One Clear Reason NOT To Drink Cow’s Milk


cows milkHello again on this fine, sunny Melbourne afternoon. This is going to be a short, but powerful blog post. My kind of blog post. It will give you, as promised a single, simple and unquestionable reason NOT to drink cow’s milk.

If you were bordering on the edge of being a dairy drinker, but not quite sure – this will make your mind up!

Stop Drinking Cow’s Milk – A Clear Reason

I’ve been doing some research into a few customer questions lately, in particular about alkalising and pregnancy. So it turns out that one of the main reasons why people struggle to get pregnant is because of low levels of a hormone called progesterone in the female.

This essential hormone is often out of sync and needs to be kept at a certain level to support pregnancy and apparently a lot of women, unfortunately, have low progesterone levels.

Now, this led me to research a little about how this might be increased (naturally, of course) and one of the suggestions that keeps coming up is this alarming little tidbit:

Milk products are rich in progesterone due to the fact that dairy cows have progesterone surges from carrying their calves. (Source:

At first I was like, ‘Oh right…’ and then I thought ‘WHAT?!’ – milk from pregnant cows pass on progesterone to me, you, kids, the elderly, babies – all of us!

This is disgraceful and disgusting.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerI knew milk contained some crap, along with the saturated fat and lactose (which were enough to make me quit the dairy alone), but on further inspection the Worldwide Health Centre also confirm it contains:

…a cocktail drink of pituitary hormones, steroid hormones, thyroid and parathyroid hormones, gastrointestinal peptides, growth factors, growth inhibitors, fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, blood, pus, antibiotics, bacteria and viruses

Oh my… goes on to explain:

rBGH is injected into cows in order to elevate IGF-1 levels and increase milk production. Human and bovine IGF-1 is chemically identical,2 and this is important to note because when IGF-1 levels are elevated in injected cows, IGF-1 is secreted into the milk you drink. This IGF-1 also survives the pasteurization process.3 This means: your IGF-1 levels become elevated when you drink milk from a cow that’s been injected with rBGH…you must know that elevated IGF-1 levels in adults is linked to many cancers and tumors. 1,2,3,4,5,6

Even children are not immune from the health effects of elevated IGF-1 levels, which can include childhood bone cancer.10 Sadly, diseases in youth associated with elevated IGF-1 levels don’t end with bone cancer 7 . Other side effects can include juvenile onset (Type I) diabetes (by destroying insulin-producing pancreatic cells), allergic reactions, allergy, ear and tonsillar infections, bedwetting, asthma, and intestinal bleeding. (Source: – see references below)

Oh dear.

So my message is clear – stop drinking cow’s milk. Simple as that!

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  2. kat Reply

    Thanks for this!
    I’m weaning my son of breast milk when he is 12months & I want a substitute for the what seems to be ‘normal’ for children and adults these days…. cow’s milk! Why dont’ people understand that cows milk is for fattening calves. And they stop drinking it once their are weaned. Why are humans the only ones drinking animals milk past ‘babyhood’??? Babies wean themselves off their mums milk & mum’s milk supply stops, as it is no longer needed!
    The looks I get when I mention ‘Im not giving my boy cow’s milk’ are upsetting!
    Unfortunately our society today has become accustomed to it and cow’s milk is ‘normal’ – & dairy companies are very good at marketing the ‘importance’ and ‘need’ for all the dairy benifits!

  3. KIM Reply

    I found this fact is very interesting, based on my own experience few years ago, I had a very bad Intestine infection. At first I didnt realize that it was from milk, and keep taking the medication but I kept having diarrhea badly for quite sometime, until I went back to the doctor and gave me full observation. From here we found that I’m a lactose intolerant. So from that moment I stop any of dairy intake. The infection was cure now and I had no more diarrhea or any other allergic problem.

  4. Rita Reply

    At 1 year of age, babies are told to be given cow’s milk. What should they be given instead? Any ideas?

    • Mary Reply

      Pure Coconut water is really good as breast milk.
      I have Soy and lactose intolerance, so I drink Coconut water.
      I buy this brand O.N.E. is 100% coconut water and you can buy it in any supermarket. I love it.

  5. Dave Jones Reply

    Hi – I am a former nurse in the U.K. and a few years ago did some research into prostate cancer. I came across a book By Jane Plant on prostate cancer which lead me to her book about prolonged intake of diary products being a factor in causing breast cancer.This book gives her personal experience of being healed from breast cancer and is called “Your Life in Your Hands “

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  7. Bill Reply

    I agree with you about cows milk and dairy in general. It should be avoided! I used to be a dairy fanatic and always suffered congestion at night. This was normal I thought.

    I now am into raw vegan foods and use almond milk instead. It tastes delicious, is far more nutritious and does not contain any of the nasty chemicals that dairy contains. I buy my almonds organic and by the box and blend my own milk every second day usually.

    I now get to enjoy the great feeling of being able to breathe through my nose at night too! 🙂

  8. Renatha Reply

    Thank you for your info.
    Good luck to your blog.

  9. SA Reply

    Hi – Very true of commercially produced cows milk and a big problem in the USA. Fortunately in the UK its not that bad better regualations than the states. If you really want milk then stick to goats milk, and if there is craving for cows milk then choose organic 100% A2 milk, (raw/unpastuerised), unhomogonised . Otherwise my preference is fresh Almond milk (btw watch out for supermarket almonds many are pastuerised using chemicals hence the cheap prices). Stick to Almonds from Europe.