Alkaline Diet Recipe #174: Soothing Gut Healing Soup

soothing gut healing soup

A Delicious, Soothing Soup to Heal Your Gut

You cannot have abundant energy without a healthy gut. Period.

An unhealthy gut is the #1 cause of fatigue.

And when your gut is unhealthy, it can cause more than just digestive discomfort – it can ruin your health and run your life.

They say that all good health starts in the gut, and with good reason.

Dubbed the ‘second brain’ (due to the extensive number of neurons that extend 9 meters from the esophagus to the bottom – there are over 100 million neurons in this intricate system!) the gut houses 60-80% of our immune system and is responsible for actually processing and distributing the nutrients we consume.

Gut imbalances have been linked to hormonal issues, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, eczema, rosacea, and a host of other chronic health problems.

You can’t be healthy with an unhealthy gut, but you’ll be happy to know that taking steps towards soothing, healing and restoring your gut health can be quite straightforward.

And I’ve got just the recipe for that below!

But first, how would you know if you have an unhealthy gut?

Look for any of these ten symptoms:

The Checklist: 10 Signs You’ve Potentially Got an Unhealthy Gut:

  1. Bloating, gas, diahorrea and digestive discomfort
  2. Frequent feelings of anxiety
  3. Poor memory and concentration, inability to focus
  4. Ongoing depression or depressive thoughts
  5. Frequent mood swings and a short fuse/irritability
  6. Diabetes or symptoms of pre-diabetes
  7. Allergies and sensitivities to at least one food
  8. A diagnosed autoimmune disease
  9. Frequent infections and frequent need for or prescriptions of antibiotics
  10. Topical skin complaints such as eczema, rosacea

So how can we soothe and fix the gut?

Healing the gut follows the same principles as healing the body:

Give your body the tools it needs and it will rapidly respond, healing itself quicker than you could ever imagine

And to heal the gut, you need to give the body:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3
  • Coconut Oil

And while supplements are great, of course, there is no better way to provide these foods to the body than through real, whole foods.

And that’s where my latest soup recipe comes in – it’s a simple, delicious soup that gives you all of the above gut-healing nutrients in one simple bowl.

Soothing Alkaline Gut Healing Soup

This soup is nourishing, comforting and soothing, and it feeds your gut with everything it needs to repair and replenish.

  • Lentils: containing heaps of folate, fiber, manganese, iron, protein, vitamin b1, b6, zinc and potassium, lentils have heart health, blood sugar stabilizing and most importantly, gut healing properties. The insoluble fiber in lentils helps prevent IBS, discomfort and diverticulosis.
  • Sweet potato: Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6 rich, sweet potato is also an incredible source of manganese, fiber and potassium. Sweet potato is an antioxidant-rich food that also serves as an anti-inflammatory, which is critical for gut health. Nothing damages the gut more than inflammation.
  • Spinach: Spinach is a super-superfood. Chlorophyll-rich, it is one of the most impressive of the ‘dark leafy greens’ which are ALL incredible. In terms of gut health, spinach is also a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and contains a huge amount of vitamin K, A B2, B6, B1, vitamin C and omega 3.
  • Carrot: packed with vitamin A and C, carrots are mega-antioxidants – particularly their high carotenoid content. Brilliant for gut health due to their high content of Vitamin A, C, E and fiber.
  • Bell Pepper: also high in Vitamins A, C, and E, bell pepper (also known as pepper or capsicum) is a strong antioxidant which can support gut health, with bountiful amounts of carotenoids and flavonoids.
  • Avocado: full of healthy omega 3s (specifically ALA), avocado is also a strong anti-inflammatory, containing high levels of phytosterols, carotenoid antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Dill: supports proper digestion by stimulating bile and digestive juices found in the stomach, while also is a powerful anti-oxidant. Studies have shown that Dill activates the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase which increases your antioxidant potential and reduces free radicals in the body.
  • Cashews: equally high in phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, cashews are a powerfully antioxidant-rich food that also supports heart health, bone strength and are proven to help lower weight.
  • Garlic: a potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral.

