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Would you love to wake up in the morning feeling all energised and vitalised, keeping your energy levels up throughout the day and still feel awake and energised after a busy day at work?

Probably all of us would agree to that, however the reality is usually very different: we feel tired and sluggish and all we want after a hectic day is to put our feet up! If you belong to this ever increasing number of people who are suffering from regular fatigue and low-energy levels then it might be time to turn this around and get your body fully re-energised and revitalised again!

A daily intake of ‘green drinks’ will do the trick! They can instantly help to get rid of sluggishness and fatigue by giving your body all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs to work efficiently. This in turn will significantly boost your energy levels and hence improve your overall health and quality of life.

Give your body a real kick-start and long-lasting energy with green drinks – probably the most nutritious drink on the planet! We promise that you will notice the difference!

In the following article we are therefore going to look at some of the factors causing fatigue and low-energy levels, briefly outline what green drinks actually are, what they contain and what their core health benefits are. Following that, we are going to look at how green drinks can actually increase our energy levels and give a quick overview of the best energy-boosting green drinks.

What are the Key Factors Causing Fatigue and Low-Energy Levels?

When we speak to family members, friends and work colleagues about our general state of health, vitality, fitness levels, etc, a very common feeling that we seem to share is that we often feel quite tired, exhausted and sluggish.

The reasons for these feelings are varied and can stem from a variety of external and internal factors, such as work-related- and/or emotional stress, lack of sleep, low levels of exercise and importantly an unhealthy diet- and lifestyle.

Especially in our western hemisphere where we often tend to turn into ‘couch potatoes’ and a significant part of our diet consists of processed, unhealthy and therefore acidifying foods, this so-called ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ is unfortunately very common.

In this article we will particularly look at internal factors causing this and hence it is very important to look at the acid/alkaline state of our body, as this is very crucial in getting to the bottom of the internal factors causing low-energy levels and fatigue. Generally we can say that our body always strives to maintain an acid/alkaline balance in order for our body functions to work efficiently and prevent us from disease.

All of our body’s internal mechanisms such as circulation, digestion and even breathing are constantly working hard in keeping this balance.

If our body gets out of balance, caused by an over acidification of our tissues and body fluids, we are laying the grounds for illnesses and diseases. Common symptoms are flu and colds, headaches, skin problems and allergies.

These syndromes increase and appear more frequently the longer our body is in such an unbalanced state. The reason for this is that our body starts to pull alkaline minerals out of our tissues in order to compensate for this imbalance. In the worst case our blood cannot balance the acid overload anymore and hence excess acid is dumped into our tissues. Our immune system must therefore neutralise what it can and getting rid of everything else.

Robert Young, the alkaline diet pioneer, calls this “getting rid of” acid from the tissues and transporting them right back into the blood a vicious cycle, as in such an instance our body needs to draw even more alkaline minerals out of our tissues stressing our organs and bodily functions. An acidic body produces toxins which reduce the absorption of minerals, proteins, and other nutrients. This weakens the body’s ability to produce enzymes, hormones and various other chemical components, which are essential for organ activity and cell activity.

Over-acidification and therefore imbalance of the body is caused by too much acidic waste such as yeast, fungus, bacteria, viruses and moulds. They deplete our supply of B-complex vitamins, iron and other minerals. Their toxic waste is the main culprit for syndromes like chronic fatigue and low-energy levels.

The key problem and according to Dr Young the “fatigue vicious circle number one” is that low energy levels encourage overgrowth of harmful microforms, which in turn cause even lower energy levels and so on…!

How can we therefore prevent this over acidification of the body and therefore common syndromes like chronic fatigue?

The simple answer is to keep our body in an acid/alkaline balance!

As we have mentioned above, there are also very important external factors like high stress levels, negative emotions, lack of physical activity, etc which determine the acid/alkaline balance of our body and therefore these need to be addressed too. Concentrating on the internal factors, we need to keep our body in an alkaline state so that our bodily functions can work at their most efficient level, increase our overall health and therefore also boost our energy levels.

This can be achieved by giving our body the right ‘fuel’ in terms of providing our body with all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients that it needs to functions at its best. We can give our body this ‘fuel’ with the foods we consume, which means that we should firstly include as many alkaline-forming foods as possible in our diet and on the same token cut out as many highly acidifying foods as we can.

