Alkaline Detox Juice (Green Drink)

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Alkaline Detox Juice

This is my Alkaline Detox Juice recipe that has quickly become one of my faves. It is a pure vegetable juice (no fruit) and it is delicious.

It’s created to give you a big alkaline nourishment hit, but also with the nutrients that will support your detoxification organs of the liver and kidneys. It is also powerfully anti-inflammatory, helps to rebalance digestion and it tastes sensational.

You can adjust the water/coconut water to taste, and if you’re missing any of the herbs or the kale you can substitute for other leafy greens. It will still be great to help detoxify your system.

It supports all three phases of the detoxification process via the liver, and also contains nutrients that specifically ease the burden on the kidneys’ role in detoxification too. The greens also support new red blood cell formation, and the ginger gives an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer kick too!

The Recipe: The Detox Juice

Serves TWO

2 large handfuls of baby spinach leaves
Handful parsley leaves and stems
Half a bunch of coriander (cilantro)
Half a bunch of kale (any variety)
1 large cucumber
2 sticks of celery
1-inch length piece fresh ginger
1 medium lemon
Filtered water or coconut water to taste


Ross with the Detox Juice1) remove the stems from the kale (these are quite bitter, you can leave them on if you don’t mind the taste)

2) juice the vegetables (not the lemon) and run the water or coconut water through the juicer (this gets every last bit of veggie juice out AND helps the cleaning process!)

3) squeeze in the lemon (or lime) juice

4) serve!

This is the Alkaline Detox Juice and it is so powerful and delicious. You can have it as often as you like! It is amazing as part of an alkaline cleanse (again, find out more about the free workshop below), or just as a daily bump to your alkaline diet. And as with any green juice, it will lift your energy and mental clarity like nothing else.

This juice recipe will keep in the fridge for 24 hours so definitely feel free to make more than you need and store another serve for tomorrow. The simple rules to this are:

1) Keep it in an airtight container
2) Keep it in the fridge
3) Keep it for no longer than 24 hours

Vegetable juices, particularly green juices, lose nutrients to air, light and heat. They also start to taste weird when they’ve been kept longer than 24 hours. Stick with these three rules and you’re golden.

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  1. Heidi Drennan Reply

    What type of juicer do you recommend? I am thinking the juice can’t be made in the blender like the smoothie.

    • ross Reply

      Hurom H100

  2. Viveca Reply

    What is a good juicer to use? I have a blender and that’s what I have been using but I have to strain or other times, I just drink the fibre.

    • ross Reply

      Hurom 100 or 200 🙂

  3. Visar Lleshi Reply

    Hello my name is Visar. I was wondering if you know of any alkaline detox for cancer? More specifically thyroid cancer

  4. Andrea Reply

    Hi Ross
    I have had your book for a while now and have been using it intermittently. I am vegan and gluten and wheat free, I also look after myself as to exercise as much as I can normally swim two to three times a week and in between I have a treadmill.
    I have fibromyalga, chronic fatigue, back issues and also more recently have had to have my gallbladder removed due to stones. I’m so fed up with getting what I think is candida through yeast in my gluten and wheat free bread and also other products that I eat. so recently decided to try your gluten free easy bread so hopefully this will help the bread craving. I drink loads of water probably more than I should, I have one cup of chicory coffee and one de-caf tea a day otherwise its all herbal and water. I just brought today a alkaline water filter so I’m hoping it helps. I am drinking the green smoothies and i need to ask is it all right that I drink the juice recipes as smoothies so I eat all the product or does this not help? I already restricted myself with being vegan and gluten free. Is there anything else I can do to help myself? I am just going through your book so cutting out stuff that I would normally eat I.e mushrooms. Could you advise me as to whether I’m heading in the right direction. Oh and I also wanted to ask I have always had lemon water in the morning, does this not damage your teeth, I also have turmeric tea in the morning to. I would be grateful for any further help. Many thanks

  5. Chris Evans Reply

    What can we make if we don’t own a juicer but have a high speed blender?

  6. Maharani Reply

    I made almost same juice this morning but no kale I used cabbage
    . My husband tried it and I had to add more cucumber to have for him as well. I get agitated when I’m hungry is that normal.?

  7. Volda Farrell Reply

    How long do you drink that cleanse for 1 week or a month.

    • ross Reply

      It’s just a juice to support the detoxification system in the body (primarily liver, kidney and lymphatic system). For a whole body cleanse definitely check out my upcoming workshop (online and free) to learn how to do the Alkaline Cleanse:

  8. Tracy Reply

    I only have a hand blender would that be ok

    Kindest regards Tracy ????

    • ross Reply

      You really need a juicer for this one – a £30 one from Argos will do the trick.

  9. Lyndal Lancaster Reply

    Hi Ross. I hope your eyes are back to normal. Not sure if you got my last email. In brief, I’ve increased my daily water to 2-3L, decreased my carrot/apple juice to 2-3 times per week, decreased my overall consumption of fruit and just started a cardio/strength program at the gym to get lots of oxygen flooding my cells and of course follow an alkaline diet (still frustrating with different trusted sources recommending/not recommending different foods).

    Regards, Lyndal

    • ross Reply

      Hey Lyndal

      Will reply to this via email 🙂