Green Juice Hacks: How to Make a Delicious Green Juice QUICKLY!

Green Drink Hacks Guide

I’m always looking for ways to make getting alkaline and energized as easy and quick as possible for you.

I LOVE hunting down those simple little things that make a big difference. If I were more fashionable I’d call it an green juice hack

Having an Alkaline Green Juice Every Morning is the Most Simple & Powerful Thing You Can Do – And Here’s How to Do It Quickly!

Not groundbreaking rocket science, but doing this will change your life.

You will be getting 6-8 serves of fresh, green vegetables every day, delivered in a way that gives your body a maximum nutrient hit, before you’ve even left the house in the morning.


Everything else that day becomes a bonus, and it sets you up for all-day, vibrant energy, mental clarity and vitality.

It’s an amazing thing to do. Probably the most life-changing decision you could make…

But there is a reason why MOST people won’t EVER do this!

95% of people who want to get alkaline know that doing this will be huge, but they don’t do it consistently. Maybe you can relate…?

I get it, and as humans, we all have those days where we can easily convince ourselves we don’t have time for stuff.

I do it too! When I get super-busy (like now) I can often convince myself I don’t have time to go for a run. Which is BS. As if I didn’t have just 30 minutes at some point during my 16 waking hours! Of course I did.

And for most people it can be the same for juicing.

You’re in a rush, you woke up a little late, the kids need to be ready for school, you’ve got to get dressed, get everyone fed and out of the door. So the fleeting thought of getting out the juicer, washing the vegetables, chopping them up, juicing, cleaning up, packing away is…well, exactly that, a fleeting thought.

But Done Right, Juicing Daily Can Easily Fit Into Your Life (when you follow these simple hacks steps)

Juicing Tip #1: Make it a Habit

You want to be juicing daily, it will change your life. So making it a habit, something you do on auto-pilot, and something you don’t compromise on (like cleaning your teeth, it’s a habit, you see it as important so you never skip it).

There are two simple keys to creating a new habit:

  1. Consistency: it has to be consistent, so in the first week or two pull out all the stops to make sure you do it. Focus on it, put a chart up on the wall you tick off each day, write a reminder as to why it’s so important to do and stick it on your bathroom mirror, set a health goal that you make juicing an integral part of and tell everyone you’re doing it.Get leverage.

    Specifically set your alarm clock 7 minutes early, so that you can’t have the excuse of not enough time.

    It might seem hard, but make the commitment to yourself that you are going to do it every day for a week, just to see. No pressure, if it’s not for you after that, that’s fine. But you are going to power through for seven days at all costs.

    Because you know after that you’ll be flying and carry on 🙂

  2. Reward: set a reward for yourself (and your family if they’re helping with the workload!) for when you reach the end of each week. You will be getting the reward of how you feel and look, but it never hurts to set an extra treat as a reward too! Maybe it’s a shopping trip, massage, gadget, night out…whatever, set the reward and keep it front-and-centre to get you through any times when you’re on the verge of skipping a day.

There are mixed opinions on how long it takes to form a new habit, but I think the rules are different with something like juicing, when the benefits are so noticeable and so fast!.

You get addicted to it (in a good, healthy way), and you see and feel a difference so quickly that this habit can easily be formed within a week.

Juicing Tip #2: Pre-prepare vegetables (as much as possible)

Pre-washing all of your vegetables makes life in the morning a heck of a lot easier. It is an extra step that you don’t need to do repeatedly, every time you have a juice!

By pre-washing your leaves, carrots, cucumbers, celery etc. you will get it all done at once and shave about 3-4 minutes off your total juice preparation time.

For the non-leaf ingredients, you just need to pat them down and make sure they’re not packed too tightly down into the fridge.

For the leaves (such as spinach and the herbs) you need to be a little careful not to leave them in a condition where they will wilt and brown too fast.

What I recommend for washing leaves is to wash them all as soon as you get home from the shops, and place them into an airtight plastic tub, lined with a paper towel. To keep the moisture from making the leaves go wet and off, place one paper towel in the bottom of the tub, and then another on top before putting the lid on. If you have loads of greens, you can also place one as a middle layer too.

If you don’t want to use too many paper towels, you can buy reusable cloth ‘paper’ towels from

You won’t believe how much easier it makes juicing when you pre-wash everything – the only tasks left then are to roughly chop, juice and clean…

Which brings us on to:

Juicing Tip #3: Get a Self-Cleaning Juicer

This makes a big difference too. I know it’s not necessarily something you can do right now today, if you already have a regular juicer, but cost permitting, I strongly recommend you upgrade to a cold-press masticating juicer as soon as possible.

