Alkaline Diet Becoming Mainstream…for a while…


miranda kerr alkaline fanHave you noticed the alkaline diet is suddenly everywhere?

Miraculous isn’t it?! A celebrity or two get’s ‘exposed’ as following this crazy plan (extreme, apparently) and now all of a sudden it’s everywhere!

However misrepresented it is, I see this as a positive. People who are genuinely interested in natural health and reaching their health potential will see through the media misrepresentation, the so called ‘experts’ they wheel in who make entirely uninformed judgements on something they know nothing about and the celebrity trainers who are suddenly alkaline gurus.

In the long run this will help spread the message, even if the message is a little muddled for a while ๐Ÿ™‚


But there are SO MANY cases of hilarious claims being made that are fundamentally mentally wrong! You have to laugh.

I especially love the mainstream media who call this approach to health which is fundamentally to do the following:

1) eat loads of fresh vegetables, low-sugar fruits, healthy nuts, oils, seeds and stay balanced
2) get lots of filtered water every day
3) exercise moderately several times per week
4) try to live stress free
5) avoid fast food, trans-fats, alcohol (in moderation), cigarettes, sweets, sugars, sodas, takeaways, pizzas, chips etc

…EXTREME! Eat good foods, avoid crap, drink lots of water and exercise a bit. Whoa – steady on there ๐Ÿ™‚

Beware the Misinformed

Now that the alkaline diet is falling dangerously close to being a ‘fad’ (definition: something chewed and spat out by media as soon as the next big thing comes along) there will be a lot of people spewing nonsense about it.

I recently rather prophetically (oo-err!) wrote a blog post about one of the myths of the alkaline diet – namely the ridiculous notion that people who are living alkaline are trying to force their body to change their blood pH – which is absolute rubbish.

As I said in that post:

The aim of the alkaline diet is NOT to try and raise the pH of the blood. Yes, thatโ€™s right. The aim of the alkaline diet is NOT to try and raise the pH of the blood.

The whole purpose of the alkaline diet is to prevent the body from having to do the regulating!

This is the biggest misconception that so-called experts have, who are so quick to criticise the alkaline diet. When the truth is, they simply havenโ€™t done their research and are making themselves look like idiots.

So – you can remember this the next time you see a misinformed ‘doctor’ or ‘expert’ claim that the alkaline diet is pointless because you can’t change your pH. We know that, dummy.

The OTHER Problem

The other issue here is that people with good intentions will give misleading advice.

I just saw this article on the Telegraph website – which is clearly pre-written PR, not an actual journalistic article, however, they give some alkaline diet suggestions and a suggested menu.

Now – I’m all for moderation, 80/20 and so on, but their suggestions are very misleading and will lead to a non-alkaline life.

See below – I’ve marked in RED the acidic foods:

Again – I’d never say you need to be perfect, but this is a pretty bad example. The uninformed could easily go WAAAAY off track with this example menu.

Compare this to our example menu here. You’ll see a big difference in the foods, but not the deliciousness!

And This Made Me LAUGH…

Poor old Pete Evans. The Australian celebrity chef has come in for some big, bitchy attacks ever since he dared to reveal he leads a healthy life. He shared a ‘typical day’ on Pete’s plate and got a barrage of abuse, sarcasm and all sorts through social media channels.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Banner

Basically he said he had a lot of alkaline water, alkaline smoothies and almonds etc

The response was a mix of mocking, bitching and down right abuse.

What a bastard. How dare he be in control of his and his family’s health.

The comments I most loved were from people saying “Oh it’s all great for you being rich – but we can’t afford activated almonds”. I’m sorry but if you can’t afford almonds, and then to soak them in water, I think you need to assess where else you spend your money. Neither are expensive.

Oh wait. It’s that ‘jumping-to-conclusions-of-the-quick-to-judge-but-misinformed’ brigade again.

I’m No Saint…

…so I’d never say you have to be perfect or that every part of the alkaline approach is affordable to everyone. But 80% is, and the 80% thats most important is.

And of course – you never have to be perfect with your food, but giving a typical day that includes several serves of bread, dairy, meat etc is misleading.

I know this is just a rant, BUT

Just watch out. I’m sure there is a lot more alkaline diet mistruths and lies to be peddled yet.

SO always remember – if you have a question, you can ask me below or via email (you know how ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep in touch and play fair ๐Ÿ™‚

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