The Most Delicious Soup of the Year (I’m calling it early…!)

Red Lentil Soup

High Alkaline Red Lentil, Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup

Yep, I’m that confident! I have been tweaking and perfecting this soup for weeks, and I am now confident it is going to be “2021 Soup of the Year”. It is delicious, filling-yet-light, warming, satisfying and, can be tweaked to suit all tastes.

Full of alkalinity and very anti-inflammatory too, I absolutely love it. Simple, quick, easy, delicious – how it should be.

The wonderful antioxidants of vitamin A & C, plus the alkaline minerals such as manganese from the sweet potatoes, the potent anti-inflammatory turmeric, the detoxifying coriander, and the anti-viral garlic (plus more) – this soup packs a nutritional punch too.

As you can probably tell, I love it. And I hope you do too!

Alkaline Recipe of the Week: Red Lentil, Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup

Serves 4


300 g sweet potatoes
1 red onion
1/4 tablespoon cumin seeds
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1cm of fresh root turmeric
Coconut oil
2 cloves of garlic
½ a bunch of fresh coriander
60 g red lentils
500ml litre organic vegetable stock
1/2 can of coconut milk
1/3 lemon
Optional: 1 fresh red chilli


1) Start by preheating the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/gas 4 and cut the sweet potatoes into around 1-inch chunks, then peel and cut the onions into 2cm-thick wedges. Finally peel and cut the turmeric into half.

2) Put a tablespoon of coconut oil into a large bowl with the cumin, ground coriander and a pinch of salt, and then add the veggies, and turmeric, mixing with your hands to make everything nicely coated.

3) Transfer this to a baking tray and roast for around 40 minutes.

4) While this is roasting, chop the garlic. Pick the coriander leaves from the stalks and separate, and then finely slice the coriander stalks.

5) In a large saucepan, on a medium to low heat, gently warm some coconut oil and then sauté the garlic and coriander stalks for a minute and then add the lentils, and make sure everything is well coated in oil.

6) Warm the vegetable stock and then add this to the saucepan, followed by the coconut milk, and then cook this for 20 minutes, until the lentils are cooked and starting to break down. This should take around 20 minutes.

7) By now the roasting vegetables should be ready, so remove them from the oven and put them into your saucepan, and add the coriander leaves, and simmer this for another 2-3 minutes.

8) Now transfer to your blender and blend as rough or smooth as you like, and squeeze in some lemon juice to taste.

9) If you’re using the red chilli, finely slice this and add a little (you can add it per bowl if not everyone likes the spice!)

10) Serve in bowls with a few extra coriander leaves on top, and a drizzle of your favourite oil.

This is a superb soup to have all year round, and I truly hope you love it. It will keep in the fridge for 4-5 days, and in the freezer for months on end.

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  1. Cynthia Williams Reply

    I am anxious that get started. I would love to do your 7- day Juice Detox. How can I get the recipes? Please reply to Cynthia at alfcow@ aol. Com

  2. Catherine Reply

    What can one use instead of coconut in your recipes as I do not like coconut?
    There are some vegetables like cucumber, all colour peppers , lettuce that I cannot eat so what
    can I use instead?
    Thanks Catherine

  3. Nickie Reply

    Would love to pin this recipe to Pinterest with all my other alkaline recipes. Can’t find the link though

  4. Susan Reply

    Yes that’s my favorite soup Ross! Great job creating it !😋😋🙂

  5. Claudia pette Reply

    Actually, i have a couple of questions. The first is aboit coffee, can i stil drink it? I usually put erythritol or xylitol in it. Are those sweeteners ok? I couldn t find them in the list. Thank you!

    • ross Reply

      Hi Claudia

      Yes, in moderation. I mean, it is acid-forming but it’s OK in moderation. Definitely prefer eryth to xy.


  6. Barbara Stathakos Reply

    Hi Ross, Barbara from Texas. Where can I email you. I have a question.

    Thanks. My email is [email protected]

  7. Vilma Dockute Reply

    OMG, one of the best soups i ever tried. Turned out amazing. will definitely be making it again and again!