The whizzy, centrifuge juicers (the ones most common in the shops that are very noisy and spin very fast) are cheap, but they extract a LOT less goodness from the juice and are an absolute nightmare to clean.

The masticating juicers, on the other hand, are quiet, efficient, get 60% more out of each thing you juice and are self cleaning to a degree.

Now, that doesn’t mean it washes itself sat there on the bench. It means that while it’s juicing, it’s also doing 80% of the cleaning at the same time – which means when you’re finished, you just have to give it a quick rinse and you’re done.

PLUS these cold-press juicers simply make nicer tasting, more flavoursome, richer juices than the whizzy, whirry centrifuge juicers.

Especially when you…

Juicing Tip #4: Use Awesome, Addictive Flavours

The basic green juice would be:

– Cucumber
– Celery
– Spinach
– Lettuce
– Kale or another leafy green

That’s the basic alkaline green juice and practically every green juice I make will contain 4 out of 5 of those ingredients.

BUT, it’s important to mix it up and make your juice DELICIOUS!

A note about fruit…

Generally speaking you do not want to juice fruit. It’s really not good for you. Juiced fruit provides your body with a concentrated hit of acid-forming sugar. And fructose, when consumed without fiber, is not well received by the body. It spikes your blood sugar, instigates big insulin release by the pancreas, causes inflammation and is just not necessary.

If you find juices without fruit too difficult to begin with, and you find my suggestions below don’t cut it quite yet either – please limit fruit in your juice to 1/4 of an apple per person per serve.

Please don’t make the type of juices I see on most sites, which call themselves a green juice, but are really half a pineapple, 2 apples, an orange, 2 pears and 1 stalk of kale. That is NOT A GREEN DRINK! It’s a fruit juice. And will send you backwards.

So what are these delicious options…

I’m loving experimenting at the moment and these are my current faves:

  • Ginger: it is now rare that I have a juice without ginger. It adds an incredible anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, immune-system-boosting kick that tastes great. Be careful not too add too much at once, add it little by little. And if you’re hoping your kids will have some of your juice, be aware the ginger makes it fiery!
  • Mint: so underrated as a flavour, but when you’re having a juice with all of those greens like above, it can really mix it up. When you get into a run of juicing daily, it’s easy to get lazy and just have the same old juice every day – so the simple act of adding a sprig of mint into the juicer (especially with the ginger) can really mix it up!
  • Beetroot & Carrot: I know this is hardly revolutionary, but I’m including here because if you’re new to juicing, these two subtly sweet veggies can do the job of sweetening up instead of falling back on fruit. Together they’re also an antioxidant powerhouse!
  • Coconut Water: oh yes….OH YES….coconut water is an awesome way to naturally sweeten and add a different flavour dimension. This is almost a must-have fixture in our house at the moment in both juices and smoothies. As an added tip – once you’ve finished juicing, pour the coconut water through the juicer to swish it out and get any remaining juice from the juicer. Makes it easier to clean and gets you more juice!
  • Basil & Coriander: these two herbs, used alone or together add such a nice taste. They’re more on the savoury side, but they can really give your juice an Asian slant – especially if used with the coconut too!
  • Turmeric: natures powerhouse spice – the most potent anti-inflammatory going, and it gives juices such a depth of flavour. If you find you like the taste of turmeric, you’d do well to include it every day, such is it’s power. Note: you will get yellow fingers if you use it every day, and it can easily stain your kitchen bench so keep it on the chopping board!
  • Almond Milk: this was quite the discovery – topping up your juice with almond milk (especially home made, which you can also make with your cold-press juicer, delicious) because it’s much thicker and creamier if you make it at home. But even shop bought almond milk turns an alkaline green juice almost into a smoothie. It totally changes the taste and texture, which is important when you’re having juice every day – variety is key!
  • Lemons & Limes: and finally, a simple but often overlooked one. You don’t even need to put these through the juicer, but I find just squeezing a little in at the end makes the world of difference. And for a lot of people that do initially struggle with the taste of juiced vegetables, this little addition makes all the difference.

These flavours will make juicing a joy and something you look forward to each day. But still, when you’re starting out it’s always a good idea to…

Juicing Tip #5: Have a Backup

Such is the importance of consistency when starting a new habit, I do advocate that you have the odd backup.

