How to do an Alkaline Cleanse – The Complete Quick-Start Guide

Alkaline Cleanse: The Complete Guide

Alkaline Cleanse: Cleanse Quick Start Guide (Cheat’s Guide)

Hey guys I just shot this short video that teaches you everything you need to know to get started – RIGHT NOW – on an alkaline cleanse.

Believe me, there is a wrong way and a right way, and the wrong way makes it SO much harder – at least 100 times harder! So if you have ever wanted to do an alkaline cleanse, I recommend you watch this video now and download my goodies below including not five but SIX alkaline cleanse recipes!

See the video on youtube here.

Here are the SIX Alkaline Cleanse recipes to get you started:

Two Juices: Blood Building Veggie Juice | Big Bad Green Drink

Two Soups: Alkaline Cucumber & Watercress Soup | High Alkaline Raw Soup

Two Smoothies: Alkaline Avo Power Shake | Cleansing Greens n Grapefruit Smoothie

Here are the foods to eat in abundance on an Alkaline Cleanse:

EAT LOTS OF these cleansing alkaline foods:

Rocket (Arugula)
Coriander (Cilantro)
Lettuce (all varieties)
Tomato (in moderation)
Capsicum (in moderation)
Omega oils
Beetroot (in moderation)
Carrot (in moderation)
Barley Grass
Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Coconut Oil

Any other green foods, sprouts or grasses!

Here is a typical day on an alkaline cleanse:

7:00 AM – I’d have a juice now made of all the greens I’ve bought – you’ll have your recipe set up for you – so make your green juice.  If you want you can make a massive load of juice and put some in an airtight container in the fridge to enjoy later if you get peckish or start to get detox headaches.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Banner

7:30 AM – Light exercise for 15-30 minutes – could be walking, light jogging or rebounding or simply stretching/yoga.  Do not overexert.

Here’s a video introduction to rebounding, which I believe is the best cleanse exercise:

8:00 AM Ginger tea – I’d usually make about a litre or so per person of ginger tea by simply stewing fresh root ginger in simmering (boiled) water for 15 minutes (hydration at 600ml)

8-9:30 AM Consume 1 litre of alkaline water (hydration up to 1.6 litres) – include green powder if also using supplements, plus clay, plus any other powdered supplements

9:30 AM Time for ‘breakfast’ smoothie – so I’d have one of the alkaline avocado based smoothies which is big, thick, filling and satisfying

10:00 AM Supplements – any detox supplements, fibres, and lots of omega 3.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Consume 1 litre of alkaline water (hydration up to 2.6 litres) –  include green powder if also using supplements, plus clay, plus any other powdered supplements

12:30 PM – Lunch: make an alkaline raw soup and consume either cool or warmed slightly.

13:00 PM – Another cup of herbal or ginger tea (hydration up to 2.9 litres)

14:00 PM – 2nd raw juice, either the 2nd half of the earlier drink OR if I had that as a snack I’ll make another now.

14:30-15:30 PM – Final litre of alkaline water (hydration up to 3.9 litres) –  include green powder if also using supplements, plus clay, plus any other powdered supplements – further hydration after this is optional but recommended

16:00 PM – 2nd alkaline smoothie – again, either the remainder from earlier or a fresh batch

17:00 PM – Another cup of herbal or ginger tea (hydration up to 4.2 litres)

18:00 PM – Dinner – Alkaline Soup

19:00 PM – Second round of breathing exercises and supplements including omega oils.

20:00 PM – if hungry any remaining or leftover, or a fresh soup, smoothie or juice if hungry.

20:00-22:00 PM – Sip at herbal tea, lemon water or other hydrating beverage if thirsty.  Bed at 22:00.

…and here are some other resources on my blog!

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get the alkaline recipe system here

order the alkaline life

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  1. Jo Reply

    Can you send me rebounding video please I can’t see it on your website here

  2. Louisa Bencosme Reply

    Hi, ross,

    I want to know if a ” type 2 diabetic ” be able to do -> “the SIX Alkaline Cleanse recipes”?

