Can I Still Eat Meat on the Alkaline Diet?

can i still eat meat on the alkaline diet?

This is one of the most common concerns for people when they’re first starting out on the alkaline diet.

Or it’s a concern for people who are worried their partner/husband/wife won’t do it with them if they have to give up meat!

And the answer, for me, is simple: YES…YES YOU CAN!

It’s Supposed to Be Easy…

Most people think getting to the health of their dreams is hard. And this is because of the way most ‘holier-than-thou’ health gurus make it hard.

I don’t know why.

The bottom line is, I believe that getting to optimal health, abundant energy and the body of your dreams is a lot easier than you’ve probably been led to believe.

My approach has always been to make it easy and achievable. To focus on the fundamentals and allow some room to maneuver.

Because let’s face it – if you feel s*** about your diet, you won’t stick to it. And you won’t enjoy it.

And life is supposed to be about enjoyment, fun, being at peace and at one with your body. Not fighting it, fighting cravings, feeling restricted and feeling deprived.

So with that being said…

My Simple Rules Around Animal Protein

This is how I coach everyone I work with who are in my Alkaline Base Camp coaching program and the simple approach is this:

You can still eat meat. BUT the ONLY RULE is to make that meat the highest quality, and most ethical purchase you can. Keep the same budget, don’t spend a penny more, but make it the very, very best quality you can find. Think organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free and so on.

If you follow this rule, your budget stays the same, but your quality of meat increases, the nutrient content of the meat (being higher quality) increases, the volume goes down and presumably the taste goes up (I have been vegetarian/vegan since I was 14 so it’s hard to know!).

And importantly, the ethical treatment of the animal goes up as much as possible.

Non-Animal Protein

A lot of folks want to retain the meat in their diet for the protein, with the question “without it, where will I get my protein?”.

This shouldn’t be a concern. There are tons of sources of non-animal, vegan proteins. And it also opens the question of how much do you actually need?

Unless you’re lifting weights or in a rigorous workout program, you don’t need a lot. Anywhere between 30g to 60g will be more than enough on average, and you can easily get that on the alkaline diet.

Just one sample day from our most recent ‘Digestive Healing Month’ meal plan in the Alkaline Base Camp (we have a different focus every month) had 113g of protein – and was vegan (members can add meat if they like).

Great sources of vegan protein include:

Beans & Pulses (chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans etc)
Nuts & Seeds
And don’t discount green veggies – one cup of spinach has 7g protein

And if you’re looking for that extra hit of protein per day – sprouted/plant-based protein powder compares very favorably to whey protein with between 23-26g protein per 30g serve (depending on the brand) – but without the horrible, acidic, clogging whey. Brands like Alkamind and Sun Warrior are great.

I am personally 90% vegan 10% vegetarian. I don’t have any animal products at home, but I do still use leather and I don’t go as far as to the full extent of veganism.

Ideologically I love all animals, but my first reasoning for becoming vegetarian (at first) at the age of 14 was for health benefits and the benefit of the environment. I read the sleeve notes of a Moby album about the waste and environmental impact of eating mass-produced meat.

I already understood the health benefits of vegetables as my Dad grew all of our food himself (and still does for him and mum – hard for me to access living 15,000 km away now – when I lived in Birmingham and they are in Northampton they used to post freshly picked asparagus to me at University. So sweet).

And then I learned about the benefits of going alkaline at a Tony Robbins event in 2003.

And that’s been me since.

I don’t judge anyone who eats meat. Everyone is free to make choices and that is part of the beauty of life. I respect that decision.

I chose vegan/vegetarianism without judgement and for my own reasons.

I hope this post reflects that and is me supporting those who choose a different path with the best advice I can possibly give.


Peace out

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  1. Debbie Kramer Reply

    I really love and respect your approach to trying to get ones diet more alkaline. My husband and I are talking about it alot lately but we’re not vegetarian and definitely need some guidance.