Store bought juices aren’t really an option, but I do recommend on during the first two weeks, to make extra juice on days 2, 6, 10 and 12.

I have found, in my years of experience of coaching people on the alkaline diet, that days 3, 7, 11 and 13 are those that you’re most likely to find a reason that you don’t have time to juice.

SO on days 2, 6, 10 and 12 make an extra serve. Put a couple of ice cubes in it, put it in an airtight container and put it in the fridge. This juice will keep for 2-3 days.

IMPORTANT: the nutrient content of this juice will be less than a fresh juice. The huge benefit you get from those absolute fresh enzymes and nutrients is incredible – but this does dissipate over time. But I’d WAY rather you have one of those than miss a day or give up.

And again, in my experience of teaching this stuff since 2004, I’ve found that when you miss one milestone, your chances of giving up completely shoot right up.

So make the extra and have the backup.

If you don’t need it – the worst case scenario is on days 2, 6, 10 and 12 you’ll have TWO juices (yep, about 14 serves of vegetables!).

Juicing Tip #6: 2nd Back Up – Supplements!

Another backup option is to have a high quality green drink powder available. I recommend using these daily whether you juice or not – but it’s especially important as a safety net on those days you are not able to make a fresh juice.

A green drink is a powdered supplement, usually made of a combination of grasses, vegetables, fruits, algae and other foods.

The combinations range from just one food (wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina etc.) through to dozens (some contain over 50 different ingredients).

I recommend looking for something in-between – about 8-10 ingredients is a good sweet spot. That way you’re not spreading the nutrient spectrum per serve to wide and thin.

I list at the bottom of this guide my suggestions on how to find a quality supplement – and with green drinks it’s paramount that you source an organic, non-GMO blend. There are no excuses on that one.

There are a few ingredients I don’t love to see in green drinks too:

  • High Fruit Content: a little is OK, preferably there isn’t any. Low sugar fruits like tomato, lime, lemon, grapefruit are fine, but I don’t like to see a lot of higher sugar fruits in there
  • Mushrooms: again, a little medicinal mushroom is fine (reishi, cordyceps etc), but I don’t like this to be a big component
  • Xylitol: this sweetener is highly refined and not really tested long-term for human health. Makes a good toothpaste, but not proven yet as a safe sweetener

A perfect blend in a green drink hits all of my ‘Triple A’ goals: alkaline; antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory.

This is why I personally use Alkamind Daily Greens> right now – it has strong alkaline (wheatgrass etc.), antioxidant (beets etc.) and anti-inflammatory (turmeric) ingredients, and tastes awesome.

And of course, it ticks all the boxes in terms of quality, organic, non-GMO.

I really felt the difference when I started using it.

I also really like Alkamind Daily Greens too – it’s a great blend, and has a really pleasant taste. Both are great products:

Ross’ Recommended Green Drink:

  • Alkamind Daily Greens

Delicious Alkaline Green Juice Recipes

To help make that habit, with those awesome flavours, I have put together a Juice Recipe Starter Pack for you!

It contains ten delicious, varied juice recipes – from starter (sweeter) through to hard-core greenies (kale-tactic!), and you can get that now by clicking here or on the handsome picture below.

get ten free alkaline juice recipes

I’ll also email you some goodies to help make the juice habit even easier.

Plus I’m already working on my next juicing guide, which is a lot more how-to, benefits, which juicer, which ingredients for which goal etc – type of guide and I’ll let you know as soon as that’s ready.

If You Can Make This a Habit It Will Change Your Life Forever!

Everyone who makes juicing part of their daily life agrees – it is incredible the difference it makes.

And adding Just 2 or 3 of these tips will help make this a daily ritual for you, and the best part is, the more you do it, the more you’ll want to.

You will get addicted to the feeling it gives you, and the way you look in the mirror…and the way your clothes fit!

So let’s get juicing and make life AWESOME!


p.s. if you have any juice-habit tips of your own, share them in the comments below!

order the alkaline life

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  1. Irene Bunce Reply

    I have read that too much Vitamin A is bad for your bones in relation to osteopsorosis Therefore, by consuming so many vegetables on a daily basis you must be getting an overload of Vitamin A?

    • ross Reply

      Nope – the body easily deals with excess vitamin A if it’s from natural sources (as oppposted to synthetically made in supplements and fortified foods). Same as with VItamin K.