    I was diagnosed ms, it worked for me , but was wondering for my cousin who’s DT2.

  3. rae Reply

    hi again
    what is the precleanse?

  4. rae Reply

    there is no video here where it says there is… how do i fnd it?

  5. Sally Reply

    What do people on blood thinners use instead of tumeric?

    • ross Reply

      They can consume natural turmeric, just err on the side of caution with turmeric supplements

  6. Mai Reply

    I’m a stroke survivor currently on medication to control INR blood levels, greens like kale high in Potassium have a definitely impact on my levels.
    Your program looks very interesting and I would like to try but I’m very hesitant because of my condition.
    What’s your opinion on that?

  7. Libby Reply

    HI Ross,
    I am starting your akaline cleanse and I was wondering if you could guide me to specific omega 3 supplements and what kind of coconut oil you recommend (cold pressed organic?)
    And how much should I take daily?

    Thanks so much!!!

    Libby Furcolo

    • ross Reply

      Omega 3 – nordic naturals or Alkamind.

      Coconut oil – 1tbsp daily

  8. Fran Reply

    I don’t have a juicer. May I just have the smoothies and soup?

  9. Sanja Jovicic Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I bought your book on Jan 16, and was wandering if the bonuses apply to me? I have my order # from Amazon.
    I am doing pre-cleanse for 6 days and will do 1 more week before starting the cleanse. So far no weight loss but I feel lighter amd I have more energy. I also started yoga again twice a week after long pause…

    Thank you,

  10. gabapentininfaf Reply

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  11. Anne Heerikhuisen Reply

    What about cleansing and breastfeeding/pregnancy?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Anne

      When pregnancy and feeding you shouldn’t do anything that would encourage detoxification in your body as the toxins moving out of the body will, in some part, get transferred into places you don’t want them to go!


  12. Doug Reply

    Is an alkaline cleanse a good complementary treatment option for C.difficile? If so, are there any adjustments I need to make to the cleanse for this purpose?

  13. Meka Reply

    I need to do a alkalizing cleanse and a candida cleanse. Which do you think should be done first? Or will one help for both?

  14. pamela hill Reply

    I am over the moon with all the valuable information Ross. Thank you so much. Absolutley fantastic

    • Ross Reply

      Thanks Pamela!

  15. Lance Reply

    What a GREAT video, thanks Ross!

    What about eating foods cooked and/or warmed while on a cleanse. Is it a situation where cold/raw is better but cooked/warmed is better than not doing it?


    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hey Lance – no worries and thanks for the nice comment!

      ‘Raw’ can still be warmed. That’s another important distinction that people don’t realise. If you can put your finger in it without it burning – it’s still raw. This is a lifesaver when cleansing in winter!


  16. Ginny Reply

    Hi Ross, thank you for the information. I will definitely try this cleanse. However, I want to know if it will still work for me because I am not allowed to eat any citrus, tomato or vinegar because of a condition called interstitial cystitis. Those foods make my bladder feel very painful. Can I skip these foods and still succeed?

    Thanks again.


  17. Ernestine Copeland Reply

    Clean body, Clean mind

    • Energise Ross Reply


  18. Victorina Reply

    Hi Ross, I wanted to buy your recipe book for 27 pound, but I don’t want to buy the boot camp for 22 pound . Sadly there is no way to say that I only want the recipe book.
    Can you help? (Do you have a PayPal account?)

    • Energise Ross Reply


      See link below where you can purchase my Alkaline Recipe System:

      Alkaline Recipe System

  19. Katharine YEO Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I am interested in buying the Chanson Max. I live in Singapore. I would like to know if it is as simple to install as claimed. Is this machine compatible with any taps.

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hi Katharine

      Great to hear you interested in getting a Chanson Max.

      They really are easy to install, see my video below!