  2. Dan Dupey Reply

    Can you give me the best diet for keeping our kidneys healthy

  3. Juliet Case Reply

    I need a diet that helps or eliminate osteoarthritis

  4. Shelia Reply

    My very unique all my life. In my teens, I took dexatrim and ate an orange a day and exercised 2 hours a day for 5 months to lose 30 pounds. I always have to go to extreme to lose weight. That was only time I was small. I have insulin resistance, just recovered from adrenal issues and high cortisol a year ago, and hormone imbalances all my life, I am an endomorph. I have heart failure, autoimmune,
    and fibromyalgia. Nutritionists can’t help me. I have to eat a very small amount of food a day, one meal to lose weight. If I eat more than one meal like regular people, I gain weight. It can be even salads, please help🙏🏿! I lose 80 pounds and gain it back, etc.

  5. Sylvia tobia Reply

    Hi,thanks for information.How can I build my blood up with out meat? My red blood cells? Thank you,Sylvia

    • ross Reply

      Leafy greens, healthy fats, nuts & seeds. Meat is actually quite inefficient at building new blood cells – greens are the best way to do this.

  6. Robin Johnson Reply

    Thank you for your insight on vegan: vegetarian diet. I came upon your article by looking up alkaline diets . I do eat meat , but I would like to start to go more towards cleaner eating without a lot of meat . Your article was so awesome and I lived that you didn’t judge me for eating meat , but supported people who are trying to change and make a difference!!! God Bless You !!????????????

  7. Nadia Reply

    Hi Ross

    I tried many times to get alkaline diet in my life but I always loosing ti much weight.

    So my question is how can I maintain my weight while choosing to eat alkaline?
    I’m less than 45 kg now and used to be around 50kg for 1m60.

    Thanks a lot for your answer!


    • ross Reply

      Hi Nadia

      Being underweight is as much a symptom of acidity as being overweight. When you’re in balance your weight will return to it’s optimal level. Just make sure you’re getting plenty of healthy fats each day.

  8. Cynthia Calhoun Reply

    I admire and appreciate the way you conveyed your vegan/vegetarian message! You provided the reasoning behind the lifestyle that you follow, without bashing others who may not follow the same thought process. I truly want to thank you for that! I’m migrating towards an alkaline diet and just coming from a Southern raised diet and lifestyle. It’s not going to be an overnight switch for me. I need to gradually morph into most changes. One of my bucket list items was running a marathon, and a few years ago I ran my 1st. Well, I trained with Team In Training and after our 1st run, my coach instructed us to take an “ice bath”! I lived in a cold Mid Western city at the time, and it was Feb 17th and also 17 degrees outside. The ice bath was the last thing I wanted to do, but I promised myself I would do everything instructed. I sat in the tub and ran cold water into it, while my husband added pitchers of ice to my water. There was no way I could have just plunged into it. All that said…anyone who is [ever so slowly] moving in the right direction deserves the respect you just showed. Slow and steady is my process, so I appreciate the “No Judgement Zone”!

  9. vincenzo Reply

    hello Ross , what about cold pressed canola oil?
    could be conwsidered alkaline forming?
    and what about to it’s content of omega3?

  10. edward Reply

    Dear Ross
    It was quite a impressive information you have here , however my main concern now or should I say
    everybody concern , is the pesticides that they spray even when they say organic. Especially produce
    that are coming from outside the US.
    How do we find out if organic now is truly organic? Or grass fed is truly grass fed? The almighty dollar always reigns.

  11. Phil Johnson Reply

    I just was told that I have cancer of the colon & liver. My Dr.s all say to pound the protein, 120g a day. I’m 68, 6’2″, 220lbs. I went to all my favorites, fish – beef – chicken – eggs. Then I started researching and found my system was at 5.5 ph. NOW trying to get that to 7.5, to help heal my body I find that all of the stuff that I naturally went to for protein are killers. You said to keep it clean, we are organic, grass fed, free ranging, and have been for over 4 years now. I am still at 5.5. Now what?

