How to NEVER Slip Up on the Alkaline Diet

How to make sure you never slip up again!

How to Make it 10x More Likely You Will EFFORTLESSLY Stick to Your Alkaline Life

This one is so simple, and yet its profoundly powerful.

It makes it almost certain that you’ll never give up on your alkaline diet…

And if you do slip up, you will find it effortless to get back on track.

[Note: this is taken from one of my Alkaline Life Club coaching calls.  The Alkaline Life Club is my small group coaching program.  I will be opening up a few spots soon. It’s been closed for over 7 months to new members.  Click here to get on the wait list.]



How to make Living Alkaline a hundred times easier.

Hi, I’m Ross Bridgeford, the author of the Alkaline Reset Cleanse, the forthcoming “The Alkaline Life” book, and the creator of the Alkaline Life Club. And today I’ve got a really, really important video for you. This one is really emotional and really just something that I wanna share with you from the heart.

So today, it’s not gonna be me talking directly to you on this video, I want to share a snippet from one of my training videos with my members. It all came from a really heartfelt emotional email I received from one of my members who was struggling. The answer that I give, I really think could help a lot of people, and I’m hoping that it switches on a light bulb and is a bit of an aha moment through a lot of you, because what I’m gonna share in this snippet is gonna make not only a hundred times easier for you to stick to living alkaline.

It’s gonna make it a hundred times less likely that you do slip up. And if you do slip up, you’ll understand the inverted cums in a minute, you’ll, it’ll be just impossible for that slipup to turn into a week long slipup, or a month long slipup, or a however long slipup where you then reach that breaking point of going, no, what have I done?

And no, I’m gonna have to go and start all over again.

Please take on board the advice that I give in this little segment of the video.

This is from one of my Alkaline Life Club coaching calls.

Here’s the email. It’s very important.

“At this stage of the journey, I’m having mixed feelings. Is that bad? I’m kindest tired of eating this way. I miss my own cooking. I think I’m just down and a bit dismayed. Do others feel this way? I miss my sugars without feeling guilty, and I miss my gluten without feeling guilty, yet I feel better not having them. Can you suggest something to lift my spirits?

I miss a quick sandwich or something I could grab without cooking or heating up. I’ve been so stressed. I also need something that’s calming, something to help lower my blood pressure. I drink hibiscus tea and take Hawthorn and garlic supplements. Any suggestions? I’m just reaching out. So the second part of that I’ll address on the q and a. The first part of that I wanna address.

Now I’m having mixed feelings. I’m kind of tired of eating this way. I miss my own cooking. I miss sugars and gluten without feeling guilty. I miss having a quick sandwich or something I can grab without cooking or heating up. Can you suggest something to lift my spirits?”

The massive missing piece here is that they’re aiming for perfection. The number one rule on all of my programs is we never need to aim for perfection.

Food is such a critical part of who we are as a species. Our soul, our evolution, the pleasure that we experience, it transcends beyond just the physically eating it. We have to have cheat meals, we have to have treats. We have to have days off. We have to have moments with food that we just savor. There’s so much emotional connection to certain meals and certain meal times and certain occasions.

We can’t throw that emotional connection just out and forget about it. We have to have it as part of the fabric of who we are. If you can have meals that are perfectly lining and you love them and you enjoy them and you save them, that’s fantastic too. Of course, that’s what we’re aiming for. But we should never feel like we have to change everything and change who we are and change what we feel we represent in the world.

Blowouts are part of the journey. They’re an acceptable part of the journey. Cheap meals, date nights, brunch with friends, for all you Australians, taking time out with your family and just having some big, fun, indulgent moment. It’s, it’s almost a critical component of the program. You can’t ignore it. You can’t leave it out.

Please, please, please don’t strive for perfection in this example. Cook, my advice to this person already is today, plan tonight a dinner. That is all the favorite things that you love to cook for yourself, your favorite meals that you make for yourself. Enjoy preparing them, enjoy eating them. Enjoy the whole process. Make it a event for yourself. Have ceremony around it.

