Alkaline Diet Tip #8: Getting Started with the BEST Morning Hydration (Alkaline & Delicious)

Alkaline Diet Tip #8: LEMON WATER!

Ross Energise - the Alkaline Diet GuyHydration is critical and quality is often forgotten. So much of our focus is on quantity (and that holy grail 4 litres per day) that we often forget about making sure our water is doing the best it possibly can for our body.

The ideal is to drink alkaline, ionized water, but a great first step is ‘lemon water’. There are so many benefits of lemon water, and my favourite three are:

1) it tastes great so encourages hydration
2) it’s very mildly alkaline
3) it’s a great kickstart to your digestion and metabolism when you wake up

You can read all about lemon water in more detail here if you need to, but in short it’s simply:

– 300-500ml of lukewarm water
– with 1/3 – 1/4 of a fresh lemon squeezed in!


Try to start each day with a big glass of lemon water – you’ll love it and it will kickstart your hydration habit!


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  1. Ali Reply

    Even though lemons are acidic, they have an alkalizing affect on the body when ingested.

  2. Esther Reply

    How does the lemon water become alkaline when lemon juice is acidic?