So let’s make this soup tonight and heal our gut!

The Recipe: Alkaline Gut Healing Soup

Serves: 4
Preparation Time: 25 minutes


200g lentils (or one can – drained and washed)
1 avocado
1 large sweet potato
1 large handful of spinach
2 carrots
1 red bell pepper (capsicum)
2 tbsp chopped dill
1 handful of cashews (roughly chopped)
4 cloves of garlic
1 brown onion
200ml yeast-free, MSG-free vegetable stock
1 tbsp coconut oil

Alkaline Reset Cleanse Book


  • Prepare the lentils, if dried and set aside. This takes the longest!
  • Next, roughly chop the onion and garlic and warm gently in a very large saucepan with the coconut oil
  • While these are browning and flavoring up, chop the peel and chop the sweet potato and carrots roughly, and once chopped, add to the pan and get it all mixed together and coated in oil. Stir for about 2 minutes to start to warm the root veg and get the flavors of the garlic and onion onto and into them
  • Now add the vegetable stock, and simmer for 10 minutes, until the vegetables are just warmed through but not overcooked – we want to maintain as much of the nutrients as possible.
  • Add the lentils in now for the last five minutes to get these warmed through too
  • Next, transfer to a blender or food processor (do in batches if your blender isn’t big enough to do all of this at once) and add in the avocado, capsicum/bell pepper (roughly chopped and deseeded), spinach and dill. Keep just a few sprigs of dill back if you want to garnish.
  • Blend until smooth and serve with those sprigs of dill, sprinkle with the chopped cashews and drizzle with a little olive oil at the end.


That’s it! It’s soothing, rich, creamy-feeling and incredibly nourishing for the gut and the soul.

Enjoy and let me know how it helps your gut!


get the alkaline recipe book here

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  1. Harriet Reply

    In the recipe you say chop the peel.
    What peel?
    Onion peel, garlic peel,
    Do I peek the sweet potato, the carrots?
    My lentils are canned.
    Do I rinse them?

  2. Vaneta Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I really enjoy the recipes! My question is the use of oils. My liver is much happier when I omit oils from my diet. What is the purpose of having oil in the recipe, is there something it is adding nutritionally ? Others are saying to omit oil yet you still have it in the recipes themselves. I know one can simply omit the oil and cook oil free, however, I would like to know why you still recommend using oils. Thank you

  3. Ronnet Pettit Reply

    Hello Ross,
    Thanks so much for your commitment to providing healthful information for those of us who are determined to put in the discipline it needs to stay disease free and live healthy delicious lives. It does take discipline, but it’s so worth it!
    I did my first alkaline cleanse December 2020 and have been trying to make eating alkaline a lifestyle. Honestly, I’ve lost the 5 stubborn pounds I’ve been wanting to lose. I’m 62 years old, 5’ 5” and weigh now (135 lbs) what I weighed 30 years ago. I’ve been sleeping better and my overall health has improved, living with fibromyalgia.
    Thanks that that super easy and delicious gut healthy soup!
    Keep up the great work! 😊

  4. Judy Reply

    Made this soup today Melbournes weather has me craving for it. Very creamy and nourishing. I used a can if lentils and think freshingly cooked lentils would be nicer! Very enjoyable 🙂

    • ross Reply

      It’s a good one! And I’m glad I’m in Brisbane nowadays 🙂

  5. Frederick Beaucage Reply

    Hello, can we use bone broth instead of vegetable broth on the alkaline reset cleanse? I could not find a vegetable broth without sugar?

    • ross Reply

      Yep 🙂

      • Frédérick Beaucage Reply

        Thank you so much.

  6. Ghisèle Marie-Thérèse Maurice Reply

    I eat most of the anti-inflammatory foods listed in your article but am still suffering from stiff joints, back-ache and diffuse aches and pains in my body, especially in the morning when I get up.

    My question is what is the amount of each food should be eaten each day to be effective?