This is what food is. Going back to ancestral times, of course, the line we are dancing along here is not allowing a cheap meal to turn into a cheap six months. I’m aware that there are risks involved, but it’s when we tell ourselves we are not allowed it and it is naughty, and we, oh, this is terrible and I shouldn’t be doing this.

That’s when it can slip, when it’s allowed, when it’s accepted, when it’s part of the program, I find the chances of you slipping up and it becoming a year long cheat meal disappear. They diminish greatly. And it’s just a little two or three step process for when you slip up. And maybe it wasn’t a factored in planned in cheat meal or a date night or a dinner with your parents, or a dinner with your friends, or a dinner with your kids. And it’s around becoming conscious of what happened. So if you slip up, if you have something naughty and you fall into a bit of a downward spiral, there’s a few simple rules and a few simple steps that I want you to follow. Number one, Don’t fall into the trap of going, oh, well, I’ve had a, oh, I just had some ice cream, right? Well, I better not, no, that’s today ruined. I’ll start again tomorrow or I’ll start again next week. Or I’ll start again on the first of the month, or the 1st of January. Next year is when I’ll start again.

There’s no reason not to start again right away, so don’t, that’s number one, the big lookout, number one. Number two is I want you to get really conscious of what has happened. So just finish the thing you are eating or if you’ve already finished, just take a moment to yourself, close your eyes and just think about and give gratitude for, and give thanks for that delicious thing you’ve just eaten or drank.

Whatever it is, be grateful for it. Be grateful for. Hmm, just humankind discovering it. Be grateful for the, the people thousands of years ago who discovered those ingredients and brought ’em to the world. Be grateful to the the people that started the business that create. Just go back and go into this big sense of gratitude for everything that’s led you to being able to enjoy that delicious food in that moment.

And just savor the flavor of it. S the taste, the texture. Think about it for a moment. Enjoy it, And then draw a line under it. The next step is I want you to consciously think about the circumstances that led you to having that slipup. Was it logistical? Were you out and about really hungry? There’s no, you didn’t have anything on you, no snacks on you. The only thing that you felt you could get was something from the sharp. And because you’re so hungry and your blood sugar was so low, you ended up grabbing a chocolate bar or a bag chips or something like that. Was it emotional? You were feeling down, you were feeling tired, you were feeling stressed, you were feeling anxious, you were feeling any, some emotional element that made you go, oh, stuff it. I’m gonna have that thing. What the circumstances were will be different each time. But you will notice trends, and I want you to consciously think about the steps that led you to that decision. And just for a few moments, think about how it could be different next time, what you would do differently next time, and almost visualize yourself doing it differently next time. Step three is simply to do something in the right direction to kill, to squash that potential of it becoming a longer slip up or a oh, start again tomorrow. You know, if it’s 11 o’clock in the morning, why wait, you know, 19 hours or 18 hours or whatever to start again.

So I want you to just do something, anything that will lead you towards a goal. It doesn’t even need to be around health. You could have a quick walk, jump on a rebounder, have a glass of water, meditate for a few minutes, have a stretch, make a juice. Anything. It could be really simple. Just write out your goals.

Again, visualize something, anything that is towards any progress in your life, do that immediately and just resolve in that moment. We’re back on track. Let’s go. If you follow just those few handfuls of steps, you will find you never fall into those traps. Starting with allowing yourself cheat meals, allowing yourself those moments during your week, making it acceptable, that will knock 90% of the risk out. But if you follow this process through, you’ll find you never have those massive slipups, those massive moments where before you know it, a week or a month has passed and you’re going, right, I need to start again. I’m gonna do it this time. Does that all make sense? You’ve all gone very quiet.

Hopefully it’s ’cause you’re all listening. Does that all make sense? Will you promise me, you guys, that you won’t go for perfection all the time? Thank you. You do get to have your bread and eat it too.



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  1. Rosalie Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I just ordered your Vol 3 book and it is AMAZING. I sat and read it from beginning to end and I am so excited to make these recipes. I have been unmotivated to eat lately and these recipes have ignited a new fire in me to cook and enjoy food. Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Margaret Keller Reply

    Hello Ross!

    I work on an alkaline diet always as a breast cancer survivor!

    What are some terrific recipes to replace traditional Thanksgiving dishes?

    Thank you in advance.