The 3-Ingredient Natural Taco Seasoning to Replace Toxic, Chemical-Laden Store-Bought Packets

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In This Guide You Will Get: the lowdown on what’s REALLY in the packaged taco seasoning you buy at the store PLUS my amazing, fast 3-ingredient taco seasoning recipe (plus video)

Food is supposed to be simple, natural and nourishing.

Not toxic, chemical-laden, fake and manipulated to get you addicted (more on that in a bit).

People often associate eating healthy foods with bland flavours (plain ol’ salad salad salad all day long).

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s actually so easy to make healthy food that’s fast, easy and DELICIOUS (delicious enough that the whole family will enjoy it – even the ‘unhealthy ones’).

Yes, healthy convenience food does exist.

You just need to know a few simple ‘hacks’ (like I’m about to show you below).

But first I want to highlight what is REALLY in your store bought taco seasoning. I’m making an example of it.

You need to know this because processed, packaged convenience foods are almost always packed with toxic, cell-destroying, carcinogenic chemicals, additives and preservatives.

How They Crammed NINE Toxic Ingredients Into Your Taco Seasoning

Taco seasoning.

How can you go wrong with that? It’s just spices, right?


Pretty much anything and everything packaged for your convenience is a risk, and these little sachets of flavour are a perfect example of how you either have to just cut processed/packaged foods or be incredibly diligent and careful.

I examined two of the most popular Mexican food brands’ taco seasoning (you can probably guess which two brands they are) and found no less than NINE toxic, acidifying, health-destroying additives across these two packets.

This Is What Is Inside Your Taco Seasoning:

  1. Wheat: containing gluten (of course) which is proven to damage your digestive system, spike blood sugar and contribute to insulin resistance, damage your intestinal wall, overstimulate the immune system and more.
  2. White Flour: the same as wheat while also containing none of the fibre, and more rapidly acid-forming in the body
  3. Maltodextrin: firstly, most maltodextrin in the USA is derived from GMO crops. That’s the first concern. However, it’s also been associated with digestive disorders and the onset of allergies and most worryingly the long term effect of constantly eating foods containing maltodextrin is that your body will begin to secrete more and more insulin.
  4. Partially hydrogenated soybean oil: according to Dr Mercola “Soybean oil is “Completely unnatural man-made fats created through the partial hydrogenation process cause dysfunction and chaos in your body on a cellular level, and studies have linked trans-fats to health problems ranging from obesity and diabetes to reproductive problems and heart disease”
  5. Ethoxyquin: a synthetic antioxidant (don’t be fooled by that – it’s not good) that is so unsafe and disgusting that there is huge controversy as to whether it should be allowed in pet and animal feed. AND YET IT’S IN TACO SEASONING! The European Food Safety Authority “cannot conclude on the safety of ethoxyquin as a feed additive for any target animals, its safety for consumers or the environment.” This is an additive that we should not be eating. Nor our pets.
  6. Monosodium glutamate: Dr. Russell Blaylock, a board-certified neurosurgeon and author of “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills” explains that MSG is an excitotoxin, which means it overexcites your cells to the point of damage or death (the same as aspartame and other sweeteners which we’ll get on to), causing brain damage to varying degrees and possibly even causing the worsening of learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease plus more.
  7. Sugar: I probably don’t have to expand on this one.
  8. Yellow cornflour: according to Vani at “(it) is a highly processed chemically-altered form of corn that is added to processed food as a cheap texturizing agent – and it’s not a natural ingredient that you would use in the kitchen. The corn that it’s derived from is likely GMO, asmore than 90% of corn in the U.S. is genetically modified.”  
  9. Natural flavourings: ‘Natural’ flavours (and colors) means nothing natural. There are so many ways to qualify a flavour or color as ‘natural’ when in reality it was created in a lab just like an artificial color or flavour – and is just as bad (if not worse) for you.Natural flavors are mostly chemical-based and synthetically created and most are carcinogenic and proven to be a health risk. Some natural flavors even contain propylene glycol, a solvent, or the carcinogenic preservative BHA.