  7. Julia Reply

    hi ross
    just made and eaten your gut healing soup was very yummy and very filling.
    Will definately make again

  8. Connie Reply

    Hi Ross, I made this soup moments ago & am thrilled at how easy the recipe is. We’ve just enjoyed this delicious soup for lunch & it was so “taste bud happy” delicious that we almost ate it all! I’ll be sure to double the recipe next time! Thank you for your emails, health tips & delicious recipes. I can’t start my day without drinking the ginger turmeric tea! That plus 3 litres of water, 7 servings of greens have made such s positive impact on my already healthy plant based lifestyle. Thank you with all my heart. Connie (from Canada)

  9. Lynda Reply

    Hi Ross, Brown onion or white onion always upsets my stomach, I can tolerate a little red onion but that’s about it! So what would you recommend regarding this wonderful recipe as a substitute for the brown onion?
    Many Thanks,

    • ross Reply

      A little extra celery and that bit of red onion 🙂

  10. Nickette Afzal Reply

    Hi im going to try this hope it helps had very bad acid reflux i cant eat as much very small meals i have had omerazole 20mg twice daily my quality life is not good tried most natral things nothing seems to be helping i have tried to go off my medication i also take Gavisgon Advance that helps a bit would be very grateful for any advice i am a diabetic on insulin thank

  11. Wendy Reply

    What time does your workshop start on Monday?

    • ross Reply

      Each lesson will go live at 5am EST, and will be available on demand for 7 days 🙂

  12. Althea Reply

    Looked at your Gut healing soup
    Lentils cashews and bell peppers are a no no for me..
    Will the soup still be beneficial?

    • ross Reply

      Yes, absolutely

  13. Karen Reply

    I would like to see the nutritional information for the soup recipes.



  14. Nina Sarroino Reply


  15. Neeraj Reply

    Dear Ross
    If you can please suggest diet for patients with IgA based auto immune disease particularly targeting kidney disease.
    Thanks with regards.

    • ross Reply

      I can suggest the alkaline diet. Search my site for alkaline kidney research – there is a HUGE amount of evidence showing an alkaline diet beneficial for CKD.

    • Cami Rose Reply

      How do you get protien in your diet following this? I am determined to follow the alkaline diet, however I get killer migraines if I do not get a lot of protien. Trying to figure out how to adapt this this.

  16. Kathleen Fogarty Reply

    This soup was Amazing! So delicious. The only change I will make for next time is using homemade bone broth instead of store bought stock, as I noticed added sugar & oil in my organic store bought stock (after adding it☹). But OMG this soup was so good, & since I have been sick & unable to eat, eating 2 bowls of this is a huge win. Thanks so much for this recipe! The avocado really made it rich & creamy with all those healthy fats, too.

  17. Arlene Smith Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thank you for sharing.
    How often should this soup be taken?

  18. Anne Elsegood Reply

    All the recipes have onion and garlic in them I am allergic to sulphur and become sick when I have this I am also allergic to some perservatives which causes a few problems. All recipes seem to have a lot of ingrediants that I cannot have. any answers?

  19. Olivia Taskoff Reply

    Hi! Can I swap the cashews out for walnuts and the coconut oil for olive oil? I have done the “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” program and it has worked wonders, but I discovered that the alkaline life style works well for me when I incorporate it into my Type A diet.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Olivia you can make those swaps absolutely.

  20. Shari Reply

    I love the flavor of this soup, but is it supposed to be extremely thick? Is 200 ml of veggie stock correct?

    • ross Reply

      It is thick, but definitely feel free to adjust the amount of stock to suit the consistency you like 🙂

  21. Donna Wenn Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thank you so much for your recipes. They are simple, easy to follow and DELICIOUS!!! I made this soup last night and was hoping there would be some left over for breakfast this morning. Nope!!! My family loved it!!! Now I’m off to the shop to buy what I need to make it again today.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Donna! Glad you and the fam all loved it 🙂 I have to say – this is one of my personal faves too!


