Bored of Lemon Water? Try Lime Water!


I posted about the benefits of lemon water the other day and it seems like almost everything I am reading at the moment gives a big mention to good old lemon water these days. Dr. Gillian McKeith, Dr Nish Joshi, the Woman’s Day food coach (I stumbled upon it on the web, honest), Claudia Schiffer and Ashley Judd and a whole load of those other diet experts/celebrities have been banging on about it, and it has been given more than a couple of shout outs on telly shows such as The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Fit Club.

It is crazy – it’s all lemon water this, lemon water that, lemon water the other – but what about lime?

Lemon water is obviously a good alkaline start to your day and helps you to clear out your digestive system and invigorate your body first thing. But if you are having it every day then you could easily get bored of it. And once you get bored you might start to forget and that is obviously a bad thing. Indeed.

So why not try lime? Limes are just as alkalising as lemons and give a totally different taste. In fact, I actually prefer limes, they give it a kind of tropical cocktail-y kind of spin.

So there, that is my top tip of the day: have lime water once in a while! Variety is the spice of life after all!

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  1. bc Reply

    is it possible to use kumquarts (or other citrus fruits) instead of lemons or limes?

    • ross Reply

      Yep – sounds delicious!

  2. Eucharia Reply

    Can lemon/lime water help in flating a belly? If its does And how /when do i take it. Thanks

  3. jasmine Reply

    So Im gonna go with lime water just for the simple fact Im tired of picking seeds out, plus I just wanna switch up. I wanna know is cool water with lime just as effective as warm water (which people say is better) 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach? Btw I think I was distracted by that cute face of yours 🙂 Cheerios

  4. Fadeke Reply

    Is it safe during breastfeeding to drink a mixture of honey and lime juice with lipton?

  5. Chips Reply

    Gout is caused by excess uric acid…can I then assume lemon / lime water is potentially a cure for gout?

  6. trcy Reply

    hi, 19 nd i wiegh 60kg nd am 5’7,wld like 2 knw if d wieght is ok for my hieght and age…does lipton +honey+lime hlp in weigit loss or water+lime hlp better,plz i’l lyk to knw

    • sam Reply

      Yup, thats a low normal weight for height and age. Leave out the lipton, its caffeinated and if its the pre-made type its also full of suger. Go water and lemon/lime. Manuka honey is a healthy addition, if you dont like the taste of the lemon/limes, it has health benefits of its own – including antimicrobial action. Read up and enjoy 🙂

  7. Cheryl Reply


    I drink lime water first thing every morning and last thing at night and i have lost 10 pounds within 2 wks.


  8. mir iftekhar Reply

    i am 22/m i wanted to know when i shal take lime water i mean daily moring before breakfast or after breakfast please help me and how many class of lime water per day …
    i am waiting for u r reply
    thank u

  9. Dan A Reply


    Lime or lemon water will not make you lose weight. Period.

    It’ll benefit your health, but is NOT a weight loss solution. I’ve been drinking the stuff for years and have never lost a pound. It takes DIET and EXERCISE

    • Evelyn Reply

      I have taken it before without exercise and diet and it works.

  10. jagjivan Reply

    there are two types of food. acid ash producing food, near neutral ash producing food & alkaline ash producing food ( effect of food after digestion). alkaline ash producing food are good for us. fruits are best alkaline ash producing food. vegitables are next. dairy products are near neutral . grains & non veg are acid ash producing food. lime is acid ash producing food while lemon is alkaline ash producing food. so lemon is better.

  11. Melinda Reply

    Hi Ross

    Thanks a lot for the information !

    I have problem fatigue,brain fog. For this , I tried the lemon with warm water first thing in the morning and I felt very energetic and my brain fog seems to be reduced.

    However I had trouble sleeping , since I started this. It took time to initiate sleep and also it was disturbed (got up 3/4 times ).
    Hence I started taking the warm lemon water after food but then the good effects also went away !

    Ross Can you please advice me on this ?


  12. sweedle Reply

    im 22yrs old my weight is 65kgs wht should i do to reduce weight ? taking lime water daily in the morning is for sure but beside this can i go for something els.

  13. Ross Reply

    see above for the world’s worst spammer.

    note: you forgot to post the link to your ‘hot babes best site’ mate

    my verdict? must try harder

  14. Noble Reply

    Good day! The babes are here! This is my best site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  15. Me Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Some one told me that Loop Warm Water + Honey + Lemon = Weight Loss
    Can you tell in what quantity all of this should be taken and if it has any side effects. I heard that this chemistry of the three effects people who are victims of Cynus problems????


  16. fareeda Reply

    hi,how often can i use lime and water to loose weieht,i mean how many glass a day.and does it have any side effect?thanks

    • Chips Reply

      Your weigh loss is Directly related to food and exercise ….not lemon water.

  17. iva Reply

    how much lemon water do you have to drink before you see result to weight loss

  18. Vickie McMurphy Reply

    I would like to know how much lemon juice to how much water and how many times a day for weightloss? Please get back to me as soon as possible. I am also on a colesterol lowering medicine will the lemon effect the medication?

  19. Mini Reply

    My 7 years daughter has asthma problem. She has caugh always. That’s why she has been using lemon juice with honey and hot water. But now a days she has excessive urination like urinary infection.

    If any side effect of using lime juice with honey.

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  21. Ross Reply


    honey should not be used – it is sugar and will directly cause the over-acidification of your system and therefore lead to weight gain.

    even so, one drink alone could never lead to weight loss. weight loss is achieved through a holistic diet and exercise plan.

    sorry but there are no easy fixes.


