Alkaline Q&A: “I’m Underweight – Will I Lose More Weight on the Alkaline Reset Cleanse?”

I don't want to lose weight

I’m Underweight But Want to Do the Cleanse – I Don’t Want to Lose More Weight, Will I?

Doing a Cleanse is the BEST thing you can do to get to your health goals quickly and take your energy to an incredible new level…


There are so many myths and misconceptions about doing my Alkaline Reset – and this is a question I received this week from Jeanne who has just signed up to the workshop:

Hello Ross,

My name is Jeanne and I have signed up to join your class on the 17th of February. I am 73 years old and my weight is only around 40 kg, I have a massive appetite so am worried that your diet might cause me to lose more weight?

My present diet is dairy and wheat free I also do not eat sweets or anything sweet.

I drink around 2 liters of filtered water a day (having watched your video on YouTube I will increase it in time).

I have been stressed for some time (so ?) my tummy hasn’t been brilliant. I am very active and busy. I thought I would get your thoughts on it? I will be very grateful.

Thank you

Best Wishes

Hi Jeanne

So great you’ve signed up for the Cleanse workshop! I’m really looking forward to delivering it and helping everyone!

The biggest, most important thing I want to reiterate to you is this is not a weight loss diet. It’s not a ‘diet’ at all in a conventional sense.

It’s a focus on nourishing the body as effectively and enjoyably as possible.

Specifically, about doing my Alkaline Reset Cleanse (which is what the workshop is about) – the focus in the Cleanse is on abundance. You will be eating plenty. You will not be hungry, and if you don’t need to lose weight, you won’t.

Remember – being underweight is as much of a symptom of acidity and imbalance as being overweight.

When you return balance to your body (which the Cleanse does wonderfully) your body will gain weight where needed, in the healthiest possible way.

It’s fantastic that you have already addressed wheat and dairy (look out for those other gluten-containing grains though – spelt, rye, etc.) and that your sugar intake is under control too – it will help you out a lot!

I cover heaps about getting these acidic foods (dairy, sugar, gluten) under control in the ‘Before the Cleanse’ week during the workshop, so you might also pick up a few things there too 🙂

You’re going to love it and I go into all of this in much more depth in the workshop 🙂


PS for the stress – which is absolutely going to be causing acidity and inflammation in your body – as much as any food – I really recommend looking into mindfulness meditation – just 10 minutes a day changed my life. I recommend the Headspace app – and when you feel you’re ready for a challenge, the app Waking Up with Sam Harris.

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  1. Diane Errett Reply

    I’m on Coumadin for blood clots can I do this cleanse?

    • ross Reply

      If you have any concerns, you should talk to the doctor who prescribed the coumadin.

      Option A: Explain you’re going to cut sugar and processed foods for a few weeks, have a lot of green foods and get hydrated. Explain that it’s a change to a healthy diet. If you call it a Cleanse or Detox, your doctor will likely have bias that will lead him to dissuade you (even those he/she will not know anything about what you’re doing).

      Option B: be completely honest with them and say you’re doing a juice, smoothie and soup cleanse. If they are interested and objective – you have a GREAT doctor. If they shut it down without talking it through, you now at least know you need to find a new doctor.

      The most likely recommendation is to lower the vitamin K rich foods on the Cleanse such as kale, spinach and collard greens. These are the highest. OTher greens are moderately high, so are much more acceptable.

      Chat to your doc and make sure you’re feeling comfortable. You might want to just follow my alkaline protocol until your blood is under control and clotting correctly, and the Warfarin is reduced or removed, and then do a Cleanse. But your doc will (hopefully) know best.


  2. Nikki Page Reply

    My husband is only 62 and is headed toward needing to be in a nursing home. He is very weak. Lost tons of weight and is skin and bones. He has swallowing and breathing issues. He is resistant to trying anything. He begs me not to change his diet. Poached eggs buttered toast and sausage. A chocolate shake at lunch. A deli meat sandwich with mayo and slivers of tomato. I know this is killing him. How can I approach this plan with him. He has become odd mentally too. Help.