Alkaline-forming foods are generally all green vegetables, fresh herbs, seeds, sprouts, low-sugar fruits and healthy oils. Highly acidifying foods on the other hand are processed foods, high-sugar foods, meat, caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, pickled foods and high-sugar fruits.

Besides a healthy and alkaline diet we can also supply our body with these nutrients and therefore keep an alkaline state in form of so-called ‘green drinks’, which we are going to look at more closely next.

What are ‘Green Drinks’, What do they Contain and What are their Core Health Benefits?

Green drinks vary in terms of ingredients, however the majority of them are a blend of highly alkalising and nutritious ingredients like green vegetables, herbs, green grasses, sprouts and low-sugar fruits.

All the ingredients are dried at a very low temperature in order to keep all the enzymes viable and sold in either powder or capsule form. They infuse our body with easily absorbed minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Green powder mixed in good quality alkaline water is rich in electrons and very effective in keeping our body highly alkaline.

The core health benefit of green drinks is that they help to alkalise our body by eliminating all the acidic waste stored inside. They therefore play a crucial part in keeping our body in balance and therefore preventing our body from becoming overly acidic, which is according to Dr Young “the cause for illness and disease”.

Hence green drinks can drastically reduce the amount of excess acidic waste such as yeast, mould, fungi and toxins in the body; they can help ward off illnesses and reduce the amount of infections and inflammations in the body.

They can also reduce our cravings for acidifying and high-sugar foods and very importantly give us an instant and sustainable energy boost, which we will look at in more detail below.

To put it in a nutshell, green drinks are some of the lowest-sugar, lowest-calorie and most nutrient rich foods on the planet!

How can Green Drinks give us a Real and Long-Lasting Energy Boost?

Most green drinks are a blend of ingredients which can provide our body with over 125 easily absorbed vitamins and minerals, amino acids (protein) and fibre.

In particular, green vegetables are extremely nutrient-dense and provide us with all the minerals, vitamins and micronutrients we need. They are full of fibre, which act like a sponge soaking up all the acidic waste and also full of enzymes, which are required for every chemical activity in the body. Enzymes get destroyed by cooking vegetables at a heat of over 50C, which is why the green drink is a fantastic source of viable enzymes. Vegetables are also rich in so-called photo nutrients, which are highly biologically active and according to Dr Young neutralise or eliminate excess acids.

Besides green vegetables, the other main ingredients of green drinks are grasses like wheat grass and barley grass, which are both particularly nutritious. They are generally even more nutrient-dense than vegetables which makes the list of their health benefits go on and on…! Wheat grass for example includes every mineral, trace mineral and every vitamin in the B-complex family, has one of the highest pro-vitamin A contents of any food and is rich in vitamins K, C and E. Barley grass is extremely high in vitamin B1 and vitamin C.

One of the key components of green drinks is chlorophyll, which produces the green colour in vegetables and plants and helps them absorb light. Dr Young calls it the “blood of plants”, as its chemical components and molecular structure is very similar to that of our human blood. Its molecular structure is similar to that of haemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that gives them their red colour and helps them transport oxygen. Chlorophyll is the same with the exception of the central atom, which is magnesium rather than iron. It also has the same effects in the body as iron and thus cleanses and builds our own blood naturally.

The core benefits of chlorophyll are that it cleanses the blood, helps the blood cells deliver oxygen throughout the body, and makes stronger blood and thus stronger blood cells.

Due to stronger blood and higher oxygen levels chlorophyll is nature’s most effective energy booster giving you instant and long-lasting energy.

Green drinks which are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, chlorophyll and electrons therefore have a highly alkalising effect on our body and thus help our bodily functions to work as efficient as possible. They contain all the raw materials to power our cells, which means that our blood does not need to pull alkaline minerals out of our tissues or leach them from the bones or muscles.

The overall effect is that green drinks help our bodies to function like a well-oiled and serviced machine, which always performs at its peak!

The important point to stress is that green drinks give us long-lasting and sustainable energy in contrast to ‘quick energy’ which e.g. foods high in sugar provide us with. Although sugar instantly raises our blood glucose (and give us energy), it falls very quickly and can leave us feeling sluggish and tired.

