can heal my father from prostate cancer

  14. sc Reply

    I am assuming that distilling and alkalizing are two different processes. I want to get a home alkalinizing system (something like (kangen).

    1. Does it need plumbing for install or can I just pour tap water into it.

    2. Does it require filtered or distilled water

    3. Do I need to get a ph meter to test it??

    Thanks!! appreciate all the informative writeups and answers/

  15. sc Reply

    Christina,, I need to learn more about the ionizer but I am interested in a home unit. Can you provide any assistance

  16. lee j pascuali Reply

    Started drinking alkaline water almost 2 years ago. I was diagnosed with rhematoid arthritis and my fingers started getting knobby and crooked. Since drinking the alkaline water, progression has stopped. There seldom is pain and I can move my fingers any way I care to. Thank you for the person who suggest I drink the water.

  17. dj Reply

    I have read information about alkaline antioxidant water being great for the body. Some of the information on the blog is informative, but could you clearly spell it out? How do you actually create it or where do you buy it? There are several references to adding lemon juice to water for the alkalinity. What kind of water and how much lemon juice? Does the water need to be ionized and can you only do that at home with a machine? If so, what do you look for when buying a machine? I’ve seen them on the internet for $500 to over $2000.

  18. DOMINIC watersphil Reply

    I found alkaline water purifier here in the Philippines.. Because of the quality i decided to bought it. My family is enjoying to use the alkaline water now not only for drinking but also for cooking..

  19. Karen Reply

    I have just started using a water alkalizing product that has been brought over from China. It is a stainless steel canister that will alkalize 6 ounces of water at a time. Put water into the canister, shake it back and forth a few times to run it through the filter inside the canister and drink. The water is now alkaline and you can have the water anytime you want. It is small enough to carry in a purse.
    The cost of the canister is $100.00. But it is worth every cent because you now can have all the alkaline water that you need in a day without expensive machines or going to the store. Best of all, by processing 6 ounces at a time you will drink it immediately and not run the risk of it reverting back to being acidic.
    This is a new product that I think will soon be very popular.
    If you have any questions please contact me at…

    [email protected]

  20. Rene Reply

    Hi ,

    I have been drinking alkaline water for almost 10years now and must say that the effects are pretty good for me, I am a real meat eater and i heard that this will result in high acid build up in my body. That why i drink alot a alkaline water and so far i have no complains about high uric acid build up. As some of you alkaline water lovers may know. There are different ways to get alkaline from the device. Most of them uses electrolysis which requires electricity while others uses the natural effects of mineral and other substances to achieve the alkaline effect. regards, rene

    Recently , i read a report somewhere that ionize alkaline water system may post some danger as the electroplates get contaminate or rusty after some years of useage. So please be careful or switch to non electrical alkaline machines if neccessary.

  21. Janet Reply

    I am a nursing doctoral student and I am interested in studying the effects of alaline water on weight loss. I am in desperate need to find evidence based reseach concerning the use of alkaline water and weight loss. Please, if you can direct me to ANY research evidence regarding alkaline water and it’s use – I would greatly appreaciate it.
    Thank you
    Janet Kelchner – North Carolina

    • Colleen Reply

      Hi Janet,

      Go to They have a long list of clinical studies that show some amazing results. I believe weight loss might be in there somewhere, though I can’t say for sure.

      I do know that detoxifying plays a huge role in weight loss, and alkalizing the body plays a huge role in detoxifiying, sooo….

      Hope that helps 🙂

    • Ross Reply

      Hello Janet,
      I can give you a link in our website that can give you a whole lot of information, researches and videos about alkaline water that might help you.
      Here is the link:

      Hope that helps!

  22. Rebecca Reply

    Do some research bro, lemons and limes are very acidic, but in your body they are a potent alkalizer.

  23. Mike Reply

    Alkaline Water. You have heard a lot about it and you want to know if what is said about it is true or a bunch of hipe. A least those were my questions after my Doctor recommended that I should start drinking it. Go to my site for all of your answers. While the water is not the ware all be all medical cure, it is a step in the right direction of cleansing the body so that it can do it’s job of healing it’s self.
    The realistic fact is that people need to recognize the truth about Alkaline Water and all the benefits it will give you. We need to get the word out about Alkaline Water. The AMA and the Big Drug Companies do not want you to know the water really does work. They would be out of business if we all were healthy and did not need them any longer. The water really works. It cleanses the body of contaminants that we put in it by everyday living, floods your body with antioxidants that lets the body do its job of healing itself, and restores your natural wellness. For instance, this is how antioxidant are measured, the more negitive -mV the higher antioxidant level. Tap Water has positive +400 to +500mV, Wheat-Grass Juice has an negative O.R.P. (antioxidant) of -120mV. Which is good. Real fresh squeezed Orange Juice has a negative O.R.P. of -250mV. Which is better. The LIFE 7600 Ionizers TM can get over -800mV. in one glass. This is as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth. In addition, irrespective what Machine you buy, the alkaline water is going to help you feel better. Check it out for yourself and you make the call. Do You Want To Feel Good for a Change?