  22. Andrea Snadden Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thank you for your recipes , I have been suffering with fibromyalgia for 23 years and have osteoarthritis and more recently had to have me gallbladder remover due to stones and pancreatitis. I have no idea how I came upon your site, but I am so pleased I did. Last week I did a three day fast as the pancreatitis had flared and then started your alkaline diet. This is the first week in a long time that I have had no pain, I’m still as I say delicate but no nausea or pain to the extent I am unable to touch my stomach. I have stuck to it well so far and because I’m vegan and gluten free anyway I’m not finding it that difficult. How much I would have like to join your camp I just couldn’t afford it. I will continue to use your recipes, I brought your book and look forward to any more that you put up. Thank you again so much.
    p.s I made the above soup twice it came out lovely the whole family loved it.

  23. Michael Sagalovski Reply

    Hi. First timer here! Made it all by myself ( almost half a century living on Earth male). Very proud of my achievement . LOL!
    Very easy step by step instruction (except lentils preparation step-needed to google it). Came out as nice healthy dinner.

    Thank you very much

  24. Susie Reply

    Hi There
    Your Soup is VERY Yummo!!!!!
    Can it cause bloating and is it detoxifying too????
    Many THANXS????

  25. Susie Reply

    Hi there
    I’m Looking forward to this Wonderful Recipe.
    It Sounds Yummo!!!!!????
    Out of Curiosity does it give Your Body a Clean Out & aid in weight loss too????
    Many THANXS,

  26. Constance Reply

    What’s capsisum

    • ross Reply

      Bell pepper

  27. Constance Reply

    How can I get started without this being so costly. I wanna get healthy and adopt this as a way of life.

    • ross Reply

      It’s a guide I’m working on now – a cost-saving, budget-supporting start to the Alkaline Diet. Thanks for reminding me of it’s importance.

  28. R M Reply

    I’m allergic to coconut, and lots of other foods. Can you leave out the coconut or substitue with another oil such as olive or avacado oil?

    • ross Reply

      Sure can.

  29. Scot Watson Reply

    Need this soup

  30. Rory Reply

    Hi Ross, Just came across your site. So why is their no replay after 2014? Nothing for 3 years. Hummmm.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Rory – frankly, unfortunately, because if I tried to answer every comment on the site it would be all I have time to do and there would be no new recipes or guides. I do try my best, but also have to prioritise my paying coaching members.

      If there is a question here, chances are if you use the search tool at the top of the page then you’ll find I’ve already made a guide that answers it.

  31. Jacqui Bracey Reply

    Absolutely beautiful !!!!!!

  32. Janita Reply

    Hi Ross
    The soup sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it.
    Can I freeze it?
    Kindest regards

  33. Sofia Reply

    This is a delicious recipe. It was a hit with my family and I will definitely make it again. The recipe needs a little work though. The lentils should be listed with the dried amount first and cooked amount as an alternative.
    All ingredients should be listed in the order that they are used in the recipe. This makes the recipe much easier to read. Look at any of your favorite hard bound cookbook as a reference.
    Also ‘Large sweet potato is not sufficient. Maybe add the chopped amount. Ex: (1 cup chopped). I chose a potato that in my opinion was large and ended up having tripled the liquid in the recipe.
    I loved the dill flavor ????

  34. Jackie Dokos Reply

    I can’t stand in place to chop veggies or shop very long. Do you have prepared soup?

  35. janna Reply

    will this gut soup help with the candida situation ? I was told no peanuts or sweet potatoes and carrots the latter have a lot of sugar. if I do some it has to be in small amounts….confused.. pls clarify.. thanks

  36. JoEllen Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Just wondering if it’s the same if we eat it with chunks and not put through the blender? Thanks, JoEllen

  37. Maria Reply

    Sounds like a great recipe, Ross! My question has to do with if it is possible to send me a list of the most acidic fruits and foods in general! Also, a list of foods with the least amount of acid. Thanks!

  38. Dolores Brandon Reply

    Will repeated consumption of fresh or powdered tumeric stain teeth?