So if you want to start to feel awake, vitalised and re-energised every day then give these green drinks a try and feel the instant energy boost!

Which Green Drinks are the Most Powerful Energy Boosters?

As I have mentioned above, there are a variety of green drinks available on the market with slightly different ingredients and tastes. These ones below are some of our favourites, which are all very high-quality and highly effective green drinks.

  • Dr Robert Young Doc Brocs Power Plants: This is Dr Young’s latest and of the most potent, alkalising and nutrient-dense green drink on the market. One 1lb tub contains 20lbs of fresh grasses, vegetables, low-sugar fruits and other plants at a concentration of 20:1! He also calls it a 4th generation green drink, as it carries an electrical charge which energises your body functions naturally.
  • Perfectlyhealthy Mega Greens with MSM: This is a highly concentrated blend of 34 superfoods, 17 amino acids, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, omega oils and enzymes providing you with all the alkaline ingredients your body needs for maximum energy, renewal and cell support.
  • pHion Green Superfood: This green drink is packed with over 30 different highly alkaline foods such as barley grass and wheat grass. It also contains Cerecalase® a patented blend that makes the nutrients in Green 48% more bio-available (absorbable by the body) than the greens in other products.
  • Inner Balance Pure Energy Greens: This is Anthony Robbin’s latest green drink, which is a specially formulated blend of fresh and alkaline-forming dense green vegetables and natural fibres, which increases energy levels and helps to restore a healthy pH balance.
  • Young pHorever ChloropHeal – Liquid Chlorophyll: ChloropHeal is the world’s most concentrated, unrefined, natural source of chlorophyll developed by Dr Young. This supplement gives you instant energy, whilst alkalising your cells, detoxifying your body and boosting your immune system.

This article has highlighted the fact that green drinks are not only extremely healthy, but are also an easy and convenient way of providing our bodies with all the nutrients that will help us feel fully revitalised and energised!

Why not give these green drinks a try and help your body to really boost your energy levels?!

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  1. Jennifer Ireland Reply

    Where can you buy these green drinks?

    Which is the most effective for trauma survivors/ptsd?

  2. John Reply

    Contrary to this article, neither Inactivity nor a poor diet cause the disabling neuroimmune disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (now more commonly called ME/CFS). The cause is unknown (per the CDC), and there is no effective treatment.

    Of course, a healthy diet will help any patient with any disease. This includes ME/CFS.

    However, increased exercise is not indicated for these patients. Anything beyond the mildest of exertion leads to disease relapse, and this is the hallmark symptoms of ME/CFS (called “post-exertional malaise”).

    Being a couch potato does not cause ME/CFS. ME/CFS patients are couch potatoes out of disease necessity. Exertion makes them much sicker, often for days or weeks. Many patients were quite athletic before being stricken with ME/CFS.

    ME/CFS is a very twisted, cruel, and frequently misunderstood disease. And anyone can get it. No one is immune.

  3. Elanor Krawitz Reply

    I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  4. Mohammad Mahbub Alam Reply

    Good in case of information. Pl. give a detail list of green vegetable which are alkaline in our tropical countries like SE Asia

  5. Rene Kittelsen Reply

    Give it a try folks!
    Don’t have to over do it, just follow the instructions and you’ll do fine.

    I’m waiting for my Inner balance pure energy greens, and I’m so excited! 🙂

    Don’t doom yourselves with pharmaceutical BS!

    Do it the all natural way, go green!
    This is the future!

  6. Linda Reply

    Is it possible to get too much chlorophyll? Can have my green drinks and also take a chlorophyll supplement? Thank you! Love my green drinks

  7. john Singh Reply

    What are low sugar fruits? Why are these more beneficial for you than high sugar fruits?

  8. Gina Reply

    Can you cleanse too fast on high potency green drinks, and if so, what does it look/feel like?

  9. Sarah Reply

    Anthocyanin lowers the risk of cardio vascular disease and stroke, lowers cholesterol and relieves arthritis. Acai berries are being derived from cellular power plants that are primarily responsible for daily energy levels. Proleva uses Acai as one of its ingredients which helps in boosting energy levels.