Dramatically Reduce Rosacea with the Alkaline Diet

alkaline diet rosacea

As I am very much in a Q&A mood today, I am going to post my thoughts on another question that I frequently get asked:

Can an alkaline diet help with rosacea?

I believe it is a BIG YES – read on to find out how.

Rosacea: What it Is and How a Rosacea Diet Can Help

Pronounced roh-zay-sha, Rosacea is a skin condition that affects many millions of people around the world. It is a condition that leads to the appearance of redness around the cheeks, forehead, chin and lower nose.

It often resembles acne, and as such it is often confused for this (and is sometimes referred to as Rosacea Acne). However, it is an important distinction to make that Rosacea is not acne.

It does not have the same causes, effects, treatments etc and as such should be treated differently.

According to Rosacea.org – symptoms include:

  • Redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead
  • Small visible blood vessels on the face
  • Bumps or pimples on the face
  • Watery or irritated eyes

According to the organisation, there is no known cause and no known medical treatment available. Frequently used medical interventions have included topical and tablet antibiotics, steroid ointments and light/laser treatments.

However, none of these treatments fight the cause, only the symptoms – which is why so many people have turned to nutrition, like a rosacea diet, as a way to lessen the effects of Rosacea.

Alkaline and Rosacea Diet

Due to its cleansing nature, many people have turned to the alkaline diet as a way to combat Rosacea. The alkaline diet consists almost entirely of cleansing vegetables, low sugar fruits, pure water, soups and juices, salads, omega oils etc and as such it provides the skin with all of the nutrition it needs to remain healthy, making alkaline diet also tagged as a rosacea diet.

It has been widely recognised that Rosacea is in the large part a vascular problem whereby Rosacea blood vessels change in terms of their function and their structure.

Alkaline Recipe BookAs ever, when assessing the potential for an alkaline diet to lessen the problem it just so happens, once again, that acids such as sugar, coffee, tea, alcohol, trans (and other bad) fats and cigarettes are predominantly the cause of vascular dilation/flushing.

For instance it has been noted that fizzy drinks and junk drinks containing aspartame and or artificial sweeteners cause excessive redness in approximately 30% of rosacea sufferers and should be cut out entirely.

Stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes, and excessive sugar from sweets and soda are vascular dilators, the cause of vascular dilation, or flushing, and should be avoided as they are all “acidic foods” or “toxins”.

Once these food are consumed, they wreak havoc in our body.


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Obviously you have figured out that they are very acidic and you need alkaline foods and drinks to neuralize the acids given off naturally by exercise, walking or any movement (lactic acid) and to neuralize the large amount of “acidic foods and drinks” that we “like or are used to consuming” and wish to continue.

Sodas (soft drinks, pop) containing aspartame and or NutraSweet cause excessive redness in approximately 30% of rosacea sufferers and should be avoided. Anything that affects the entire body, brain, and nervous system to awaken it in the morning or stimulate it during the day can easily stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil that has to leave the body via the pores. Also, stimulants create stress, redness, flushing, rosacea papules and acne pimples.

In their book Rosacea: Your Self-Help Guide Arlen Brownstein, Donna Shoemaker highlight nutrition as a prinicple piece of the jigsaw in fighting Rosacea. They recommend a series of suggestions that sound eerily like embarking on an alkaline diet for rosacea:

  • Eat a diet high in fibre, with plenty of raw and lightly steamed vegetables, and cut out grains. Instead use brown rice, buckwheat, oats, amaranth, quinoa.
  • Use fresh vegetable juices. Consider buying a juicer and a book on juicing.
  • Eat berries (low sugar fruits), e.g. bilberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc. for vitamin C and bioflavonoid content.
  • Avoid foods which cause flushing, e.g. hot drinks, spicy foods, alcohol, coffee.
  • Avoid beef, pork, lamb and the skin of chicken and turkey, as well as dairy produce. These promote inflammation.
  • Avoid fried foods for the same reason.
  • Avoid salt and sugar.
  • Allow food to cool slightly before eating it.
  • A vegetarian or vegan diet may be best suited.

They also go on to suggest:

  • A multivitamin and multimineral
  • An antioxidant formula
  • Digestive Enzymes, and
  • An omega oil blend


To eat alkaline, I recommend eating lots of fresh, nutrient dense foods (such as those listed above) and avoid acid-forming foods such as chocolate, crisps, chips, sweets, sugars, meats, dairy, coffee, alcohol, bad fats etc.

