Alkaline Recipe #36 Basil & Coriander Alkaline Sauce


This recipe is really simple to make and can be used with almost any meal to give it a little spice, a little extra flavour and some zing.

I love it and I use it all of the time. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and if you are starting to alkalise then it uses ingredients you’re likely to have in the house all of the time.

Here it is:

Basil & Coriander Alkaline Sauce

Serves 2


2 big handfuls of coriander
1 big handful of basil
1 clove of garlic
2 red chillis (or to taste!)
1 small handful of pine nuts
Himalayan salt to taste (or the best salt you’ve got!)
Olive or avocado oil (as much to make the texture you want)


Roughly chop the coriander and basil, slice the garlic clove and de-seed the chillis. Throw everything into a small blender and blend to get the consistency you like. Add more oil or more of the herbs to alter the texture et voila!

You can use this on almost any meal and it makes everything taste delicious!

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    Is it possible to have the paperback book with your course instead of the e book? Have emailed before, but no reply received.

    Thanks, want to get started!