Shockingly Dangerous Killers in Your Everyday Life

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EMF danger - lotsa wiresEvery day we are surrounded by silent killers. In our lounge, in our kitchen and in our bedroom. In our pocket and on our lap.

Every single electrical appliance in our lives is exposing our body to harmful electromagnetic radiation. And even those that we don’t have control over such as power lines, wiring in buildings, and a whole heap of other technologies such as wireless internet that are so prevalent in our modern lives are all potentially harmful to our health.

Potentially harmful electical appliances are everywhere, and more and more research is beginning to show that when we continually expose ourselves to these frequencies we are seriously putting ourselves at risk!

Some frequencies are stronger than other (the frequency of a laptop and mobile phone is the same as a microwave when it cooks your food – yes, that’s right, the thing you put up to your ear and the thing you put on top of your sexual organs is slowly cooking you) and some are more in our control than others, but researching this article and the things I have been told lately have really started to make me think about the way I live my life and the way my home and office are set up!

What the World’s Longest & Largest Mobile Phone Study Found…

During the 1990’s the scientist, research director, and consultant was hired by the US Cell Phone Industry to investigate the safety of using mobile phones with the hope of finding that using mobiles was safe and not dangerous to the health of the public. They could not have ever predicted what he would find and the impact it could have.

After six years of continual research, Carlos’ research could not find any evidence to support the safety of mobile phones and in fact found a direct link between mobile phone use and cancer. He summarised:

The big picture is disturbingly clear. There is a definite risk that the radiation plume that emanates from a cell phone antenna can cause cancer and other health problems. It is a risk that affects hundreds of millions of people around the world. It is a risk that must be seen and understood by all who use cell phones so they can take all the appropriate and available steps to protect themselves and especially to protect young children whose skulls are still growing and who are the most vulnerable to the risks of radiation .” -Dr. George Carlo

He has most recently stated that epidemiological studies prove that every year there are between 30-50k new cases of brain and eye cancer atrributable to mobile phone use. Just mobile phone use. By the year 2010 that number is going to have risen to nearly 500k cases.

This is scary stuff.

And it is proven. Studies by Danish scientists have shown that 20 – 80% of the electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones (depending on the make) is absorbed directly into the brain of the user. A few minutes exposure to cell phone type radiation can transform a 5% active cancer into a 95% active cancer.

And that is not all

Other dangers include wireless internet, microwave use, hairdryers, hair straighteners, wireless home phones, alarm clocks by our bed, electric blankets and any big number of plugs that are near where we spend a lot of our time (for instance under the computer desk, behind the tv etc.).

To put it in technical terms, 2.5mG is the generally accepted limit of ELF magnetic field (EMF) exposure, but the average hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or electric can opener that we use, EMITS AN AMAZING 300mG or more. This is the type of level of EMF we are being continuously exposed to. Some hairdryers even go as high as 700mG and there has been continual proven links between hair dryer use and leukemia. In fact, this link was reported in the US Government report, NIH98-3981 (pages 180 & 182) for the National Institute for Health (NIH), in August of 1998. This report was prepared under a $65 million dollar allocation by the U.S. Congress under the EMF RAPID Program. This is also proven in studies by the University of Southern California and the National Cancer Institute who have also linked children’s leukemia to hair dryers.

Wireless internet is something else that has made me think. I’ve been slightly concerned about it lately and wondering if it was potentially harmful and my research has led to to believe that, yes it is!

The magazine Eco-Test (the eco equivalent of the UK “Which?” magazine] tested workstations in the juristic library in Göttingen, Germany and found a peak value of 23,000 µWatt/m2. The current official guideline in Germany [and in the UK] is 10 µWatt/m2. And while it would be possible to argue that official guidelines say wireless is safe – the legal basis for this, the Electromagnetic Fields Ordinance, was last updated in 1996! Before wireless was publicly available!