Since I launched my Alkaline Quick Start Course in 2013 I’ve had heaps of people (including those with Rosacea) email me to say they’ve experienced massive improvements with their skin. Rosacea has been clearing up, eczema and psoriasis have been disappearing and people with acne (including me) cannot believe the difference that a change in diet/lifestyle has made.

The evidence to me suggests that Rosacea can be dramatically improved with a diet that is rich in these alkaline foods and I really urge you look into it further.

So if you experience Rosacea why not give this a try?

Admittedly it will look a little daunting to you at first…

But why not try a transitional approach to starting the alkaline diet?

For instance, rather than trying it all at once, why not:

First concentrate on breakfast: have an alkaline breakfast every day for one week or until you are happy with it, then move on to lunch.

[Click here for my 2-Week Alkaline Breakfast Plan]

Alternatively you could first try to transition the acids out of your life.

Switch from coffee to herbal teas, then switch from dairy to almond milk etc.



Here are some of my most popular and beneficial guides to get you started (all absolutely free):

    • Download my Definitive Acid/Alkaline Food Chart & Starter Pack





Further resources for the Rosacea Diet:

Rosacea Organisation
Rosacea Books
Mayo Clinic on Rosacea

UPDATE: I’ve just received an email from a nutritional microscopist who has had some amazing results from alkalising for his rosacea:

In a search for better health during my own personal struggle with Crohn’s disease, Rosacea and acne all I wanted was a solution that made sense. No doctor I saw was able to offer long-term hope. They said that there is no known cause, cure and that it would likely shorten my life significantly.

Through my teenage years I found myself in and out of the hospital and Dr.’s offices. New unexplained inflammatory challenges sprung up every year and predicting how I’d be feeling any given month in the future was impossible. Imagine how amazed I was over 13 years later with the discovery and application of this research to find out every one of my doctors were misinformed.

There was an answer.

As I addressed the imbalance by using Dr. Robert O. Young’s principals of alkalizing the fluids and tissues of my body. Within days I noticed significant change and within 6 months I was symptom free. I have been completely free of what was previously daily/weekly/monthly symptoms of poor digestion, gas, bloating, inflammation and pain in my stomach and intestines as well as severe acne & rosacea for years – thanks to the pH Miracle Diet and Lifestyle and Dr. Robert and Shelley Young’s research.

So unlike most messages today on health be confident in the knowledge that you can actually take control of your own health. If you desire, choose to apply the Young’s principles or supplements to your lifestyle. That first step will begin a transformation in your life and allow you to take your first steps toward true long-term health and personal well-being. As a Dr. Young tranined nutritional microscopist I am continually amazed that, although this “New Biology”(R) of alkalizing is arguably the greatest scientific discovery to date, it remains generally unknown by the masses. But there is a current shift in conciousness due to a myriad of factors not the least being that people in the United States have reached a crisis point. Many individuals and families are facing escalating health challenges despite traditional medical treatments that they are actively seeking outside the box. And while a surprising many parents don’t care much about their own health they do care about the health of their children.

This has opened a door for many marketing opportunists and unproven yet appealing alternative methods within the media. From The Atkins, the Zone diet, Nutrasystem to Weight Watchers, the market has become saturated with new ways to “get healthy” or “lose weight” which has further confused people. But the confusion is the lesser evil as most of these “diet” trends and products are actually harmful to your health.

However, on a positive note, this “health” focused market, has begun to stir up the findings of microbiologist and research scientist, Dr. Robert O. Young who has until recently been little heard from or acknowledged but whose research has opened the door into a “New Biology”(R) he calls the pH Miracle Diet and Lifestyle.

-Mike Costa
Nutritional Microscopist

Awesome stuff!

If you have rosacea and need some help — OR — if you had rosacea and you calmed it naturally with diet leave me a comment in the comments section below!



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  1. Lara Reply

    Hello ! Thanks for your info on rosacea . I have developed it in the last year and am looking for natural treatments. I drink Kangen water , no alcohol , no grains, no sugar , no processed food . But I eat a lot of red meat. I’m a real carnivore . I do a lot of rigorous exercise in the heat of a tropical climate , I see a lot of sun swimming and other outdoor sports. I don’t use beauty products but have started wearing a natural make up with sunscreen to cover up my skin so I feel better. I am 52, fair skinned, strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. I don’t want to stop the exercise . I’m worried about putting stuff on my skin in case it makes it worse . Can you help ?

