Colloidal Silver Benefits

The chances are, you’ve probably never heard of colloidal silver.

If I told you that it was a completely natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-yeast, anti-bacterial that had zero side effects, enhanced your immune system, cleared up acne and other skin conditions and protected you against infection – do you wonder why you’ve never heard of it?

If so, read on…

The Natural Antibiotic That’s Better Than Antibiotics!

Colloidal silver is seriously not getting the press it deserves. This totally natural substance is probably one of the most important medical and scientific discoveries of the past 100 years, yet hardly anyone has ever heard of it. It really is the most important and versatile supplement on Earth.

Colloidal Silver:

  • Clinically proven to KILL over 540 strains of bacteria (tested by the Environmental Protection Agency) as a non-toxic, natural disinfectant.
  • Silver is a natural germicide, killing germs and even viruses on contact
  • Colloidal Silver also kills yeast, making it incredibly useful for athletes foot, thrush and other fungal infections
  • Colloidal Silver is also extremely effective topically, you can just spray it straight onto acne, burns, scrapes, eczema or other skin complaints. I personally had amazing results with the skin on my face and back.
  • It is so effective the subway system in Hong Kong is routinely sprayed with colloidal silver. And has been such a success, Transport for London are considering doing the same for the underground.
  • It’s something you’ve probably never heard of and are probably now wondering WHY?

A Mini-Rant Against The Pharmaceutical Industry

The single reason why you’ve probably never heard of colloidal silver is this:

International law prevents companies from patenting naturally occuring elements – including silver

In simple terms, you can’t make much money from it. And because the big pharmas can’t patent and make money from it, all of their research money goes into drugs that they can patent, control and rinse profits from.

Colloidal silver is so effective, and therefore such a threat – no resources have been put towards promoting it and researching it. What’s more, it is such a threat that pharmaceutical companies have been lobbying the FDA to ban it!

As with most natural health products, the problem is – without big $s it is really tough to get extensive research conducted and this $ is only ever going to go towards drugs that can be patented and profited from.

The Top Six (Exciting) Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver actually has many, many benefits – not just your obvious anti-bacterial/anti-fungal benefits that you would generally turn to antibiotics for (boring, but important!). Here are just a handful of the best:

  • Acne: colloidal silver simply works. I’ve used it. I had bad skin. I don’t have bad skin any more! Using silver (in combination with omega 3) has seriously helped. I don’t ever really get acne anymore and I never think about it – it doesn’t trouble me at all! I just wish I knew about this stuff back in the 90’s!
  • Thrush/Athletes Foot: By ingesting 1-2 tablespoons per day and spraying directly onto the affected area 3x per day you will see a significant improvement within a day or two – without medication. Of course, you should see a qualified physician and not take that statement as medical advice. I’m making that statement based on my own experience.
  • Ear/Nose/Eye/Throat Infection:as mentioned, and as with the yeast/athletes foot note above – colloidal silver kills hundreds of bacteria, yeasts etc on contact. Drop droplets into your nasal cavity (for nose), or drop droplets in (for the ear) and spray or drop directly into the mouth (for throat). For the throat you can also mix into a small amount of water and gargle before swallowing.
  • Mouth Ulcers: This is a great one – it makes mouth ulcers go away in 24-48 hours. Great if, like me, ulcers used to hang around for a week or so. Just mix the silver into a small amount of water and swirl around your mouth before swallowing.
  • Parasites: if you’re thinking of starting a parasite cleanse, then along with wormwood, cloves and black walnut hulls – silver is essential. Silver is so rapid and effective at killing parasites and boosting the performance of your immune system that you can’t really do without it!
  • Skin Conditions/Burns:Because silver is totally natural and soothing, it can be sprayed directly onto burns, cuts, grazes etc to completely disinfect and prevent any further infection. It has also been clinically proven (see here) that using silver speeds the healing process significantly and reduces scarring.

Does It Really Work? Has It Been Proven?

I know that there are thousands of health sites out there touting the genius of thousands of products and so-called miracles, but colloidal silver is totally proven, without doubt.

pH Ion themselves are being consulted with and numerous independent hospitals, universities and private laboratories have been, and currently are, doing work on Silvagen as an antibiotic alternative and as a safe, external bacteria killing agent. Human tests for both external and internal usage are currently underway. Test work completes to date includes: antibiotic test comparisons; thousands of tests against different kinds of bacteria; yeast elimination work; safety and toxicity data; independent tests against other, similar silver products; water treatment tests, etc.

Here are a few other academic/research journal publications proving the efficacy of colloidal silver:

But…what is it?

Colloidal silver is simply the mixture of two ingredients: distilled water and tiny, tiny silver particles (colloids are the smallest biological form of any matter). These colloids are so small they pass through membranes and thus skip the entire digestive process – making them really easily absorbed by the body.

There are no known side effects to taking a good quality colloidal silver. It is totally natural and the body only uses what it needs (you can’t overdose).

SilvagenWhere You Can Buy Colloidal Silver

Here at of course. We really, really recommend Silvagen, by pH Ion.