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  25. En-EN Reply

    i’m from the philippines.. i’ve been drinking alkaline water now for a week… and i was amazed to see the result at this very short time.. it made me feel good and energize.. i love it… i think i am powered by the alkaline water… 🙂
    try it yourself and see the difference.. promise…

    En-En ([email protected])

  26. Paul Addicott Reply

    The biggest problem with alkaline water is that it is not stable. If using a home system, the water should be consumed within 24 hours. Many bottled alkaline waters that claim to have a (fill-in the number) pH level actually test much lower than stated. Try it for yourself using a pH meter. Additionally, alkaline waters that use additives are not changing the water’s structure, which when micro-clustered, is more beneficial. ROSS, I would invite you to contact me to discuss our water at my e-mail address. Thank you for spreading the word on the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

  27. Craig Reply

    Why can’t I use Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) and Bicarbonate of Soda (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate) to give me the alkaline I need?

  28. rudiee Reply

    As a hairstylist for 23 years, after you get a perm or relaxer you neutralize the hair FIRST with a neutralizing shampoo, WHY? to bring the hair back to a pH balance close to 7.0. We strip the hair to add chemicals, and then we bring it back afterwards to a healthy state (with beautiful affects). Then we use other shampoos and conditioners to complete the service. The same thing applies to the body. After eating the wrong foods, drinking contaminated water, or just having medical problems means you have to do everything you can to bring the body back to its natural state of at least 7.0 pH.(right on the money) Buy alkaline water at 8.0 or higher from a REAL health food store, Iceland Neural Spring water imported can be bought from whole foods at a pH of 8.8. You just need to balance your body’s pH. It makes since to me.
    Google pH of body or hair and learn about the pH scale.

  29. larry Reply

    All of these comments are very interesting. I have a very good friend and he has cancer very bad. He is very weak. I was wondering if drinking only lemon water for liquid would be detrimental to him? He is ready to try anything as a last resort.

  30. Theresa Armstrong Reply

    I bought an ionizer about 1 year ago-I started alkalizing my body years ago when i had colon problems/insulin resistant problems/weight problems/skin problems/allergies-and so forth-I was cleansing/alkalyzing my body through different cleanses-colon,parasite,heavy metal cleanse, liver, kidney cleanses which helped but I found it easier and cheaper by doing it with the ionizer-drinking the alkaline water-once my body started getting more alkaline, all of these problems I mentioned vanished, I told God that since he showed me this and helped me, that I would pass the word to anyone I know about cleansing/alkaline water. I lost a lot of weight by using alkaline water-this got toxins out of my body, flushed my tissues and cells and just put me back on track. Usually people have something that has happened in their life before they decide to take cleansing serious-(mine was that my mother passed away in 93 from kidney disease-and I was diagnosed with IBS 6 years ago which I no longer have because of alkalizing my body. But for a lot of people who has not had a problem to make them START alkalizing-I would not wait-(for me, I was very acidic-and I THANK GOD! for showing me what I needed to do. (alkaline water for life !)

    • Zakia Rashad Reply

      I read your comments and would like more information on which kind of alkaline water to drink. My daughter has skin/allergies /toxins problems. Medications didn’t help. Now will alkaline water ionized will help? Please give me your suggestions. Whole Foods have ionized alkaline water which is expensive. Or which company ionizer to use. ? please respond. Thanks.

  31. vince masamba Reply

    “But why do some people swear they feel better when they drink alkaline instead of tap water? The answer is placebo effect, a very remarkable phenomenon where an otherwise ineffective treatment alleviates the symptoms and improves the feeling of wellbeing of someone who believes the treatment works.”

    Wow! The all powerful placebo effect!

    Every time my toe or ankle starts to tingle, I would drink a cup of baking soda solution to prevent gout attack and it works most of the time.

    All the while I thought the baking soda neutralized acid in my body that stopped the gout attack. But no, it was the placebo effect after all!

  32. Reimers Fan Reply

    Thanks for Brad’s execellent explanation for the rumor of the alkaline water drinking .
    a lot of people are blind to know this effect of drinking this good water.As people know , water is an essential materail for human body.the water is also divided into good water or bad water.because the water can not be judged by human eyes , so drinking water become a blind point in many people’s life.
    good water can keep body healthy,in contrast, bad water can worsen your body. Drink ing a good water can prolong your life. this is out of question. Alkaline water is good water,of course the drinking habbit is also very important.

  33. Alkaline Water Guru Reply

    Thank you for spreading the gospel about alkaline water and alkaline health. It is the way of health for the future. We’ve only just begun.

    I’ve been drinking ionized alkaline water since 1998, there isn’t better way for your body to hydrate, oxygenate, alkalize, and detoxify. Anyone who begins drinking this water will benefits from it’s healthy properties.