  2. Heather Whelan Reply

    Hello Ross

    I’ve enjoyed reading all about your experience with the alkaline diet. I love learning about health and nutrition, so can you please send me a 7 day alkaline eating plan. I’ve abused my body with alcohol and binge eating for many years and I’m desperate for a healthy routine structure in my daily diet. As a result of my poor consumption choices, I’ve battled with inconsistent weight and rosacea. Can you please help me to establish a daily food regime to live a long and healthier life?

    Thanks so much

  3. maura conway Reply

    Are squeezed lemons in a glass of hot water a good thing to drink if you have rosacea? I was recommended this for a urinary tract infection.

  4. Mel Reply

    My husband has extreme rosacea and eczema on his face and after a couple of days of following your alkaline diet we started to see a major improvement. But then last night he broke out again and has red lesions on his face.. Do you think this could be part of the detox? I have been making him the bitter green juice daily and he’s been eating mainly greens, a little fish and almonds and smoothies. He had some kidney beans cooked lightly with some tinned tomatoes (not fresh) last night so wondering whether this triggered it or perhaps the sun yesterday as he is prone to sunburn. Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Mel

      So great to hear these results, and it’s very encouraging.

      Firstly it’s not uncommon to have an up and down (then up) pattern of rebalancing. I am quite sure that simply doing the things you’re doing now he will see an upward trajectory with the rosacea recovery.

      The kidney beans *could* have been a trigger. If digestive imbalance is the root cause of the rosacea for him, then yes, certainly, his digestive system right now might be sensitive to beans, pulses etc. But don’t run with this without testing it further.

      And indeed, could be the sunburn too! Absolutely!

      With rosacea, you definitely want to keep up the healthy fats so the fish is a good choice, and make sure you’re getting healthy fats into the smoothie – almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, coconut oil etc.

      Keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂

      And if you haven’t – definitely check out my book The Alkaline Reset Cleanse – I’ve had a TON of clients get great results with Rosacea.



  5. Brian H Reply


    I’ve keenly read your site for a few years now. Following a bad breakout with stage 2 Rosacea, I’m back looking at diet. I’ve cut loads of food groups out right now and want to go back to the Alkaline diet exclusively. However, I’ve read lots about histamine containing foods that can trigger rosacea such as tomatoes, avacados etc. What is your take on this histamine triggering outbreaks as it really takes a lot of my favourite alkaline foods out of the equation. BH

  6. Janice Reply


    I tried to sign up multiple times and the instructions were to check my email however I never received any email! HELP!


    • ross Reply

      Hey Janice

      Looks like you got signed up OK?


  7. Stanley Reply

    “and cut out grains. Instead use brown rice, buckwheat, oats, amaranth, quinoa.”

    I’m confused. Aren’t brown rice, buckwheat and oats grains?

  8. Caralyn Duke Reply

    Hi there-
    I was very recently diagnosed with Ocular Rosacea, so my journey is just beginning. I have been doing online research to see what major foods I should cut out as possible triggers and I am noticing some inconsistencies (but that’s the internet for ya!).

    Specifically, some suggest removing spinach, ginger and vinegar while others suggest eating more spinach and ginger and even doing an apple cider vinegar cleanse each morning.

    What are your thoughts here? Any information would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

  9. Percilla lynch Reply

    Is vinegar a helpful blood cleanser?

  10. Jill Reply

    Thank you. I have suffered with Rosacea for almost three years. Ocular, puscular and painful. Getting worse every day and nothing a dermatologist has ever tried works. I was a hot yoga instructor and had to leave a job and practice I love. I have been researching Rosacea diets for months and find they all contradict each other. This is the first thing I have read that makes sense to me. I have a little background in alkaline living. Water with lemon followed by a alkaline smoothie each morning. Then, I was blowing it on alcohol and meat. I am so excited to follow your plan. Thank you for making this truly a new day.
    With Gratitude,

  11. James gregg Valderrama Reply

    The alkaline diet is amazing. The suggestions on what type of food should be taken in to prevent flare-ups are wonderful. I believe in choosing the right food to begin with. Treatments for Rosacea is useless if we take in flare-up causing food. i have heard that taking alcohol is bad for Rosacea, which means much acid in body aggravates the skin condition. It is important that we know how to control rosacea. I have managed mine amazingly with sr lotion which I order monthly at srlotion.com. I am wishing one day it is available for everyone to grab over the counter in every country.