We certainly have other colloidal silver brands available, but this is the one I personally use and so it is my personal recommendation! Click here for more info on Silvagen.

I use silver every day, usually just as a daily top up for my immune system and to kill yeasts & bacteria in my body (by adding it to my water/green drink or just dropping into my mouth) – and as well as this I use it topically when the need arises!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments by leaving a post below or by emailing me (click on my face).

Have a great day and stay healthy

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  1. Mary L Nicholson Reply

    I read that ancients would put a solid silver coin in milk jugs, or store milk in real silver urns to keep it fresh. Would cs do the same to keep bacteria from forming in milk?

    • ross Reply

      I’d avoid milk, and this sounds like a reasonably unreliable way to keep bacteria out of drinks.

  2. YVONNE Reply

    Is Colloidal silver acidic or alkaline?Y

    • ross Reply


  3. Nadia Reply

    I have canser and it make me a wound i have used the brand you are using. It just keep the wound moist, i have yse it for 3 weeks and i 7 spoons per day

  4. christine joy garapan Reply

    is it good fr 2years old? he always have broncho asthma

    • christine joy garapan Reply

      he always take meptin medicine and will be ok after few days only, then again he will have runny nose and cough.

  5. Lashay Reply

    Where to buy colloidal sliver at

    • ross Reply maybe?

  6. Elena Kluchnik Reply

    I have LYME DISEASE (for 7 years) & extremely bad yeast from a diabetic medication (that causes yeast) and just Colloidal silver alone does nothing but with black walnut it seems to work but I don’t know the amount of black walnut to put with it? do you have any idea what the ratio is? thank you!

  7. Alessandro Reply

    Hi Ross,
    congratulations for this interesting article about colloidal silver. I appreciated it very much.
    I’m Italian but I’ve been living in London for 2 years. I make myself my colloidal silver using using an american generator and I use it for almost everything. I’ve been using colloidal silver maybe for 2 years. It’s a miracle of the nature!!
    I wonder why here in London colloidal silver it’s not so used and nobody talks about that……….
    I’ll keep reading your interesting articles, thank you!

  8. Vicki U Reply

    Colloidal silver is the answer for eczema. Have suffered for years with eczema, after three days using the silver…it is gone.

  9. Lisa Quain Reply

    Great article and information, love it !
    Going back to natural therapies is the only way to be really healthy.
    The simpler the better, because if its simple and easy, then people will do it, if its difficult and hard, people don’t do it.
    Colloidal silver is one of the easiest things to use, and so effective, its no wonder modern chemical based medicine does not want the public to know about it.

  10. Carol Reply

    I have used colloidal silve for a fungal infection, and not found it to be very effective. The best one I found was in Australia, and I have not found one as good in the UK. The way it is prepared varies from one company to another…

  11. chelsey ingbrtison Reply

    My stepmom just brought over some colloidal silver spray for my throat. Ive had a really sore throat and fever for 2 days now and I NEVER GET SICk. So far so good it is tasteless and I think it is already starting to clear up and ive sprayed in about 6 times in the last 2 hrs. I ll have to see how its doing in the morning. I even gargled salt and applied it directly and nothing has helped so Im optimistic about this. My girlfriend is an RN and she said they use silver in wraps for wounds and burns, and Im a hairdresser and silver used in flatirons for antibacterial purposes. My girlfriend did raise an interesting question though. Will silver cause bateria to become more resistant like antibiotics did?????
    anyways she bought my colloidal silver spray from Natures Fare in Vernon b.c. Canada, Im sure you can buy it from most health food stores.
    Cheers love the blog

  12. Janni Reply

    What are your thoughts on the fact that it could cause Argyria? Is it safe? What doses/duration doyo recommend?

  13. Lucinda Reply

    I’m putting it directly onto infections using a tissue, I think this is just as good as spraying. I just poor a little into a shot glass and don’t re dip any tissue I’ve already used.

    Thanks for the info Ross, I’m now using it to help with a golden staph skin infection…hope it works!

  14. Scott Brady Reply

    Hey Ross

    Nice article. I’m gonna get me some of this and give it a go.

    One question: you mention that it can be sprayed onto skin etc. Does the product come with a spray? If not, what do you suggest? I just worry that transferring the liquid to a plastic spray bottle may harm the product??



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  16. Ross Reply

    Hey Katherine

    I guess you’re based in the USA from your blog (nice blog btw) – so check out this product – it’s one of the Silver products we retail in the UK and I completely trust it and use it myself!

    If you want to pick one up from a health shop locally – go for one that is 10 ppm – just look on the side of the pack.

    Hope this all helps – have a great day and I hope to see you back here soon!

  17. katharine Reply

    the one thing with collodiol silver i’ve had an issue with is finding it! i read about it all the time and have had a hard time figuring out if a) what i’m buying is actually the right thing and b) am i getting scammed by price?

  18. joy Reply

    LOVE your mini-rant. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing your views on natural nutrition and healing the body, mind and spirit with your wisdom and positivity.

    Your zest for life is contagious. Great blog, keep up the amazing work.