    Don’t wait, acidic waster accumulated over the years in your body is the worst thing you could leave in your body. Drink and Flush many times Daily!


  34. Joe Reply

    I’ve been drinking ionized water now for 3 days straight and I think I have cancer. Thanks Jesus!

  35. Benz Reply

    edical Notes
    ‘Does alkaline drinking water have health benefits?’
    August 24, 2009, 12:20pm

    Q: I would like to request you to please discuss in your column the health benefits of alkaline ionized bottled water compared to usual purified water cause recently I switched to alkaline as I’ve heard it’s better than purified. How true is this?

    –”mean fran”

    A: Ads and promotional materials on alkaline drinking water claim that alkaline water helps neutralize acids and remove toxins from the body. Some even go to the extent of asserting that it retards the aging process and prevents cancer. Unfortunately, there is not a single iota of scientific evidence to support any of these claims.

    The alkalinity or acidity of any solution or fluid is determined by its pH level. A substance with a pH that is higher than 7.0 is alkaline or basic while a substance with a pH that is lower than 7.0 is acidic.

    Normal alkalinity or acidity (i.e., pH level) differs in the various body fluids. This is so because the numerous metabolic activities the body undertakes occur at different pH levels. Thus, the pH level of the different body fluids has to be maintained within a narrow normal range. Changing the pH in any body fluid would make a person very sick or even kill him/her. Accordingly, there are cells, tissues and organs in the body that ensure that the pH levels of the various body fluids are kept within normal range.

    For example, the pH of blood, which is slightly alkaline or basic (normal pH = 7.4.), is kept constant primarily by the kidneys and the lungs. Any excess acid generated by the cells of the body is removed by the kidneys and excreted with urine. The lungs do their part by expelling carbon dioxide, which is also acidic. Another example, gastric juice, which has to be highly acidic for proper digestion, is maintained at a very low pH (about 1.4) by the continuous production of hydrochloric acid by certain cells of the stomach.

    While excess acidity in any part of the body is bad, so is excess alkalinity. Why should you then try to alkalinize your body by drinking alkaline water?

    Fortunately, drinking alkaline water will not endanger your health because the mechanisms that maintain the normal acid-base balance within the body are very efficient; so efficient that the pH level of practically all body fluids cannot be significantly altered by the intake of food, beverage or any kind of drinking water. Ingested food and fluid, no matter how alkaline, will become highly acidic in the stomach. When the highly acidic stomach content reaches the small intestines, on the other hand, it is rendered alkaline by intestinal juice.

    The only body fluid whose pH can be altered by ingested food or beverage is urine and that is because the kidneys dump excess base or acid into urine for disposal.

    Thus, alkaline drinking water cannot change the pH in any part of the body; much less can it have any beneficial health effects.

    The claims of alkaline water advocates are clearly outrageous. Yet, they have been successful in convincing many people including you to replace their drinking water with it. But if it is any consolation for those who drink it, alkaline water apparently has no adverse effects, except on one’s wallet.

    But why do some people swear they feel better when they drink alkaline instead of tap water? The answer is placebo effect, a very remarkable phenomenon where an otherwise ineffective treatment alleviates the symptoms and improves the feeling of wellbeing of someone who believes the treatment works.

    (E-mail inquiries on health matters to: [email protected] or [email protected].)

  36. JOHN EVANS Reply

    How if any will drinking alkaline water effect my CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE<where I have to monitor and limit my intake of pottassium??

  37. PRIS BAUZON Reply

    Alkaline is excellent!

    Jun Buenaventura and

  38. PRIS BAUZON Reply

    I really found drinking alkaline water beneficial. My best friend June Ernesto A. Buenaventura and I had been drinking it for one month now, and we feel we had improved in our health.

  39. Darryl William Crawford Reply

    I thank you ROSS for your helpful information. Alkaline water is best.
    I know I have purchased “Essentia “Water (from health food stores) and by drinking the alkaline water (of 9.5pH) I feel much better, think clearer and my over all health has improved amazingly. In my hub-pages I have links to those who desire to purchase water purifiers which is used in hospitals in JAPAN, which is the healthiest place on earth.

  40. Glen Woodfin Reply

    I just started adding alkaline ph drops to my water. With all the coffee and sodas in my diet, I need this desperately to balance out the acid in my body.

    Thanks for your blog post.

    On Your Side,
    Glen Woodfin

  41. nadir Reply

    distilled water is acidict you need to drink minaral water eat bananas, figs, and drink tomato juice, any thing with lemon on it will increase acid levels droping pH levels below 7, which can promot bacteria and viral growth. also note high levels of alkalin pH of 8.5 will cause negetive effects including nerological dissorders such as H E.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Nadir

      I disagree with almost everything you’ve written there.


      • EJ Reply

        As a physician who is well versed in this subject, I would simply like to state that Nadir has no idea what he/she is saying. Don’t listen to Nadir.