  39. Crystal Reply

    I followed the recipe exactly and it tasted like bland baby food. I ended up adding some ginger to try and add some flavor. I eat really healthy but this was not tasty to me (my son and bf were also not fans).

    • Heena Reply

      I think adding some tomatoes and extra seasoning might help you.

  40. Katerina Kaftanzoglou Reply

    The recipe sounds very good but to me it isn’t clear about the lentils : are you using pre-cooked canned lentils ? because if not ,the recipe is very vague : if you are using regular uncooked dried lentils (which I would recommend ,as I avoid canned foods), you need to wash them, soak them overnight if possible (if not you can still cook them but it may take longer) and boil them before adding them to the soup. Also 200gr of dried lentils is quite a large quantity in relation to the other ingredients. How many people is the recipe for ?

  41. Katerina Kaftanzoglou Reply

    The recipe sounds very good but to me it isn’t clear about the lentils : are you using pre-cooked canned lentils ? because if not ,the recipe is very vague : if you are using regular uncooked dried lentils (which I would recommend ,as I avoid canned foods), you need to wash them, soak them overnight if possible (if not you can still cook them but it may take longer) and boil them before adding them to the soup.

  42. Rosemary Reply

    Thank you SO much for the soup recipe – it’s great – and all the others too – VERY much appreciated!!

  43. angela Reply

    what is a brown onion?

    • Heena Reply

      You can use white or red onion I suppose but brown onion is easily available to buy

      • ross Reply

        You can use any onion 🙂

  44. Eddie Reply


  45. Portia M Polk Reply

    I’ve made this soup for the 2nd time. I enjoy it and it’s good for digestive system. However, it’s green not orange.

  46. Bridaine mccauley Reply

    Hi there
    I’m looking forward to starting, the only problem is I can’t purchase the book, when it say click buy now, it just won’t.
    Also I’m planning to also start cooking for my husband, he’s 66yrs and now seems to suffer from high blood pressure. He really needs to change his life as every thing seems to rise his blood pressure.
    I have one of your recipe books its the newest book I want.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Bridaine mccauley

  47. Claudz Reply

    Hi Ross….
    I have a slight problem 🙂
    My hubby and myself REALLY do not like Avocado fruit and my question to you:

    what powerful supplement veggie could we use instead of Avo to give that alkaline soup recipe a try ?
    much appreciate your advise*

    • angela Reply

      you really won’t notice it in’ll just make it creamier…i promise!

  48. Stephanie Reply

    Love this soup:) I think the raw red pepper makes a big difference and adds to the taste quite a bit!

    • Stephanie Reply

      oh – once question I had is that I didn’t get rid of the skin of the sweet potato (just scrubbed it pretty well)….I hear there a quite a bit of nutrients in the skin so didn’t want to forgo that? Is that ok? I used red lentils:)

  49. LaRonda Coleman Reply

    Hello. Can this soup be frozen for later? If so, how long.


  50. Ani Reply

    “chop the peel” is what exactly? Thanks.

  51. Zach Reply

    I ended up not using onion or garlic because it bothers me but besides that i stuck to the recipe and it turned out great!! It was honestly the best soup i’ve ever had!!

    I gotta say I’m new to going alkaline and while i admit it was hard at first, your site ended up helping me so much!!! My food eating ways are forever changed but I’d recommend this recipe regardless if someone is on a alkaline diet or not.

    • ross Reply

      Awesome Zach – keep it going!

  52. Logen Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Might it be possible to have the converted to ounces amount in your wonderful recipes. I’m trying to find a good converter as I am not a metric person.

    thanks much,
    Carol Logen

    • ross Reply

      Hey Carol

      If you put any quantity into google with ‘in lbs’ it will convert. For instance type ‘500ml in fl oz’ and it will give you that.


  53. Wayne Reply

    Can you freeze the soup and still get the benefit of an alkaline soup

    • ross Reply

      Hey Wayne – whenever you ‘meddle’ with a food you lose some of the nutrient content, BUT, if this means you’ll eat it again rather than something less healthy then DEFINITELY do it 🙂

      However, one thing…most people do more damage to the food when they reheat it! Be sure to reheat very gently. Ideally you’ll be able to let the food defrost at room temp and then just very gently heat before it reaches boiling.