  12. Hasselle from Ecigz.net Reply

    I think, alkaline diet is all I wanted. Rosacea diet, you are great!

  13. julie Reply

    I cant believe how much my rosecea has improved was diagnosed a month ago. I take one tetrysil tablet a day i got from my doctor and i have been eating foods thats best for rosecea. I eat two boiled eggs in the morning with onions which lowets ur alkaline oatmeal bread and almond nuts they reduce inflammation. For dinner potatoes or chips with peas kidney beans and my face is almost clear im shocked at the improvement u may want to adk ur doctor yhe best food to eat stay well away from spucy foods and hot drinks chocolate dugary foods crisps! I just drink water all day trust me for me mine is bettet so worth trying what uve been doing

  14. Braveheart Reply

    oh well now I’ve been at it for awhile it is not just demodex mites I have. I covered myself head to foot in coconut oil and all these black things came oozing from my pores. Hundreds of them and my kids and my sister. The best website I’v found for cures is this one
    I’m not affiliated in any way. Just been at this for weeks and have discovered a much much larger problem

  15. Braveheart Reply

    Grayson you sound like you really, really need to read this forum on teatree oil and demodex mites. Everyone here does! Tell your Dr.s and dermatoligists please. The cause of the rosacea is demodex mites! They figured it out years ago in the East. Here are the 2 best websites in all my years of suffering I’ve come across. I posted I’m starting today to get rid of my rosacea today April 16,2013! I know how to do it now finally!! Good luck everyone!!

    • Rachel Carr Reply

      I agree that mites are a likely cause of roseacea. I have developed both ocular roseacea first and then acne roseacea on my cheeks 2nd at the age of 44. I have been cleaning up my diet along the lines outlined here in this article, but have noticed the biggest change when I started doing a body wash/scrub out of baking soda and vodka, which open the pores and removes waste, yeast, fungus and parasites (mites) and also kills their eggs. Dramatic improvement almost immediately.

  16. Scott Reply

    I’ve had major skin issues reddness and flaking on my face for 20 years. It always seemed to get worse when i was battling sething like a cold. I would use hydrocortasone and it would help some.

    Occasionally, I would do a juice fast and my face would clear up during the fast.

    Because of another health problem I went on a vegan/alkaline diet with everything organic when possible. Within 2 weeks my face totally cleared up. My skin hasn’t been this clear since i was a teenager. I am really thanking God for this it is amazing!

    • Lori Smith Reply

      Back when I was in my 20s, I was diagnosed with Rosacea. For years, I used Sodium Sulfacetimide topically. At 41, I can no longer use that. I believe I grew an intolerance to the sulfur. I really wonder if I had contact dermatitis. I can no longer use any products over the counter, especially having SLS. I can’t use oily products on my face, since that seems to aggravate the condition. The only ingredients I was my face with are baking soda and water. I fill a cup of water with a tsp of apple cider vinegar. I use that as a toner. I never have to apply moisturizer. Thank God, for I am allergic to most moisturizers. I no longer have the stinging sensation. I do believe that your diet also has alot to do with it. I am gonna try eating more salads and sticking to an alkaline diet. The only issue is I have such a bad sweet tooth! I am addicted to sweets! I will have to allow myself sweets, but maybe only once a week. Scott, Glad to hear that your skin is doing better!

  17. Gemma Reply

    I am so depressed about my rosacea. Nothing the dermatologist has ever done has helped. I feel like giving up but instead am going to try this and am crossing my fingers that will be the answer. So, looks like l’m off to buy a juicer and a few other things…

    • Celeste Reply

      I came across this site by accident. I definitely think that diet can affect the rosacea. I have rosacea and it is not too bad but my face is always pink/red. I don’t take any medication–I tried the Metrogel years ago when the condition was less prominent and it did nothing. Anyway, last year I did a Reboot detox of vegetables, fruits and juices for about 2 weeks and my rosacea completely disappeared during that time!