  42. joseph anum Reply

    please for how long should i drink alkaline water for cleansing my system

  43. Guia Reply

    Re distilled water – it is not alkaline. Pure water is acidic. Try testing distilled water with litmus paper. I have.

    No matter how much you ionize or ozonize pure water, it will not be an alkalizing drink. Why? It does not have the alkalizing minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium. For distilled water to be alkaline water, minerals must be added to it (like perhaps the pH drops you mentioned, for instance) then ionised or ozonised.

  44. ihuoma Reply



  45. Amy Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Thank you for all this information. I have been searching the internet for … wait for it…. Cancer preventers or reducers. I am not a cancer victim but i may soon have someone in the family who is, were waiting on results. And I have read research after reasearch on this water. There are comments from 2 people with terminal cancer and after changing their diets and drinking this water they are still alive months after the diagnosis and with the cancer not spreading and a possible operation for one should this continue. I know you dont offer medical advice, but your blog is the only one that breaks it all down into coherant english. Thank you for this and I wish you well. Also are you drinking the Alkeline water yourself?

    • Terese Malm Reply

      Hi Amy:)
      I feel for you, but as the facts stands, 1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women will get cancer before the age of 70, something has to be done.
      I had breastcancer , full mastectomy 7 years ago, I had no chemo and no radiation, but I drank my Noni – Tahitian Noni.

  46. BALJI Reply

    Where can I buy ionized water from in Leicester, England?


  47. yen Reply

    Just wondering! Lemon is a citrus fruit thus is sour and acidic, then how can lemon juice make water alkaline?

    • Ross Reply

      This is a quite common question, so I’m getting quite good at answering it in a nice and simple way!

      It is basically about what effect the food has on the body once consumed rather than it’s acidity or alkalinity in its natural state. Lemons, while containing citric acid have a very high content of the strongly alkaline minerals potassium, magnesium and sodium. These minerals have a very alkalising effect on the body.

      The reason this doesn’t work with oranges is because the sugar content of the orange is so high that cancels out the alkalising minerals and leads it to have a very acidifying effect on the body. That is the same for almost all fruits (unfortunately).

  48. Balji Reply

    Do you know where to buy Alkaline (ionized) water in Leicester, England?

  49. Dorothy Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I recently purchased an Ionizer and have been drinking the alkaline water for about 2 weeks. I read in the manual that people with intestinal problems and liver problems should consult with a doctor before drinking alkaline water! I’m sure if I went to a doctor, they would tell me no one should drink it.
    My question is, why can’t someone with intestinal problems, ulcerative colitis for example, drink the alkaline water?!
    I realize you can’t give medical advice but I would appreciate your views.

  50. Danny Reply

    Yeah I agree with Lenore… lemon juice is acidic
    I tested bottled water before and after adding lemon juice and the acid level got worse

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Danny

      The important fact is not the acidity or alkalinity of the food or drink before you consume it but the effect it has on the body. Due to it containing calcium, magnesium and potassium (all highly alkaline minerals) and not really containing any sugar it actually has an alkalising effect on the body.

      I hope this clears it up for you

  51. cy Reply

    I agreed with the benefits of alkaline water. i have a machine not only increase the alkakine level but the ORP as well. The machine also break the water molekul to smaller cluster which mean better absortion for our system

  52. Abby Reply

    Humm… I think there is something to this alkaline water. My friend gives her dog alkaline water and a supplement called dinovite. She said the combination has helped her dogs health soooo much. She was having trouble with her dogs nasty scratching that now is gone.

  53. Ross Reply

    Thanks for the comparison Andi – but bear in mind that they rate towards the models they sell. Life Ionisers are actually more technologically advanced than the Jupiter range.

  54. Kok Leng Reply

    How do you rate Alkaline water to Reverse Osmosis water and which is better in term of maintaining good health?

    Regards and Thanks,

  55. der Reply

    I have been reading all of this with great interest. A couple of questions ……… what about Brita filters? Is that good water to use?

    Also …… if you eat the proper diet . ie lots of fruits and vegetables, do you really need the akalized water?

  56. Larry L. McFall Reply

    Citrus is highly acid however, when the juice from a lemon is ingested it produces aklinity in our body chemistry. Water from the tap is often on the acid side of the scale, sometimes it will settle on the akaline side if it comes from the ground leeched with the right minerals. If you want to make your Tap water a little more condusive to promoting the body fluids to a more akaline state, add lemon juice, a couple teaspoons of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and sweeten it up by adding Stevia in the mixture. It taste good and promotes akalinity.

    Even though the lemon and ACV in itself is highly acid, they are akaline producing. Stevia is a natural sweetner and is highly akaline.

    If you can maintain your body fluids other than blood in a akaline state for an extended period of time, the Hydrocloric Acid produced in the stomach has away of providing the acid buffer Bicarbonate which helps regulate the blood acid preventing, Acidosis.

    So eating and drinking akaline food does help in the long term in balancing the Ph in our blood which gives us the ability to fight the many diseases trying to play havoc in our bodies.