  54. Pina Reply

    Hi Ross, will this soup help if someone has IBS? Also csn the lentils be left out as I can not process them? Thanks for answering my questions!

    • ross Reply

      Hey Pina

      It will help – but I’m mindful of the fact that IBS is a very very broad term given to hundreds of different and unique digestive complaints.

      It will help because it is cleansing, alkaline and anti-inflammatory. And indeed you can leave out the lentils.


  55. Michael Nichols Reply

    What an amazing soup. Just made it tonight. I’ve never used capsicum like that and wasn’t sure about putting the avocado in then blending; however I tried it and thought it was sensational. Instead of using my old blender (I’m about due for a one!) I used a stick blender, which made it a bit chunkier, but just as good I’m sure. I’ll certainly be having this one again. Thanks

  56. Wally Reply

    Made it tonight- But I didn’t have dill so I used some ginger & a little cinamon. I also added some sweet potatoes in small chunks besides the ones that got ground up.

    Tasted great- Thanks

  57. Denise Reply

    Hi Ross, Do you have an alternative for the pepper in this soup? Thanks a million for all your delicious recipes

  58. Audrey Reply

    Sounds awesome

  59. Graziella Reply

    Hi Ross, I get your emails and follow you on Facebook. I have a number of health issues going on in my body and having a difficult time from fatigue to aches and pains and all the doctors want to do is put me on steroids or pain killers. My stomach does not tolerate avocado and capsicums so if I were to try the ‘gut soup’ what can I substitute them with. Any other suggestions would be very welcomed. I have been researching about the best way to go about it but I think I am now totally confused, I guess I should start with a Detox and a cleanse but then I get dizzy. So, your advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Could you reply to me in private if you get the time. Thanking you

  60. Beth Reply

    I saw many of your other posts ans the info on Turmeric. Do you recommend adding that to this soup?

  61. lenora bradley Reply

    Made the soup tonight, VERYYYY thick . the 200 g of lentils, soaked overnight seemed to be out of balance to the 200 ml of stock. I had to add extra water to help it through the blender. Still I’m glad to hear its as good tomorrow as I can have it for breakfast.

  62. Jessica Reply

    Made this last night and still enjoying it today as well. Saw this recipe and I had most of the ingredients so I just made due without the bell pepper and carrots (added extra sweet potato in place of the carrots). It still turned out delicious. I may have added too much sweet potato for the amount of stock though because it ended up super thick, like a mashed potato consistency. I left it as is because I dig it!

  63. Lyd HC Reply

    What can you substitute for the cashews? I’m allergic to them and pistachios. TYI

  64. Ber S Reply

    is 200ml stock enough

  65. Tony Edwards Reply

    Think I might sprout the lentils first hmm!?

  66. TrAcy Reply

    do you have to have lentils in it ??

  67. Samina Reply

    Which type of lentils do you recommend for this recipe?

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hi Samina – you can use whichever you like – I used brown. You can also choose between dried and canned, with the obvious advantages of each (convenience vs quality of nutrients).

  68. kathleen Kidd Reply

    What is MSG vegetable stock?

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hi Kathleen

      Of all the foods that still contain MSG, I’m always surprised to see it in so many brands of vegetable stock. Always look to make sure that your stock contains no MSG. There are so many hidden names for it…in fact, I am going to do a post now about it’s hidden names!


  69. donnamarie Reply

    I was wondering the same thing – ie potato peel? Thanks !

  70. tess Reply

    In recipe it says “chop the peel & chop the sweet potato”… are you talking about the potato peel??? This soup looks amazing!!

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hi – hi Tess – thanks for pointing that out. It’s meant to read “Peel & chop the sweet potato”!

  71. nancy Reply

    Just made this soup! It is so yummy and so healthful! Thank you for this recipe!

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Awesome! Glad you loved it! We had it again tonight – still delicioso the next day!