  22. santhose Reply

    pls advice about the quantity of lemon and honey for reducing weight

  23. ekpenisi Reply

    am worried about the side effects of weight loss pills. am taking a misture of lime and lemon mixed with lipton yellow label tea. first thing in the morning and last thing at night. will it help in my weight management. thank you

  24. darasha Reply

    The Food Pharmacy book from library suggests a gallbladder sludge cleansing. 3 week program of 1 ounce olive oil and half of a limes juice together for 3 weeks. a black bowel movement would indicate the completed treatment. Please get the book from the library and get all medical and treatment regimens ok’d by your medical or nutritional doctor before initiating all things always……please.

  25. ify Reply

    hi, i’ve been taking lime and lipton tea, would it help weightloss?

  26. Mel Reply

    I am having difficulty understanding how lemons and limes (citric acid) are alkaline foods?
    Can someone help me understand this concept?
    Thanks, Mel

  27. archi Reply

    I ‘ve acid reflux, wondering if it’s okay to take lime + water (lemon + water) to help achieve better alkaline balance in my system.

  28. Apple Reply

    Hello there,

    I am assisting my child with the upcoming science project. Can someone tell me there is any different between limewater and extracting juice from the lime itself?

    Thanks !


  29. Suchita Sharma Reply

    hii i want to know weather lemon with luke warm water help to reduce weight?

  30. Sean Reply


    I’ve been drinking lemon and lime water, but it tends to bother my stomach.

    I was wondering whether it would lessen the beneficial effects if I were to squeeze the citrus into a mug of herbal tea, like ginseng or chamomile?

    Thanks, and best to all!


  31. Tanya Reply

    i drink water with lime everyday and it hepls with the growth of my hair as well as digestion.

  32. Harriet Reply

    Mamatha – did you know that apples are actually more effective than caffiene at waking you up in the morning?
    Or try your lemon/lime water cold instead of warm, it’s a great way to get you going.
    Good luck,

  33. mamatha Reply


    i wanted to know whether i could take some coffee after having taken lime water in the morning


  34. chaitanya kumar Reply

    hi , iam chaitanya male 25yrs and 76kg

    I have a query regarding the headache tablets which i often take twice in a month, recently i read in a book that taking headache tablets more often may lead to liver failure, is it so? and in that book it also mentioned that consuming more headache tablets is equal to chain smokers and alchol consumers, so please help me on this iam really worried.


  35. chaitanya kumar Reply

    hi there,
    I’m 25yrs old male, and weigh 76kg my height’s 5ft 6″….is my weight ok for my height???Is there any way where I could lose weight easily??
    I would also like to know, if warm water mixed with lime and honey will help reduce weight???If yes please let me know the composition.

    Please let me know,


  36. Andre Reply

    Our there any adverse effect to lemons or limes?

  37. yvette Reply

    thanks for this site. been very helpful. i’m thinking about taking lime water about 4 times a day. however, i am a breastfeeding mother and i would like to know if it is advicable. also i would like to know if i can squeeze a bottle of lime juice to last me about a week. thanks.

  38. Ammal Reply

    hi there,
    I’m 25yrs old, and weigh 60kg my height’s 5ft 6″….is my weight ok for my height???Is there any way where I could lose weight easily??
    I would also like to know, if warm water mixed with lime and honey will help reduce weight???

    Please let me know,


  39. marites Reply

    thanks for the response!
    i really appreciate it! GOD BLESS

  40. Ross Reply

    Hi Marites

    I’m not sure I would feel entirely comfortable recommending anything in place of medicine without knowing anything really about your daughter etc – why would you prefer to go with one rather than the other? Could you do both?

    As an aside – this is a great question for the forum.

    We have got a couple of people there who are very experienced in the world of alternative and natural health – why don’t you try asking:

    It really is a great community there!


  41. marites Reply

    good morning! hi to all
    im just wondering, is it ok for my daugther (1yr 4months old) to take everyday 1teaspoon of squeezed fresh lemon juice as a alternative for her VITAMIN C medicine? if ok, until what age?
    please reply….thanks so much!

    • sam Reply

      Why are you giving your toddler Vit C medicine? Surely a balanced and healthy diet is best? Supplimenting a child of such a young age is not far short of criminal. If you are making meals from fresh veg and fruit with wholefoods and grains, there is no need for supplimentation.

  42. Ross Reply

    No problem Alistair!

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to give me a shout!

    Good on your sister and good on yourself for helping her out!

    Have a great day,

  43. The Detox Team Reply

    Thanks Ross, I’ll update my sister, I’m sure she’ll be happy, I’m well impressed with her discipline that she’s keeping it going, every morning before she heads out to work.

    I’ve seen this book so will look it up next time I’m visiting my friends house.

    Off to check out the food chart, Thanks for the encouragement with The Detox Team.

    Alistair 🙂

  44. Ross Reply

    Hi Alistair

    For sure – that is a very valid question! Dr Robert Young, who is the leading researcher into the alkaline/acid balance and its effect on health, lists the relative potential of acidity or alkalinity in his book ‘The pH Miracle’. For instance, at one end of the spectrum pork is -38 and at the other alfalfa sprouts are +31.5.

    Along this scale, lime is +8.2 and lemon is +9.9 – so although lemon does have a slightly more alkalising effect, it really is very little difference and limes do make a great alternative. We have more of a complete list at our food pH chart .

    Have a great day, and good luck with ‘The Detox Team’!


  45. The Detox Team Reply

    Hi My sister asked me about this and I only knew of lemon water, none of the books ever mentioned lime can you post some resources/references for lime being a good alkaliser?