      • Dawn Reply

        Ross, I’m sorry to correct you, but you should be very careful what you tell people! As it’s absolutely possible to overdose on vitamins A, D, E, K. Those are fat-soluble vitamins. Which means any excess that your body doesn’t use at the time you consume it, is stored in your body’s fat cells. All other vitamins are water-soluble. Any excess of the “water-soluble” vitamins are easily secreted through the kidneys. Granted, most people don’t consume enough A, D, E, K vitamins through food to actually overdose. But, you never know what other supplements or medications they’re taking that could help that process along. As well as other factors, like the length of time they’ve been taking certain supplements or even the persons body weight. The more fat cells a person has, the more capacity of storing said vitamins.

        Please, be aware that not everyone visiting your website has the knowledge needed about those particular vitamins. In what amounts, in what foods, and how those amounts can add up quickly and/or over time. How increased amounts can interact with certain supplements or medications. But, more importantly, anyone that’s on any regular medication or supplements should consult their primary care physician before starting any new diet, juice cleanse or fast.

  2. Debbie Reply

    I don’t have a blender or a juicer and cant afford both right now. Which would you recommend for daily use to start off, a juicer for green juice or a blender for a green smoothie. I am thinking a blender because it includes the whole food item and is less expensive perhaps (not sure). Thanks for your advice.

  3. Rosemary Walker Reply

    Hi Ross, when I am working 12.5 hour nursing shifts I find it difficult to make the juices so I make enough for my working week and freeze them. I reckoned that was better than not having them. I take a juice a smoothly and an anti inflammatory soup plus seed crackers and a bliss ball to keep me going all day. Thank you for all your great info, I pass on your name and information to alot of my patients 😊

    • ross Reply

      This is 100% better than not having them 🙂

      Sounds like you’re going so well! Thank you for spreading the word too, it is super appreciated.

  4. Gerald Reply

    Why are you touting an alkaline diet? It is the digestion of the food which determines whether a food metabolizes to produce a predominately acid or alkaline effect on the body’s pH. Each person has individual metabolic processes. That means that food can create different degrees of acidity or alkalinity and may even produce a completely opposite pH outcome from one person to another depending on their metabolic individuality.

    Several early diet researchers showed that there are two broad types of metabolic individuals: oxidative regulators (so called “Fast” or “Slow”) and autonomic regulators (parasympathetic or sympathetic). Each group will metabolize food, producing exactly opposite blood pH changes then the other metabolic type for the same food. By that I mean that an oxidative type could eat meat and change his/her blood pH toward alkaline, but the autonomic type would make the blood pH acid. So, you can see talking about food as either being alkaline or acid in some absolute sense, well does not make sense, nor is it supported by the research.

  5. Rosha Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Do you have any vegetable juice recipes you can share?

  6. Sol Reply

    I know this is an old article, but it was interesting to see how anti fruit juice you are. Logic tells the average person that fruit juices (without fiber) are high in sugar and acidity. However, the knowledgeable John Rose, raw vegan and champion of the Solid Food Vacation (search YouTube), promotes a 50% / 50% vegetable / fruit juice split whilst doing a Solid Food Vacation (drinking only organic slowly extracted juices for 30 to 90 days).

    What is you take on this? (FYI – John Rose and his channel have nothing to do with me. I am only interested because I will shortly going a Solid Food Vacation and was looking for recipes, when I came across your website). Thanks.

  7. Sally Fear Reply

    I was wondering how you rate celery juice on its own every morning? There are some people who think the effect is dulled by combining it with any other juice

  8. Home Reply

    Amazing post about alkaline green juice. Your post is amazing. Thanks for sharing your helpful post.

  9. Darla Babcock Reply

    I’m a newbie at this! You mentioned if I don’t have a juicer the powders are ok. I spent allot of money on greens and such not really knowing what a juicer does – cart before the horse. So the power would be my best for now??i was going to start tomorrow since it’s the first of May but if your doing your annual cleans on saturday I could wait until then.

  10. Maria Lamerova Reply

    In the spring season use fresh nettle leaves, or young pine needles.

  11. V Reply

    I have been a fan of juicing for health for a few decades now, ever since a recipe for a juice (from John Lusts, ‘Drink Your Troubles Away,’ to consume while enduring a migraine headache was the thing needed to have it abated.
    I have a personal concern. I know that cucumbers have some incredible attributes, however, I avoid them like the plague on a personal level due to the way they disturb my stomach, and can even lead to me vomiting. If I don’t add them to the juice, will I be affecting the objective of adding them to the particular recipes?

