Juicing vs Smoothies (Alkaline FAQ)

Article by ross

Alkaline Juices vs Smoothies – The Definitive Answer

To juice or to smoothie. It literally is the question.

It’s one of my top ten most asked alkaline diet questions and so I wanted to clear this up for you once and for all!

Below is a 5-minute video taken from my Alkaline Weight Loss Course (currently full) and will be even more improved for my upcoming Alkaline Cleanse & Detox course (watch this space!).

In this video I give you:

  • The Anatomy of a Juice & Smoothie
  • The Benefits of Juicing
  • The Benefits of Smoothies (Blending)
  • Which is Best, When and Why
  • Which is best for YOU

VIDEO: To Juice or to Smoothie: The Ultimate Alkaline Diet Guide

If you have any questions ask away in the comments below this video.

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  1. Eduardo Aversano Reply

    I am having smoothies since 1993 had them every day for 10 years, now I skip some days.
    Being a healthcare professional I think it is important to be healthy yourself,. I am also a health food advocate: eating organic. I eat no red meat, dairy or sugar I eat some fish and chicken but mostly veggies and some fruits. Of course it is very important to exercise . I am 65 and in great shape no pains no health problems and no meds in the last 45 years, I thanks all of this to what I eat. Started eating healthy when 18 and the smoothies at around 40.
    I personally prefer smoothies over juices cause the are all including. It’s more the whole food, no a part,but that is my opinion.
    Thanks o\for your information on the subject

  2. dianellasloan Reply

    What is better and easier to juice or to make smoothies for ra arthitis

  3. Ronnie Lowry Reply

    Hi Ross
    Started taking wheatgrass last month and thinking about growing it In West of Ireland. Would it be as nutricious as what comes from Utah or wherever?
    I’m using Wheatgrass juice powder at moment,got it in health shop but if buying on line(maybe cheaper) what would I look out for in buying PURE organic w/grass.
    Looking forward to hearing from u

  4. gigi Reply

    You mention that there are a few juice/smoothie recipes… where are they?

  5. Marnie Kent Reply

    Hi Ross, I am looking to alkaline my body not to loose weight but to keep cancer at bay. I have just had a lumpectomy and want to eat alkaline foods as cancer cant thrive in an alkaline environment. You mention many time about losing weight, I dont need to loose weight. Do you have advice for cancer sufferers?

  6. tony church Reply

    Ross,how often should i take the kidney clense,i took it once already. tony

  7. Linda Reply

    Are Kombuchu drinks alkaline?
    Is Macadamia nut oil a good, alkaline oil?

  8. caroline L Reply

    Hello Ross,

    Thanks for all the info you provide!

    My question pertains to my morning “drink” as I would not necessarely call it a smoothie nor a juce (I use a NutriBullet)

    Here it goes:
    300ml of filtered water
    30drops of chlorophyle
    1.5 cup of organic baby spinach
    1 to 2 organic kiwis
    1.5 inch of fresh organic ginger
    1 inch of fresh organic tumeric
    1 teaspoon of morenga powder
    2 tablespoon of raw organic pea and sprouted grains vegan protein (is this enough protein??)

    what do you think?
    also, how much protein should one eat per day?

    I work out 45 min (30 cardio, 15 toning)
    I usually eat 1 meal of legumes 1 meal of poultry, fish or seafood a day (from fairly good to organic sources).

    Thanks for your feedback

    Caroline L.

  9. Ana Reply

    Hello Ross.

    I have been dissecting your site for the last 2 months as I have been going through a total health transformation after dealing with digestive issues, low energy and overall a lackluster health (mental and physical) for most of my 20s (I’m 30 now!). Thank-you so much for all the information and resources you provide … you really have given me a boost in the right direction!

    My question is… I read in one of your articles (I don’t remember which one and I can’t find the info) you mentioned the dangerous of mixing fruits in your smoothies/juices. You mentioned something about a spike in sugar levels and how it had a detrimental impact on your body(I can be totally wrong!). Can you elaborate on that point or just link the page in which you mention it. Sometimes with all the available information online, it’s confusing and a bit discouraging.

    Thanks again for everything you do!

    – Ana.

  10. Joanie Reply

    Really enjoy reading about your diet. I have always been fit, but took gobs of antibiotics for sinus problems, loved coffee and sugar.

    Ate too much good yogurt, salmon in large portions, loved nonfat milk. Have now made adjustments.

    2 questions: I juice once a day, carrots, one beet, celety, raw curcurim and an apple. Is this good???

    What kind of water should we drink. I work out at the gym regularly, am approaching 60. Bottled water for years. WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND?

    Would love hearing your thoughts.

    Thank you much,


    • ross Reply

      Hey Joanie

      The juice sounds great – add a little leafy greens and it will be 1000% awesome.

      For the water, don’t overcomplicate for now – just get a decent filter to get the toxins, fluoride, chlorine etc out.


  11. Joyce Reply

    Ross can you give me any information on the topic of “popcorn”
    I pop organic popcorn in grape seed oil and put many different oils on it (not butter) and “real salt”. I heard corn in general is bad and is popcorn worse? Want to know what effect on my system it has. Thank you.

  12. RICK COLLINS Reply

    The majority of nutrients are contained in the skin of a lot of vegetables, which are lost to the pulp chute when juiced. I have been told that when veggies are juiced , the juice is less alkaline. My question is, are both these statements true?

  13. Brian Bonnar Reply

    When making a juice, it is easier to make enough juice for say, 2-3 days ( 12 fluid ounces per day). What is never mentioned in all the footage, is whether the juice stays ‘good’ if kept in a fridge for this period of time, without the use of special air-tight containers? There have been inferences in the literature I have read, that once the juice is made and exposed to oxygen, the enzymes and nutrition are destroyed………what is the case?

    • Energise Ross Reply


      When making a juice, I have found that it will tend to keep for around 6 hours in the fridge before the taste starts to change.

      Keep it in an air tight container to help lock the taste in for longer.

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  15. Rosemary Reply

    Hi Ross,
    really enjoying the weekly emails and the book.
    I don’t know if you can buy Quorn in Australia (we went to Spain and could only buy it from an English freezer shop) It is a great substitute for meat especially when you have an allergy to soya. I just wondered what your take on it would be and if it would fit in with the alkaline diet as we really enjoy it in all it’s forms.