    It is not an easy answer subject and does take some study and understanding of body chemistry. The modern day diet of highly acid producing products that we ingest is our worst enemy.

  57. jULI Reply

    Hi everybody,
    Incontribution of various opinion and reseached i believed that lemon is one God healthy natural fruit for us and does lots of good in our body. thanks .

  58. Janice Reply

    I have concerns about drinking high ph (9.5) water, since my thyroid levels have changed greatly. Is there a conection to medications and drinking alkaline water?

  59. Jim-X Reply

    Lemon juice is acidic, you will make acid water. However, it may have an alkaline effect on some people. Some people will have an acidic effect with the lemon juice.

    Distilled water is acidic, all you need is a ph strip to prove that. You need spring water with natural calcium and other minerals in it to make it alkaline.

    WHy not add some baking soda, very alkaline?

  60. Annabella Reply

    I am curious as to how much lemon juice to add to a glass or a litre of water and does it have to sit for a while to become more alkaline. I added a teaspoon of lemon juice to a 4 oz glass of water and checked it with PH paper and there was no change. I have read that one is more susceptible to kidney stones when consuming high alkaline water, is this true ?? What does one have to spend to get a decent water purifier? Thank you

  61. bruce Reply

    Could someone please explain the pH cycle as one eats or drinks. Say eating an apple or even drinking the lemon water. Start with initial pH of food or dring, its combined with saliva what the pH reverts to, what the stomach acid and enzymes change it to, once breakdown occurs its neutralization as it is released from the stomache to the duodeum and its pH at that point, obviously various minerals and vitamins are absorbed at different sites along the small intestines, what is the pH at the beginning of the large intestine and throughout it, then waiting in the cecum for expulsion with final pH. I think it would make more sense to understand digesition and absorbtion

  62. maadionline Reply

    great thankx for your new tec

  63. Neal Reply

    How much Lemon juice to a gallon or glass of water you recomend.

  64. Ross Reply

    Hi Barbara

    Lemons have a similar alkaline effect in the body to bicarb, and so this should help.

    However, I cannot offer any medical advice related to any diagnosed condition so you should check with a registered health care practitioner.

    Sorry, I have to point that out once anything diagnosed is mentioned


  65. Barbara Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thanks for the information. Just wondering what effect alkalising water with lemon will have when the water reaches the bladder. Will it acidify or alkalise the urine? I ask this as I tend to suffer from cystitis a lot and have found my bladder feels more comfortable if I keep it alkaline and take a little bicarbonate of soda when it is sore. Will the lemon juice be ‘converted’ to an alkaline state in the bladder as it is in the blood?

    Many thanks for your help, Barbara

  66. Ross Reply

    Hey REY

    What is the powder? It all depends on the ingredients of the powder!


  67. REY Reply

    Dear ross….

    your topic on alkaline water benefits gives me lot of information and very interesting. I just want to know if its a correct procedure. A close relative gave us alkaline powder…we add a dose of it to a liter ofpurified water. we wait for a certain time to settle, then use the waterfor drinking. is it valid procedure?

  68. Sirpa Reply

    Dear Ross,

    I am writing to thank you!
    Some days ago I found a page with lots of recipes from you. I have made several of the drinks, which I thoroughly enjoy. Today I made the Liver Cleanser drink. How fantastic taste! This was my first time to come to contact with Acidophillus..never heard of it before, so decided to read more about it. Got mad again as did not know of the havoc chemo and radio does to our stomach could be vastly improved with Acidophillus.
    What can we do to make all this information that only handfull of people have in this world, to become universally taught information?
    All that I have read on your pages, I have double and triple checked on other pages with expertese of the same…and the same answers come out strongly and clearly. There is a lot we can do ourselves to improve and maintain good health. It is far easier to buy lemons and squeeze them than stand in a queue for doctors and then stand in a queue in a pharmacy..and then battle with the side effects on what we have swallowed.
    I do not knock the paharmaceuticals down totally. There are times when their findings are extremely valuable, but I urge them: please do not monopolize our healthcare . Work in harmony with the alternative natural methods, so us the people on this earth can enjoy secure and trustworthy healthcare.

    Thank you for the knowledge you spread!

    Sincerist and very best wishes,

  69. Ross Reply

    Hi Phillip

    Why you’re kinda rude aren’t you!

    Alkaline Diet 101: it is not about the pH of the food or drink prior to consumption, it is about how the body metabolises it. Lemons, due to their high content in alkaline minerals and extremely low sugar content have a very alkalising effect on the body.

    I hope this clears things up for you.


    ps. English should be spelt with a capital E to make it good English 101

  70. Ross Reply

    Hi Sirpa

    Thanks for your message! It has made me smile!