  12. Alan Foxley Reply

    I don’t juice but I do “blitz” the greens.
    And feel far better on my daily does of greens combined with Tumeric & ginger.
    My day now starts with your Fantastic ginger,Tumeric & lemon tea.
    It really is a top start to every day.
    Don’t stop!

    • ross Reply

      Hey Alan

      Great to hear from you – hope you’re well!

      What a brilliant start to the day you have 🙂 Glad I’ve been able to help!


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      Get $300 of Bonus Training & Courses From Ross

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      Alkaline Reset Cleanse

  13. winardo lomboy Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I’m not a member of your ABC camp, however I always watch and follow your videos and articles on your website and email, there awesome!!!
    My question is about fruits , According to Dr. Robert Morse ND ( please check his youtube channel ) , that fructose from fruit is a simple sugar that does “not ” need ” insulin “to be transported to our system for energy , its the sugar we are suppose to eat , Humans design to be fruitarians’. , but why are you saying fruit its not good for you. or your limiting your fruit intake ?
    Nobody had ever had a diabetes because of eating fruit ? ( in abundance ). It’s the best source of
    energy ( vibrational ) comparing to vegetable and meat . Please advice, I’m in limbo.
    Thank you , Ross

    Stay well.

  14. Ann Harland Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Just wondering if you have a method of using the ” waste” from juicing which seems so extravagant and puts me off doing it – tho did it for your Reset Cleanse.

    Posted this already but don’t seem to have had a reply.
    Thank you for your help.

    Ann x

    • ross Reply

      Hey Ann

      We’re about to go deeper on this with a bit of ‘crowd-sourced’ ideas and sharing in the Living Alkaline with Ross Facebook Group here

      Definitely jump in and give suggestions too if you have any?!


  15. Joyce Reply

    Thanks for the great tips Ross. I love the juices. Although I have made juices for quite some time I always added one fruit. Have made 2 of your juice recipes without fruit over the last few days and am pleasantly surprised. Really enjoying them. Your tips will be a great help on those days I “think” I don’t have the time to make juice. I have a Breville centrifuge juicer I bought just over a year ago when I started juicing and the pulp is quite wet so I definitely will be purchasing a masticating machine in the hopefully near future.
    Thanks again Riss

    • ross Reply

      That’s so awesome to hear Joyce – removing the fruit will really level up the benefit you’re getting!

  16. Laura Reply

    Thanks for the tips! The part that takes a lot of time for me is scrubbing my veggies, I scrub the carrots and ginger. Do you have any recommendations there? Or is it simply not necessary, or should I be peeling them instead? Scrubbing seems to take a while… I also use a regular blender then filter through a fine mesh strainer for now. I’m saving my dollars up for a juicer so I’ll keep in mind to get a self cleaning one!

  17. Nancy Reply

    What cold press masticating juicer do you recommend- I am currently in chemotherapy for stage 4
    Breast to bone cancer and malignant ascites

    • ross Reply

      Hurom – definitely 🙂

  18. Terrie Adamson Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have made a combo of your ‘Green Energy Machine’ and ‘Bone Builder’ smoothies for quite some time now and we call it ‘Green Drink’. I make 2 batches and freeze part of it, in 1 quart glass canning jars, for later use . For time sake, I don’t have to make it everyday. Do you think this is okay? It seems to work well. Love what you do and want to thank you.

    • ross Reply

      Awesome Terrie – great mash-up! Happy you’re enjoying my training and recipes – definitely feel free to go ahead with your make 2, have 1, freeze 1 protocol 🙂


  19. Shirley Harjani Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Thank you for the incredible tips .
    I would like know whether to use a juicer or blender .

    Thank you
    Warm regards

  20. elahna Reply

    I developed leaky gut & can’t digest green juices or cooked greens. Do you know of any Therapeutic & organic alternative healing centers that can help with leaky gut???? I’m wanting a warm climate, I’m in New York right now, feeling stressed & over~whelmed trying to get the help I need to Heal*
    All My Best & so Thank~full for all the info you share & the *spirit* you share it with.

    • Ben Reply

      Hi, what kind of probiotic have you tried? Is there any food that suits you? (usually, juices are easier to digest because they go straight through to the blood) do you have inflammation in digestive track?

