Discuss: What's the HARDEST Part of Getting Started on the Alkaline Diet?

alkaline diet starter discussionLast week I was at a cafe with friends (the cafe is to Melbourne what the pub is to England!) and we started chatting about health and the seemingly never-ending pursuit of finally getting healthy and fit. We were all at varying stages of what you’d call ‘success’ (which is different for everyone of course) – but we all agreed on one thing:

Getting started is HARD

More than one the group, who were both male and female, admitted that they’ve started, failed and restarted more than three times already this year.

And it made me think – let’s talk about this! Let’s get it out there!

If you’ve ever tried to get alkaline (or tried to start a new, healthy lifestyle) and found it hard – what is the HARDEST part? What trips you up? What do you need help with? What pain would you like to take away.

Or to put it a different way: if I could wave a magic wand and make it EASY for you to get started – what would that look like? What problem would I take away?

I’ve never done this type of discussion article before but I got some inspiration from fellow Melbournite Darren Rowse (who I’m sure spends some decent amount of time in cafes too), and I think this is a fantastic idea.

What do you think? What’s your story? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do everything I can to help:

If I get a decent amount of discussion here I’ll use your feedback to create my next free guide for you – there is some incentive! Get involved!


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  1. Ginny Reply

    I have no trouble getting started. In fact I usually throw myself into it whole hog and stay on it faithfully for at least a week but once you let me cheat it’s all over. Especially if I don’t feel any different which I don’t. I may have a bit more energy but having salads and vegetables all day long leaves me starving hungry. As soon as I eat a carb like quinoa or buckwheat I pack on the pounds. Oh well, at least I’m still doing the program as best I can. I definitely don’t want to stay obese forever. 🙂

  2. Nikki Reply

    I succeeded in getting started, but am easily derailed, so looking forward to your new guide in this subject. Best is to plan your day/week ahead with lots of the ‘right’ stuff at hand. As I had spent a lot of money on lovely ‘non-food’ items, I still consumed them, but on my given day off, on this day, could eat whatever I wanted, this meant that if something was nagging me, I savoured it on this day. Also my new weekly shopping list eliminates those things that don’t serve my purpose. I can start in the morning with good intent, but as soon as someone offers me something, I can barely resist! Our local bread is full of sugar, I try desperately not to eat it, but as soon as the group are getting a sandwich I get one too! Ahhhhh.

  3. john Reply


  4. Ross Bridgeford Reply

    Hey Cathy

    Don’t worry, we’re all world class procrastinators with one thing or another – you’re not alone!

    I strongly recommend doing two things:

    1) find a really simple but solid goal setting process you can go through. Here’s two different but great options for you to try: http://zenhabits.net/really-simple-goal-setting/ and http://www.tonyrobbins.com/pdfs/Certainy.pdf

    2) you’re not getting started because your brain is telling you that getting started equals more pain than the pleasure you’ll get. Break it down so that you’re only starting with a tiny, baby step. I have found in my 9 years of coaching the alkaline diet that when people go slowly, step-by-step, day-by-day, they get there far easier and faster than people who try to be perfect all at once on day one.

    I also find people tend to throw maximum effort into one big thing (such as going to the gym) which adds too much pressure.

    If you do a couple of simple things each day, you’ll get the momentum that will bust right through your procrastination and blocks.

    I hope this helps!

    I haven’t actually promoted this post to any of my database yet, so when I do I hope we get some other perspectives on this for you.


  5. Cathy Ferencz Reply

    The hardest part to getting started is just getting started! I forget why I want to start, I talk myself out of getting started, I make up reasons why there’s no real reason to make the effort to get started – in a nutshell? I am a world champion procrastinator. I can find all sorts of reasons not to get started – just yet, maybe tomorrow, or Monday, at least wait till after the weekend. I need help with how to prepare and stay focussed untill I see the benefits, which I hope would then be enough to keep me on track. Am I the oly one? Any advice appreciated.