  12. dianellasloan Reply

    What is the easiest way to detox your body without starvation what is the best diet to alkaline your body ph balance to get rid. Of gluten rumathotid arthritis and eczema without given up all would foods! What water is ph alakine balance I need an Alkaline diet! Do I have to give up all red meat & cheese What Colostrum can I take that has no cows milk or dairy!

  13. clancina phorotlhwe Reply

    I want to leaverify using umlingo that uses vegan diet, if i can eat food that is not recommended,I lose weight too much and I get ill. My weight was 69 now after fever it’s 62 , so I cannothought take it in want to go back and I’m promised that I’m going to get ill. We don’t have to visit doctors we use herbs injections not want to leave without being ill. Pls help what can I do?

  14. Elizabeth Springer Reply

    I love beans, and I could easily eat less meat and more beans! However, I’ve been reading about beans having lectins and that makes them bad for you. What are lectins and is this true?

  15. Jim Reply

    Ethical meat is an oxymoron.

    • ross Reply

      Sure is, but each of us has our own ideologies and I’m not here to judge. I’ve been vegetarian since 1994, but it’s a personal choice. For those who don’t chose that path, I’d rather the animals are treated with respect before being slaughtered.

    • Jim Reply

      I’m sorry to tell you, but NO animal is treated with “respect” before they are slaughtered. That is a fantasy.

      • ross Reply

        I’d like to think some places are treating animals with respect. Either way this isn’t the forum for this kind of conversation and I actually think we’re both on the same team here.

  16. Tricia-Renee Reply

    Hello Ross, My name is Tricia I really enjoyed your webinar the other day. I own an online Fitness business and I have been into your program for many years. I do meal prep plans for my clients and I follow your guides a lot. I have read your material for many years. Your articles are my favourite and highly educational. I am so happy I can help my clients not only lose weight but I can help them live longer and healthier lives. You are an inspiration.
    Thank you so much for your passion to help others!
    Fitness Coach
    Macro Meal Planner

  17. Mary Reply

    I listened to your webinar and you advertise 14 days for $1. What happens after that if you don’t want to continue? Do you automatically bill my credit card? How much is it to continue? I would like to be able to authorize additional days months etc.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Mary – you just email support any time in those 14 days and we cancel it immediately.


      • ross Reply

        And it’s $29.99 to continue after the 14-days, each 30 days.

  18. Kellie Williams Reply

    Trying to come up with a daily diet routine for my husband with stomach cancer
    He eats by mouth and can digest foods somewhat but also gets fed by daily 12 hour tpn

    And was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer
    However we are working hard st trying with chemo and starting a daily kill the cancer by any means necessary
    Practice of living but I’m trying to review what works or if you have a protocol for this

    Kellie Williams

  19. Mr.V Reply

    I had an anti aging doctor tell me that for erectile dysfunction, eating beets and drinking yellow water lemon juice is very good.
    have you ever heard of this?
    San Antonio, Tx

  20. Ulla Mergen Reply

    I love what you are doing and wish you all the Best.i bought one of your books. I feel newly inspired to go back to being vegan…but i do eat eggs. So thanks again fir what you are doing. Take care.

  21. Naresh Reply

    Can you suggest smoothies for prostate cancer?

  22. Sue Smith Reply

    Well said Ross, since being on the Alkaline diet, i have cut a lot of meat out, especially red meat,simply because,i found it very heavy, and really didn`t fancy it! we do eat organic chicken probably once a week, but apart from that we follow the recipe books! have done all the recipes which are great, quite a few times, now it`s time for you to write another one, keep up the good work, you are doing a fantastic job!

  23. CHIZIK Reply


    • Jay Reply

      Hey Chizik. I had the same problems with my hearing until I went to a Tony Robbins event in 2006. We fasted for 4 days and my hearing went back to normal! I noticed caffeine, sugars and alcohol were all major contributors to my hearing problems. I didn’t stop all of them completely, however I fast a few times per year and regulate my intake of the bad stuff. All under control for 10 years now.