  19. Nina Naturel Reply

    Hi, although it sounds like a good healthy natural diet that we were intended to follow, i am wondering why it works for some and not for others. I appreciate we are all different and i suspect that the polar outcomes are due to the various causes of rosacea. Some may have rosacea as a symptom of a digestive disorder whether it’s malabsorption or candida while others might be suffering from something else say, immune system malfunction or hormonal imbalances.
    I guess the diet is worth a try and patience is required (patience in large doses is necessary while trying to heal this mysterious skin condition). Afterall, the diet might seem unyielding but it is a matter of acquiring a new flavour and new attitude to food, learning to view those sugary treats as something unnecessary to good health and those bowls of fresh veggies as a treat. Vegetables can be yummy too!
    Best of health to all !

  20. rosacea dieet Reply

    I have read this post a while back and did not do anything with it. Then I realized that it was worth a try. When I started with alkaline diet my rosacea cleared, but only after 4 weeks or so. I am glad I stuck with it, because I almost gave up after 3 weeks.

    Maybe I was to impatient. Anyway, my rosacea is under control now. Thank you so much for this!

  21. Lori Reply

    Oh, just wonderful! After 15 years and dermo after dermo, i was finally dianosed with acne rosacea. I have been treated for adult acne, keratosis pilaris, hormonal imbalances and other skin problems. All this time so I have been using harsh soaps, creams and astringents. I have been scrubbing my face with sand thinking I need to exfoliate. RRRRRR so mad. I was also told that diet has nothing to do with your skin…..NOT. Now I look at the new rosacea diet and want to cry, everything I love. My goodness, its everything but water that rosacea sufferers are not aloud to have. Starving with red bumps….no wonder Im depressed.

  22. Bethanie Reply

    I’m not a nutrition expert, but I don’t think blueberries should be recommended…they are very acidic!…

    • Julie Reply

      Blueberries are great for rosacea, at least for me. Whenver I get a flare up from rosacea, I take frozen blueberries and mix it up in water using my bella mixer. On another note, I also use urine therapy, which is really great especially if you cannot afford to go to a doctor, you just have to drink water and a lot of healthy foods, vegies and certain fruitsavoid citrus (Limes, oranges, lemons) blueberries are the best for urine therapy though. The next morning I swipe a cotton ball with morning urine(its clear) and belive it or not it doesnt smell at least mine doesnt, probably from the acv (braggs). Doing the urine was the best advice, and i got this therapy from a nurse.

  23. Lindi Reply

    I recently, and coincedentally(?) developed rosaecea at the age of 50 yrs, and perimenopause. I found this website interesting and helpful:
    It covers food, exercise, causes and treatments.
    Don’t give up!

  24. rosacea dieet Reply

    I have had great succes with this, but I find it hard to keep it up. But when I see my skin it’s all worth it! Thasnk you so much for this information, it has really helped me take the right path. I also take zinc supplements witch helps me a lot. Anyone else who uses this with succes?

  25. nita Reply

    A diet rich in nutrients with fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans, (AKA a vegetarian diet) will do wonders for skin issues. Check out Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live” book and videos on YouTube. Also, check out the movie that is currently streaming on Netflix, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”

    I just started the Eat to Live diet a few days ago and notice the redness on my face has faded a bit all ready!

    Good luck to you all!

  26. Grayson Reply

    I am 35 and I have been suffering from Rosacea since I was a teenager.
    I have similar symptoms to what everyone else is having but I also notice it flairs up more when I have blocked sinuses and when the noses starts to flair up I sneeze alot. The sneezing has only been like this for about 8 months..I mainly have or get pimply sores on my neck,hair line, in front of ears and behind them,on temples,cheeks,on chin,on nose under and under nose.shoulders,back,chest, stomach and sometimes legs. This is not always at once but seems to be in a cycle. the sore on my neck,hairline and nose don’t seem to want to heal at the moment. I went on a course of cortisone tablets and antibiotics which helped clear up my sinus problem and sores temporarily but the sores have just returned.
    I think the cause for me might be coffee, bread, spicy food, (which are common) and also poor oral health, holes in teeth etc. and from excessive sweat from running. Also tight clothing restricting airflow to the skin, especially around the neck. So the solution would be to give up these things, but how do I ?
    Dp any other rosacea sufferers also suffer from excessive sweat? or might have poor oral health?

    • Agnes Reply

      I have a lot of sinus problems and I think they are causing at least some of my rosacea symptoms. I have vasculair rosacea. Coffee is a major trigger for me. I don’t recognise the sweating.