    Have a fantastic day

  71. Sirpa Reply

    I am just totally amazed that this business of accidity and its dangers are not made more known to all..
    I have now read many articles on this subject and I actually feel angry for not knowing anything about it at all. I had cancer and now I know cancer can not live in alkaline body. Why is this not taught to everyone…given great publicity! I suppose, because it will not make the wallets of pharmaceutical comppanies fatter. – By the way, if any of you know someone with cancer, do ask them to turn to homoeopathic doctor…I had 8 months chemo and did not vomit till on the 8th month. I listened music and ate sandwiches during my chemo..thanks to homoeopathy.
    I am sitting here with my bottle of high magnesium content water and I cheer you! Will try the lemon water later too. I don’t want cancer back!
    Thank you for the great work you do!

  72. Trista Reply

    I rep a water that is already alkaline and has many other benefits including being oxygenated. I had major knee problems that have completely disappeared and I’m sure it is because of this water. I will never go a day without it again! It’s amazing. Contact myself for more info!!

  73. Ross Reply

    Hello everyone!

    So many questions! Here goes:

    Andrew: That is fantastic and I’ll definitely look into it! Good on you for testing and investigating with your kinesiologist (sp). Absorption is so important and is why products like pH Ion’s pH Booster are so great.

    Fred: I’d need to know what your alkaliser is – is it a distiller? If so then, yep the chlorine will be removed. Distilled water is completely pure pH 7 water.

    Anna: a few questions! Here goes – baking soda baths are great, as are epsom salt baths. I recently saw a blood microscopist who showed me research to suggest that alkaline minerals (magnesium in particular – which is why I say epsom salt baths) is really well absorbed through the skin. I definitely believe in it! The main alkaline minerals are magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium so I don’t see any harm in having baking soda baths! If nothing else, it makes your skin feel good!

    You should try to drink distilled water as much as possible, but don’t worry too much if you have to have occasional tap water too. And generally you should try to wait fifteen mins or so between having water and then eating but again – not a major tragedy if you don’t.

    Try not to over think all of this stuff. Stay relaxed and don’t worry too much about the minor details – if you nail the three big things (proper hydration, plenty of fresh, green foods and exercise) then the rest will follow and you’ll get great results.

    Brian: I can honestly say I have never heard that and it sounds a little random! I wouldn’t worry about it!

    Lissa: sorry, I don’t understand the question! Happy to help if you can rephrase it!

    Sandy: thanks for clearing that up with Phillip. Indeed it is the effect it has on the body, not the alkalinity or acidity of it in its natural state. Lemons and limes contain almost no sugar but do contain alkalising minerals, which means that when metabolised they have an alkalising effect on our blood and other cells.

    Thanks for contributing everyone! Have a great week!


  74. Sandy Reply

    Philip: Lemon juice is acidic but once metabolized has an alkaline effect on the body. That’s the point, not whether the food itself has a low pH.

  75. Philip Jarina Reply

    Lemon juice is acidic. Lemon fruit belongs to the citrus family of fruits that produce citric acid.
    Squeezing lemon can make water more acidic.
    Check your Chemistry 101 using litmus paper and see if you can make it blue by dipping it to lemon water.

  76. Lissa Cortes Reply

    with regards to calamansi as components in making alkaline water, what is the exact measure (as drops: 1, 2, or 3; or 1 pc to drop all) to a glass of water?

  77. Brian Reply

    Hi, I had a customer recently ask me if Alkalized water loses its alkalinity when in contact with sunlight. Is this true?

  78. Anna Reply

    Opps just realised the water at work is filtered, not distilled.

    Can you please clarify a couple of things….

    If I drink a cup of distilled water and fresh lemon, then a hour later drink normal water does that in any way have a negative effect?
    Do I have to drink distilled water constantly, or can I drink only distilled water when I have the lemon juice drinks?

    Is there a stand down time between consuming the lemon drink and either drinking other non distilled drinks, or consuming food?

    Thank you.

  79. Anna Reply

    Thank you Ross,

    Its great to see you active on this blog and sharing your thoughts, especially when people write stuff about so called facts/claims that are completely untrue. Its great that you can clarify and explain the truth so others don’t read these claims and become confused.

    Its a shame it has to be fresh lemon as bottled lemon is so easy to buy! I am going to take fresh lemons to work and just use the filtered water there rather then buy a filtering system for at home – for the start anyway,

    I have psosarsis and am trying to lower my diary, eat more fresh rather then called veg and now drink lemon water. I also occasionally put 4-5 tblsn of baking soda into my bath as per some sugguestions on a previous site, I would be keen to know your thoughts on this, whether its actually helping to lower my acid level.

    Thanks again! Great read.

  80. tintin javier Reply

    I just introduced to an equipment producing alkaline waters it cost Php. 18k plus. should you be interested i am willing to be of help.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  81. fred shimp Reply

    We have an alkalizer and wanted to know if it takes
    chlorine out of the water? our manual didn’t say
    anything about it.