  21. elahna Reply

    If you’ve got leaky gut & your body is attacking everything you put in, thinking it’s a foreign invader, what do you recommend??? Also, now I’ve developed diarrhea …… I have never had allergies ~*~ & now I am allergic to everything I ingest. Normally, I don’t eat grains, dairy,….. I tried oats for the diarrhea = it felt like glue! & white basmati rice didn’t feel good either. Today I will try banana mashed with lemon. My normal “grain” was ground organic soaked nuts & seeds, with lightly steamed veggies. I normally don’t eat bananas either. Food has always been my medicine*. It’s bizarre when it becomes “the enemy” Any suggestions you can give are greatly appreciated. All My Best & so Thank~full for all the info you share & the *spirit* you share it with. Do you know of any Therapeutic & organic alternative healing centers that can help???? I’m wanting a warm climate, I’m in New York right now, feeling stressed & over~whelmed trying to get the help I need to Heal*

  22. Rita Reply

    Hi Ross ….can I liquidise an Apple and add to my juice ….get the fiber that way making it a healthier tastier option!!!! What do you think ????

  23. Pam Julin Reply

    Ross, above all, I’ve become a juice addict, thanks to you. I started out with the Ninja. More like smoothies. I joined your 7 day juice challenge and was hooked. I felt better within a couple days. I then progressed to the Omega, which I thought was fab after the Ninja. I am now looking to graduate to one of the ones you recommend. I’ve been thru almost two cleanses now. I do cheat a little and have more juices than smoothies as I prefer the juices. I like to add lots of pepper or Ceyenne to my veg juices and at times, a little Himalayan pink salt. I truly look forward to them in the morning. I have a huge glass of water with a whole squeezed lemon upon awakening. I then have my ginger tumeric tea. Sometimes I add coconut milk but not often. I’ve grown to love the strong taste. If I’m home, I sip my juice throughout the next half to one hour and have a huge portion for later. The more I make juice the quicker it has become. I think it’s been about 5 months now, but whose counting. I usually pre make in the eve. The challenge for me is getting to market on cold days so I’m considering having my produce delivered.
    Thanks Ross, you’ve helped me change my life.

    P.S. I’ve been known to throw your name around in so called high places. Doctor and Surgeons office, no thank you, eye doctor and dental office too. Your becoming quite well known in my circle.

    Can’t thank you enough for doing all the past research and recipes for me.

    Ross groupie for life.

    Pam Julin
    Minnesota USA

  24. Danya Scott Reply

    Hi Ross, I want to get anew juicer. You mentioned “cold press” can you suggest a juicer?

    • ross Reply

      Hurom or Kuvings – any of their models – they’re all AWESOME 🙂 I’ve been using these two brands for years, never had one break!

  25. Sue Garton Reply

    Can you just stick the veg in the Nutri-Ninja with alkaline water?

  26. Peggy Berwick Reply

    I can’t get the 10 recipes. It is telling me the page has expired.

    I love all the information you give us. This was very helpful and motivating.


  27. Larry Fox Reply

    Which cold-press juicers do you recommend?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Larry

      I recommend Hurom & Kuvings.


      • Danya Scott Reply

        Thank you!

  28. Pat Krantz Reply

    I am new to juicing. Just brought a Horum juicer and my husband and I are already loving juicing from our abundant garden. My daughter introduced me to your website and suggested I try your Magnesium rich smoothie. The link she sent did not work. Where can I get the recipe?

    Really interested in your approach to the alkaline diet since I am battleing weight gain and inflammation.. Your website looks very interesting.

  29. Simon Reply

    Hi, is it not ok to pre-chop your veg, then in the morning soak it in alkaline water before making juice?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Simon!

      Yep you can definitely do this, it will speed things up heaps. You can also make 2x the juice and keep the 2nd serve for the next day – means you only need to make juices every second day.


  30. Jo Ciaramitaro Reply

    Often times I make extra juice and put it into individual serving size containers. Then if I know I will have a busy morning the next day, I just take one of the frozen juices out the morning before and let it thaw out in the refrigerator. Like always, shake well before drinking. I believe the frozen juices retain their nutrients better than letting the fresh juice sit in the frig for 2-3 days when you make it ahead of time. That’s just my take on it.

    • ross Reply

      Fantastic Jo!

      Fresh is always best as you know, but it’s WAY better to do what you’re doing than to have no juice at all. Top marks to you 🙂

  31. Janet shaw Reply


    • ross Reply

      Thank you!

  32. Janet shaw Reply

    Be well Be blessed !!!!!

    • ross Reply

      Double thank you!