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Important: this is just ONE example of the hidden toxins in a packaged foods. Most convenient, packaged, processed foods are the same. They largely all contain toxic colorings, flavourings, preservatives, anti-caking agents, fillers, glutens, sugars and more. The best way to avoid 99% of these horrible toxins is to eat fresh as much as possible.

The Simple, 3-Ingredient, 100% Natural & Healthy Taco Seasoning

To replace this avalanche of chemicals and artificial crap, you can replicate the exact same flavour in about 30 seconds with just three natural, health-giving, powerful ingredients.

Cumin, cinnamon and chilli.

That’s it.

Honestly. And it tastes fantastic in practically any Mexican dish.

Take equal parts cumin powder, cinnamon powder and chilli powder (or cumin seeds, cinnamon stick and dried chilli and smash them up in your pestle and mortar).

And that’s it

[yumprint-recipe id=’75’]

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Doesn’t that sound better than cumin, chilli, cinnamon and MSG, maltodextrin, gluten, sugar, hydrogenated oils, Ethoxyquin and modified corn starch?.

Combining spices and herbs is such a simple way to add HUGE flavour (and nutrients) to your foods.

And you can use this simple spice combination as a taco/nacho/fajita/enchilada seasoning, a meat rub, in wraps, in salad dressings and so much more.  

It is just another example of how eating healthy & alkaline *CAN* be delicious, fast and easy – especially when you have someone who can show you how.

Enjoy and let me know your questions or comments below.

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  1. Lachel Reply

    I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, Vitamin deficiencies and many other health issues. I want to eat healthy and from scratch. But it get expensive for me. Fruits and vegetables don’t last like they use to. Plus there’s always a recall on something. How can I get enough to remain healthy, but also keep my cost reasonable with the foods that will help my conditions?

    • ross Reply

      Farmers markets are your best bet, absolutely. Bulk buying and bulk preparing/freezing what you can.

      • Raye Love Reply

        When you buy at farmer’s markets you can freeze the fruits. I use them to make smoothies as a break from normal lunches and easy to prepare too! Also I grow a garden, doesn’t have to be big you can grow in pots on your patio or deck. We use tons of tomatoes and green beans around here. I freeze the green beans and we have green beans that lasts almost till the next growing season. The tomatoes I make sauces and salsa‘s that can be used in almost any dish. I can those. But salsa that is homemade can be frozen into containers or Ziploc bags to be used like we use for chilies etc. Also you might want to check on the whole30. We have been doing it for almost 5 years now and are very happy with no chemicals no sugar no anything but fresh fruits and vegetables and meats. Also I lost 35 pounds and my husband lost 50 just as a bonus 🙂 Hope these ideas help you out some.

  2. Busisiwe Silwane Reply

    High Ross
    I am under treatment of schizophrenia and i have gained a lot of weight, could you please help me.

  3. Trish Reply

    Hi, I am trying to find healthy cookware but there is a lot of companies claiming to be non-toxic but I have my doubts. Is there a brand of cookware you know is safe.

  4. Dawn Wilson Reply

    I have an ileostomy and hyeatal hernia and having trouble eating for both. I read about
    Alkaline foods for my ileostomy. Sounds good but is this right for me. ? Have any suggestions?


  5. Ms Lynne Bainbridge Reply

    Hi Ross, I wonder if you can help me. I suffer with really bad depression and self esteem and confidence. I have been on antidepressants since i was 17 and i am 58 now. I have recently been weaned off the antidepressants and i am really strugglling. I am so fatigued and low, I have brain fog and very bad memory. My son has been Vegan for 10 yrs now and is trying to find ways to help me to find happiness and feel good about myself. I have put so much weight on and hate myself. I am not completely Vegan, but i am trying to wean myself off too much dairy. I have been diagnosed with Gastritis, inflamation of the stomach lining. I also have Diverticulitis. and IBS. I mostly drink rice milk or hazelnut milk. I used to drink soy milk but it made me have diareah, so i have swapped to rice milk. I really hope you can help me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you. Lynne.