Alkaline Diet Recipe #46: A Pint of Real Kale

Article by ross

alkaline acid kaleWorst. Pun. Ever. Sorry for that. The silver lining to that awfully grey cloud is that this is an awesome recipe. Not only is it ridiculously tasty and quick to make, but it is also a 100% highly alkalising salad.

I love the contrast in flavour and texture that the kale provides against the soft, sweet tomatoes.

A Pint of Real Kale

Serves 2


1 Big bunch of Kale
2 Carrots
2 Handfuls of cherry/baby plum tomatoes
1 Lemon, juiced
½ Cup soaked pine nuts
¼ Cup of sesame seeds
1 Medium red onion
Raw black olives
1/4 Cup of Olive/Avocado oil or Udo’s Choice
A pinch of Himalayan Salt
A Few dashes of Bragg Liquid Aminos or pHlavor
A Pinch of black pepper


This is a totally raw, quick dish – so get ready and let’s rock! Firstly, shred the kale so that it is nice and fine, grate the carrots and cut the tomatoes in half. Now slice up the onion quite thin and half the olives (make sure there are no seeds in the olives).

Now mix into a large bowl with everything else!

If you are transitioning you can also add some sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes, goats cheese etc to this recipe, but to be honest it is delicious enough as it is!

Enjoy as a main in itself or as a salad alongside your main dish.

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  1. khabibkhan Reply

    Thank You, Nice your Blog, don’t forget to visit my bad blog at Please!

  2. Caron Reply

    What is Bragg Liquid Aminos or pHlavor?
    I don’t think we have it here in South Africa. Is there a substitute?

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  12. Caterina Reply

    I make a kale salad with only the shredded leaves. The dressing consists of olive oil, apple cider vinegar (with mother), nutritional yeast, and Himalayan salt and pepper to taste. My family devours it. My question is about the nutritional yeast…what are your thoughts on this.?