  27. sunnylisa Reply

    If anyone is having trouble getting good results with the raw or alkaline diet this may help! I believe from personal experience that some of us may need to incorporate, at least perhaps temporarily, the principles in this very helpful book: Food Allergies: The Complete Guide to Understanding & Relieving Your Food Allergies, by Dr. William E. Walsh, M.D. He is an allergist with many, many years of experience; he discovered these principles by listening to his patients and seeing a pattern. I hope this helps Ozlem, who has been doing so much right.

  28. Tracy Reply

    Your blog explains why I’ve had success in applying a paste of baking soda to my face when I’m experiencing flare-ups! I only leave it on for a couple of minutes, but it seems to help. You’ve given me an idea to experiment ingesting it daily for a week or so. It’s an antacid so might have some impact. I’ve tried the week at a time elimination diet of alcohol, coffee, cheese, glutten. Nothing has been conclusive; although, two naturepaths think I should try to eliminate all grains for awhile – mostly believing glutten is the trigger. Hard to do when cooking for others. As well, grains are in everything!

  29. Islander Reply

    I too have been suffering from sensitive burning redness and buildup on my cheeks. It has been very difficult to predict and control. When I take actions like remove alcohol from my diet I get odd flare ups without reason. At least no reason I can see.
    The doctors have very little at their disposal to really help with this condition. I really don’t want to be on anti biotics for the rest of my life.
    Has anyone tried facial laser treatments for their redness etc?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. When ever I look at Wikipedias entry about rosacia I see the painting of the grandfather with rosacia with his grand child.
    There’s no way that can be me. Somebody help me please!!
    If you’ve had success with something or you have had flareups with something you thought would help. Please fire me an email. [email protected].
    Thank you.

  30. w Reply


  31. Marcia C Reply

    My skin went crazy…it felt like it was on fire. Raw and red and such pain!
    I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed “MetroLotion” and all it did was burn my skin even more.( This started when I was about 48 years old—other strange health problems were happening at the same time).
    I started using the Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum also – and my skin is under control. The hideous raw red skin flares occaisionally…I use it daily…

  32. pamela Reply

    Thank you so much, the alkaline diet has worked for me! only took about 2 week!! I now have to stick to it strictly though or else it comes back. I was told to take probiotics such as acidophilus to restore the ph balance in my digestive tube too. It’ s great to know that I can have control over it and it was just about finding out what the root cause of rosacea was and to treat it from the inside.

    Thanks again!

  33. Ozlem Reply

    btw…im 33 and my condition is an acne rosacea…no redness but acne on the cheeks!! from an extreamly clar skin to a skin with acne…its very depressing!!

    • JD Reply

      I know your post is very old, but if you are taking a Vitamin D supplement, that might be interfering. I invite you to look into Rosacea and Vit D.

  34. Ozlem Reply

    I ve been on raw food diet for a year now!! eating fresh and organic vegs and no sugar except low sugar fruits…taking my supplements such as; msm, omega3, B12…consuming a lot of superfoods daily; cacao beans, goji berries, flax, pumpkin seeds, apple cider vinegar, maca, bee pollens…. haven t eaten meat/dairy for 3 years, fish for a year!!! and i developed an eczema ( 8 months) and rosacea (1 month) !!!!!! HELP pls!!! the condition im suffering now is all against what i ve been doing….what am i doing wrong?? i also check my PH level regularly with a PH strip in the urine everyday, and its always above 7! so my body is very alkaline and i never ever even touch anything acidic…so why this is happening to me?

    • sunnylisa Reply

      Ozlem: The principles in “Food Allergies: The Complete Guide to Understanding & Relieving Your Food Allergies,” by Dr. William E. Walsh, M.D., may help you. What you are saying is explained by what this allergist with 30 years of experience discovered by listening to his patients.

  35. Andrew Reply

    My skin is still far from perfect but improving my diet will over the long term make me look and feel much healthier.

  36. anon Reply

    Not entirely helpful diet. Doing it but still getting acne recurrences

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Anon

      If you let me know a little more about what you’re doing with your diet I’m happy to give a few extra suggestions. I also recommend http://www.highonhealth.org, Fran is a natural diet/skin expert!


  37. Ross Reply

    Hey Barrie

    Certainly are – spelt flakes are a great addition to your diet. They are so versatile (great for museli) and filling.


  38. barrie Reply

    I have just brought some organic spelt flakes.

    Are these ok to eat when on the alkaline diet?

  39. Rochelle Scott Reply

    rosacea diet.