The ECOLOG Institute in Hanover has also produced a science review of more than 220 peer reviewed and published studies of the various health effects of electromagnetic fields and confirmed, on a scientific basis, that proximity to wireless networks caused, at least, headaches, high blood pressure, lack of concentration, effects on brain function, the onset of allergies (!) and more.

The alarm clock that sits next to your head all night, every night also emits higher than safe levels of EMF.

I am not saying all of this to scare you into living in a mud hut in a field in Scotland. But what I am saying is that the majority of us have been living unaware of the dangers we are putting ourselves under.

But What Can We Do About It?

Like all of you, I live in (and love) the modern world. I work on computers all day, I am often on wireless in my many random cafes (offices) around Australia and England. I love to watch the football and Location, Location, Location (why is it so addictive?!). I use a juicer, a blender and an ionizer. I do have a mobile phone and I regularly fly.

But I have taken a few dramatic steps to minimise my risk and put me in the safe zone as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect (I never am), but I think I’ve done a lot to improve my chances and reduce my time in what I lovingly call ‘the cooking zone’.

Here are the top ten things I have done or changed in my life that I think each and every one of you can do too:

My Top Ten Ways to Reduce EMF

  1. Throw Away Your Microwave: there is no place in life for a microwave. Stop being lazy. Not only do microwaves kill any traces of nutrition from your food, increase the carcinogenic effect of everything they cook and make all food taste like s**t, but they also cook you. Being anywhere near a microwave is crazy. Get rid of it, warm your food on the stove and cut this unnecessary danger out of your life. I have literally NEVER missed having one.
  2. Put Your Alarm Clock On The Other Side of The Room: having this source of dangerous EMFs right by your head all night every night is just crazy too. Move it well away from your bed and you get the added bonus of HAVING to get up when your alarm goes off. Genius!
  3. No Mobile Phone in the Bedroom: Similarly, this is crazy. Mobiles are always searching for a signal, even when off. You don’t need this by you while you sleep. I can’t believe I used to go to sleep with my phone ON, and UNDER MY PILLOW. Madness. Please never, never do this.
  4. Go Wired: There is just no need to have wireless at home. The day I switched to wired I breathed a sigh of relief. It was actually quite weird getting rid of my fandangled wireless modem and having to specifically get a wired capable modem (the shop only had one!) and then buy lots of nice long ethernet cable, but man it felt good! You don’t have to put you and your family at this risk.
  5. Dry Natural: I’ve never been a hair dryer user really (sometimes to warm up on a cold day when I was a wee lad) but I am quite sure you can live without hovering this absurdly unsafe implement around your head for 10 minutes every day. Just say no.
  6. I Know It Is Called A Laptop, But…: please don’t put it on your lap. You know when you have your laptop on your lap and you get all hot. That is your genitals cooking. Seriously. At the same frequency as a microwave. I know.
  7. Brush Your Teeth Using The Mechanical Wonder Of Your Hands: please ditch the electric toothbrush. Putting it in your mouth (and even worse, around your metal mercury fillings) is just plain wrong. Your hands can jig about, why are we so lazy that we need an appliance to move very slightly for us?
  8. Switch to Low EMF Appliances Where You Can: sites like sell a range of low EMF products to replace some of the more dangerous in the home. Another great site is Tom’s Gadgets which sells EMF detection devices so you can test areas of your home and make improvements
  9. Get Your Mercury Fillings Replaced: I’m pretty sure that having conductors in your mouth is a bad idea. Plus they’re just plan toxic.
  10. Protect Yourself: finally, take steps to protect yourself no matter where you are. You can’t always control your surroundings and sometimes you are exposed without knowing it. For instance, aeroplanes are dreadful for having high EMF but we can’t avoid this. I always have a Q-Link on me no matter where I go. It protects your whole body from EMFs and I really think it makes a massive difference.

More Reading?

Start here – Silent Fields by Donna Fisher. This is a truly eye-opening book on the dangers of high EMF.

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