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This is the question on everyones lips – it was cheesy, but you loved it! But now you can’t remember what they were, or perhaps even more infruriatingly, you can remember how the tunes go – but can’t remember what they are called.

EDIT 2007!!! Thanks to laineyb in the forum for pointing out a few new additions including Sandstorm and More Than a Feeling (a classic!) – all have been added to the list!

EDIT :: The playlist for September 2006 changed slightly – and I will update as soon as I have more information! If there are any tunes from this event that are not on this list – LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW!!!

UPW ResourcesEDIT #2 :: We have started to update the playlist as and when tunes come back to us! Let us know any we have missed

We have also set up an iMix on iTunes so that you can quickly download all of these songs to your playlist!

To put you out of your misery and to assist you in making your UPW compliation tape (to run to, walk to or just enjoy) here are my top tunes from the UK UPW:

UPDATED: 2nd July 2007

  • Sandstorm – Darude
  • More Than a Feeling – Boston
  • ‘something’ – Journey (someone help with the name of that song!)
  • Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
  • Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
  • Hella Good – No Doubt
  • Numb – Linkin Park
  • What is Love – Haddaway
  • Life – Haddaway
  • Getting’ Jiggy Wit It – Will Smith
  • Theme from Top Gun
  • Get Ready For This – 2 Unlimited
  • No Limits – 2 Unlimited
  • Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
  • A Little Less Conversation – Elvis vs. JXL
  • Beautiful Day – U2
  • Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols
  • Dream On – Aerosmith
  • Somewhere I Belong – Linkin Park
  • Crazy in Love – Beyonce
  • Blood on The Dance Floor – Michael Jackson
  • Come On and Ride The Train – Quad City Djs
  • Chariots of Fire – Vangelis
  • Bye Bye Bye – N’Sync
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears For Fears
  • Come Baby Come – K7
  • Faith – George Michael
  • Disco Inferno (Burn, Baby, Burn) – The Tramps (FireWalk special!)
  • Dream On – Aerosmith
  • Everybody – Backstreet Boys
  • Celebration – Kool & The Gang
  • Eye of the Tiger (theme from Rocky II) – Survivor
  • Faith – George Michael
  • I’ve Got the Power – Snap
  • Hot In Herre – Nelly
  • I Want To Break Free – Queen
  • Insane in The Brain – Cypress Hill
  • In Da Club – 50 Cent
  • You Get What You Give – New Radicals
  • Learn To Fly – The Foo Fighters
  • Jump Around – House of Pain
  • Just a Touch of Love (Everyday) – C&C Music Factory
  • Larger Than Life – Backstreet Boys
  • Circle of Life (theme from Lion King) – Elton John
  • (Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty – KC & The Sunshine Band
  • Mission Impossible Theme – Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen Jr.
  • Way You Make Me Feel, The – Michael Jackson
  • My Heart Will Go On (from “Titanic”) – Celine Dion
  • Pump Up The Volume – Technotronic
  • Relax – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  • Surfin’ USA – The Beach Boys
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns & Roses
  • That’s The Way I Like It – KC & The Sunshine Band
  • U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
  • Unbelievable – EMF
  • Wannabe – The Spice Girls
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • We Will Rock You – Queen

Right – now load up your itunes – set yourself a playlist and get out there!

p.s. you can be forgiven for leaving a few of those off your list – nsync and the Spice Girls spring to mind…

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  1. Kelsey Reply

    I would like to find the OM chanting song. Anyone know this? It sounds like a dude, and it goes OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    for a long time. Meditation

  2. Matthew Reply

    Thank you!

    I just attended UPW in Sydney, Australia last weekend and was looking for a list of the tracks! This playlist will definitely help me to remain in a PEAK state! Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Awesome, thanks! Just got back from UPW and downloading more of the music. 🙂

  4. Anthony Reply

    Hey guys, I’ve compiled all or most of these songs into a playlist on imeem – a completely free legal online streaming music website.
    Anyways, the link is here:

    You need to register to listen though, but it’s completely free and takes like 1 min. Enjoy!

    Thanks for putting this list up, I just got back from the Orlando UPW and it changed my life. I was looking for “Haddaway – Life” but didn’t know the name/author.

  5. Dale Reply


    I’m glad I found your site! I was happy to see you had a link to iTunes for UPW music. Unfortunately, I cannot download it in the US from the iTunes store. Any ideas on how I may access it to download the songs onto my Zune?
    Thanks much!! Dale

  6. Mon Reply

    Hi , i tried to down load your iMix by clicking on it above however, it says it’s not available in the New Zealand itunes store. Do you know when it will be there?