  8. Deb Reply

    Yum this soup is soo delish and soooo damn good
    My family Do not like corriander so more for me🤪
    I had some roasted red peppers so topped with this
    Thanks. I love the gut healing soup as well
    I just roast my veg in a sandwich press saves time
    Thanks Ross

  9. Babs Reply

    OMG!!! I have just made this soup and it is soooo delicious! The combination of all these ingredients gives it an amazing taste!
    Thanks again Ross!!!

  10. Julia Carryer Reply

    Hi Ross
    I have made this soup 4 times now and I love it. Tasty and filling and easy to make. Thank you so much for it 😊

  11. Judy wickham Reply

    What can I replace coriander with in red lentil soup?

    • ross Reply

      Parsley would be the next best choice

  12. Nan Braught Reply

    The Red Lentil, Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup is delicious. Thank you, Ross, for another fantastic recipe.

  13. Becky Reply

    A couple of the soups I have make are very thick. Not much liquid, I added more than a cup of stock. I thought maybe you forgot to add it. I got recipe out of your book.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Becky

      Def feel free to add more or less stock to any soup to suit your taste, for sure 🙂


  14. Diane Reply

    Ross!! What is the nutritional values of this delicious soup, especially calories? Thank you!!

  15. Susan Reply

    I’m definitely making this. It sounds gorgeous and my husband and I love soups.
    The measures don’t worry me since I have all measures in my kitchen. I would assume most people do!
    I look forward to more recipes Ross and thank you.

  16. René Smith Reply

    The soup sounds delicious. I’m on a renal friendly diet and need low potassium, phosphorus and sodium. Do you have alkaline diets specifically for chronic kidney disease? I would love your advice.

    Thank you,

    René Smith

  17. Lynn Reply

    Sounds like a great soup but, Grams and ML liters? I wish this recipe was written for the average American with pounds and measurements.

    • ross Reply

      But then it wouldn’t be written for the average UK, AU, EU, everywhere-else-in-the-world reader, so I’d then need to change it back for those guys?

  18. barbara from Texas Reply

    It sounds delicious. I’ll be making it soon.

  19. Jan Reply

    Please give the equivalent measures in cups (instead of grams and ml). We in the States would appreciate it!

  20. Kathy Reply

    Do you grow most of your ingredients for your meals?

  21. Dee Heayns Reply

    I was wondering if you could create a healthy alternative to M&M’s…. eg date/choc powder/chia seeds maybe…. with a peanut in the middle … something like that? I’ll leave that idea with you ????

    • ross Reply

      Would need to be an almond in the middle, but it’s possible 🙂

  22. Teresa Reply

    I love the idea of a recipe each week, but don’t like having to look up measurements. Can we get them in American measurements that we can understand? Thank you!

  23. Peggy Berwick Reply

    I wish the measurements were in cups and ounces too.

  24. Ingrid Ohanian Reply

    I bought your book and love it. I’ve tried many of your receipes and they are delicious. Thank you

  25. Mary Ann Reply

    Thanks for the weekly recipe, Ross. Your recipes are always delicious!

  26. Rachel Beaudry Reply

    Love this recipe! I haven’t even made it yet but just reading the list of ingredients is already making my mouth water. Thank you Ross 🙂

  27. Beatrice Gingles Reply

    Thank you for this recipe, I look forward to make it tomorrow.
    Question: Could you give us a pdf version of the recipes, a PRINTABLE version? In that printable version the recipe is condensed and most of the time fits on one page. That would be great!!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I love, love, love your book!!!!

    • ross Reply

      Definitely working on this. I did have printable cards for all recipes, but the plugin that I used on my site went out of business and disappeared! Am working with a new company now – watch this space.

  28. Barbara Mills Reply

    Thanks for the soup recipe, im really endeavoring to prepare more alkaline meals , since my husband is a typecast 2 diabetic.


    how much sodium? do u have a breakdown of nutrition? such as calories protein carbs, etc. thanks.

    • ross Reply

      Worry not about sodium in my recipes, as it’s never sodium chloride (table salt). A new project is coming which will give a nutrient panel for all recipes = watch this space 🙂