  82. Andrew Reply

    I drink and recommend Saka Water, an all Natural Alkaline Mineral Water, very smooth with 8.22pH balance, I’ve had my knesiologist test it against my body, it has a 95% absorption rate against 63% with tap water.
    I just thought people should know about it, I love it!

    • steve Reply

      have you tested the ph on this because i have just got a bottle of it today because i saw the 8.22 on the front tested it with ph stix and it’s 6.5 acidic compared to evian which is between 7 and 7.5 as staed on there bottle. Gonna get it properly tested

      • Ross Reply

        Hi Steve

        pH strips only work on bodily fluids – they can’t accurately test the pH of water or other drinks. You need a pH meter for that.

        • Rita Reply

          Hi Ross
          I was told the same thing from the guys at Saka water but I didn’t know whether to believe them or not, they showed me a test they done a while back at a lab in Gembrook Melbourne, Just wondering how you went with your test, I’ve been drinking it for about 6 weeks, i love the taste of it and my stomach reflux is gone so is my skin rash which was unexpected but wouldn’t mind having another opinion and why water can make such a difference on my body.

  83. Ross Reply

    Hi Dabig

    Thanks for raising your concerns and contributing to the blog!

    I hear why you would have questions, and you are right to question not only sites such as mine, but also the source of the criticisms you have posted.

    It is difficult to comment on these bullet points one by one because they are so fundamentally incorrect it is difficult to break them down. Being a chemist does not make someone understand microbiology, or any of the effects that alkaline water could have on other areas of our health. Being a chemist gives this person no credibility in this area.

    Similarly, being a doctor/GP does not make you a nutritionist, and it frustrates me how many doctors there are out there who prescribe people to do certain things with their diet.

    Here are some of my comments:

    “Pure water can never be alkaline or acidic, nor can it be made so by electrolysis. Alkaline water must contain metallic ions of some kind — most commonly, sodium, calcium or magnesium.”

    Exactly. Acidic water contains minerals and other ingredients that cause it to have an acidifying effect on the body. Filtering the water through ionisation/distillation cleanses it of these acidifying minerals. This gives us nicely balanced water that is pure and clean. Following this, I add pH drops that alkalise the water by doing exactly what this chemist suggests. The pH drops contain the alkaline minerals of potassium, calcium and sodium.

    “The idea that one must consume alkaline water to neutralize the effects of acidic foods is ridiculous; we get rid of excess acid by exhaling carbon dioxide.”

    This, 100%, is ridiculous. I don’t even know where to start. I guess the best way is with an example. It has been scientifically proven that the consumption of highly acidic food and drink (such as colas) is directly related to the onset of osteoporosis. The reason is because the body HAS to maintain a pH of approx 7.365 in your blood and body fluidds (any doctor will tell you this) and in the same way that the body has to maintain a certain temperature range and will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to do so – your body will also go to whatever measures it has to in order to maintain this pH level in your blood and other fluids. Here is where it gets really obvious that the chemist had no idea what he was talking about. So, to maintain a pH of 7.365 your body draws alkaline minerals to neutralise the acidic food and drink we consume. The body does have SOME buffers to draw from, but if we exhaust these buffers it looks elsewhere. Calcium is the most easily accessible and highly alkaline mineral we have in our body and so the body draws calcium from our bones and other tissues. Hence the onset of osteoporosis.

    If the body could neutralise acid simply through breath alone then we would rarely get cancer. Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment and thrive in acidity. So if all we had to do to maintain alkalinity was breathe, then I think there would be a lot less cancer.

    “If you do drink alkaline water, its alkalinity is quickly removed by the highly acidic gastric fluid in the stomach.”

    Again – fundamentally not true. The stomach produces gastric acid on an as-needed basis.

    “* The claims about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water are not supported by credible scientific evidence.”

    Nor are the claims supporting accupuncture, reiki, iridology, naturopathy or anything else other than mainstream medicine or other endevours that are supported by big business. As if any major pharmaceutical company is going to sponsor research to prove that you don’t need to use their medicines to make yourself well. Credible scientific research costs millions.

    “There is nothing wrong with drinking slightly acidic waters such as rainwater. “Body pH” is a meaningless concept; different parts of the body (and even of individual cells) can have widely different pH values. The pH of drinking water has zero effect on that of the blood or of the body’s cells.”

    Indeed different areas of the body do have widely different pH values. It is the pH of the blood that we are really interested in.

    “If you really want to de-acidify your stomach (at the possible cost of interfering with protein digestion), why spend hundreds of dollars for an electrolysis device when you can take calcium-magnesium pills, Alka-Seltzer or Milk of Magnesia?”

    Again, this chemist has not a clue about this approach to health and really should not be commenting on it. If he had read even one article about it he would not have made such ridiculously uninformed comments. This approach to health is not about deacidifying the stomach! How absurd! His earlier comment showed that. Man, this just makes me laugh! As mentioned, the stomach regulates itself by producing hydrochloric acid on demand. This is about alkalising your blood and other cells. Protein digestion has NOTHING to do with anything!