  7. Benjamin Reply

    aaargh! iTunes “The item you`ve requested is not currently available in the Norwegian Store”

    Anyone that can help me getting this music mix? Just to darn lazy (inpatient) to search and download one-&-one tune.. ;P

  8. Alex Reply


    On the UPW seminar in London 2007 they played also the following music:

    Golden Earring, Radar love (a Dutch band)

    Norman Greenbaum, Spirit in the sky. (The guitar sound looks like this, but the song was played by a rock band, every morning, I don’t know witch one, please can somebody help me with name of this rock band).

    Best Regards from Holland,


  9. Alexander Reply

    do anyone know how to get the list of music from the store if I live outside UK (text from iTunes when trying to by music list :”Cannot get list from swedish store”)

  10. Nathan Smithi Reply

    I love Tony!!!!!

  11. Klaus Reply

    Hi Olaf,

    there are LOTS of remixes of “Seven Nation Army”, most of them are cover-versiony by other groups.

    What comes close is a special remix of “Zombie Nation” by Kernkraft 400, calleD (somewhat like) “dadadada-remix” or so.

    Best regards


  12. Klaus Schmiedek Reply

    Jakub – you might be searching for this one here: “Sandstorm” by Darude! I was searching for that one, too, so I asked a member of the UPW music-team and they told me.

    I downloaded that song – it IS a very cool techno track. Tony used to play it every day he got on stage.

    Team energise – I´ll be back with you as I´ll be sending out my picture-disc to you this weekend. Just a very short note to let you know – you all have done an OUTSTANDING job!!!!!!!

    Best regards


  13. Ans Reply

    Hi Martin,
    The beautiful music you probably mean is a so called Devi Prayer, a Hindu chant to Devi, the ‘Universal Mother’, performed by Craig Pruess and Ananda. I did not find it in I Tunes, but you can order the CD from different sources. Enjoy it! It is a great anchor to all the feelings of love that Tony made you feel.

  14. Olaf Reply

    hey everyone as much as the bass in seven nation army is the tune. it is not the specific tune that was on during the upw. do you know which remix it is.??

  15. Martin Reply

    Hey Ross! Thanks for those, I downloaded most of these last time I attended the seminar but there were a few new ones to add. I’ve been looking for the piece of music where Tony did a visualisation process with us, it kinda sounds a bit like Enya but I don’t think it is. It’s very beautiful, very soft with a female vocalist doing some harmonies possibly in another langauge? Do you know the one I mean?

    Hope you can point me in the right direction 🙂


    PS. Geoff – thanks for that! I couldn’t place where i’d heard that tune before! FANTASTIC!

  16. KJ Marway Reply

    Hi all, Make your MOVE!!

    Jakub – I think the song your after is ‘Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes’.

    Im quite sure!

    Peak State!!!

  17. Geoff Reply

    I have stumbled across another piece of music that was used in the evening on transformation day,

    This music has been bugging me as i have created an anchor in my mind to it and i keep hearing it again and again when i get into a peak state (hopefully someone will understand this!!!) then i heard it again at weath mastery a couple of weeks ago, but did not manage to find out what it was.

    Finally i was watching tv and flicked onto the movie apollo 13 and to my surprise the song just started!!!

    You should have seem the look on my wife’s face when i hit a level 100 at 11:00pm on a sunday night in front of the TV.

    Anyway for your information the track is called “all systems go, the launch” and can be found on the film soundtrack
    there are small samples on amazon if yu would like to listen


  18. Jakub Reply

    Hello Ross,
    I know that my description is rather inaccurate ;-). I think the song doesn’t have lyrics at all. It’s something like …da da da da da , da da , da da da da, da da, da da da da da , and it’s repeated several times, with very fast drums and quite high and sharp tones. (it’s definitely not 2Unlimited). I’ve already listened to more than about 100 songs from UPW and no luck so far 🙁 but I’m pretty sure it was played there 😉
    I’d be more than happy if I could get this song as it’d be great doing exercise in the morning, listening to that energetic song and ‘setting up new standards’ 😉
    Thank you.

  19. Ross Reply

    Hi Jakub

    I will ask around for more suggestions in the office, although I suspect you might need to be a shade more descriptive than that 😉

    Did it have any lyrics that you can remember?


  20. Jakub Reply

    Firstly thank you very much for the list, it’s a pleasure to be able to listen to those songs again and feel like being there 😉
    There was playing a song at UPW in London 2006 which I really liked but I don’t know the name and it also isn’t among the songs you listed . It was kind of like a techno song, very fast, sharp sounds, mostly played in the mornings to wake people up.
    Any ideas what it could be ?

  21. Ross Reply

    Hi Rich

    No problem! I hope you enjoy the tunes and get yourself to an event soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  22. rich Reply

    Thanks heaps for the list! I haven’t been to a Tony Robbins seminar yet but have been desperately searching for some positive music to use with affirmations. PERFECT!! 🙂

  23. aNdreW Reply

    WOW thanks, ive been look AGGES for this.. thanks a million!