  24. Carmel Horrocks Reply

    I turned vegan 10 months ago due to recurrence of ovarian cancer after a 10 year gap of being cancer free. I do a lot of research and found CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is found in red meat and attacks cancer tumours. Weighing up the pros and cons I now have one red meat meal a week and have introduced 2 fish meals a week. As in your article, sourcing the meat and fish is paramount as regards grass fed and non use of hormones, antibiotics, etc.

  25. Rhonda F :) Reply

    I love this simple light-hearted answer to this question. I have been given grief for wanting to give up meat and people argue that there is not enough protein in a vegan diet. A few months back, I switched to a totally alkaline diet. I printed out your book with the lists and made a total transformation after I was given a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, I had to undergo Chemotherapy and Radiation and was really encouraged through this time to give up the vegan thing as I would need extra protein and the raw diet would reak havoc on my digestive system. I changed things up somewhat temporarily and am slowly working my way back toward a vegan diet. I had to give up juicing as well and am happy to say I am returning back to it in a few days. I have lost 40 pounds just in giving up meat products, processed products, and chemically modified products. I feel amazing even after the treatments I have gone through! Once I am completely past this part of my journey (I still need surgery), I will be looking to you for more guidance and more knowledge. You have been amazing in making this a simple process and easy to understand!

  26. Peggy Berwick Reply

    Thank you for sharing that information Ross.

    It has helped me a lot in my meat choices, and why.

    Thanks, Peggy

  27. Paul Benavidez Reply

    My sister is an MD and shifted her practice to integrative med. She is adamant that if I don’t have some meat in my vegan diet that I am not getting vitamin B-12. She said I would need B-12 supplements if I don’t include meat.

  28. Sabrina Reply

    Is eating raw fish say sushi a few times a week good to help stay alkaline?

  29. C Reply

    Great post. I kindly would like to know is a fish diet good with the alkaline vegetables, and will eating fish throw off your alkaline in your body and still make you acidic?

  30. Carl Anderson Reply

    Great post. I kindly would like to know is a fish diet good with the alkaline vegetables, and will eating fish throw off your alkaline in your body and still make you acidic?

    • CHIZIK Reply


  31. Sylvia Daisy Pouncer Reply

    Hi there Ross,
    You seem like a nice chap, I have Rh arthritis in my hands and elbows and a spondylolisthesis lower spine. I have pain all the time, just depends how much. I am a RN and my job keeps me on my feet and constantly moving thank God. Honestly, I love my food, love to cook, is diet really the way to go? It seems that GP’s, rheumatologists and surgeons have nothing to offer me but medication/anti-inflammatories and pain killers. I am very physical, not overweight, what can diet offer me?

  32. Cathy Newman Reply

    You are such an inspiration to me and, no doubt about it, countless others! Thank you for all you do for us!!! Love, love, love

  33. Tammy Quillicy Reply

    I have a question for you. I am a 58 year old female. My tummy looks like I am 6 months pregnant. I had a CT scan and an endoscopy. Scan showed a fatty liver. Endoscopy showed an ulcer, hiadal hernia and esophagtis as well as a non-bleeding duedenal diverticulum.

    My gastro dr prescribed Carafate and Prilosec. He also told me to watch acidic foods. I want this to go away, but do it the natural way without men’s.

    Any recommendations?

  34. Serena Fox Reply

    Great to hear this Ross as my husband would never give up meat!!!
    You are very frank and honest about your views which is really refreshing. Hope all is going well with your family.

  35. Bill Anthony Reply

    Ross, I forgot to leave you my phone number on the questionnaire, and it wouldn’t let me go back a page so I hope you get this. my phone number is 334-799-9982
    Yours for health truth,

  36. Prulon Reply

    Just to say thanks to share your knowledge and experience. 🙂

  37. Chris Reply

    Thank you for all your work and dedication!

  38. Rachel Reply

    Love your emails. Thanks so much for the work you do!