    Crikey. He is a million miles off the mark with most of his comments.

    I hope this helps to some degree! Good one for questioning things – I really encourage that. And even better for coming here to get both sides of the argument.

    Have a great day and definitely let me know if you have any other questions!


  84. Dabig Reply

    I would love to believe this, so I did some research and found this from a chemist (I too remember chemistry lab in college and had some of the same questions) As is obvious, this person is somewhat negative, however this is from his website, not my thoughts or beliefs. Any comments would be appreciated.

    “Here, in a nutshell, are a few basic facts that I believe anyone with a solid background in chemistry or physiology would concur with”:
    * “Ionized water” is nothing more than sales fiction; the term is meaningless to chemists.
    * Pure water (that is, water containing no dissolved ions) is too unconductive to undergo signficant electrolysis by “water ionizer” devices.
    * Pure water can never be alkaline or acidic, nor can it be made so by electrolysis. Alkaline water must contain metallic ions of some kind — most commonly, sodium, calcium or magnesium.
    * The idea that one must consume alkaline water to neutralize the effects of acidic foods is ridiculous; we get rid of excess acid by exhaling carbon dioxide.
    * If you do drink alkaline water, its alkalinity is quickly removed by the highly acidic gastric fluid in the stomach.
    * Uptake of water occurs mainly in the intestine, not in the stomach. But when stomach contents enter the intestine, they are neutralized and made alkaline by the pancreatic secretions — so all the water you drink eventually becomes alkaline anyway.
    * The claims about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water are not supported by credible scientific evidence.
    * There is nothing wrong with drinking slightly acidic waters such as rainwater. “Body pH” is a meaningless concept; different parts of the body (and even of individual cells) can have widely different pH values. The pH of drinking water has zero effect on that of the blood or of the body’s cells.
    * If you really want to de-acidify your stomach (at the possible cost of interfering with protein digestion), why spend hundreds of dollars for an electrolysis device when you can take calcium-magnesium pills, Alka-Seltzer or Milk of Magnesia?
    * Electrolysis devices are generally worthless for treating water for health enhancement, removal of common impurities, disinfection, and scale control. Claims that “ionized” waters are antioxidants are untrue; hypochlorites (present in most such waters) are in fact oxidizing agents.

  85. C Reply

    Isn’t the mucous just a result of the body detoxifying?

  86. Dr. S Reply

    Correction: while lemons are acidic, they do provoke an alkaline response in the body. In fact, they are probably the safest (time-tested) option on this list.

    @gettingelevated: What you’re saying is incorrect. Both lemons and limes are acidic, and both are natural. There are genetically-engineered (what you could call “man-made” or “man-changed”) variants of both, but there are also many natural forms of both. Both provoke an alkaline response in the body despite being acidic. I don’t understand what’s happening with the “mucous” you’re mentioning. You may have been using a non-natural lemon-based or Vitamin C-based product instead of pure lemon juice, or maybe using a genetically-engineered variant of a lemon, although I doubt the genetically-engineered variant is enough to cause such a problem. Both are chemically and biologically similar and thus should have provoked a similar response. It is true than many people, at first, break out on lemon (or lime) juice, but the problem (if it occurs) goes away almost immediately, and soon after never occurs again. It becomes a miracle cure.

  87. gettingelevated Reply

    lemons are not good. highly acidic and causes alot of mucous. confirmation of this is that i did the master cleanse on lemons instead of limes. limes are alkaline. what i found out is after i did 9 days on master cleanse i had alot of mucous for 5 days after i broke the fast. lemons have incomplete molecular structures. they are man-made. check it out. don’t believe me…………..

  88. jasmina Reply

    iwant to have it, is it bought even in holland or can i purchase it online and would i lose weight by drinking water with lemon?

  89. Lenore Reply

    Ok, I’ve seen the theory that when lemon juice is metabolized, the “ash” that remains is alkaline. Still, if anyone has ulcers, drinking lemon water isn’t advisable.

  90. Lenore Reply

    How do you get alkaline water by adding lemon juice? Lemon juice is acidic (citric acid).

  91. Ross Reply

    The only problem with drinking hot or cold drinks (to the best of my knowledge) is that it means that your body has to use energy to cool or heat them. It shouldnt have any real negative effect on the benefit of the drink itself.

    Best temperature is just slightly warmed.

    When I make lemon water I usually squeeze in the lemon, add 3/4 room temp water and then just top it up with a bit from the kettle. Have you tried having it luke warm? You might like it as much as you like it cold…?!

    Hope you have a cracker of a weekend

  92. Tamara Reply

    I drink a lot of lemon water a day, BUT i can only stand it ics cold. Is there any problems with drinking it ice cold? And does it affect the bowels adversley being drunk ice cold?

  93. drinking water filter Reply


    how much it cost…? i want to purchase it online..?

  94. Elizabeth Pierre-Noel Reply

    How much does the alkaline machine cost and how can I order one?